1861 Census for England and Wales

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The 1861 Census was taken on the night of 7th April 1861.  The following information was requested: Name of street, place, road, etc.; House number or name; Name of each person that had spent the night in that household; Relationship to head of household; marital status; age; sex; Profession or occupation; Where born: place and county; Whether blind, deaf or an idiot;

Under Occupations Ag Lab is an Agricultural Labourer.

This is only an index, if you would like further details, please email me.

Census Place Forename Surname AGE OCCUPATION Place of Birth
Berkhampstead St Peter Albert Foskett 7m Berkhampstead
Tring Albert Foskett 18 Silk Factory Worker Tring
Islington Alexander Foskett 9 Scholar St Geo Southwark
St Neots Alfred Foskutt 23 Boot & Shoemaker Bedford
Odell, Beds Alfred Fasket 18 Labourer Odell
Grandborough Alfred Forsket 15 Grandborough
Bengeo Alfred Foskett 13 Bengeo
Marsh Gibbon Alfred Foskett 11 Lab West End, Mdx
Berkhampstead St Peter Alfred Foskett 10 Strawplaiter Berkhampstead
Olney Alice Foskett 1-9m Olney
Lambeth, Sry Alice E Foscutt 7m Lambeth
Bethnal Green Alick Foskett 3 Bethnal Green
Odell, Beds Allen Faskett 10 Labourer Odell
Kensington Allice Foskett 22 House Servant Swanburn, BKM
Camberwell (Peckham) Amelia Foskett 12? Camberwell
St Pancras Amelia Foskett 26 Hornsey
Chatteris Amie Forscutt 64 Dyer Fleet, LIN
Kimbolton Ann Foskett 9m Kimbolton
Ringstead Ann Forscutt 59 Woodford, NTH
Buckland Ann Foskett 56 Parish relief Tring
Gt Berkhampstead Ann Foskett 50 Cook N Minchington, Bkm
Holborn St Andrews Ann Foskett 49 Eltham, Kent
Odell, Beds Ann Fasket 46 Lacemaker Odell
Cranfield, Beds Ann Foskett 45 Dressmaker Newport Pagnall
Chesham Ann Foskett 35 Bovingdon
Wisbech Ann Forscutt 33 Brinsley? LIN
Westminster St Margarets Ann Forsgate 29 Wing, BKM
City of London, St Olave Silver St Ann Foskett 28 London
Godalming, Sry Ann Foskett 24 Assistant Aston Clinton
Camberwell (Peckham) Ann Foskett 17 Nurse Peckham
Odell, Beds Ann Faskett 14 Odell
St Faith Ann Foskett 5 Scholar Islington
Grandborough Ann Forsket 1 Grandborough
St Lukes, Finsbury Ann C Foskett 7 -
Westminster Ann D Forscutt 46 Marylebone
Aston Clinton Ann E Foskett 5 Aston Clinton
Holborn St Andrews Ann Eliza Foskett 17 Southwark, SRY
Aston Ann L Faskett 1 Birmingham
Harrow Weald Ann M Foskett 55 Stanmore, MDX
Swanbourne Anne Foskett 21 Pidington, Oxf
Cranfield, Beds Anne Foskett 15 Scholar Cranfield
Ringstead Anne Forscutt 4 Scholar Ringstead, NTH
Swanbourne Anne Foskett 1 Swanbourne
Paddington Anne Eliza Foskett 4 Paddington
Aylesbury Anne Ware Foskett 16 Servant Hogston, BKM
Aston Clinton Annie E Foskett 8 Scholar Aston Clinton
Olney Arthur Foskett 11 Scholar Olney
Berkhampstead Benjamin Foskett 71 Furze Cutter Northchurch
St Giles, Finsbury Benjamin Foskett 43 Labourer Hogston, BKM
Northchurch Benjamin Foskett 14 Gardener’s Boy Aston Clinton, Bkm
Harrow Weald Benjamin Foskett 4 Scholar Harrow Weald
Flitton, BDF Bernard Foskett 60 Grocer Cranfield, Bdf
Marylebone Bernard Fosket 38 Carpenter Tring?, HRT
Newport Pagnall Burnett Foskett 13 Grocer’s Apprentice Olney, Bkm
Dinerth Caroline Foskett 56 Westminster
Stanwick Caroline Foskett 41 Chelveston
Camberwell (Peckham) Caroline Foskett 18 London, MDX
Ivinghoe Caroline Foskett 12 Ivinghoe
Limehouse Caroline Foskett 3 Stepney
St Lukes, Finsbury Caroline Foskett 1
Camberwell (Peckham) Catherine Foskett ? Scholar Camberwell
Ringstead Catherine Forscutt 31 Ringstead
Poplar Catherine Foskett 11 Scholar Limehouse
Hanley Catherine Foskett 4 Hogston, Bkm
Finchley Charles Foskett 6m Finchley
Hanley Charles Foskett 48 Carter Lodger Hogston, BKM
Hertford St Andrew Charles Forscutt 39 Photographer Ringstead, NTH
Marston, Bdf Charles Foskett 32 Dealer Cranfield, Bdf
Berkhampstead St Peter Charles Foskett 24 Bricklayer’s Lab unreadable
Finchley Charles Foskett 23 Butcher Finchley
St Giles, Finsbury Charles Foskett 22 Warehouseman Paddington, MDX
St George the Martyr, Southwark Charles Fosket 21 Labourer Peckham, SRY
1961 Clapham, Bdf Charles Foskett 17 Sheep Boy Odell, Bdf
Little Oakley Charles Forsgate 16 Ag Lab Lt Oakley
Harrow Weald Charles Foskett 12 Scholar Bushey Heath
Ware Charles Foskett 8 Scholar Ware
Chesham Charles Foskett 7 Scholar Whelpley Hill
Kimbolton Charles Foskett 6 Scholar Kimbolton
Odell, Beds Charles Faskat 5 Scholar Odell
St Neots Charles Forscutt 5 Scholar St Neots
Norwood Charles Foskett 4 Marylebone
Stepney Charles Foskett 2 Scholar Whitechapel
Lambeth, Sry Charles A Foscutt 43 Warehouseman Ecton, NTH
Limehouse Charles W Foskett 43 Engineer Shoreditch
Limehouse Charles W Foskett 13 Scholar Stepney
Lambeth, Sry Charles W Foscutt 7 Lambeth
