1891 Census for England and Wales

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The 1891 Census was taken on the night of 5th April 1891.  The following information was requested: Name of street, place, road, etc.; House number or name; Number of rooms occupied if less than 5; Name of each person that had spent the night in that household; Relationship to head of household; marital status; age; sex; Profession or occupation; Where born: place and county; Whether blind, deaf, dumb or lunatic.

Under Occupations Ag Lab is an Agricultural Labourer.

This is only an index, if you would like further details, please email me.

Census Place Forename Surname Age Occupation Place of Birth
Westminster A M Forscutt 14 Scholar LDN, MDX
Preston, Kent Ada Foskett 22 Asst School Mistress Harrow Weald, MDX
Northampton Ada Forskitt 14 Northampton
Deptford Ada Foskett 9 Battersea
Marylebone Ada Foskett 2 Mile End, LDN
Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne Ada C Foskett 9 Newcastle
Islington Ada E Foskett 13 Scholar Islington, LDN
Drayton Beauchamp Ada M Foskett 2 Drayton B, BKM
Finchley Ada M Foskett 1 Finchley, MDX
Chesham Ada Minnie Foskett 2 Chesham, Bkm
Hove Ada S Foskett 24 SRY
Ringstead Agnes Forscutt 24 Dressmaker Ringstead, NTH
Bow Agnes Foskett 14 Liverpool, LAN
St George the Martyr Agnes Foskett 1 Southwark, LDN
Westerleigh Agnes A Foskett 57 Cert School Mistress Turvey, BDF
Hempsted. GLS Agnes J Foskett 26 Schoolmistress Bedford, BDF
Kings Norton. Wor Agnes J Foskett 8 Scholar Birmingham
Camberwell Agnes S Foskett 39 Camberwell
Newington, Kingston upon Hull Aimey B Foskett 1 Hull, YKS
Wendover Albert Foskett 50 Genl Labourer Tring, HRT
Isham, Nhants Albert Foskett 34 Rlway Signalmn Doncaster, YLS
Bedford – St Peter Albert Foskett 29 Booksellers Asst Olney, Bucks
Berkhampstead, Herts Albert Foskett 27 Bricklayer Berkhampstead, Herts
Hendon Albert Foskett 14 Scholar Brockley Hill, Mdx
Grandborough Albert Foskett 6 Scholar Great Horwood
Shoreditch Albert Foskett 5 Scholar Shoreditch, LDN
Bethnal Green Albert Foskett 3 Bethnal Green, LDN
Aston, Birmingham Albert E Foskitt 26 Wood Working Machinist Birmingham
Ockebrook, DBY Albert E Foskitt 12 Scholar Long Eaton, DBY
Newington, Kingston upon Hull Albert E Foskett 3 Hull, YKS
Cambridge St Andrews Albert H Foskett 12 Scholar Cambridge
Newington Albert H Foskett 3 Holloway, LDN
West Ham Albert J Foskett 8 Scholar West Ham, ESX
Theddingworth Albert Thos Foskett 8 Theddingworth, LEI
Hackney Alexander Foskett 31 Painter Shoreditch
West Ham Alexander Foskett 12 Scholar Plaistow, ESX
Hackney Alexander Foskett 6 Hackney
Shoreditch Alexander Foskett 5 Shoreditch, LDN
Shoreditch Alfred Foskett 6m Hoxton, LDN
St Neots Alfred Forscutt 53 Boot + Shoe maker Bedford
Berkhampstead, Herts Alfred Foskett 41 Carpenter Berkhampstead
Gt Amwell Alfred Foskett 41 Carpenter Bengeo, HRT
Llangyfelach, Swansea Alfred Foskett 33 Blacksmith Bath (E)
Finchley Alfred Foskett 28 Labourer Finchley, MDX
Westminster Alfred Forsgate 23 Postman Westminster, LDN
Fulham Alfred Foskett 22 Machinist Hammersmith
Odell, Beds Alfred Foskett 16 Farm Labourer Odell
Sharnbrook, Beds Alfred Foskett 16 Ag Lab Sharnbrook
Bethnal Green Alfred Foskett 14 Printer Bethnal Green, LDN
Bermondsey Alfred Froskett 13 Wire Winder LDN, MDX
Stratford Alfred Foskett 12 Scholar Whitechapel, LDN
Bow Alfred Foskett 6 Scholar Bromley by Bow
Wellingbro, NTH Alfred Forscutt 5 Scholar Wellingbro, NTH
Islington Alfred Foskett 4 LDN
Warwick St Mary Alfred Foskett 3 Warwick
Finchley Alfred Foskett 2 Finchley, MDX
Wellingbro, NTH Alfred A Foskutt 2 Wellingbro, NTH
Hackney Alfred C Foskett 1 Hackney, LDN
Penge Alfred E Foskett 21 Book ???? Beckenham, KEN
Llangyfelach, Swansea Alfred J Foskett 6 Scholar Landor, Swansea (E)
West Ham Alice Foskett 9m Plaistow, ESX
Newington Alice Foskett 35? Mantle finisher Northampton
Leyton Alice Foskett 37 Havant, HAM
Bethnal Green Alice Foskett 28 Fancy + Trimming Bethnal Green, LDN
Folkestone Alice Foskett 26 Cook Union St, Bond St, London
Berkhampstead, Herts Alice Foskett 20 Genl Serv Dom Berkhamstead, HRT
Camberwell Alice Foskett 20 Cutter Bedding Camberwell
