1871 Census for England and Wales

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The 1871 Census was taken on the night of 2nd April 1871.  The following information was requested: Name of street, place, road, etc.; House number or name; Number  of rooms occupied.  Name of each person that had spent the night in that household; Relationship to head of household; marital status; age; sex; Profession or occupation; whether employer, employee or neither;  Where born: place and county; Whether blind, deaf, dumb, imbecile, lunatic or an idiot;

Under Occupations Ag Lab is an Agricultural Labourer.

This is only an index, if you would like further details, please email me.

Place Forenames Surname Age Occupation Place of Birth
Ringstead Abner Forscutt 30 Shoemaker Ringstead
Sharnbrook Ada Foskett 6 Scholar Wymington, NTH
Harrow Ada Foskett 2 - Mdx
Penge, SRY Ada M Foskett 4 - Penge
Llanstephan Agnes Foskett 37 Schoolmistress Turvey, BDF
Ringstead Agnes Forscutt 4 Scholar Ringstead
Llanstephan Agnes J Foskett 7 Scholar Bedford
Camberwell Agnes S Foskett 19 - Camden Town, Mdx
Wendover Albert Foskett 28 Labourer Tring, HRT
Olney Albert Foskett 9 Scholar Olney, BDF
Berkhampstead Albert Foskett 7 Straw Plaiter Berkhamstead
Aston, Birmingham Albert E Foskett 7 Scholar Birmingham, WAR
GRANDBOROUGH Alberta Foskett 7 - Grandborough
Bushey Alberta Foskett 4 - Bushey, HRT
Bethnal Green, Hackney Alexander Foskett 11 Scholar Bethnal Green
Bethnal Green Alexander Foskett 6 Scholar Bethnal Green
St Faith’s London Alfred Foskett 2w - London, Mdx
St Neots Alfred Forscutt 33 Boot + Shoemaker Bedford, Beds
Wellingborough Alfred Forsket 27 Horse Driver Odell, BDF
Rishton, Lan Alfred Foskett 25 Lab at Brick works Grandborough
Bengeo Alfred Foskett 25 Carpenter Tonwell, Bengeo
Fulham Alfred Foskett 21 Carman Fulham, Mdx
Cardiff Alfred Foskett 10 Scholar Ware?, HRT
Fulham Alfred Foskett 4 Scholar Fulham. Mdx
St Margarets Westminster Alfred Forsgate 3 - Westminster, Mdx
Kensington Alfred Foskett 2 - Fulham, Mdx
Clapham Alfred C Foskett 1 - Clapham, BDF
Beckenham, Kent Alfred E Foskett 1 - Beckenham, Ken
Finchley Alfred Thomas Foskett 8 Scholar Finchley, -, -
Finchley Alice Foskett 8 m - Finchley, Middlesex.
Berkhampstead Alice Foskett 2M - Potton End
Litchurch, Derbyshire Alice Feskett 11m - Camberwell
Shoreditch St Leonards Alice Foskett 9 - Beech St, St Lukes
Marylebone Alice Foskett 6 - St Georges
Willesden Alice Fosket 5 - London, Middlesex.
Abbots Langley Alice Foskett 5 Scholar Abbotts Langley
Hemel Hempstead Alice Foskett 5 - Hemel Hempstead
Finchley Alice Charlotte Foskett 1 - Finchley, -, -
Poplar Alice E Foskett 9 Scholar Maidstone, Kent
Cray, Kent Alice I Foskett 1 - St Pauls Cray
Bromley, Tower Hamlets Alice Jane Fosgate 9 Scholar Ipswich, Sfk
Sharnbrook Allen Fosket 25 Railway Labourer Odell, BDF
Clapham Amelia Foskett 23 Lacemaker Kempston, BDF
Lambeth Amelia C Foskett 3 - Newington
Bushey Amelia M Foskett 1 - Bushey, HRT
Charteris, Cambs Amy Forscutt 74 Dyer + Clothes Cleaner Fleet, LIN
Islington Amy Foskett 7 - London
Bushey Amy Foskett 4 Scholar Bushey
Ringstead Ann Forscutt 69 - Woodford, NTH
Harrow Ann Foskett 66 - -, Mdx
Friern Barnet Ann Foskett 62 - St Neots, Hunts.
Berkhampstead Ann Foskett 60 Pensioner’s wife Winchendon
Odell, Beds Ann Forsket 56 Lacemaker Odell
Cranfield Ann Foskett 55 - Newport Pagnall
Enfield Ann Foskett 48 - Herts, Hoddesden
Chesham Ann Foskett 47 - Berkhampstead, HRT
Wisbech, Cambs Ann Forscutt 43 - Canningsby, Lin
St Lukes Finsbury Ann Foskitt 40 Brace Maker St Georges West
St Margarets Westminster Ann Forsgate 39 - Barcott, Bkm
St Georges in the East Ann Foskett 38 - St Georges, Mdx
Aldenham Ann Foskett 35 - Bedford
Godalming, SRY Ann Foskett 34 Dressmaker Aston Clinton
Shelton, Hanley Ann Foskett 31 - Hockersley, LEI
Blackthorn, Ox Ann Foskett 30 - Piddington, OXF
CHELSEA Ann Foskett 27 - London
Wendover Ann Foskett 27 Chair Woman Wendover, BKM
Rickmansworth Ann Foskett 19 Silk Throwster Rickmansworth
St Faith’s London Ann Foskett 15 - London, Mdx
Thrapston Ann Foscutt 14 Dom Servant General Ringstead
St Lukes Finsbury Ann Foskitt 14 Brace Maker St Lukes, Mdx
GRANDBOROUGH Ann Foskett 12 - Grandborough
CHELSEA Ann Fosket 9 Scholar London, Mdx
Bushey Ann Foskett 9 Scholar Bushey
Odell, Beds Ann Fostic 6 Scholar Odell
Berkhampstead Ann Foskett 5 Scholar Potton End
Harrow Ann Foskett 5 - Mdx
Rochester Ann E Foskett 15 Scholar Aston Clinton, BKM
St Georges in the East Ann Maria Foskett 6 - Mile End Old Town
Berkhampstead Anna Foskett 60 Straw Plaiter Little Gaddesden
Shelton, Hanley Anne Foskett 4m - Joiners Square, STF
Kimbolton Anne Foskett 10 Scholar Kimbolton, Hunts
Buckland Anne Foskett 7 -
Hammersmith Anne Foskate 3 - Harrow
Ringstead Annie Forscutt 25 Shoe work Orton Watervill, HUN
Hinton + Sleane Annie Foskett 11 Nurse Maid Swanbourne, BKM
Berkhampstead Annie Foskett 5 - Berkhamstead
St Pancras Annie B A Foskett 6 Scholar Fulham
Paddington Annie E Foskett 14 Scholar Paddington, MDX
Clapham, Sry Annie J Foskett 8 Scholar Mdx St Georges
Aston, Birmingham Annie L Foskett 15 Scholar Birmingham, WAR
Bromley, Tower Hamlets Annie L M Foskett 5 Scholar Bromley, Mdx
Northchurch Anny L Foskett 2 - Hampstead
Fulham Arthur Foskett 1m - Fulham, Mdx
Beckenham, Kent Arthur Foskett 3 Scholar Beckenham, KEN
Sharnbrook Arthur Foskett 2 - Sharnbrook, BDF
Marylebone Arthur E Foskett 1 - Mdx Marylebone.