St Lukes, Finsbury Charlott Foskett 36 Cripplegate
Little Oakley Charlotte Forsgate 59 Lt Bromley
Shoreditch Charlotte Foskett 46 NK
Whitechapel Charlotte Fosgate 40 SFK, ???ford
Tring Charlotte Foskett 28 Silk Factory Worker London, MDX
Wellingborough Charlotte Foskett 8 Scholar Odell, Bdf
Walcot, Bath Charlotte M Foskett 59 Land Proprietor Goodrich, Hereford
Brighton, Sussex Charlotte W Foskett 56 Fundholder St Lukes, Mdx
Camberwell Charly Foskett 22 Brass wire drawer Clerkenwell, Mdx
St Faith Christiana Foskett 31 Gt. S???, RUT
Shoreditch Clara Foskett 6 Scholar Shoreditch
Tring David Foskett 51 Boot & Shoe Maker Drayton, Blm
Grandborough David Forskett 16 Labourer Grandborough
Shoreditch Edith Isabella Fosket 10 Scholar Whitechapel
Southwark, Sry Edward Foskett 18(48?) Smith Finchley, Mdx
Marylebone Edward Foskett 33 Labourer St Marylebone, Mdx
Northchurch Edward Foskett 18 Carpenter (Journeyman) Northchurch
Marylebone Edward Fosket 16 App to Ironmonger Olney, BKM
Prison Hulk Cornwall Edward Foskett 15 Odell, BDF
Walworth, Surrey Edward Foskett 12 Scholar Bermondsey
Cranfield, Beds Edward Foskett 10 Scholar Cranfield
Fulham Edwin Foskett 24 Shoemaker Grendon, Bucks
Whitechapel Edwin Foskett 22 Bottle Washer Whitechapel
Odell, Beds Edwin Faskett 13 Odell
Marylebone Edwin Fosket 9 Scholar Bushey Heath, HRT
Rickmansworth Edwin Foskett 4 Rickmansworth
Fulham Edwin Foskett 1 Fulham, Mdx
Ivinghoe Eleanor Foskett 42 Bakers Widow Ivinghoe
Odell, Beds Eli Faskat 26 Labourer Odell
Grandborough Eli Forskett 11 Plough Boy Grandborough
Bethnal Green Eliza Foskett 58 Charwoman Whitechapel
Little Oakley Eliza Forsgate 49 Washerwoman Thorney?, ESX
Lambeth, Sry Eliza Foscutt 36 Lambeth
Kimbolton Eliza Foskett 36 Gas Manager’s wife St Neots
Ringstead Eliza Forscutt 34 Housekeeper Ringstead
Wivenhoe Eliza Forsgate 32 Wivenhoe
Paddington Eliza Foskett 30 Builder Worcestershire
Wollaston Eliza Faskett 24 Dressmaker Harrold, BDF
Little Oakley Eliza Forsgate 22 Sempstress Lt Oakley
Berkhampstead Eliza Foskett 22 Straw Plaiter Berkhampstead
Tring Eliza Foskett 22 Northill, Bkm
Walworth, Surrey Eliza Foskett 21 Lambeth, SRY
Grandborough Eliza Forskett 18 Lacemaker Grandborough
Lambeth, Sry Eliza Foscutt 9 Lambeth
Stepney Eliza Foskett 9 Scholar Whitechapel
Camberwell Eliza Foskett 8 Scholar Camberwell, SRY
Odell, Beds Eliza Fasket 5 Scholar Odell
Cranfield, Beds Eliza Foskett 4 Scholar Cranfield
Berkhampstead St Peter Eliza A Foskett 22 Strawplaiter Little Gaddesden
Marylebone Eliza E Foskett 45 Dressmaker City of London
St Georges Hanover Sq Eliza? C Foskett 30 Middlesex
Ringstead Elizabeth Forscutt 77 Beer seller Lichfield, STF
Edgecott Elizabeth Foskett 70 Pauper Arncott?OXF
Limehouse Elizabeth Foskett 57 Streatham, SRY
Hoggeston Elizabeth Foskett 54 Claydon
Grandborough Elizabeth Forskett 53 Lacemaker Whaddon
Hoggeston Elizabeth Foskett 49 Fringford, Ox
Stepney Elizabeth Foskett 48 St Georges
Hertford Elizabeth Foskett 46 Grocer & Laundress Hoddesdon
Great Creaton, Nth Elizabeth Fauscutt 42 Spratton
Olney Elizabeth Foskett 41 Victualler’s wife Turvey, BDF
Hertford St Andrew Elizabeth Forscutt 38 Schoolmistress Tiverton, DEV
Marylebone Elizabeth Foskett 33 Laundress St Pancras, Mdx
Wellingborough Elizabeth Foskett 30 Charwoman Odell, Bdf
Sharnbrook Elizabeth Foskett 28 Souldrop
Olney Elizabeth Foskett 27 Olney
Ringstead Elizabeth Forskett 26 Godmanchester
St Georges Hanover Sq Elizabeth Foskett 24 Marylebone
Brampton Elizabeth Forscutt 22 Ag Lb Allwalton
Kensington Elizabeth Fosgate 20 Kensington
Marylebone Elizabeth Foskett 20 Housemaid London
Flitton, BDF Elizabeth Foskett 18 Housekeeper Cranfield, Bdf
Soulbury Elizabeth Foskett 10 Hogston, BKM
Aston Clinton Elizabeth Foskett 9 Scholar Aston Clinton
Sharnbrook Elizabeth Foskett 6 Bedford
Finchley Elizabeth Foskett 5 Finchley
Wisbech Elizabeth Forscutt 4 Scholar Wisbech, Cam
Grandborough Elizabeth Forskett 4 Grandborough
Aston Clinton Elizabeth Foskett 4 Aston Clinton
Olney Elizabeth Foskett 3 Olney
St Georges Hanover Sq Elizabeth Foskett 2 Marylebone
Kensington Elizabeth Fosgate 1 Kensington
Tring Elizabeth Foskett 1 Wilston
Marsh Gibbon Elizabeth A Foskett 6 Scholar Hammersmith, Mdx
Lee, Kent Elizabeth C Foskett 95? Fundholder Spittal Square, LDN
St Pancras Elizabeth C Foskett 5 Islington. Mdx
Harrow Weald Ellen Foskett 19 Bushey Heath
Odell, Beds Ellen Fasket 11 Scholar Odell
Wellingborough Ellen Foskett 10 Scholar Odell, Bdf
Tring Ellen Foskett 9 Straw Plaiter Tring
Cranfield, Beds Ellen Foskett 1 Cranfield
Holborn St Andrews Ellen Lavinia Foskett 13 Lambeth, SRY
Berkhampstead St Peter Emily Foskett 22 Straw Plaiter unreadable
St Pancras Emily Foskett 4 Scholar Finchley
Cranfield, Beds Emily Foskett 3 Scholar Cranfield
Bengeo Emma Foskett 36 Shopkeeper Account?