Ilford Alice Fosket 19 General Servant Stratford, ESX
Battersea Alice Foskett 19 Waitress (Inn) Southwark, LDN
Leyton Alice Foskett 16 General Servant Stratford, ESX
St Sepulchre, Northampton Alice Foskett 13 Northampton, NTH
Bushey, Herts Alice Foskett 11 Scholar Herts, Bushey
Clapham, Beds Alice Foskett 8 Scholar Clapham
Stone, Staffs Alice Faskett 4 Congleton, CHS
Bethnal Green Alice Foskett 1 Bethnal Green, LDN
Islington Alice A Foskett 15 Scholar Lambeth
Ockebrook, DBY Alice F Foskitt 10 Scholar Long Eaton, DBY
Charlton Alice J Foskett 31 Woolwich, KEN
Hampstead Alice M Foskett 19 Scholar Hampstead, Mdx
Stoke on Trent Alice M Foskett 8 Scholar Hanley
TRING Alice M Fosket 4 Shipton Mallett, SOM
Lambeth Alice Maud Lucy Foskett 22 Kentish Town, LDN
Hemel Hempstead Alick Albert Foskett 2 Piccotts End, HH
Sharnbrook, Beds Allen Foskett 45 Ag Labourer Bedford, Odell
Odell, Beds Allen Foskett 2 Scholar Odell
Finchley Almena Foskett 3 East Finchley
Camberwell Alton Foskett 8 - Camberwell
Hayes Amelia Foskett 57 Crookham, BRK
Berkhampstead, Herts Amelia Foskett 38 Berkhampstead, Herts
Bermondsey Amelia Froskett 23 Tailoress LDN, MDX
Camberwell Amelia Foskett 19 Laundress Camberwell, LDN
Leyton Amelia Foskett 15 Scholar MDX
Bushey, Herts Amelia M Foskett 21 G.S. dom Bushey
Harrow Amy Foskett 25 Teacher Harrow
Edmonton Amy Foskett 24 Peckham, SRY
Mile End Amy Foskett 16 Tailoress Bow
WATFORD Amy Foskett Housemaid (DS) Bushey, HRT
Hampstead Amy L Foskett 22 Dressmaker Hampstead, Mdx
WILSTONE Ann Foskett 4m Wilstone, HRT
Cranfield Ann Foskett 75 Newport Pagnell, Bkm
Chesham Ann Foskett 69 Bovingdon, HRT
Wisbeach Ann Forscutt 63 Retired Grocer Coningsby, LIN
Islington Ann Foskett 52 Charwoman St Georges
Wendover Ann Foskett 48 Charwoman Wendover, BKM
Wellingbro, NTH Ann Foskutt 39 Harrold, BDF
WILSTONE Ann Foskett 26 Straw Plaiter Lower Winchendon, BKM
Bushey, Herts Ann Foskett 18 G.S. dom Bushey
Bushey, Herts Ann B Foskett 29 Dressmaker Herts, Bushey Heath
TRING Ann E Foskett 32 Kingsland, LDN
Isham, Nhants Anna E Foskett 37 Winfarthing, NFK
Tottenham Anne Foskett 35 none City of London
Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne Anne Foskett 22 Newcastle on Tyne
Mile End Anne Foskett 5 Chesham, BKM
Hoggeston Anne Rebecca Foskett 17 Dom Serv Hogston
Pancras Annie Forskut 69 London City
Oxford, St Peter in the East Annie Foskett 53 Piddington, OXF
Hackney Annie Foskett 35 Finsbury, LDN
Olney Annie Foskett 30 Cook (Dom Serv) Kimbolton, HUN
Winslow Annie Foskett 29 Winslow
Newington Annie Foskett 27 Lawshall, SFK
Stoke on Trent Annie Foskett 19 Potters Printer Hanley
West Ham Annie Foskett 18 Genl Serv Dom Plaistow, ESX
Bayford Annie Foskett 17 Winslow, Bkm
WILSTONE Annie Fosket 15 Straw Plaiter Wilstone, HRT
Census Hammersmith Annie Foskett 15 General Domestic Hackney, LDN
Winslow Annie Foskett 14 General Serv Grandborough, Bkm
Abbotts Langley Annie Foskett 12 Rickmansworth
Camberwell Annie Foskett 12 Peckham
Islington Annie Foskett 10 Scholar LDN
Finchley Annie Foskett 8 Scholar East Finchley
Berkhampstead, Herts Annie Foskett 4 Berkhampstead
Winslow Annie Foskett 4 Winslow
Wellingbro, NTH Annie Forscutt 2 Wellingbro, NTH
Northampton Annie Forskitt 2 Northampton
Kings Norton. Wor Annie C A Foskett 32? Colgrave, NTT
Loughton, ESX Annie E Foskett 34 Domestic Serv Westbourne Gn, LDN
Berkhampstead, Herts Annie E Foskett 3 Berkhampstead, Herts
Newington Annie E M Foskett 2 Holloway, LDN
Hackney Annie I Foskett 15 Infants Milliner Hoxton, LDN
Stoke on Trent Annie J Foskett 2 Hanley
Lewisham Annie M Foskett 30 Camberwell
Chiswick Annie Maria Foskett 16 Housemaid Hemel Hempstead, HRT
Camberwell Annie W K Foskett 22 Dressmaker Peckham, LDN
Rothwell Arthur Foskett 6m Rothwell
Everton Arthur Foskett 42 Grocers Asst Olney, Bucks
Penge Arthur Foskett 23 ???? Warehouseman Beckenham, KEN
Holborn Arthur Foskett 22 Barman Taplow, Bkm
Chiswick Arthur Foskett 18 Cheesemongers Asst Berkhampstead
Bermondsey Arthur Froskett 18 Engineers Appr LDN, MDX
Kensington Arthur Foskett 15 Telegraph Messenger London
Berkhampstead, Herts Arthur Foskett 12 Scholar The Waters, Herts
Isham, Nhants Arthur Foskett 4 Harringworth, NTH