Clapham Arthur G Foskett 3m - Clapham, BDF
Harrow B Foskett 14 Scholar -, Mdx
Aston Clinton Bella Foskett 6 Scholar Aston Clinton
Berkhampstead Benjamin Foskett 81 Pensioner Northchurch
Great Missenden Benjamin Foskett 24 Gardener Aston Clinton,
Chipping Barnet Bernard Faskett 23 Grocers Asst Olney, BKM
Ringstead Bertha Forscutt 1 - Ringstead
Woolwich Bertram C Foskett 1 - Woolwich, KEN
St Margarets Westminster Caroline Forsgate 3m - Westminster, Mdx
Brynpolyn Caroline Foskett 66 - Westminster
Stanwick Caroline Fosket 50 - Chelveston, NTH
Berkhampstead Caroline Foskett 22 Straw Plaiter Ivinghoe, Bucks
Poplar Caroline Foskett 13 Scholar Stepney
St Lukes Finsbury Caroline Foskitt 11 Scholar St Luke’s Mdx
Stanwick Carroline Fosket 7 Scholar Ringstead
St Andrews Holborn Catherine Forscutt 65 Charrwoman St Andrews, Holborne
Ringstead Catherine Forscutt 40 - Ringstead
St Pancras Catherine Foskett 25 - Westminster, Mdx
Poplar Catherine Foskett 20 Genl Serv Limehouse
Tably Superior Catherine Foskett 15 Fram Servant Buckingham
Lewisham Catherine Foskett 15 - Peckham, SRY
Odell, Beds Catherine Fostic 2 - Odell, Beds
Islington Catherine Jones Foskett 29 - Manchester, Lan
Hertford St Andrew Charles Foscutt 49 Photographer Ringstead, NTH
Berkhampstead Charles Foskett 34 Bricklayer’s labourer Berkhamstead
Finchley Charles Foskett 34 Butcher Finchley, -, -
Cray, Kent Charles Forsgate 33 Labourer Walton, SFK
Camberwell Charles Foskett 32 Wire Drawer Clerkenwell
St Pancras Charles Foskett 32 Warehouseman Harrow, Mdx
Camberwell – Peckham Charles Foskett 31 Lab at Gas Works Aylesbury, BKM
Beckenham, Kent Charles Foskett 28 Book Binder Aston Clinton, BKM
Clapham Charles Foskett 27 Ag Lab Harrold, BDF
Oakley Charles Forsgate 26 Ag Lab Little Oakley
Chesham Charles Foskett 17 - Chesham
Kimbolton Charles Foskett 16 Ag Lab Kimbolton, Hunts
Staines Charles Foskett 13 - -, Middlesex.
Lewisham Charles Foskett 11 - Stephney, Mdx
Finchley Charles Foskett 10 Scholar Finchley, -, -
1874 Camberwell – Peckham Charles Foskett 8 - Bermondsey
1887 Camberwell – Peckham Charles Foskett 6 Scholar Peckham
Wellingborough Charles Forscutt 5 Scholar Wellingborough
Marylebone Charles Foskett 4 - St Georges
Odell, Beds Charles Fostic 4 Scholar Odell
Camberwell Charles Foskett 3 -
Shelton, Hanley Charles Foskett 2 Scholar Hanley, STF
St Margarets Westminster Charles Forsgate 1 - Westminster, Mdx
Sharnbrook Charles Fosket 1 - Radwell, BDF
Berkhampstead Charles Foskett 1 - Berkhampstead
1871All Saints, Newcastle Charles A Foskett 6 - London
Beckenham, Kent Charles J Foskett 5 Scholar Camberwell
Poplar Charles W Foskett 52 Iron Turner Shoreditch, Mdx
Cray, Kent Charles W Foskett 25 Wholesale Staioner Stepney, MDX
Whitechapel Charlotte Foskett 49 General shop Spitalfields
Shoreditch St Leonards Charlotte Foskett 44 Charwoman NK
Sharnbrook Charlotte Foskett 18 Lacemaker Sharnbrook, BDF
St Lukes Finsbury Charlotte Foskitt 9 Scholar St Luke’s, Mdx
Brickendon Charlotte Foskett 2 - Bengeo
Walcot, Bath Charlotte M Foskett 49 Landowner Goodrich, HER
Harrow Chas Foskett 20 - Herts
St Faith’s London Christiana Foskett 41 - Leicestershire
Islington Christopher Arthur Foskett 10m - Islington
Shoreditch St Leonards Clara Foskett 16 Envelop Folder Shoreditch, Mdx
Blackthorn, Ox Clara Foskett 6 Scholar Swanbourne, BKM
Kensington Clara Foskett 3 - Paddington
Fulham Clara Foskett 2 - Fulham, Mdx
Lambeth Clara S Foskett 7 - Camberwell
Woolwich Clifford S Foskett 4 Scholar Charlton
Ringstead Cornelius Forscutt 25 Shoenaker Ringstead
Wilstone, Tring Dan Foskett 4 Scholar Tring
Tring David Foskett 63 Bootmaker Aston Clinton
Newport Pagnell David Foskett 25 Gardener Newport, BKM
GRANDBOROUGH David Foskett 6 - Grandborough
Clapham, Sry Earnest M Foskett 5 Scholar Sry, Clapham
St Pancras Edith F Foskett 2m - St Pancras, Mdx
St Leonards, Hackney Edith Usabella Foskett 20 French Polisher Stepney
Marylebone Edward Foskett 46 Messenger Hogston, BKM
Shoreditch St Leonards Edward Foskett 28 Carpenter Little Heath, Herts
St Saviours Southwark Edward Foskett 27 Labourer Finchley, Mdx
Camberwell Edward Foskett 22 Clerk/Merchants Lambeth, Surrey
Northampton Edward Foskett 20 Grocer’s Apprentice Cranfield
West Ham Edward G Foskett 2 Scholar Greenwich, KEN
Fulham Edwin Foskett 32 Bootmaker Grindon, Bucks
Stepney Edwin Faskett 31 Carman Whitechapel
Northampton Edwin Forskett 23 Clicker Bedfordshire
Rickmansworth Edwin Foskett 14 Paper Makers Lab Rickmansworth
Fulham Edwin Foskett 11 Scholar Fulham. Mdx
Southwark St John Edwin Foskett 7 Scholar Southwark
Marylebone Edwin B Foskett 20 Banisters Clerk Bushey Heath, HRT
Northampton Edwin Carrington Forskett 9m - Northampton
Aston, Birmingham Edwin E Foskett 4 Scholar Birmingham, WAR
Berkhampstead Eleanor Foskett 50 Interest of Money Ivinghoe, Bucks
Wellingborough Eli Foskett 36 Labourer Odell, BDF
GRANDBOROUGH Eli Foskett 20 Lab Grandborough
Shoreditch St Leonards Eliza Foskett 73 Laundress Whitechapel, Mdx
Oakley Eliza Forsgate 56 Laundress Little Oakley
Ringstead Eliza Forscutt 43 - Ringstead
Kimbolton Eliza Foskett 43 - St Neots, Hunts
Wivenhoe Eliza Forsgate 42 - Wivenhoe
Wilstone, Tring Eliza Foskett 33 Straw Plaiter Reading, BRK
Lambeth Eliza Foskett 30 - Lambeth, SRY
St Neots Eliza Forscutt 28 - Camden Town, Mdx
Sharnbrook Eliza Fosket 22 - Odell, BDF
Camberwell Eliza Foskit 22 - Camberwell, SRY
GRANDBOROUGH Eliza Foskett 18 - Winslow
Odell, Beds Eliza Fostic 15 Lacemaker Odell
Cranfield Eliza Foskett 13 Lacemaker Cranfield
Ringstead Eliza Forscutt 7 Scholar Ringstead
Northampton Eliza Forskett 7 Scholar Northampton
Drayton Beauchamp Eliza Foskett 5 Scholar Drayton
St Faith’s London Eliza Foskett 4 - London, Mdx
1877 Camberwell – Peckham Eliza Foskett 2 - Peckham
St James Clerkenwell Eliza Ellen Foskett 58 - Aldersgate, City of Ldn
Studham Elizabeth Fosket 3m - Studham, BDF
Hoggeston Elizabeth Foskett 66 Dressmaker Claydon
GRANDBOROUGH Elizabeth Foskett 58 - Whaddon
Olney Elizabeth Foskett 57 - Turvey, BDF
Paulerspury Elizabeth Fascutt 53 Retired Farmers wife Yardley Hastings
Hornsey Elizabeth Foskett 51 Laundress Herts
Hertford St Andrew Elizabeth Foscutt 47 School Mistress Oakford, DEV
Marylebone Elizabeth Foskett 42 Charwoman St Pancras, MDX
Sharnbrook Elizabeth Foskett 41 - Odell, BDF
Kentish Town Elizabeth Foskett 38 - Debden, ESX
Ringstead Elizabeth Forscutt 35 - Ringstead
Marylebone Elizabeth Foskett 34 - Marylebone
Shoreditch St Leonards Elizabeth Foskett 31 - Chertsey, Surrey
Hanley Elizabeth Foskett 30 - Hanley, STF
Kensington Elizabeth Foskett 30 - Marylebone
Kensington Elizabeth Foskett 28 Housemaid Grandborough, BKM
St Pancras Elizabeth Foskett 27 Cook BKM
Drayton Beauchamp Elizabeth Foskett 25 - Drayton
Camberwell Elizabeth Foskett 23 - Newcastle
Finsbury St Andrew Elizabeth Foskett 22 Traveller’s wife Surrey
Marylebone Elizabeth Foskett 22 - MDx, Marylebone
Aston Clinton Elizabeth Foskett 19 Straw Plaiter Aston Clinton
Fulham Elizabeth Foskett 17 Servant Domestic Fulham, Mdx
Finchley Elizabeth Foskett 15 Housemaid Dom Finchley, Middlesex.