Camberwell (Peckham) Emma Foskett 36 Ironer Camberwell
Hanley Emma Foskett 34 Lace Maker Hogston, Bkm
Aston Clinton Emma Foskett 32 Straw Plaiter Aston Clinton
Eynesbury Emma Foskett 29 Shoe Binder St Neots
Berkhampstead St Peter Emma Foskett 25 Ivinghoe, Bucks
Walworth, Surrey Emma Foskett 19 Bermondsey
Hackney Emma Foskett 17 General Servant Aston, Bkm
Brampton Emma Forscutt 14 Ag Lb Alconbury
Cranfield, Beds Emma Foskett 5 Scholar Cranfield
Paddington Emma Foskett 1 Paddington
Shoreditch Emma Eliza Fosket 11 Scholar St Lukes, Mdx
Fulham Esau Foskett 53 Shoemaker Grendon, BKM
Godalming, Sry Esther Foskett 29 Housekeeper Aston Clinton
Grandborough Faith Forskett 56 Grandborough
St Lukes, Finsbury Fanny L Foskett 1m St Lukes
Camberwell (Peckham) Fred W Foskett 1 Bermondsey
Southwark Christchurch Frederick Forskett 30 Coachman Harrold, Bdf
Camberwell (Peckham) Frederick Foskett 22 Hatter Bermondsey
1861          Salford Frederick Foskett 21 Mechanic – Fitter Finchley, Mdx
Shoreditch Geo Henry Fosket 40 French Polisher St Lukes
St Faith George Foskett 6m 28 Newgate Market
Wellingborough George Foskett 23 (sic) Labourer Odell, Bdf
Harrow Weald George Foskett 75 Invalid Harrow Weald
Finchley George Fosket 55 Labourer Hampstead, Mdx
Harrow Weald George Foskett 55 Publican Harrow Weald
Hoggeston George Foskett 50 Farm Labourer Hogston
Grandborough George Forskett 46 Farm Labourer Grandborough
Camberwell George Fosket 43 Labourer Camberwell
St Faith George Foskett 36 Butcher London
St Pancras George Faskett 26 Porter Ware, HRT
Harrow Weald George Foskett 26 Labourer (Genl) Harrow Weald
St Pancras George Foskett 26 Police Constable Finchley
Stepney George Foskett 24 Furniture Dealer Whitechapel
Ringstead George Fascull 23 Shoemaker Ringstead
Westminster St Margarets George Forsgate 23 Brewers Assistant Little Oakley, Essex
Marylebone George Fosket 22 Porter Finchley
Northchurch George Foskett 20 Ploughman Studham, Beds
Berkhampstead George Foskett 19 Ag Lab Berkhampstead
Aston George Faskett 18 Chesham, Bkm
Northchurch George Foskett 17 Bricklayer Aston Clinton, Bkm
Aston Clinton George Foskett 16 Ag Lab Aston Clinton
Fulham George Foskett 16 Shoemaker Harrow, Mdx
Fulham George Foskett 14 Errand Boy Aylesbury, Quainton, BKM
Kimbolton George Foskett 11 Scholar St Neots
Rickmansworth George Foskett 11 Scholar Rickmansworth
Hoggeston George Foskett 8 Scholar Hogston
Odell, Beds George Fasket 7 Scholar Odell
Harrow Weald George Foskett 6 Scholar Harrow Weald
Paddington George Foskett 6 Paddington
Wellingborough George Foskett 6 Scholar Odell, Bdf
Berkhampstead St Peter George Foskett 3 Scholar Berkhampstead
Bushey George Forskett 2 Bushey, HRT
Aston Clinton George Foskett 2 Scholar Aston Clinton
St Pancras George Faskett 1 St Pancras
Hertford Hadassa Foskett 18 Nurse Tonwell
Aston Clinton Hannah Foskett 74 Aston Clinton
Islington Hannah Foskett 72 Laundress Brompton, Mdx
Harwich Hannah Fosgate 64 Nurse Little Mondey?