Stoke on Trent Arthur Foskett 4 Scholar Hanley
Nayland, SFK Arthur Foskett 1 Nayland, SFK
Ockebrook, DBY Arthur G Foskitt 8 Scholar Tideswell, DBY
Grandborough Arthur Henry Foskett 17 Farm Lab Grandborough
Finchley Arthur J Foskett 14 Grocer’s Assistant Finchley, Mdx
Hampstead Arthur R Foskett 7 Scholar Hampstead, Mdx
Lewisham Arthur S Foskett 4 Lewisham, KEN
Grandborough Ashley Fred Foskett 2 Great Horwood
Hipperholme, Yorks Bartholomew Foskett 6 Scholar Newcastle on Tyne
Wellingbro, NTH Beatrice Forscutt 20 Finedon, NTH
Bermondsey Beatrice Froskett 16 Dressmaker LDN, MDX
Nayland, SFK Beatrice Foskett 9 Scholar Ipswich, SFK
Winslow Beatrice Foskett 3 Winslow
Bushey, Herts Ben Foskett 31 General Lab HarrowWeald, Mx
Hampstead Benjamin Foskett 44 Gardener Domestic Aston Clinton, BKM
Leyton Benjamin Foskett 4 Kintails, SCOT
Bedford – St Paul Bernard Foskett 43 Drapers Asst Olney, Bucks
Camberwell Bernard Foskett 12 - Camberwell
Ringstead Bernard Forscutt 3 Ringstead, NTH
Grindon, DUR Bertha Foscutt 21 Housemaid Ringstead, NTH
Berkhampstead, Herts Bertie Foskett 9 Scholar Berkhampstead, Herts
Islington Bertie Fosket 6 Islington, LDN
Rothwell Bertram Foskett 6 Wellingbro
Stoke on Trent Betsy Foskett 2 Hanley
Northampton Blanche Foskett 20 Shoe Fitter Northampton
Hove Blanche Foskett 13 SRY
Westminster C M Forscutt ?7 Aberdeenshire, SCT
Stanwick, Nhants Caroline Foskett 70 Chelveston, NTH
Woolwich Caroline Foskett 33 Marylebone, LDN
Clerkenwell Caroline Fosket 26 Hornsey
Berkhampstead, Herts Caroline Foskett 26 Berkhampstead, Herts
Bethnal Green Caroline Foskett 26 Mile End, LDN
Charlton Caroline Forsgate 21 Kitchenmaid Westminster, LDN
Winslow Caroline Foskett 14 Scholar Winslow
Berkhampstead, Herts Catherine Foskett 41 Berkhampstead
Poplar Catherine Foskett 40 Laundress Limehouse, LDN
Ringstead Catherine Forscutt 33 Ringstead, NTH
Cambridge St Andrews Catherine Foskett 17 Dressmaker Royston, CAM
Hipperholme, Yorks Catherine Foskett 14 Cotton Reeler Newcastle on Tyne
St Mary in the Castle, Hastings Catherine A Foskett 45 Westminster
Winslow Cecil Foskett 1 Winslow
St Neots Cecil W Forscutt 7 Scholar St Neots
Woolwich Charles Foskett 22 (sic) Carpet Planner Bow, LDN
Harrow Charles Foskett 11m Harrow
Mile End Charles Foskett 73 Living on own means Shoreditch
Finchley Charles Foskett 54 Butcher Finchley
Hipperholme, Yorks Charles Foskett 54 Wire Drawer London,Mdx
Camberwell Charles Fosket 51 Genl Labourer Aston Clinton, BKM
Berkhampstead, Herts Charles Foskett 50 Lab Gen Potton End, Herts
Penge Charles Foskett 49 Grocer’s Manager Aston Clinton, BKM
Little Oakley Charles Fosgate 45 Ag Lab Lt Oakley, ESX
Bushey, Herts Charles Foskett 42 Gen Labourer Mdx, Harrowield
Theddingworth Charles Foskett 40 Shepherd Clapham, SRY(sic)
Chesham Charles Foskett 36 Ag Lab Chesham, Bkm
Finchley Charles Foskett 30 Printer’s Joiner East Finchley
Edmonton Charles Foskett 29 Genl Labourer Peckham, SRY
Reading St Mary Charles Foskett 29 Milk Carrier Paddington, LDN
Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne Charles Foskett 26 Labourer Camberwell, LDN
Camberwell Charles Foskett 26 Scholar Peckham
Wellingbro, NTH Charles Forscutt 25 Shoe Heel Attacher Wellingbro, NTH
Elsworth Charles Foskett 23 Licensed Lay Preacher + Theological Student Camberwell, LDN
Chiswick Charles Foskett 22 Foreman Dairyman Berkhampstead
Rushden, Nth Charles Faskett 21 Boot Riveter Radwell, BDF
Stoke on Trent Charles Foskett 21 Colliery Banksman Hanley, STF
Hampstead Charles Foskett 18 Mon. Mason App Gt Missenden, BKM
Stevington, Beds Charles Foskett 18 Farm Labourer Stevingtin, Beds
Hendon Charles Foskett 16 Farm Labourer Brockley Hill, MDX
Bedford St Cuthbert Charles Foskett 14 Errand Boy Pavenham, Beds
Poplar Charles Fosgate 12 Scholar Poplar, LDN
Berkhampstead, Herts Charles Foskett 12 Scholar Berkhampstead
Wellingbro, NTH Charles Forscutt 8 Scholar Wellingbro, NTH
Fenny Stratford Charles Foskett 6 Scholar Grandborough, BKM
Finchley Charles Foskett 6 Scholar East Finchley
Edmonton Charles Foskett 5 Peckham, SRY
Kimbolton, Hunts Charles F Foskett 9 Scholar Kimbolton
Berkhampstead, Herts Charles H Foskett 7 Scholar Berkhampstead, Herts