Wisbech, Cambs Elizabeth Forscutt 14 - Wisbeach, Cam
Buckland Elizabeth Foskett 14 -
Marylebone Elizabeth Foskett 12 - Marylebone
Aston Clinton Elizabeth Foskett 9 Scholar Aston Clinton
Bermondsey Elizabeth Foskett 9 Scholar Camberwell
Wellingborough Elizabeth Forscutt 8 Scholar Wellingborough
Odell, Beds Elizabeth Fostic 8 Lacemaker Harrold, Beds
Shelton, Hanley Elizabeth Foskett 5 Scholar Joiners Square, STF
Clapham, Sry Elizabeth Foskett 4 Scholar Sry, Clapham
Northampton Elizabeth Forskett 3 Scholar Northampton
Shoreditch St Leonards Elizabeth Foskett 1 - Shoreditch
Southwark St John Elizabeth Foskett 1 - Southwark
Shelton, Hanley Elizabeth Foskett 1 - Hanley, STF
St Pancras Elizabeth C Foskett 15 Scholar Islington
Marylebone Elizabeth J Foskett 20 Gen Serv Dom St Pancras
Kensington Elizabeth S Foskett 20 Housemaid St Martins ITF
Hanley Ellen Foskett 5m - Hanley, STF
Oakley Ellen Forsgate 4m - Little Oakley
Bushey Ellen Foskett 32 Daily Labourer Bushey, HRT
Stepney Ellen Faskett 24 - Whitechapel
CHELSEA Ellen Foskett 23 Dressmaker London
Odell, Beds Ellen Fostic 23 Lacemaker Odell
Tring Ellen Foskett 19 Straw Plaiter Tring, Herts
Cranfield Ellen Foskett 11 Scholar Cranfield
Kimbolton Ellen Foskett 8 Scholar Kimbolton, Hunts
Buckland Ellen Foskett 5 - Aston Clinton
Berkhampstead Ellen Foskett 3 - Berkhamstead
Studham Ellen Fosket 2 - Studham, BDF
Aston, Birmingham Ellen K Foskett 7m infant Birmingham, WAR
Lambeth Eluzabeth Foskett 9 - Newington
Kensington Emeline Foskett 1 - Kensington
Hemel Hempstead Emily Fosket 8m - Hemel Hempstead
Berkhampstead Emily Foskett 32 Bricklayer’s lab’s wife Water End, HH
Shelton, Hanley Emily Foskett 27 Coal Miner’s wife Shelton, STF
Bovingdon Emily Foskett 24 Dressmaker Bovingdon
Chipping Barnet Emily Feskett 15 Genl Serv Finchley
Cranfield Emily Foskett 13 Lacemaker Cranfield, BDF
Wilstone, Tring Emily Foskett 11 Straw Plaiter Tring
Mile End Old Town Emily Foskill 11 Scholar Chelsea
St Margarets Westminster Emily Forsgate 5 Scholar Westminster, Mdx
St Neots Emily Forscutt 4 Scholar Wellingbro, Nth
St Pancras Emily Foskett 4 Scholar St Pancras
Bromley, Tower Hamlets Emily Foskett 1 - Bromley
Wendover Emily J Foskett 5 Scholar Wendover, BKM
Bengeo Emma Foskett 47 - Sacombe
Aston Clinton Emma Foskett 42 Straw Plaiter Aston Clinton
Berkhampstead Emma Foskett 35 - Nettleden
St Margarets Westminster Emma Forsgate 29 - Gt Oakley, Esx
Camberwell Emma Foskett 29 No occ Bermondsey, SRY
1871All Saints, Newcastle Emma Foskett 29 - Manchester, LAN
Hampstead Emma Foskett 25 General Servant Aston Clinton, BKM
Cray, Kent Emma Foskett 24 - St Albans, HRT
Litchurch, Derbyshire Emma Feskett 21 - St Peters, KEN
Marylebone Emma Foskett 17 Nursemaid Islington, Mdx
Cranfield Emma Foskett 15 Lacemaker Cranfield
Aston Clinton Emma Foskett 13 Scholar Buckland
Paddington Emma Foskett 10 Scholar Paddington, Mdx
Ringstead Emma Forscutt 8 Scholar Ringstead
St Margarets Westminster Emma Forsgate 2 - Westminster, Mdx
Abbots Langley Emma Foskett 2 - Abbotts Langley
Finchley Emma A Foskett 8 Scholar Finchley, Middlesex.
St Leonards, Hackney Emma Eliza Foskett 21 Carpet Bag Handle Maker Shoreditch
Finchley Emma Martha Foskett 6 Scholar Finchley, -, -
1871All Saints, Newcastle Emma S Foskett 8 - London
South Mimms Ernest Foskett 7 m Son Potters Bar, Middlesex.
Sharnbrook Ernest Foskett 6m - Sharnbrook, BDF
Tring Ernest William Foskett 1 - Tring, Herts
Clapham, Sry Esau Foskett 39 Bootmaker Bucks, Grindon
Clapham, Sry Esau W Foskett 14 Scholar Mdx St Georges
Bethnal Green Esther Foskett 1 - Bethnal Green
Penge, SRY Ethel B Foskett 1 - Penge
Brickendon Evelyn Elizabeth Foskett 1 - Brickendon
GRANDBOROUGH Faith Foskett 67 - Great Horwood
Hemel Hempstead Fanny Foskett 29 Straw Plaiter Gt Gaddesden
Aldershot Fanny Foskill 25 Servant Strood, Kent
Shoreditch St Leonards Fanny Foskett 12 - Princes St, Finsbury
Kensington Florence Foskett 1 - Paddington
Lambeth Florence A Foskett 1 - Newington
Camberwell Florence A Foskett - Lambeth, Surrey
Bromley, Tower Hamlets Florence B Foskett 3 - Bromley, Mdx
Stanwick Frank Fosket 8 Scholar Ringstead
St Pancras Frank R Foskett 12 Scholar Paddington
Wilstone, Tring Fred Foskett 6m - Tring
Berkhampstead Frederick Foskett 3m? - Berkhampstead
Clapham, Sry Frederick Forskett 40 Coachman Harrold, BDF
Bermondsey Frederick Foskett 37 Warehouseman Bermondsey
Islington Frederick Foskett 31 Fitter Engineer Finchley, Mdx
St Pancras Frederick Foskett 29 Wine Merchant Mdx, St Marg, Westminster
Bethnal Green, Hackney Frederick Foskett 8 Scholar Bethnal Green
Marylebone Frederick Foskett 8 - St Georges
Kensington Frederick Foskett 8 - Paddington
Bethnal Green Frederick Foskett 5 - Bethnal Green
Shelton, Hanley Frederick Foskett 5 Scholar Hanley, STF
Aston Clinton Frederick Foskett 4 - Aylesbury
Islington Frederick H Foskett Scholar Islington, Mdx
Islington Frederick William Foskett 8 - Hulme, Manchester
Bermondsey Fredk Foskett 11 Scholar Bermondsey
Harrow G Foskett 65 - -, Mdx
Harrow Geo Foskett 34 - -, Mdx
Harrow Geo Foskett 16 Groom -, Mdx
Finchley George Foskett 63 Labourer Hampstead, Middlesex.