Gt Berkhampstead Hannah Fosket 64 Straw Plaiter Berkhamstead
Odell, Beds Hannah Faskett 58 Lacemaker Harrold
Berkhampstead St Peter Hannah Foskett 50 Little Gaddesden
Marsh Gibbon Hannah Foskett 44 Lacemaker Marsh Gibbon
Southwark Christchurch Hannah Forskett 29 Washerwoman SRY Clapham
Grandborough Hannah Forskett 19 Lacemaker Winslow
Stewkeley Hannah Foskett 16 House servant Hogstone, BKM
Harrow Weald Hannah Foskett 13 Scholar Harrow Weald
Rickmansworth Hannah Foskett 9 Scholar Rickmansworth
Stanwick Hannah J Foskett 7 Scholar Chelveston
Camberwell (Peckham) Harmer Foskett 20 Greenwich, KEN
Camberwell (Peckham) Harmer Foskett 1 Peckham, SRY
Camberwell (Peckham) Harriet Foskett ? ? Camberwell
Aston Clinton Harriet Foskett 23 Straw plaiter Aston Clinton
St Giles, Finsbury Harriet Foskett 20 St Giles, MDX
Wisbech Harriet Forscutt 1 Wisbech, Cam
St Giles, Finsbury Harriet Ann Foskett 7m St Giles, MDX
Finchley Harriett Foskett 35 City of London
Islington Harriett Foskett 28 Bexley, KEN
Northchurch Harriett Foskett 20 Invalid Aston Clinton, Bkm
Limehouse Harriett Foskett 12 Scholar Poplar
St Neots Harriett Foskett 10 Scholar St Neots
Islington Harry Foskett 6m St Lukes
Tring Harry Foskett 2 Tring
Whitechapel Helen Foskett 14 Whitechapel
Fulham Henrietta A Foskett 1 Pentonville
Aston Clinton Henry Foskett 4m Aston Clinton
Marylebone Henry Foskitt 1m Marylebone
Dinerth Henry Foskett 57 Land Agent Ockley, Sry
Bethnal Green Henry Foskett 53 Bone Merchant Whitechapel
Hanley Henry Foskett 52 Carter Hogston, Bkm
Camberwell Henry Foskett 49 Brass wire drawer Shorditch St Leon’d
Marylebone Henry Foskett 48 House Serv – Butler Iver Heath, BKM
Westminster Henry Forscutt 46 Muffin Baker Tilbrook, HUN
Chesham Henry Foskett 39 Carter Northchurch
Bengeo Henry Foskett 35 Sacombe, HRT
Ringstead Henry Forscutt 34 Shoemaker Woodford, NTH
St Pancras Henry Foskett 31 Butchers Man Olney, BKM
Tring Henry Foskett 25 Ag Lab Tring Ford
Fulham Henry Foskett 24 Chaser (Goldsmith) Margate, KEN
Camberwell (Peckham) Henry Foskett 19 Labr Genl Aston Clinton, BKM
Grandborough Henry Forsket 18 Grandborough
Chesham Henry Foskett 17 Carter Bovingdon
Northchurch Henry Foskett 17 Cowman Berkhampstead
Westminster Henry Forscutt 16 St James
Tring Henry Foskett 15 Silk Factory Worker Tring
Aston Clinton Henry Foskett 14 Ag Lab Aston Clinton
St Neots Henry Foskett 14 Shoemaker St Neots
Paddington Henry Foskett 13 Builder Paddington
St Neots Henry Foskett 12 Scholar St Neots
Walworth, Surrey Henry Foskett 11 Scholar Bermondsey
Whitechapel Henry Foskett 10 Scholar Whitechapel
Marsh Gibbon Henry Foskett 8 Scholar Yeading, Mdx
St Pancras Henry Foskett 6 Scholar Finchley
Stepney Henry Foskett 4 Scholar Whitechapel
Ivinghoe Henry A Foskett 7 Scholar Tring
Walworth, Surrey Henry B Foskett 23 Wire Drawer? Achevelt?, Mdx
Northchurch Henry Charles Foskett 46 Gardener Aston Clinton, Bkm
Shoreditch Henry Chas Fosket 6 Scholar Shoreditch
Walworth, Surrey Henry R Foskett 12m Lambeth, SRY
Limehouse Henry R Foskett 1 Limehouse
Ipswich Hepteribah T Forsgate 24 Dressmaker Ipswich
Tring Herbert Foskett 8m Tring
Ipswich Isaac F Forsgate 24 Shipwright Little Oakley, ESX
Great Creaton, Nth Isaac L A Fauscutt 6 Gt Spratton
Bethnal Green Isabella Foskett 1 Bethnal Green
Aston Clinton Isabella E Foskett 1 Aston Clinton
Bolton By Bolsworth? Jabez Foskett 13? Farm Servant Ondle (sic), BDF
Bottelow Jabez Foskett 18 Carter Hogstone, Bkm
St Neots James Foskett 1m St Neots
Bishopgate James Foskett 63 Carpenter Bedford
Newcastle James Foskett 56 Hatter London
Studham James Fosket 49 Ag Lab Eddesborough, Bucks
Islington James Foskett 46 Leather Seller St James, Westminster
Northampton All Saints James Forskit 37 Bean? & Felmonger Odell, BDF
Bethnal Green James Foskett 37 Smith Whitechapel
East Malling James Foskett 36 Stoker Paper Favtory Hrt, NK
Harrow Weald James Foskett 28 Labourer (Genl) Harrow Weald
Berkhampstead St Peter James Foskett 24 Carpenter (journeyman) Berkhampstead
1961 Clapham, Bdf James Foskett 22 Ag Lab Harrold, Bdf
Hampstead James Foskett 22 Draper’s Assistant Hampstead
Sutton James Fosket 21 Labourer Northamptonshire
Finchley James Foskett 17 Ag Lab Finchley
Hanley James Foskett 16 Carter Hogston, BKM
Bethnal Green James Foskett 14 Whitechapel
Grandborough James Forsket 10 Scholar Grandborough
Olney James Foskett 10 Scholar Olney
Camberwell (Peckham) James Foskett 6 Scholar Camberwell
Whitechapel James Fosgate 5 Scholar Whitechapel
Ringstead James Forskett 4 Ringstead
Paddington James (sic) Foskett 34 Builder BKM
Finchley James G Foskett 7m Finchley
St Lukes, Finsbury James J Foskett 25 Engaver City, MDX
Islington James J Foskett 12 Scholar St Geo Southwark
Chelsea, St Lukes Jane Foskett 44 Laundress Woolwich, KEN
Eynesbury Jane Foskett 17 Dress Maker St Neots
Harrow Weald Jane Foskett 11 Scholar Harrow Weald
Norwood Jane Foskett 9 Scholar Marylebone, Mdx