Penge Charles I? Foskett 25 ????? Assistant Camberwell, SRY
Bushey, Herts Charles J Foskett 13 Milk Boy Mdx, Harrowield
Reading St Mary Charles L Foskett 6m Shepherds Bush, LDN
Newington Charles R Foskett 26 Water Marking Engnr Whitechapel, LDN
St Neots Charles T Forscutt 37 Boot + Shoe Maker St Neots
Mile End Charles W Foskett 8 St Georges, LDN
Stanwick, Nhants Charles W Foskett 5 Stanwick, NTH
Northampton Charlie Forskitt 12 Northampton
Finchley Charlotte Foskett 42 Gravesend, KEN
Tottenham Charlotte Foskett 28 Darleston, STF
Mistley, ESX Charlotte Foskett 22 Kitchen Maid Turnhill, HRT
Finchley Charlotte Foskett 21 Finchley
Finchley Charlotte C Foskett 10 Scholar Finchley, Mdx
Tottenham Christiana Foskett 60 Living on own means Gt Easton, LEI
Harrow Christiana Foskett 33 Dressmaker Foulder?, NFK
Mile End Clara Foskett 34 Chesham, BKM
Bermondsey Clara Froskett 27 Dressmaker LDN, MDX
Bushey, Herts Clara Foskett 26 Bushey Heath
Fulham Clara Foskett 22 School Teacher Hammersmith
Marylebone Clara Foskett 21 Dressmaker Marylebone, LDN
Pancras Clara Foskett 16 Genl Serv (DS) Marylebone, LDN
Camberwell Clara Foskett 4 Scholar Camberwell, LDN
Islington Clara A Foskett 39 Clerkenwell
Islington Clara G Foskett 17 Student Lambeth
Cambridge St Andrews Clara H Foskett 7 Scholar Cambridge
Mile End Old Town Clara J Foskett 28 Tailoress London
Stoke Poges Clara T Foskett 23 Paddington, LDN
Woolwich Clarence Foskett 19 Appr to Engine Fitter Woolwich, KEN
Ockebrook, DBY Cleopatra E Foskitt 42 Isle of Wight
Woolwich Clifford S E R Foskett 24 Clerk in Pay Office Charlton, LDN
Ringstead Cornelius Forscutt 46 Shoemaker Ringstead
Pancras Daisy F C Foskett 6 Scholar St Pancras
Stanwick, Nhants Daisy M Foskett 9 Stanwick, NTH
WILSTONE Dan Foskett 24 Ag Lab Wilstone, HRT
Kensington David Foskett 53 Carpemter Northchurch, HRT
Fenny Stratford David Foskett 35 Farm Lab Grandborough, BKM
Camberwell David Foskett 12 Scholar Camberwell, LDN
Leyton Earnest Foskett 20 Labourer MDX
Newington Earnest Foskit 16 Drapers Asst Hertford, HRT
Leyton Earnest Foskett 1 Leyton, ESX
Census Hammersmith Eda Foskett Lambeth
Newington Edgar R Foskett 4 Stoke Newington
Camberwell Edith Foskett 11 Scholar Newcastle on Tyne
Marylebone Edith Foskett 2 Marylebone, LDN
Stratford Edith Foskett 2 Bow, LDN
Newington, Kingston upon Hull Edith E Foskett 9 Hull, YKS
St Mary in the Castle, Hastings Edith F Foskett 20 London School Board Teacher Kentish Town
Deptford Edith G Foskett 33 Islington, LDN
Penge Edith M Foskett 17 Beckenham, KEN
Deptford Edith M Foskett 10 Lambeth
Westerleigh Edith S Foskett 12 Scholar Westerleigh, GLS
Berkhampstead, Herts Edmund Foskett 48 Carpenter Northchurch
Camberwell Edward Foskett 3m Camberwell, LDN
Northampton Edward Forskitt 43 Shoemaker Odell, Beds
Camberwell Edward Foskett 42 Chief Librarian Southwark, LDN
Shoreditch Edward Foskett 41 Grocer’s Assistant Cranfield, BDF
St George the Martyr Edward Foskett 38 Genl Labourer Finchley, MDX
Northampton Edward Foskett 20 Shoe finisher Northampton
Hastings Edward Foskett 18 Aux Postman Hastings, SSX
Finchley Edward Foskett 16 Printer’s joiner Finchley
St George the Martyr Edward Foskett 13 Port Errand Boy Southwark, LDN
West Ham Edward G Foskett 22 Genl Labourer Greenwich, KEN
Camberwell Edward H Foskett 17 - Camberwell
Grandborough Edward J Foskett 9 Scholar Grandborough
Little Houghton, NTH Edward R Foskett 4 Harold, BDF
Fulham Edwin Foskett 50 Shoemaker Watford, HRT
IOW, Hampshire Edwin Foskett 39 Accountant Hertford, Herts
Camberwell Edwin Foskett 28 Lithographic Printer Bermondsey
Studham, Beds Edwin Foskett 9 Scholar Studham
West Ham Edwin Foskett 9 Scholar Plaistow, ESX
Camberwell Edwin C Foskett 10m Bermondsey
Aston Edwin E Foskett 24 Merchants Clerk Birmingham
Lewisham Eleanor Foskett 10m Ladywell, KEN
Hemel Hempstead Eleanor Foskett 72 Living on own means Ivinghoe, BKM
Berkhampstead, Herts Eleanor Foskett 49 The Waters, Herts
Lewisham Eleanor Foskett 22 Catford, KEN
Mile End Eleanor Foskett 3 Mile End, LDN
Bushey, Herts Eleanor M Foskett 9 Scholar Herts, Bushey
Clapham, Beds Eli Foskett 56 Ag Lab Odell, Beds
Grandborough Eli Foskett 40 Farm Labourer Grandborough
Lewisham Eli Foskett 7 Cove, HAM