Shelton, Hanley George Foskett 62 - Hogston, BKM
GRANDBOROUGH George Foskett 57 - Grandborough
St Faith’s London George Foskett 45 Butcher (Master) London, Mdx
Sharnbrook George Foskett 43 Lab + Toll Keeper Odell, BDF
Islington George Fosket 39 Lab Ware, Herts
Kentish Town George Foskett 36 Railway Clerk Tring, HRT
South Mimms George Foskett 36 Police constable Finchley, Middlesex.
Ringstead George Forscutt 34 Shoemaker Ringstead
St Margarets Westminster George Forsgate 33 Brewers Storeman Little Oakley, Esx
St Georges in the East George Foskett 33 General Dealer Mile End Old Town
Marylebone George Fosket 32 Asst to Gnl Grocer Finchley, Mdx
Hemel Hempstead George Fosket 30 Ag Lab Luton, BDF
Berkhampstead George Foskett 28 Gardener Berkhampstead
Hampstead George Foskett 27 Bricklayer Aston Clinton, Bucks
Kings Lynn George Foscott 26 Blacksmith Lynn
Marylebone George Fosket 26 Lab Bricklayer Aston Clinton, Bucks
Hammersmith George Foskate 25 Shoemaker Harrow
Aston, Birmingham George Foskett 25 Handlemaker Chesham, BKM
Edmonton George Foskett 25 Labourer Hanstay, Hertfordshire.
Rickmansworth George Foskett 21 Plumber Rickmansworth
Charteris, Cambs George Foskett 20 Journeyman/Blacksmith St Neots
Odell, Beds George Fostic 19 Ag. Lab Odell
Hanley George Foskett 18 - Hogston, BKM
Kensington George Foskett 16 - Paddington
Berkhampstead George Foskett 13 Labourer Berkhampstead Common
Aston Clinton George Foskett 12 - Aston Clinton
Bushey George Foskett 12 Scholar Bushey
St Margarets Westminster George Forsgate 9 Scholar Westminster, Mdx
Tring George Foskett 8 Scholar Tring, Herts
St Faith’s London George Foskett 8 - London, Mdx
Ringstead George Forscutt 5 Scholar Ringstead
Studham George Fosket 5 - Studham, BDF
Shelton, Hanley George Foskett 5 Scholar Hanley, STF
South Mimms George Foskett 4 Scholar Potters Bar, Middlesex.
Kings Lynn George Foscott 2 - Lynn
Hampstead George C Foskett 3m - Hampstead
Hertford St Stephen George J Foskett 45 Stoker + Steamworker Gt Gaddesden
Edmonton George W Foskett 1 - Edmonton, Middlesex
Kentish Town Grace Foskett 1 - St Pancras
Bengeo Hadassa Foskett 26? - Tonwell, Bengeo
Oakley Hannah Forsgate 68 Ag Lab’s Widow Little Burnley, ESX
Odell, Beds Hannah Fosket 66 Lacemaker Odell
Kingswood Hannah Foskett 64 Labourer Repton, DBY
Fulham Hannah Foskett 55 Laundress Bkm
Harrow Hannah Foskett 23 Nurse Harrow Weald, Middlesex.
Stanwick Hannah J Foskett 17 Under Nurse Chelveston, NTH
1885 Camberwell – Peckham Harmer Foskett 11 Scholar Camberwell
St Pancras Harriet Foskett 39 - Bexley, Kent
Clapham, Sry Harriet Foskett 38 - Ssx, Cooking
Buckland Harriet Foskett 33 -
1884 Camberwell – Peckham Harriet Foskett 30 - Greenwich
St Pancras Harriet Foskett 29 - Marylebone, Mdx
GRANDBOROUGH Harriet Foskett 26 - Weedon
St Lukes, Finsbury Harriet Foskett 23 - Shoreditch
St Neots Harriet Foskett 18 Paper Mill Hand St Neots, Hunts
St Pancras Harriet Foskett 10 Scholar St Giles
St Lukes, Finsbury Harriet Ann Foskett 1 - Bethnal Green
Hampstead Harriet E Foskett 3 - Hamptead
Finchley Harriett Foskett 46 - -, London.
Wisbech, Cambs Harriett Forscutt 11 Scholar Wisbeach, Cam
Berkhampstead Harry Foskett 9m - Berkhamstead
Kensington Harry Foskett 18 - Paddington
Tring Harry Foskett 12 Scholar Tring, Herts
Buckland Harry Foskett 10 -
St Pancras Harry Foskett 10 Scholar Finsbury
Aston Clinton Harry Foskett 7 - Aston Clinton
Wellingborough Harry Forscutt 3 Scholar Wellingborough
Marylebone Harry Foskett 2 - St Georges
Marylebone Harry Foskett 1 - Lambeth, Surrey
Wendover Harry W Foskett 2 - Wendover, BKM
St Pancras Henrietta M A Foskett 11 Scholar Pentonville
Bethnal Green Henry Foskett 3m - Bethnal Green
Brynpolyn Henry Foskett 64 Farmer 70 acres 2 men Ockley, SRY
Kingswood Henry Foskett 63 Labourer Hogston, BKM
1894 Camberwell – Peckham Henry Foskett 58 Brass Wire Drawer Shoreditch, Mdx
St James Clerkenwell Henry Foskett 58 Silver Thimble Maker Iver, Bucks
Chesham Henry Foskett 52 - Northchurch, HRT
Ringstead Henry Forscutt 44 Shoemaker Ringstead
Brickendon Henry Foskett 43 Farmer 120a emp 4 lab Bennington, HRT
St Pancras Henry Foskett 42 Butcher Not Known
Wilstone, Tring Henry Foskett 35 Ag Lab Drayton Beauchamp, BKM
St Pancras Henry Foskett 35 Chaser Margate, Kent
1883 Camberwell – Peckham Henry Foskett 29 Labourer BKM
Abbots Langley Henry Foskett 27 Farm Servant Berkhampstead
Bovingdon Henry Foskett 27 Ag Lab Bovingdon
Kingsthorpe Henry Foskett 22 Shoemaker St Neots, HUN
Stepney Henry Faskett 20 Carman Whitechapel
Camberwell Henry Foskett 20 Solicitors Clerk Bermondsey, Sry
Aston Clinton Henry Foskett 19 Straw Plaiter Aston Clinton
Bethnal Green Henry Foskett 17 App Cabinet Maker Bethnal Green
St George the martyr Henry Faskett 16 - Finchley
St Georges in the East Henry Foskett 14 General Dealer Mile End Old Town
Marylebone Henry Foskett 10 Scholar Marylebone
1886 Camberwell – Peckham Henry Foskett 9 Scholar Peckham
Winslow Henry Foskett 7 Scholar Winslow, Bucks
Fulham Henry Foskett 7 Scholar Fulham. Mdx
1875 Camberwell – Peckham Henry Foskett 6 - Bermondsey
St Margarets Westminster Henry Forsgate 3 - Westminster, Mdx
Finchley Henry Foskett 3 Scholar Finchley, Middlesex.
St Faith’s London Henry Foskett 1 - London, Mdx
Lambeth Henry B Foskett 35 Wire Weaver Clerkenwell. Mdx
Brickendon Henry Geo Foskett 4 - Bengeo
Bromley, Tower Hamlets Henry Issac Fosgate 5 Scholar Bromley, Mdx
Poplar Henry R Foskett 11 Scholar Limehouse
Lambeth Henry R Foskett 10 Scholar Newington
Bromley, Tower Hamlets Hepzibah Fosgate 32 - Ipswich, SFK
Tring Herbert Foskett 10 Scholar Tring, Herts
Sharnbrook Herbert Foskett 5 Scholar Sharnbrook, BDF
Penge, SRY Herbert W Foskett 6 - Penge
Kensington Hester Foskett 20 Domestic Suffolk
South Mimms Honor Emila Foskett 35 - Hornsey, Middlesex.