St Faith Jane Foskett 4 Islington
St Georges in the East Jesse Foskett 32 Carman Grendon, Bkm
Finchley Jessie Foskett 2 Finchley
Aston Clinton Job Foskett 54 Aston Clinton
Drayton Job Foscott 25 Strev? Driver Aston Clinton, Bkm
Drayton St Leonard Job Foscott 25
Ware John Foskett 1m? Ware
Tring John Foskett 65 Baker Cranfield, BDF
1961 Clapham, Bdf John Foskett 60 Ag Lab Odell, Bdf
Bethnal Green John Foskett 57 Butcher Whitechapel
Grandborough John Forskett 56 Labourer Grandborough
Little Oakley John Forsgate 53 Ag Lab Lt Oakley
Poplar John Foskett 51 Barge Builder Hempstead, HRT
St Neots John Foskett 41 Labourer Cople, Bdf
Whitechapel John Fuscott 40 Carver? Clerkenwell
Whitechapel John Foskett 38 Driver Cattle Whitechapel
Olney John Foskett 36 Olney
Ringstead John Forskett 34 Carpenter St Neots, HUN
Aston John Faskett 32 Handle Manufacturer Gt Berkhampstead
Aston Clinton John Foskett 29 Ag Lab Aston Clinton
Aston Clinton John Foskett 27 Ag Lab Aston Clinton, Bucks
City of London, St Antolin Cortina? John Fosket 24 Porter Tring
Southwark, Sry John Fosket 23 House Servant Hammersmith
St Pancras John Foskett 21 Carpenter Berkhampstead, HRT
Bethnal Green John Foskett 20 Labourer Bethnal Green
Brampton John Forscutt 18 Ag Lb Alconbury
Stepney John Foskett 16 Salesman in Furniture Whitechapel
Harrow Weald John Foskett 15 Invalid Harrow Weald
Kettering John Fascutt 14 Drapers Asst Moulton
Camberwell John Foskett 14 Brass wire drawer Camberwell, SRY
Finchley John Foskett 13 Scholar Finchley
Camberwell (Peckham) John Foskett 10 School Peckham, SRY
Northchurch John Foskett 9 Scholar Northchurch
Leicester St Margarets John Foscutt 6 Scholar Leicester
St Neots John Foskett 4 St Neots
Wellingborough John Foslett 2 Wellingbro
Islington John A Foskett 3 Islington, Mdx
Cranfield, Beds John B Foskett 8 Scholar Cranfield
Marylebone John F Foskett 13 Linen Drapers Apprentice Olney, BKM
Aston John H Faskett 5 Scholar Birmingham
St Georges Hanover Sq John Henry Foskett 35 No Cork, Ireland
Westminster John R Forscutt 12 Scholar St James
Ringstead John Thomas Forscutt 7 Scholar Ringstead
Lewisham, Kent John? Rys? Forscutt 14 App Silver Wire Drawer St Andrews, Mdx
Little Oakley Jonas Forsgate 55 Ag Lab Gt Oakley
Westminster St Margarets Jonathan S Forsgate 6 Scholar Wing, BKM
Odell, Beds Joseph Fasket 48? Labourer Odell, Beds
Alphington, Dev Joseph Foskett 62 Capt Army + JP Berlin
Eynesbury Joseph Foskett 61 Victualler Cople, BDF
Godalming, Sry Joseph Foskett 55 Agent to Pickfords Carr Buckland, BKM
Cranfield, Beds Joseph Foskett 44 Saddler emp 1 app Cranfield
Stanwick Joseph Foskett 39 Wheelwright emp 1 St Neots
St Lukes, Finsbury Joseph Foskett 37 Packer Shoreditch, Mdx
Westminster St Margarets Joseph Forsgate 30 Brewers Drayman Little Oakley, Essex
Aston Clinton Joseph Foskett 29 Ag Lab Aston Clinton
Tring Joseph Foskett 21 Boot & Shoe Maker Tring
Grandborough Joseph Forsket 20 Labourer Grandborough
Godalming, Sry Joseph Foskett 14 Clerk to Pickfords Carr Aston Clinton
1961 Clapham, Bdf Joseph Foskett 6 Scholar Clapham, Bdf
Ware Joseph Francis Foskett 3 Scholar Ware
Stanwick Joseph M Foskett 3 Ringstead
Odell, Beds Josiah Faskett 19 Labourer Odell
Westminster Josiah Forscutt 9 St James
Hanley Josiah Foskett 2 Hogston, BKM
Shoreditch Julia Fosket 39 Durham, Nthum
Ivinghoe Julia Foskett 4 Scholar Tring
Marylebone Kezia Fosket 38 Bushey Heath, HRT
Berkhampstead St Peter Lether Foskett 36 Straw Plaiter Studham, Beds
Islington Lizzie Foskett 3 St Martins in the Fields
Chelsea Louis Foskett 3 England
Westminster Louisa Forscutt 18 Marylebone
Hoggeston Louisa Foskett 14 Hogston
Harrow Weald Louisa Foskett 9 Scholar Bushey Heath
Odell, Beds Louisa Fasket 7 Scholar Odell
Tring Louisa Foskett 7 Straw Plaiter Tring
Northchurch Luke Foskett 46 Carpenter (Journeyman) Northchurch
Hillingdon Luke Foskett 39 Groom Weald, ESX
Ringstead Lydia Fascull 23 Ringstead
Brampton Lydia Forscutt 9 Brampton
Finchley Lydia Foskett 8 Scholar Finchley
Islington Margaret Foskett 42 Edinburgh, Scotland
Sutton Maria Fosket 21? Northamptonshire
St George the Martyr, Southwark Maria Foskett 55 Dom Servant Clerkenwell
Brighton, Sussex Maria Foskett 52 Westminster
Rickmansworth Maria Foskett 37 Worker in Papermill Rickmansworth
Fulham Maria Foskett 25 Hinton?, BRK
Northchurch Maria Foskett 24 Strawplaiter Aston Clinton, Bkm
Gt Gaddesden Mark Foskey(sic) 17 Labourer Studham, BDF
Grandborough Mark Forsket 7 Grandborough
Wellingborough Martha Forscutt 8m Wellingborough
Bengeo Martha Foskett 71 Farmer of 48a emp 2 Sacombe, HRT
Grandborough Martha Forskett 43 Lacemaker Grandborough
Odell, Beds Martha Fasket 29 Lacemaker Odell
St Neots Martha Forscutt 12 Scholar Wisbech, Cam
Wellingborough Martha Foskett 4 Scholar Wellingbro
St Neots Martha Foskett 2 St Neots
Hoggeston Mary Foskett 83 Lacemaker Ratson, Nhants
St Neots Mary Foskett 78 Formerly Laundress Gt Staughton?