Odell, Beds Eliza Foskett 6m Odell
Olney Eliza Foskett 64 St Neots, HUN
Wivenhoe Eliza Forsgate 62 Wivenhoe
Bermondsey Eliza Froskett 53 LDN, MDX
WILSTONE Eliza Fosket 52 Straw Plaiter Reading, BRK
Bushey, Herts Eliza Foskett 52 General Bushey
Stoke on Trent Eliza Foskett 46 Hanley, Staffs
Sharnbrook, Beds Eliza Foskett 42 Bedford, Odell
Camberwell Eliza Foskett 40 Camberwell, LDN
Lewisham Eliza Foskett 38 Bow
Warwick St Mary Eliza Foskett 34 Winslow, BKM
Wavendon Eliza Foskett 32 Cook Cranfield, BDF
Camberwell Eliza Foskett 28 Newington, LDN
Little Addington Eliza Forscutt 27 Housekeeper Ringstead, NTH
Drayton Beauchamp Eliza Foskett 25 Drayton B, BKM
Tottenham Eliza Foskett 25 none City of London
Reading St Mary Eliza Foskett 21 Bentley, Hants
Stoke on Trent Eliza Foskett 20 Potters Transferer Hanley
Wellingbro, NTH Eliza Forscutt 12 Scholar Wellingbro, NTH
Little Houghton, NTH Eliza Foskett 11 Scholar Harold, BDF
Camberwell Eliza Foskett 10 Scholar Camberwell, LDN
Sharnbrook, Beds Eliza Foskett 7 Scholar Sharnbrook
West Ham Eliza D Foskett 10 Scholar West Ham, ESX
Islip, Nhants Eliza Emma Foskett 29 Gen Servant Ringstead, NTH
Hendon Eliza M Louise Forskut 35 St Pancras
Marylebone Elizabeth Foskett 3m Marylebone, LDN
Bedford – St Peter Elizabeth Foskett 71 Turvey, Beds
Basford, NTT Elizabeth Foskett 62 Unton Bridge, HRT
Pancras Elizabeth Foskett 57 Laundress Debden, ESX
Edmonton Elizabeth Foskett 53 City of LDN
Brampton, Hunts Elizabeth Forscutt 52 Retired Laundress Allwalton, HUN
Walworth Elizabeth Foskett 52 Chertsey, SRY
Kensington Elizabeth Foskett 51 London
Islington Elizabeth Foskett 46 Dalliwood, DEV
Drayton Beauchamp Elizabeth Foskett 45 Drayton B, BKM
Aylesbury Elizabeth Foskett 44 Serv Domestic Hogstone, Bkm
Hipperholme, Yorks Elizabeth Foskett 44 Newcastle on Tyne
Hampstead Elizabeth Foskett 43 Berkhampstead
Islington Elizabeth Foskett 42 LDN
Census Hammersmith Elizabeth Foskett 39 Marylebone, LDN
Chesham Elizabeth Foskett 34 Chesham, Bkm
Wisbeach Elizabeth Forscutt 33 Teacher of Music Wisbech, CAM
Llangyfelach, Swansea Elizabeth Foskett 31 Llangyfelach (Both)
Berkhampstead, Herts Elizabeth Foskett 27 Berkhampstead, Herts
Stanwick, Nhants Elizabeth Foskett 27 Pinchback, LIN
Edmonton Elizabeth Foskett 26 City Rd, LDN
Bushey, Herts Elizabeth Foskett 24 Genl Serv Bushey Heath
Wing Elizabeth Foskett 22 Cook Domestic Hogston, BKM
Deptford Elizabeth Foskett 21 Dom Servant St John’s Southwark
Stoke on Trent Elizabeth Foskett 21 Stilt Maker Hanley
Battersea Elizabeth Foskett 20 Genl Serv Studbrain(sic), BDF
Berkhampstead, Herts Elizabeth Foskett 20 Berkhampstead, Herts
Leyton Elizabeth Foskett 17 Teacher of Music MDX
Warwick St Mary Elizabeth Foskett 15 Hosier Reeler Warwick
Hampstead Elizabeth Foskett 15 Dressmaker Oxford
West Ham Elizabeth Foskett 14 At Home Plaistow, ESX
Hackney Elizabeth Forscutt 11 Scholar Stoke Newington
Hemel Hempstead Elizabeth Foskett 11 Assistant Piccotts End, HH
Shoreditch Elizabeth Foskett 10 Scholar Shoreditch, LDN
Ringstead Elizabeth Forscutt 9 Scholar Ringstead, NTH
Harrow Elizabeth Foskett 4 Harrow
Hackney Elizabeth Foskett 2 Hackney
Hipperholme, Yorks Elizabeth A Foskett 19 Cook Camberwell, LDN
Kensington Elizabeth C Foskett 35 Professor of Pianoforte Islington
Islington Elizabeth E Foskett 14 Scholar Lambeth
Cambridge St Andrews Elizabeth H Foskett 4 Scholar Cambridge
Marylebone Elizabeth J Fosket 62 Charwoman St Pancras, LDN
Hendon Elizabeth J Foskett 44 Camden Town, LDN
Islington Elizabeth R Foskett 1 Islington, LDN
Clapham Elizabeth Rosa Foskett 24 Mother’s Help Clapham, SRY
Aston, Birmingham Elizabeth S? Foskitt 25 Birmingham
Burton Latimer Elizbeth Foskett 56 Ringstead, NTH
Camberwell Ella H Foskett 15 - Camberwell
Stoke on Trent Ellen Foskett 35 Tunstall, STF
St Georges Hanover Square Ellen Foskett 34 Dressmaker Kensington, LDN
Hackney Ellen Foskett 30 Islington
Bloomsbury Ellen Foskett 28 Domestic Berkhampstead, HRT
Rothwell Ellen Foskett 28 Kettering
Odell, Beds Ellen Foskett 24 Bedford
Camberwell Ellen Fosgate 20 Domestic Little Oakley, Essex
Bethnal Green Ellen Foskett 17 Boot Shop Asst Shoreditch, LDN
Pancras Ellen Foskett 15 Dom Serv Norwich?