Olney Hrshia? Foskett 21 Asst in Business Olney, BKM
Kensington Infant (son) Foskett 1m - Fulham. Mdx
Paulerspury Isaac L A Fascutt 16 Retired farmers son Litch Grenton
Bromley, Tower Hamlets Isaac T Fosgate 33 Shipwright Bromley, Mdx
Rochester Isabella E Foskett 11 Scholar Aston Clinton, BKM
Shelton, Hanley Jabez Foskett 28 Colliery Banksman Hogston, BKM
Odell, Beds Jabez Fostic 3 Scholar Odell
Friern Barnet James Foskett 73 Bricklayers Lab Cople, Bedfordshire.
Elswick, Newcastle James Foskett 67 Hatter Clerkenwell, MDX
Studham James Fosket 61 Ag Lab (formely) Eddlestone, BKM
Islington James Foskett 56 Leather Cutter St James, Westminster
Northampton James Forskett 46 Fellmonger Bedfordshire
Bethnal Green, Hackney James Foskett 44 Blacksmith Whitechapel
Kensington James Foskett 42 Builder Grendon, Bkm
Hanley James Foskett 36 Potters Printer Hogston, BKM
Berkhampstead James Foskett 34 Journeyman/Carpenter Potton End
Clapham James Fosket 30 Ag Lab Harrold, BDF
Finchley James Foskett 27 Gravedigger Finchley, Middlesex.
St Pancras James Foskett 24 Salesman Hampstead, Mdx
St Lukes, Finsbury James Foskett 24 Engineer Bethnal Green
GRANDBOROUGH James Foskett 20 Labourer Grandborough
Whitechapel James Foskett 17 Labourer Whitechapel
Aston Clinton James Foskett 15 Rope+Twine Spinner Buckland
Ringstead James Forscutt 13 Carpenter Ringstead
Wivenhoe James Forsgate 9 Scholar Wivenhoe
Wilstone, Tring James Foskett 7 Scholar Tring
Bethnal Green James Foskett 7 - Bethnal Green
Northampton James Forskett 5 Scholar Northampton
Southwark St John James Foskett 4 Scholar Southwark
St Margarets Westminster James Berry Forsgate 7 Scholar Westminster, Mdx
Poplar James F S Foskett 7 Scholar Stepney
Finchley James G Foskett 10 Scholar Finchley, Middlesex
Islington James J Foskett 22 Commercial Clerk St Georges Southwark
Finchley Jane Foskett 9 m - Finchley, Middlesex.
Kensington Jane Foskett 28 Laundress ????, Mdx
Harrow Jane Foskett 21 - -, Mdx
Ringstead Jane Forscutt 11 Scholar Ringstead
Studham Jane Fosket 7 - Studham, BDF
Marylebone Jemima Foskett 44 Dressmaker Bushey, Herts
Finchley Jessie Foskett 12 Scholar Finchley, -, -
Shoreditch St Leonards Jessie Foskett 6 - Clift St, Shoreditch
Bermondsey Jessie? Foskett 2 - Deptford, Kent
Harrow Jn Foskett 24 Gardener -, Middlesex
Aston Clinton Job Foskett 65 Labourer Aston Clinton
Aston Clinton John Foskett 73 Farm Labourer Aston Clinton
Clapham John Fosket 68 Ag Lab Odell
Cranfield John Foskett 68 Ag Lab Odell
GRANDBOROUGH John Foskett 66 Labourer Grandborough
Poplar John Foskett 62 Barge Builder Hemel Hemstead
Oakley John Forsgate 55 Ag Lab Little Oakley
St Neots John Foskett 51 Ostler Cople, Beds
Aston, Birmingham John Foskett 47 Wood Turner Gt Berkhamsted, HRT
Llanstephan John Foskett 46 Schoolmaster Olney, BKM
Kingswood John Foskett 45 Bailiff Hogston, BKM
Ringstead John Forscutt 44 Carpenter St Neots
Hurley, BRK John Footcot (Foskett) 38 Straw drawer Aston Clinton
Rochester John Foskett 37 Beer House Keeper Aston Clinton, BKM
Lambeth John Foskett 37 Carman City of London
Bethnal Green John Foskett 34 Cabinet Maker Shoreditch
Shoreditch St Leonards John Foskett 33 Porter Tring, HRT
Bethnal Green John Foskett 31 Labourer Bethnal Green
Southwark St John John Foskett 30 Wharf Labourer BKM
Lambeth John Forscutt 28 Labourer “Potter” Alconbury Harlington
Portland, Dorset John Foskett 24 Milkman Camberwell, SRY
Whitechapel John Foskett 23 Upholsterer St Georges E
Finchley John Foskett 23 Printers Joiner Finchley, Middlesex.
Hampstead John Foskett 19 Gen Clerk (Commercial) NorthChurch, Herts
Cranfield John Foskett 18 Saddler Cranfield
Ringstead John Forscutt 17 Ag Lab Ringstead
St Neots John Foskett 14 Jun Clerk GN Railway St Neots
Islington John Foskett 13 Scholar Islington, Mdx
Sharnbrook John Foskett 12 Ag Lab’s boy Wellingbro, NTH
Shoreditch St Leonards John Foskett 6 - Shoreditch
1888 Camberwell – Peckham John Foskett 4 - Peckham
St Margarets Westminster John Forsgate 1 - Westminster, Mdx
Bethnal Green, Hackney John A Foskett 3 - Bethnal Green
High Wycombe John F Foskett 24 Grocers Assistant Olney, BKM
Aston, Birmingham John Hy Foskett 15 Wood Turner Birmingham, WAR
Shoreditch St Leonards John J Foskett 38 Engineer Bishopgate
1871All Saints, Newcastle John S Foskett 4 - Camberwell, SRY
Berkhampstead Jonah Foskett 2 - Potton End
St Margarets Westminster Jonathan Forsgate 16 Butcher Wing, Bkm
Abbots Langley Joseph Foskett 72 Lt Col ret, JP Berlin BS
Eaton Socon Joseph Foskett 71 Formerly Publican Cophall, BDF
Odell, Beds Joseph Forsket 56 Ag. Lab Odell, Beds
Cranfield Joseph Foskett 54 Saddler emp 1 son Cranfield
Stanwick Joseph Fosket 49 Carpenter St Neots, HUN
St Lukes Finsbury Joseph Foskitt 45 Labourer Dyers Shoreditch
St Margarets Westminster Joseph Forsgate 40 Drayman Little Oakley, Esx
Buckland Joseph Foskett 40 -
Tring Joseph Foskett 31 Bootmaker Tring, Herts
Quainton Joseph Foskett 26 Ag Lab Grandborough, BKM
Marylebone Joseph Foskett 24 Railway Clerk Aston Clinton, Bucks
Clapham Joseph Fosket 15 Ag Lab Clapham
Cranfield Joseph Foskett 15 Ag Lab Clapham
Stanwick Joseph Fosket 13 Scholar Ringstead
St Margarets Westminster Joseph Forsgate 9 Scholar Westminster, Mdx
Whitechapel Joseph Foskit 2 - Whitechapel
Rochester Joseph F Foskett 4 Scholar Wouldham, Ken
Berkhampstead Joseph W Foskett 23 Rough Carpenter(jorney) Berkhamstead
Lewisham Joshua Foskett 35 Gardener Finchley
Wellingborough Josiah Foscutt 29 Labourer Odell
Harrow Js Foskett 38 Manager of Brick Kilns Mdx
St Leonards, Hackney Julia Foskett 49 French Polisher Durham
Eddlesborough Julia Foskett 14 Straw Plait Maker Tring, HRT
Beckenham, Kent Julia A Foskett 25 - Mitcham, Surrey
Whitechapel Julia Harriet Foskit 29 - Whitechapel
Harrow Kate Foskett 6m - Mdx
St Pancras Kate Foskett 7 Scholar St Pancras
Marylebone Kezia Foskett 47 Carpenter’s wife Bushey, Herts
Hammersmith Leah Foskate 28 - Harrow
Cray, Kent Leonard H Foskett 3 - Boxmoor, HRT
Hemel Hempstead Lether Fosketts 46 Carter’s wife Studham, BDF
Winslow Levi Foskett 2 - Winslow, Bucks
St Pancras Lillian Eugenie MA Foskett 3m - MDX, Pancras
St Pancras Lizzie Foskett 13 Scholar St Martins
Bethnal Green, Hackney Lizzie J Foskett 10 Scholar Bethnal Green
Woolwich Louis R Foskett 13 Labourer Telegraph Works Chelsea
Brickendon Louisa Foskett 35 Farmer’s wife Witham, ESX
Marylebone Louisa Foskett 25 - St James, Mdx
Kings Lynn Louisa Foscott 24 - Harpely?