Huntingdon Mary Foskett 77 Formerly Dress maker Huntingdon
Camberwell (Peckham) Mary Foskett 64 Washing Tring, HRT
Eynesbury Mary Foskett 63 Victualler’s wife St Neots
Bethnal Green Mary Foskett 60 Bow
Weston Super Mare Mary Foskett 58 Manchester, LAN
Shoreditch Mary Foskett 56 none Bethnal Green
Camberwell Mary Foskett 50 Holborn St Andrews
Marylebone Mary Fascut 46 HRT or –
Ware Mary Foskett 43 Wife of Ag Lab Wadesmill, Ware
Southwark, Sry Mary Foskett 42 Licensed Victualler Sacombe, Herts
Bethnal Green Mary Foskett 36 Spitallfields
Wellingborough Mary Forscutt 34 Stamford, LIN
Leicester St Margarets Mary Foscutt 29 ????? Leicester
Aston Mary Faskett 27 Birminghma
Fulham Mary Foskett 25 Ireland
Willesden Mary Foskett 25 Lacemaker Winslow
Odell, Beds Mary Fasket 24 Lacemaker Odell
Lambeth, Sry Mary Foskett 24 Gen Servant Clerkenwell
1861 Gt Anwell Mary Fosket 23 House Servant Ware, HRT
Wellingborough Mary Fascott 22 Servant Odell, BDF
Westminster Mary Foskett 22 Waistcoat Maker MDX
Leicester St Margarets Mary Forscutt 21 Cap Maker Wisbech, Cam
St Lukes, Finsbury Mary Foskett 21 Shoreditch
Marston, Bdf Mary Foskett 18 Cranfield, Bdf
Grandborough Mary Forskett 15 Lacemaker Grandborough
Bengeo Mary Foskett 15 Bengeo
Odell, Beds Mary Fasket 14 Lacemaker Odell
1961 Clapham, Bdf Mary Foskett 12 Lacemaker Harrold, Bdf
Bethnal Green Mary Foskett 12 Whitechapel
Stanwick Mary Foskett 12 Scholar Chelveston
Hoggeston Mary Foskett 8 Scholar Hogston
Norwood Mary Foskett 5 Marylebone
Marsh Gibbon Mary Foskett 4 Scholar Hammersmith, Mdx
Shoreditch Mary A Foskett 7m Bethnal Green
Rushden Mary A Foskett 62 Sharnbrook, BDF
Westminster Mary A Foskett 50 Waistcoat Maker Poplar, MDX
Odell, Beds Mary A Faskett 38 Lacemaker Odell
Finchley Mary A Fosket 38 Pentonville, Ldn
Hertford Mary A Foskett 37 Grocer & Laundress Hoddesdon
Finchley Mary A Foskett 31 Finchley
Rushden Mary A Foskett 31 Dressmaker Rushden, NTH
Bushey Mary A Forskett 29 Norfolk
Odell, Beds Mary A Faskat 23 Lacemaker Odell
Camberwell (Peckham) Mary A Foskett 22 Bermondsey
Shoreditch Mary A Foskett 22 Surrey
Berkhampstead St Peter Mary A Foskett 20 Strawplaiter Berkhampstead
Ringstead Mary A Forscutt 18 Dressmaker Ringstead
Cranfield, Beds Mary A Foskett 7 Scholar Cranfield
Islington Mary A Foskett 1 Islington, Mdx
Willesden Mary A Foskett 1 Winslow
Limehouse Mary A E Foskett 16 Dress maker Limehouse
St Georges in the East Mary Ann Foskett 32 Watford, Hrt
St Pancras Mary Ann Faskett 28 Ireland, ?
Stepney Mary Ann Foskett 17 Servant Whitechapel
Marylebone Mary Ann Fascut 11 St Marylebone
St Neots Mary Ann Foskett 10 Scholar St Neots
St Pancras Mary Ann Faskett 2 St Lukes
Aston Clinton Mary Ann Foskett 2 Aston Clinton
Brampton Mary Ann Forscutt 1 Brampton
Cranfield, Beds Mary E Foskett 18 Bonnet sower Cranfield
Ringstead Mary J Foskett 1 Ringstead
Weston Super Mare Mary M G Foskett 64 Fundholder Glenton?. NBL
Enfield Matilda Foskett 11 Watford, HRT
Fulham Naomi Fosket 18 General Servant Grendon, BKM
Swanbourne Newman Foskett 27 Baker & Grocer Hogston, BKM
Grandborough Noah Forskett 13 Plough Boy Grandborough
Brighton, Sussex Paul Foskett 38 Minister of C… hapel Littlehampton, SSX
Chelsea Percy Foskett 1 England
Harrow Weald Phebe Foskett 33 Northall, HRT
Finchley Phebe Foskett 10 Scholar Finchley
Willesden Pheby Foskett 3 Winslow
Finchley Philip Foskett 79 House Proprietor Elelston, BDF
Finchley Philip Foskett 38 Ag Lab Finchley
Camberwell Philip Foskett 20 Brass wire drawer Clerkenwell, Mdx
Hanley Philip Foskett 19 Coal Miner Hogston, BKM
Finchley Philip Foskett 13 Finchley
St George the Martyr, Southwark Rebbecca Foskett 10m? Southwark
St George the Martyr, Southwark Rebbecca Foskett 18 Stepney, MDX
1961 Clapham, Bdf Rebecca Fosket 18? Dairy Maid Odell, Bdf
Finchley Rebecca Foskett 51 Laundress Bishops Stortford
Tring Rebecca Foskett 51 Tring
St Neots Rebecca Foskett 41 Eaton, Bdf
Ringstead Rebecca Forscutt 35 Hemmington, NTH
Grandborough Rebecca Forsket 5 Grandborough
St Pancras Richard Fosklett 4m St Pancras
Olney Richard Foskett 70 Victualler Cranfield, BDF
Stepney Richard Foskett 52 Labourer Whitechapel
Islington Richard Foskett 22 Clerk Olney, BKM
Odell, Beds Richard Fasket 20 Labourer Odell
Stepney Richard Foskett 18 Furniture Dealr Whitechapel
Olney Richard Foskett 6 Scholar Olney
Westminster St Margarets Richard Forsgate 1 Westminster