Wellingbro, NTH Ellen Forscutt 14 Boot Machinist Wellingbro, NTH
Wellingbro, NTH Ellen Forscutt 12 Shoe Knot Tyer Wellingbro, NTH
Camberwell Ellen Foskett 9 Scholar Newcastle on Tyne
West Ham Ellen Foskett 4 Plaistow, ESX
Berkhampstead, Herts Ellen Foskett 3 Scholar Berkhampstead, Herts
Shoreditch Ellen E Foskett 41 Shoreditch, LDN
Olney Ellen W Foskett 26 Boot Machinist Kimbolton, HUN
West Ham Elmy Fosket 48 Somerset
Aston, Birmingham Elsie Foskitt 10m Birmingham
Berkhampstead, Herts Elsie Foskett 1 Berkhampstead, Herts
Finchley Elsie Foskett 1 East Finchley
Islington Elsie K Foskett 3 Islington
Leyton Emilie L Foskett 21 Bow, LDN
Kensington Emilie L Foskett 20 Housemaid LDN
Berkhampstead, Herts Emily Foskett 1m Berkhampstead, Herts
St Neots Emily Forscutt 38 Warwick
Thorpe, SRY Emily Forskett 31 Housemaid + Domestic St Neots, HUN
Lambeth Emily Foskett 30 Charwoman Fulham, MDX
Westminster Emily Forsgate 25 Westminster, LDN
Finchley Emily Foskett 24 Bentley, ESX
Garston, LAN Emily Foskett 20 Nurse Dom Hemel Hempstead, HRT
Studham, Beds Emily Foskett 14 Straw Plaiter Studham
Berkhampstead, Herts Emily Foskett 11 Berkhampstead, Herts
Berkhampstead, Herts Emily Foskett 9 Scholar Berkhamstead, HRT
Little Houghton, NTH Emily A Foskett 32 Turvey, BDF
Islington Emily J Foskett 22 Relief Stampers St Pancras, LDN
Stanwick, Nhants Emily J Foskett 1 Stanwick, NTH
Wendover Emily M Foskett 24 Tring, HRT
Camberwell Emily S Foskett 29 Deptford, KEN
Gt Amwell Emma Foskett 69? Living on own means Sacombe, HRT
Berkhampstead, Herts Emma Foskett 55 Berkhampstead, Herts
Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne Emma Foskett 50 Manchester
Westminster Emma Forsgate 48 Oakley, Essex
Camberwell Emma Foskett 41 England NK
Odell, Beds Emma Foskett 38 Odell
Banbury Emma Foskett 34 Domestic Servant Cranfield, Beds
Harrow Emma Foskett 29 Hammersmith, Mdx
Finchley Emma Foskett 26 Laundress East Finchley
Winslow Emma Foskett 25 Thornton
Hendon Emma Foskett 22 Nurse Dom Serv Bedman, Abbotts Langley, HRT
Shoreditch Emma Foskett 16 Dom Servant LDN
Hornsey Emma Forscatt 14 Genl Dom Servant Stoke Newington,
Drayton Beauchamp Emma Foskett 12 Scholar Drayton B, BKM
Camberwell Emma Foskett 6 Scholar Camberwell, LDN
Stevington, Beds Emma L Foskett 1 Stevington, Beda
Woolwich Emmeline Foskett 25 Lowestoft, SFK
Berkhampstead, Herts Ernest Foskett 8m Berkhampstead, Herts
Wellingbro, NTH Ernest Forscutt 21 Shoe Finisher Sharnbrook, BDF
Marylebone Ernest Foskett 4 Scholar Willesden, LDN
Grandborough Ernest James Foskett 10 Scholar Grandborough
Clapham Ernest Mitchell Foskett 25 Shop Assistant Clapham, SRY
TRING Ernest W Foskett 21 Shoemaker Tring, HRT
Clapham Esau Foskett 60 Boot + Shoemaker Mfr Grindon, BKM
Clapham Esau W Foskett 31 Schoolmaster Pimlico, LDN
Whitechapel Esther Foskett 44 Whitechapel, LDN
Camberwell Ethel Foskett 23 Bermondsey
Leyton Ethel Foskett 16 Scholar Bow, LDN
Leyton Ethel Foskett 7 Dublin
Stratford Ethel Foskett 7 Scholar Whitechapel, LDN
Chiswick Ethel Foskett 6 Chiswick, Mdx
WILSTONE Ethel Foskett 3 Wilstone, HRT
Hipperholme, Yorks Ethel Foskett 1 Newcastle on Tyne
Westerleigh Ethel A Foskett 9 Scholar Westerleigh, GLS
Hove Ethel B Foskett 21 SRY
Islington Ethel D Foskett 3 Peckham, LDN
Camberwell Ethel G Foskett 2 Bermondsey
Wellingbro, NTH Ethel M Forscutt 2 Wellingbro, NTH
Kings Norton. Wor Ethel M Foskett 1 Balsall Hill, WOR
Stanwick, Nhants Eva J Foskett 7 Stanwick, NTH
Hertford St John Evelyn E Faskett 21 Asst School Teacher Brickendon, HRT
Clapham, Beds Ezra Foskett 48 Railway Lab Odell, Beds
Hemel Hempstead Fanny Foskett 49 Maryling (Laun) Water End, HRT
Prittlewell, ESX Fanny Foskett 38 Islington, LDN
Marylebone Fanny Foskett 22 Cook Dom Serv Farnboro, Bucks
Newington Fanny L Foskett 25 Islington, LDN
Newington Fanny M Foskett 24 Kennington, LDN
Finchley Febie Foskett 3 East Finchley