St Margarets Westminster Louisa Forscutt 23 Gold embroidress Westminster
Tring Louisa Foskett 17 Straw Plaiter Tring, Herts
Blackthorn, Ox Louisa Foskett 5 Scholar Swanbourne, BKM
Brickendon Louisa Emily Foskett 3 - Bengeo
Kensington Louise Foskett 5 - Paddington
Kentish Town Lucy Foskett 4 - St Pancras
Hanley Lucy A Foskett 3 - Hanley, STF
Tring Lucy Emily Foskett 3 Scholar Tring, Herts
Odell, Beds Luisa Fostic 8 Scholar Odell
Kensington Luisa J Foskett 6 - Kensington
Northchurch Luke Foskett 57 Carpenter Northchurch
Hillingdon Luke Foskett 47 Coachman Weald, Essex.
Ringstead Lydia Forscutt 35 Shoemaker’s wife Ringstead
Kensington Lydia Foskett 19 Domestic Huntingdon
Finchley Lydia Foskett 18 Gen Serv Dom Finchley, Middlesex.
Willesden M A Foskett 55 - Droitwich, Wor
Harrow M A Foskett 35 Dressmaker Mdx
Harrow M A Foskett 9 - Mdx
Ringstead Margaret Forscutt 1m - Ringstead
Islington Margaret Foskett 50 - Edinburgh, Scotland
Berkhampstead Margaret Foskett 25 Gardeners Wife Northchurch
Brighton Maria Foskett 62 Annuitant Surrey, LDN
Hertford St Stephen Maria Foskett 48 Nurse Rickmansworth
St Pancras Maria Foskett 35 - Water Waldris, Berks
Northchurch Maria Foskett 34 Laundress Aston Clinton
Odell, Beds Maria Fostic 34 Lacemaker Sharnbrook, Beds
Wellingborough Maria Foscutt 30 Boot Closer Wellingbro
Odell, Beds Maria Fosket 19 Lacemaker Odell
Bromley, Kent Maria M G Foskett 79 Annuitant Glanton, NTH
Pendleton, Salford Mark Foskett 17 Baker Grandborough
St Margarets Westminster Mark Forsgate 4 - Pimlico, Mdx
Hemel Hempstead Mark Fosket 3 - Hemel Hempstead
Kingswood Martha Foskett 58 Bailiff’s wife Waddon, BKM
Godalming, SRY Martha Foskett 45 Bible Woman Clapham, SRY
Odell, Beds Martha Fostic 39 Lacemaker Odell, Beds
Ealing St Mary Martha Foskett 38 - -, London
St Neots Martha Forscutt 22 Dressmaker Wisbeach, Cambs
Sharnbrook Martha Foskett 14 Genl Serv Wellingbro, NTH
St Neots Martha Foskett 11 Scholar St Neots, Hunts
Wellingborough Martha Forscutt 10 Scholar Wellingborough
Bromley, Tower Hamlets Martha A Foskett 30 - Poplar, Mdx
1895 Camberwell – Peckham Mary Foskett 59 - Holborn, Mdx
Marylebone Mary Foskett 56 Bonnett Maker Hempstead, HRT
Camberwell Mary Foskett 54 - HRT
Aston, Birmingham Mary Foskett 51 - Averley, SHR
Finchley Mary Foskett 49 Charwoman Highgate,MDX
Harrow Mary Foskett 47 - Herts
Wellingborough Mary Forscutt 44 Dyer Stamford, LIN
Bethnal Green, Hackney Mary Foskett 40 Charwoman Spitalfields
Rushden Mary Foskett 40 Carpenter + Builder’s wife Bolnhurst, BDF
Winslow Mary Foskett 36 - Winslow, Bucks
Fulham Mary Foskett 30 - Ireland
Hampstead Mary Foskett 27 - Berkhamstead, Herts
Oakley Mary Forsgate 23 - Little Oakley
Shelton, Hanley Mary Foskett 18 General Servant Hogston, Bkm
Marylebone Mary Foskett 15 ?? Worker Paddington, MDX
Fulham Mary Foskett 14 Servant Fulham, Mdx
Kimbolton Mary Foskett 6 Scholar Kimbolton, Hunts
Odell, Beds Mary A Foskett 33? Lacemaker Odell, Beds
Rushden Mary A Foskett 72 Living on house property Sharnbrook, BDF
Rushden Mary A Foskett 42 - Rushden, NTH
Islington Mary A Fosket 41 - Liverpool
Finchley Mary A Foskett 41 - Finchley, Middlesex.
Clapham, Sry Mary A Forskett 40 Laundress Keynston, Glos
Hertford St John Mary A Foskett 32 Domestic Cook Ware, HRT
Bethnal Green Mary A Foskett 31 - Shoreditch
Southwark St John Mary A Foskett 28 - Horsley Down ???
Marylebone Mary A Fosket 25 - Marylebone, Mdx
Cranfield Mary A Foskett 17 Lacemaker Cranfield
Winslow Mary A Foskett 12 - Winslow, Bucks
Islington Mary A Foskett 11 Scholar Islington, Mdx
Bermondsey Mary A Foskett 4 - Bermondsey
Bethnal Green Mary A Foskett 4 - Spittalfields
Southwark St John Mary A Foskett 3 Scholar Southwark
1871All Saints, Newcastle Mary A Foskett 2 - Deptford, KEN
Lambeth Mary A Forscutt 1 - Rotherhithe
Northampton Mary Ann Forskett 45 - Bedfordshire
Bushey Mary Ann Foskett 40 - Grimforston, NFK
Bermondsey Mary Ann Foskett 32 - Bermondsey
Bethnal Green Mary Ann Foskett 32 - Kent Rd
Shoreditch St Leonards Mary Ann Foskett 31 - Princes St, Finsbury
Lambeth Mary Ann Foskett 28 Seamstress Weston, Bkm
All Saints, Cambridge Mary Ann Foskett 27 Gen Servt Cambridge, Cambs
Lt Paxton, Hunts Mary Ann Foskett 20 Domestic Servant St Neots, Hunts
Bethnal Green Mary Ann Foskett 10 - Bethnal Green
Wellingborough Mary Ann Foscutt 6 - Wellingbro
1876 Camberwell – Peckham Mary Ann Foskett 5 - Peckham
Wivenhoe Mary Ann Forsgate 2 - Wivenhoe
Hoggeston Mary Ann Foskett 1 - Hoggeston
Astwood Mary E Foskett 25 Dressmaker Cranfield, BDF
Hoggeston Mary Elizabeth Foskett 22 Lacemaker Hoggeston
Ringstead Mary J Forscutt 9 Scholar Ringstead
Whitechapel Matilda Foskett 15m - Whitechapel
West Ham Matilda Foskett 37 - Islington, Mdx
Whitechapel Matilda Foskett 25 - Whitechapel
Marylebone Maud Downing Foskett 3m - Marylebone
Marylebone Maude Foskett 2 - St James, Mdx
Kensington Naomi Foskett 27 - Grindon, Bucks
Blackthorn, Ox Newman Foskett 35 Baker Hogston, BKM
Blackthorn, Ox Newman Foskett 7 Scholar Swanbourne, BKM
GRANDBOROUGH Noah Foskett 22 Labourer Grandborough
Berkhampstead Noah Foskett 8 Scholar Potton End
Woolwich Percy C Foskett 10 Scholar Chelsea
Winslow Phebe Foskett 14 Plaiter Winslow, Bucks
1871All Saints, Newcastle Philip Foskett 6m - Camberwell, SRY
Finchley Philip Foskett 49 Labourer Finchley, -, -
All Saints, Newcastle Philip Foskett 29 Wireweaver London
Shelton, Hanley Philip Foskett 29 Coalminer Hogston, Bkm
Islington Philip Foskett 22 Footman Finchley, MDX
Camberwell St Giles Philip Foskett 3 Visitor Camberwell, SRY
Hornsey Phoebe Foskett 20 Dom Servant Finchley, Middlesex.