Islington Richard F Foskett 2 Bayswater
Chatteris Robert Forscutt 76 Cordwainer Ringstead, NTH
Marston, Bdf Robert Foskett 64 Publican Cranfield, Bdf
Marylebone Robert Fascut 49 Ostler HRT
Chelsea Robert Foskett 31 China & Glass Dealer England
Poplar Robert Foskett 25 Clerk Shipping Office Poplar
Hanley Robert Foskett 20 Ag Lab Hogston, BKM
Cranfield, Beds Robert Foskett 12 Scholar Cranfield
Brampton Robert Forscutt 11 Ag Lb Brampton
Camberwell (Peckham) Robert Foskett 9 Scholar Camberwell
Ringstead Robert C Forscutt 16 Ringstead
Islington Robert J Foskett 7 Scholar St Geo Southwark
Odell, Beds Robt Fasket 8 Scholar Odell
Grandborough Roseannah Forsket 40 Grandborough
Odell, Beds Rosetta Fasket 12 Scholar Odell
St Neots Ruth Forscutt 17 Dressmaker Bedford
Hoggeston Ruth Foskett 11 Scholar Hogston
City of London, St Olave Silver St Samuel Foskett 71 Formerley Calenderer Whitechapel
Shoreditch Samuel Foskett 60 fancy Trimming Maker Whitechapel
Limehouse Samuel Foskett 50 Labourer Hemel Hempstead, HRT
Finchley Samuel Foskett 44 Smith’s Labourer Barnet, HRT
Whitechapel Samuel Fosgate 40 Brass Turner Whitechapel
Bushey Samuel Forskett 27 Journeyman Bricklayer Bushey, HRT
St Pancras Samuel Fosket 21 Porter(Railway) Aston, Bucks
Little Oakley Samuel Forsgate 18 Ag Lab Lt Oakley
Wellingborough Samuel Foskett 18 Groom Berkhampstead
Harrow Weald Samuel Foskett 17 Labourer (Genl) Harrow Weald
Tosside Samuel Fosket 16 Farm Servant Bedfordshire
Camberwell Samuel Foskett 16 Brass wire drawer Camberwell, SRY
Poplar Samuel Foskett 13 Scholar Limehouse
Kimbolton Samuel Foskett 3 Scholar Kimbolton
Whitechapel Samuel Fosgate 2 Whitechapel
Odell, Beds Sarah Faskett 2m Northampton
Wivenhoe Sarah Forsgate 72 Seaman’s wife Wivenhoe, Esx
Brighton, Sussex Sarah Foskett 71 Ickley, SRY
Spitalfields Sarah Fosket 66 Laundress Roystone, HRT
Olney Sarah Foskett 66 St Albans, HRT
Woburn Sarah Fasket 65 Lace maker Wootton
Northchurch Sarah Foskett 65 Straw Plaiter Gt Gaddesden
Marston, Bdf Sarah Foskett 64 Cranfield, Bdf
Hampstead Sarah Foskett 58 Lodging House Keeper Norfolk
Poplar Sarah Foskett 55 Herringate, Essex
Ware Sarah Foskett 52 Grocer Thundridge
Northchurch Sarah Foskett 49 Aston Clinton, Bkm
St Neots Sarah Forscutt 48 Bedford
Aston Clinton Sarah Foskett 48 Aston Clinton
Northchurch Sarah Foskett 45 Strawplaiter Slapton
Enfield Sarah Foskett 41 Mechanic’s wife Hertfordshire
Marylebone Sarah Forskul 40 St George, MDX
Angmering, Sussex Sarah Feskett 30 Housemaid Worthing, SSX
Chelsea Sarah Foskett 30 England
Olney Sarah Foskett 29 Olney
Woburn Sarah Foskett 28 Platter Woburn
Aston Clinton Sarah Foskett 26 Straw Plaiter Aston Clinton
Tring Sarah Foskett 26 Tring
Finchley Sarah Foskett 24 East Barnet
Harrow Weald Sarah Foskett 24 Harrow
Studham Sarah Fosket 23 Straw Plaiter Studham, Beds
Cranfield, Beds Sarah Foskett 23 Dressmaker Cranfield
Little Oakley Sarah Forsgate 22 Lt Oakley
Rushden Sarah Foskett 22 Dressmaker Rushden, NTH
Colney Hatch Asylum Sarah Foskett 19 Laundry Servant Finchley
Bedford St Paul Sarah Foskett 18 Dom Servant Cranfield, BDF
Camberwell (Peckham) Sarah Foskett 11 Scholar Camberwell
Ware Sarah Foskett 11 Scholar Wadesmill, Ware
Camberwell Sarah Foskett 10 Scholar Camberwell, SRY
Aston Clinton Sarah Foskett 7 Scholar Aston Clinton
Rushden Sarah Foskett 3 Bedford
Wellingborough Sarah A Forscutt 12 Maxey?, LIN
Limehouse Sarah A Foskett 10 Scholar St Georges in East
Limehouse Sarah A Foskett 36 Dress Maker St Georges in East
Denford Sarah A Fascutt 29 Rushden
Camberwell (Peckham) Sarah Ann Foskett 22 Udimond? SRY
Denford Sarah E Fascutt 9m Denford
Finchley Sarah J Foskett 3 Finchley
Rickmansworth Sarah Jane Foskett 13 Lab at Little Mill Rickmansworth
Great Creaton, Nth Sarah L Fauscutt 35 insane Kelmarsh
Northchurch Sarah M Foskett 16 Labourer Aston Clinton, Bkm
Odell, Beds Sarah or Hannah? Fasket 26 Lacemaker Odell, Beds
Wivenhoe Sarah S? Forsgate 10 Wivenhoe
Odell, Beds Selina Fasket 1 Scholar Odell
Odell, Beds Simeon Fasket 28 Labourer Odell, Beds
Grandborough Sophia Forskett 9m Grandborough
Studham Sophia Foskett 49 Needlewoman Marston, Bucks
Hanley Sophia Foskett 7 Hogston, Bkm
Weston Super Mare Sophia A Foskett 33 Fundholder Tiverton. Dev
Shoreditch Stephen Foskett 24 Cabinet Maker Shoreditch
Bishopgate Susan Foskett 62 King St, Southwark?