Camberwell Florence Foskett 7m Camberwell
Stoke on Trent Florence Foskett 11m Hanley
Bermondsey Florence Froskett 21 Dressmaker LDN, MDX
Census Hammersmith Florence Foskett 19 Paddington, LDN
Hampstead Florence Foskett 17 Dressmaker Oxford
Hemel Hempstead Florence Foskett 13 Assistant Piccotts End, HH
Stoke on Trent Florence Foskett 12 Scholar Hanley
Kensington Florence Foskett 10 London
Kensington Florence Foskett 10 Scholar Rickmansworth
Berkhampstead, Herts Florence Foskett 9 Scholar Northchurch, Herts
Camberwell Florence A Foskett 20 Teacher Board School Camberwell
Penge Florence A Foskett 19 Dressmaker Beckenham, KEN
Leyton Florence B Foskett 23 Bow, LDN
Newington Florence F Foskett 1 Camberwell, LDN
Hackney Florence J Foskett 9 Hoxton, LDN
Bovingdon Florence K Foskett 14 Domestic Servant Bovingdon, HRT
Prittlewell, ESX Florence L? Foskett 19 St Pancras, LDN
Stoke Poges Florence M Foskett 21 Paddington, LDN
Hornsey Florence M Foskett 17 Nurse Dom Bayford, HRT
Finchley Florrie Foskett 1 East Finchley
Kensington Frances Foskett 7 London
Harrow Frances E Foskett 12 Harrow
Harrow Frances E Foskett 12 Scholar Harrow
Berkhampstead, Herts Francis Foskett 14 Errand Boy Northchurch, Herts
Pancras Francis A E Foskett 11 Scholar St Pancras
Northampton Francis Arthur Foskett 14 Servant Harrold, Beds
Stanwick, Nhants Frank Foskett 28 Carpenter Stanwick, NTH
Canterbury Frank Foskett 20 Private, 1st Drg Guards Stoke, STF
Clapham, Beds Frank Foskett 14 Gardeners Assistant Clapham
Sharnbrook, Beds Frank Foskett 12 Ag Lab Sharnbrook
Islington Frank Foskett 8 Scholar LDN
Hampstead Frank Foskett 7 Scholar Hampstead, LON
Marylebone Frank Foskett 7 Scholar Marylebone, LDN
Souldrop, Beds Frank Foskett 7 Odell, Beds
Clerkenwell Frank Foskett 2 Clerkenwell
Kimbolton, Hunts Frank Foskett 2 Scholar Kimbolton
Finchley Frank E Foskett 6 Scholar Finchley, Mdx
Cambridge St Andrews Frank H Foskett 11 Scholar Cambridge
WILSTONE Fred Fosket 20 Ag Lab Wilstone, HRT
Winslow Fred Foskett 19 Ag Lab Winslow
Odell, Beds Fred Foskett 13 Farm Labourer Odell
Stoke on Trent Frederick Foskett 5m Hanley
Clapham Frederick Foskett 62 Gardener Labourer Harrold, BDF
StockPort, CHS Frederick Foskett 52 Manager to silk hat manuft Bermondsey, LDN
Pancras Frederick Foskett 50 Packer Fancy Westminster
Finchley Frederick Foskett 28 General Labourer East Finchley
Shoreditch Frederick Foskett 28 Genl Labourer Bethnal Green, LDN
Shoreditch Frederick Foskett 26 Cabinet Maker Bethnal Green, LDN
St Martin in the Fields Frederick Foskett 24 Barman Wouldham, KEN
WATFORD Frederick Foskett 22 Bricklayer’s Lab Aylesbury, BKM
Westminster Frederick Forsgate 19 Telegraphist Civ Serv Westminster, LDN
Lambeth Frederick Foskett 19 Carman BKM
Battersea Frederick Foskett 18 Coffee-House Waiter Bermondsey, LDN
Wellingbro, NTH Frederick Forscutt 16 Shoe Hand Wellingbro, NTH
Berkhampstead, Herts Frederick Foskett 16 Wood Turner Northchurch, Herts
Hackney Frederick Foskett 13 Milk Boy Mile End, LDN
Wendover Frederick Foskett 12 Scholar Wendover, BKM
Berkhampstead, Herts Frederick Foskett 10 Scholar Berkhampstead
Northampton Frederick Forskitt 8 Northampton
Hemel Hempstead Frederick Foskett 7 Scholar Piccotts End, HH
Finchley Frederick Foskett 3 Scholar East Finchley
Shoreditch Frederick Foskett 1 Shoreditch, LDN
Deptford Frederick A H Foskett 5 Deptford
Stoke on Trent Frederick J Foskett 25 Potters Turner Hanley
Camberwell Frederick W Foskett 31 Bank Cashier Bermondsey
Camberwell G Foskett 38 Genl Labourer Camberwell, LDN
Stoke Poges Gaius Foskett 66 Retired Builder Grindon, BKM
Brampton, Hunts Geo Forscutt 16 Blacksmith’s Lab Brampton, HUN
Islington George Foskett 57? Horsekeeper Ireland
Burton Latimer George Foskett 26? Farmers son Ringstead, NTH
Wellingbro, NTH George Foskett 63 Gardener Odell, BDF
Leyton George Foskett 57 Pensioner Finchley, MDX