Northchurch Priscilla Foskett 33 Straw Plaiter Berkhamstead
Shelton, Hanley Rachel Foskett 30 - Stoke on Trent, STF
Ringstead Ralph Forscutt 6 Scholar Ringstead
Tring Rebecca Foskett 61 Straw Plaiter Tring, Herts
Finchley Rebecca Foskett 61 Laundress Bishops Stortford, Herts.
St Neots Rebecca Foskett 51 - Eaton Socon, Beds
Ringstead Rebecca Forscutt 45 - Hemington, HUN
Carlton Rebecca Forsket 34 General Servant Harrold, BDF
1872 Camberwell – Peckham Rebecca Foskett 27 - Middlesex
Northampton Rebecca Forskett 23 Closer Northampton
Finchley Rebecca Foskett 23 - Bishops Stortford, Herts
GRANDBOROUGH Rebecca Foskett 16 - Grandborough
1873 Camberwell – Peckham Rebecca Foskett 10 - Southwark
South Mimms Rebecca Foskett 6 Scholar Potters Bar, Middlesex.
Islington Rebecca Kate Foskett 3 - Islington
Clapham Rebekah Fosket 1 - Clapham, BDF
Penge, SRY Reginald C Foskett 3 - Penge
Brampton Rhoda Forscutt 48 - Brampton
Ealing St Mary Rhoda Fasket 17 - Odell, Bedfordshire.
Lewisham Richard Foskett 62 Out of employ Whitechapel, Mdx
St Andrews Holborn Richard Foskett 33 Commissioning Agent Olney, Bucks
Odell, Beds Richard Foskett 32 Ag, Lab Odell
Whitechapel Richard Foskit 28 Labourer Stepney
Roydon Richard Foskett 18 Grocer + Draper Asst Olney, Bkm
St Margarets Westminster Richard Forsgate 11 Scholar Westminster, Mdx
South Mimms Richard Foskett 10 Scholar Highgate, Middlesex.
Llanstephan Richard Foskett 3 - Tydd St Mary, Lincs
Whitechapel Richard William Foskit 7 - Whitechapel
Marston Robert Foskett 74 Licenced Victualler Cranfield, BDF
Marylebone Robert Foskett 57 Labourer Hertford, HRT
Woolwich Robert Foskett 41 Labourer telegraph Works Hogsden, BKM
Bromley, Tower Hamlets Robert Foskett 31 Poor Law Clerk Poplar, Mdx
Shelton, Hanley Robert Foskett 30 Coal Miner Hogston, Bkm
Shoreditch St Leonards Robert Foskett 22 Harness Maker Cranfield, Beds
The South Front Barracks Western Heights, Hougham Robert Foskett 18 Private Rifle Brigade Camberwell
Litchurch, Derbyshire Robert H Feskett 2 - Camberwell
Islington Robert J Foskett 17 Shopman St Georges Southwark
GRANDBOROUGH Rosanna Foskett 49 - Grandborough
Winslow Rose Foskett 4 - Winslow, Bucks
Blackthorn, Ox Rose Foskett 2 - Swanbourne, BKM
Wilstone, Tring Rose Ellen Foskett 2 - Tring
Hanley Ruth Foskett 21? Gen Servant Hogston, BKM
St Neots Ruth Foskett 26 Dressmaker Bedford
Harrow Saml Foskett 28 - -, Mdx
Limehouse Samuel Foskett 64 Labourer Herts, Hemel Hemstead
Finchley Samuel Foskett 54 Lab at Colney Hatch Barnet, Hertfordshire.
Bushey Samuel Foskett 37 Bricklayer Bushey
St Pancras Samuel Foskett 30 Receiving Clerk Aston Clincton, Bkm
St Margarets Westminster Samuel Forsgate 28 Brewers Drayman Little Oakley, Esx
Hetton, YKS Samuel Fosket 26 Farm Servant Odell, BDF
Litchurch, Derbyshire Samuel Feskett 25 Wire Weaver Camberwell, SRY
St James Clerkenwell Samuel Foskett 23 Silver Thimble Maker Limehouse, Mdx
Kimbolton Samuel Foskett 13 Ag Lab Kimbolton, Hunts
Bushey Samuel Foskett 2 - Bushey
Bethnal Green Samuel J Foskett 8 - Camberwell
St Pancras Samuel M Foskett 3 - St Pancras, Mdx
Ringstead Sarah Forscutt 6m - Ringstead
Wivenhoe Sarah Forsgate 81 - Alresford, Essex
St Andrews the Less, Cambridge Sarah Fosket 76 Laundress Royston, HRT
Wootton/Woburn Sarah Foskett 76 Lacemaker Wooton, BDF
Northchurch Sarah Foskett 76 - Gt. Gaddesden
Marston Sarah Foskett 73 - Cranfield, BDF
Aston Clinton Sarah Foskett 65 Labourer's wife Aston Clinton
Poplar Sarah Foskett 65 - Brentwood
Ware, HRT Sarah Foskett 63 Former Grocer Shopkeeper Wareside
Northchurch Sarah Foskett 59 Laundress Aston Clinton
Marylebone Sarah Forscut 58 - London
St Neots Sarah Foskett 58 - Pavenham, Beds
Northchurch Sarah Foskett 57 Straw Plaiter Slapton, Bucks
Finsbury St Giles Sarah Foskett 51 Tailoress St Anne’s, Mdx
Edmonton Sarah Foskett 51 - Buckland, Hertfordshire.
Aston Clinton Sarah Foskett 41 - London
Woolwich Sarah Foskett 40 - Putney
Wootton/Woburn Sarah Foskett 39 Laundress Woburn, BDF
Tring Sarah Foskett 36 - Tring, Herts
Rochester Sarah Foskett 36 - Aston Clinton, BKM
Finsbury St Giles Sarah Foskett 34 Cook Harrow, Mdx
Oakley Sarah Forsgate 31 - Little Oakley
Studham Sarah Fosket 31 - Flamstead, HRT
Souldrop Sarah Foskett 30 Lacemaker Knotting, BDF
Walworth? Sarah Foskett 26 -
Warkworth Sarah Foskett 26 Dom Serv(Housemaid) Cranfield
Abbots Langley Sarah Foskett 25 Hat Maker Abotts Langley
Hatfield Sarah Foskett 20 Cook Ware, HRT
Lambeth Sarah Faskett 19 General Servant Peckham
Aston Clinton Sarah Foskett 17 Straw Plaiter Aston Clinton
Rushden Sarah Foskett 13 Scholar Bedford, BDF
Finchley Sarah Foskett 13 Scholar Finchley, Middlesex.
Finchley Sarah Foskett 11 Housekeeper Finchley, Middlesex.
Hemel Hempstead Sarah Fosket 6 - Gr Berkhampstead
Tring Sarah Foskett 6 Scholar Tring, Herts
Berkhampstead Sarah Foskett 3 - Berkhampstead
Denford Sarah A Fascutt 58 - Rushden
Poplar Sarah A Foskett 45 Dressmaker Lon St Geo East
Shoreditch St Leonards Sarah A Foskett 3 - Shoreditch
Finchley Sarah Ann Foskett 35 - East Barnet, HRT
Wellingborough Sarah Ann Forscutt 22 Bootmaker + Machinist Mackay, LIN
Northampton Sarah Ann Forskett 10 Scholar Northampton
Wivenhoe Sarah E Forsgate 20 - Wivenhoe
Denford Sarah E Fascutt 10 Scholar Denford
Finchley Sarah Francis Foskett 4 Scholar Finchley, -, -
Rochester Sarah J Foskett 7 Scholar Wouldham, KEN
Paulerspury Sarah L Fascutt 45 Annuitant (imbecile) Kelmarsh
St Pancras Sarah Mahaliah Foskett 24 - KEN, Fainsbury
Cray, Kent Selina Forsgate 40 - St Mary Cray, KEN
Odell, Beds Selina Fostic 12 Lacemaker Odell
Odell, Beds Simon Fostic 38 Ag. Lab Carlton, Beds
Camberwell Sophia Foskit 9m - Camberwell, SRY
Studham Sophia Fosket 60 - Bierton, BKM
Lambeth Sophia Forscutt 24 - Brampton
Kingswood Sophia Foskett 17 Labourer Hogston, BKM
Abbots Langley Sophia Ann Foskett 43 - W Tiverton, DEV
Edmonton Sophia C Foskett 26 - Edmonton, Middlesex.