Paddington Susan Fascutt 28 Cook Wisbech, Cam
Norwood Susan Foskett 7 Marylebone
Odell, Beds Susanna Fasket 17 Lacemaker Odell
Keysoe Susanna Elizth Foskett 26 Farmer’s Neice Rushden, NTH
Whitechapel Susannah Foskett 57 (Deaf) Whitechapel
Westminster St Margarets Susannah Forsgate 19 Kirby, Essex
Camberwell (Peckham) Thomas Foskett ? Labourer Camberwell
Wivenhoe Thomas Forsgate 70 Seaman, Merchant Ser Keirton?, SFK
Ringstead Thomas Forscutt 61 Farmer Ringstead
Northchurch Thomas Foskett 61 Shepherd Northchurch
Odell, Beds Thomas Fasket 57 Labourer Odell
Grandborough Thomas Forskett 56 Labourer Grandborough
Denford Thomas Fascutt 50 Denford
Marylebone Thomas Forskul 46 Master Tailor emp 20 Plymouth
Wisbech Thomas Forscutt 43 Dyer Higham Ferrers, Nth
Wivenhoe Thomas Forsgate 37 Seaman Merchant Service Wivenhoe
Kimbolton Thomas Foskett 36 Gas Manager St Neots
St Georges Hanover Sq Thomas Foskett 34 Porter Shoreditch
Berkhampstead St Peter Thomas Foskett 27 Jobbing labourer Berkhampstead
Odell, Beds Thomas Fasket 23 Labourer Odell, Beds
Grandborough Thomas Forskett 17 Labourer Grandborough
Kimbolton Thomas Foscutt 17 Green Grocers Boy St Neots
Great Stanmore Thomas Fosket 15 Foot Boy Bushey Heath
Marsh Gibbon Thomas Foskett 13 Lab Harrow
Tring Thomas Foskett 12 Silk Factory Worker Tring
Marylebone Thomas Forskul 11 St George, MDX
Leicester St Margarets Thomas Foscutt 4 Scholar Leicester
Ringstead Thomas Forscutt 2 Ringstead, NTH
Grandborough Thomas G Forskett 6 Scholar Grandborough
Wivenhoe Thomas W Forsgate 6 Wivenhoe
Wigglesworth Valentine Foskett 56 Ag Lab Odell, BDF
Limehouse Wallice Foskett 6 Scholar Limehouse
Marylebone Walter Forskull 10 St George, MDX
Limehouse Walter Foskett 8 Scholar Bermondsey
Marylebone Walter Fosket 7 Scholar Bushey Heath, HRT
Grandborough Walter Forskett 6 Grandborough
Berkhampstead St Peter Walter Foskett 1 unreadable
Kensington William Fosgate 2w? Kensington
Aston Clinton William Foskett 74 Ag Lab Aston Clinton
Woburn William Fasket 66 Labourer Cranfield
Harrow Weald William Foskett 66 Labourer (Genl) Harrow Weald
Ringstead William Forscutt 64 Cottager Ringstead
Odell, Beds William Faskat 60 Road Repairer Odell, Beds
Whitechapel William Foskett 60 Bone Chopper Herefordshire
Hoggeston William Foskett 57 Farm Labourer Hogston
Brampton William Forscutt 53 Ag Lb Ringstead
Finchley William Foskett 51 Gardener Hampstead, Mdx
Denford William Fascutt 48 Farmer of 9.3a emp 3 Denford
St Neots William Forscutt 47 Dyer Ringstead, Nth
Grandborough William Forsket 45 Labourer Grandborough
Olney William Foskett 42 Victualler Tring
Holborn St Andrews William Foskett 41 Grocer & Cheesem’ger Aston Clinton
Great Creaton, Nth William Fauscutt 38 Fundholder Kelmarsh
Enfield William Foskett 37 Mechanic Tottenham
Harrow Weald William Foskett 33 Brickmaker Harrow Weald
Islington William Foskett 33 Clerk Olney, BKM
Sharnbrook William Foskett 29 Carpenter Rushden, Nth
Tring William Foskett 29 Boot & Shoe Maker Tring
Westminster St Margarets William Forsgate 28 Little Oakley, Essex
Studham William Fosket 25 Ag Lab Marston, Bucks
Willesden William Foskett 24 Lab Ag Grandborough, BKM
Northchurch William Foskett 23 Carpenter (Journeyman) Gt Gaddesden
Hanley William Foskett 22 Ag Lab Hogston, BKM
Kensington William Fosgate 21 Lab Paddington, MDX
Bushey William Foskett 21 Labourer(Bricklayer) Bushey. HRT
Ringstead William Forscutt 20 Shoemaker Ringstead
Marylebone William Foskett 20 Cabinet Maker Brands Burton, YKS
Finchley William Foskett 19 Ag Lab D&D Finchley
Drayton Beauchamp William Foskett 18 Carter Drayton
Southampton All Saints William Foskett 17 Grocer’s Assistant Tring, Herts
Islington William Foskett 16 Asst Leather Seller St Geo Southwark
Westminster William Forscutt 15 Scholar St James
Holborn St Andrews William Foskett 15 Southwark, SRY
Whitechapel William Fosgate 14 ????? Whitechapel
Enfield William Foskett 14 Mechanic Hertfordshire
Camberwell (Peckham) William Foskett 12 Errand Boy Peckham, SRY
Odell, Beds William Fasket 11 Scholar Odell
Harrow Weald William Foskett 9 Scholar Harrow Weald
Kimbolton William Foskett 9 Scholar St Neots
Bethnal Green William Foskett 6 Whitechapel
Stepney William Foskett 6 Scholar Whitechapel
Walworth, Surrey William B Foskett 51 Hatter St ??? St George
Wellingborough William E Forscutt 7 Northampton
Ivinghoe William S? Foskett 10 Scholar Ivinghoe
Wellingborough Zaccheus Forscutt 36 Dyer Ringstead
Wing Zilpha Foskett 47 Hoggeston

© Sandra J Smith MBE 2006