Penge, SRY Sophia M A Foskett 35 - Surrey
Clapham, Sry Stephen Foskett 7 Scholar Mdx St Georges
Shoreditch St Leonards Susan Foskett 72 None Southwark, Surrey
St Margarets Westminster Susan Forsgate 29 - Risbey?, Esx
Clapham Susan Fosket 28 Lacemaker Bedford, BDF
Marylebone Susan Foskett 17 Asst Teacher St Pancras, MDX
Stepney Susannah Faskett 69 - Whitechapel
Ringstead Thomas Forscutt 70 Small cottager Ringstead
Northchurch Thomas Foskett 67 Formerly Shepherd Northchurch
GRANDBOROUGH Thomas Foskett 67 Labourer Grandborough
Odell, Beds Thomas Fosket 65 Ag. Lab. Odell, Beds
Marylebone Thomas Forscut 56 Tailor Plymouth
Wisbech, Cambs Thomas Forscutt 53 Dyer Master emp 1 boy Rothwell, Nth
Wivenhoe Thomas Forsgate 48 Master Mariner Wivenhoe
West Ham Thomas Foskett 44 Lab at chemical works Thundersleigh, HRT
Kimbolton Thomas Foskett 44 Gasman unemployed St Neots, Hun
Marylebone Thomas Foskett 44 Porter Shoreditch
Hemel Hempstead Thomas Fosketts 38 Carter Berkhampstead
Souldrop Thomas Foskett 33 Platelayer Odell, BDF
GRANDBOROUGH Thomas Foskett 27 Labourer Grandborough
Kensington Thomas Foskett 23 Laundry Man Sudbury, Mdx
Hackney Thomas Foskell 22 Journeyman Baker St Neots, HUN
Marylebone Thomas Forscut 21 Clerk in Public Comp London
Camberwell Thomas Foskit 20 Labourer Camberwell, SRY
GRANDBOROUGH Thomas Foskett 16 - Grandborough
Ringstead Thomas Forscutt 12 Scholar Ringstead
Finchley Thomas Foskett 5 Scholar Finchley, Middlesex.
Ringstead Thomas Forscutt 3 Scholar Rotherhither, KEN
Bethnal Green Thomas Foskett 3 - Bethnal Green
Shelton, Hanley Thomas Foskett 3 Scholar Hanley, STF
Wellingborough Thomas Foscutt 1 - Wellingbro
Camberwell Thomas Foskett 1 -
Islington Thomas Alf Gilbert Foskett 5 - Paddington
Horsham, Surrey Thomas M Foskett 78? Clergyman Dunbar, Scotland
Harrow Thos Foskett 25 - Herts
Brampton Usher Forscutt 4 Scholar London, Mdx
Aldenham Valentine Foskett 50 Beer House Keeper Harrill(sic)
Poplar Wallace Foskett 16 Iron Driller Limehouse
Marylebone Walter Forscut 20 Journeyman Tailor London
Poplar Walter Foskett 18 Boiler Maker Bermondsey, SRY
Marylebone Walter Foskett 17 - Bushey, Herts
GRANDBOROUGH Walter Foskett 15 Lab Grandborough
Berkhampstead Walter Foskett 11 Brushmaker’s labourer Berkhampstead
Sharnbrook Walter Foskett 9 Scholar Wellingbro, NTH
Lambeth Walter C Foskett 5 - Camberwell
Islington Walter George Foskett 6 - Ardswick, Manchester
1878 Camberwell – Peckham William Foskett 9m - Peckham
GRANDBOROUGH William Foskett 55 Labourer - Grandborough
Wootton/Woburn William Foskett 76 Common Labourer Cranfield, BDF
Ringstead William Forscutt 74 Cottager renting as landlord Ringstead
Stepney William Faskett 71 - Whitechapel
Odell, Beds William Foskett 70 Roadman Odell, Beds
Hoggeston William Foskett 68 Farm Labourer Hoggeston
Brampton William Forscutt 62 Ag Lab Ringstead
Berkhampstead William Foskett 61 Rough Carpenter(master) Northchurch
Finchley William Foskett 61 Gardener Hampstead, Middlesex.
Denford William Fascutt 60 Farmer emp 3 m + 1b 90a Denford
St Neots William Foskett 56 Dyer Ringstead, Nth
Olney William Foskett 52 Inn Keeper Tring, HRT
CHELSEA William Foskett 52 Porter Aston, Herts
Edmonton William Foskett 47 Labourer Tottenham, Middlesex.
St Pancras William Foskett 44 Clerk in In surance Olney, BKM
Rushden William Foskett 40 Carpenter emp 3 men plus 2 sawyers Rushden, NTH
Tring William Foskett 39 Shoemaker Tring, Herts
Studham William Fosket 35 Ag Lab NK
Winslow William Foskett 35 Ag Lab Granborough, Bucks
Northchurch William Foskett 33 Carpenter/Journeyman Gt.Gaddesden
Shelton, Hanley William Foskett 32 Labourer Hogston, BKM
Kensington William Foskett 31 Housepainter Marylebone
St Georges Hanover Square William Foskett 31 Man Servant Grendon Underwood, BKM
Bushey William Foskett 30 Labourer Bushey, HRT
Drayton Beauchamp William Foskett 29 Ag Lab Drayton
Finchley William Foskett 29 Labourer(D+D) Finchley, Middlesex.
Finsbury St Andrew William Foskett 25 Traveller Surrey
Whitechapel William Foskett 23 Labourer Whitechapel
Camberwell William Foskett 22 Carman Peckham, SRY
Wellingborough William Foskett 21 Ironstone Labourer Odell, BDF
Walton on Thames William Fosket 20 Groom Harrow, Mdx
Berkhampstead William Foskett 20 Hacker(unemployed) Ivinghoe, Bucks
Kimbolton William Foskett 19 Ag Lab St Neots, Hunts
Enfield William Fasket 16 Factory Hand Ware, Hertfordshire.
Bethnal Green, Hackney William Foskett 14 Blacksmith Bethnal Green
Winslow William Foskett 9 - Winslow, Bucks
Berkhampstead William Foskett 9 Straw Plaiter Berkhamstead
GRANDBOROUGH William Foskett 9 - Grandborough
St Neots William Forscutt 8 Scholar St Neots, Hunts
St Margarets Westminster William Forsgate 7 Scholar Westminster, Mdx
St Faith’s London William Foskett 6 - London, Mdx
Marylebone William Foskett 4 - Marylebone
Buckland William Foskett 3 - Aston Clinton
Shelton, Hanley William Foskett 2 - Joiners Square, STF
Finsbury St Andrew William Foskett 1 - Islington
St Georges in the East William Foskett 1 - St Georges, Mdx
Ealing St Mary William Foskett 1 - Ealing, Mdx.
Islington William A Foskett 26 Asst in Business St Georges Southwark
Berkhampstead William A Foskett 20 Rough Carpenter(journ) Berkhamstead
Camberwell William Benjamin Foskett 60 Hatter Southwark, SRY
Wellingborough William E Forscutt 17 Bootmaker + Rivetter Northampton, NTH
Bromley, Tower Hamlets William G Fosgate 1 - Plaistow, ESX
Penge, SRY William J Foskett 34 Merchant Surrey
Kensington William J Foskett 10 Scholar Kensington
St Margarets Westminster William James Forscutt 23 Clerk Westminster
Paulerspury William L Fascutt 48 Retired Farmer Kelmarsh
Finchley William S Foskett 23 Lab at Colney Hatch Finchley, Middlesex.
Wivenhoe William T Forsgate 16 Mariner Wivenhoe
Harrow Wm Foskett 43 Labourer -, Mdx
Wellingborough Zaccheus Forscutt 47 Dyer Ringstead
Hanley Zilpha Foskett 57 - Hogston, BKM

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