Harrow George Foskett 56 Harrow Weald
Pancras George Foskett 55 Railway Clerk Checker Tring, HRT
Ringstead George Forscutt 53 Farmer Ringstead, NTH
West Ham George Foskett 53 Barrel Dealer Whitechapel, LDN
Hemel Hempstead George Foskett 50 Hawker Studham, BDF
Marylebone George Foskett 50 Greengrocers Carman Finchley, MDX
Chiswick George Foskett 49 Gradener Berkhampstead, HRT
Birmingham George Foskett 48 Ash Hammer Shaft Maker Chesham, BKM
Hampstead George Foskett 47 Builder Aston Clinton, BKM
Marylebone George Foskett 46 Bricklayer Aston Clinton.BKM
Islington George Fosket 41 Genl Lab HRT
Stoke on Trent George Foskett 38 Potters S Ware Presser Hogston, Bkm
Odell, Beds George Foskett 37 Farm Labourer Odell, Beds
Camberwell George Foskett 36 Pawnbroker Paddington
Harrow George Foskett 36 Coachman Harrow Weald
Berkhampstead, Herts George Foskett 34 Labourer Berkhampstead, Herts
Dartford George Foskett 29 Genl Labourer Aylesbury, BKM
Wendover George Foskett 28 Bootmaker Tring, HRT
Kensington George Foskett 27 Coal Carman BKM
Stoke on Trent George Foskett 25 Potters San Presser Hanley
Studham, Beds George Foskett 25 Ag Lab Studham
Rochester George Foskett 19 Assistant in Inn Borstall, KEN
Finchley George Foskett 18 Butcher’s Asst Finchley
Wendover George Foskett 18 Genl Labourer Wendover, BKM
Stoke on Trent George Foskett 17 Dishmaster Potters Hanley, Staffs
Marylebone George Foskett 16 Organ Builders App Paddington, LDN
Aston Clinton George Foskett 13 Ploughboy Aston Clinton, Bkm
Camberwell George Foskett 7 Scholar Camberwell, LDN
Camberwell George Foskett 5 Scholar Peckham, LDN
Dartford George Foskett 2 Dartford, KEN
Census Hammersmith George Foskett Shoemaker Harrow on the Hill
Census Hammersmith George Foskett Hammersmith
Hampstead George C Foskett 20 Joiner Hampstead, Mdx
Stanwick, Nhants George E Foskett 3 Stanwick, NTH
Pancras George H Foskett 18 Solicitor’s clerk St Pancras, LDN
West Ham George H Foskett 18 Barrel Dealer St Georges E, LDN
Llangyfelach, Swansea George H Foskett 4 Scholar Landor, Swansea (E)
Streatham George H Forsgate 2 Balham
Chesham George Henry Foskett 13 Ag Lab Chesham, Bkm
Hackney George T Foskett 18 Barman Hackney Wick, LDN
Streatham George W Forsgate 30 Glove + Gaitor Maker London, MDX
Bushey, Herts George W Foskett 14 Errand Boy Mdx, Harrowield
Wivenhoe Georgina Forsgate 30 Wivenhoe
Theddingworth Georgina Frances Foskett 1 Theddingworth, LEI
Camberwell Gertrude Foskett 15 Clerk to Publisher Brmondsey
Census Hammersmith Gertrude Foskett 8 Scholar Paddington, LDN
Odell, Beds Gertrude Foskett 7 Scholar Odell
Woolwich Gertrude A Foskett 1 Woolwich, LDN
St Neots Gertrude H Forscutt 8 Scholar St Neots
Hampstead Grace Foskett 21 Domestic Servant Kentish Town, LDN
Ockebrook, DBY Grace Foskitt 4 Bromsgrove, WOR
Fenny Stratford Grace Foskett 1 Grandborough, BKM
St Neots Grace H Forscutt 14 St Neots
Deptford Grace S Foskett 9 Deptford
Westminster H W Foskett 26 Grocer Slough, BKM
Fulham Hannah Foskett 76 Retired Laundress Marsh Gibbon, BKM
Gt Waldingfield Hannah Foskett 76 Gt Waldingfield, SFK
Shoreditch Hannah Foskett 39 Blackheath, STF
St Sepulchre, Northampton Hannah Foskett 34 St Neots, HUN
Greenwich Hannah Foskett 21 Greenwich
Camberwell Harmer Foskett 8 Scholar Peckham, LDN
Woolwich Harold C Foskett 3m Woolwich, LDN
Newington, Kingston upon Hull Harold F Foskett 7 Hull, YKS
Lewisham Harriet Foskett 26? Dom Serv Cook St Giles, LDN
Islington Harriet Foskett 49 Label Cutter St Marylebone, LDN
West Ham Harriet Foskett 43 Shoreditch, LDN
Kimbolton, Hunts Harriet Foskett 40 Kimbolton
Kensington Harriet Foskett 30 Oxford
Warwick St Mary Harriet Foskett 6 Warwick
West Ham Harriet A Foskett 21 Tie Maker Bethnal Green. LFN
Milton, Kent Harriet E Foskett 33 Gravesend, KEN
Clapham Harriett Foskett 59 Cocking, SSX
Aston Clinton Harriett Foskett 52 Aston Clinton, Bkm
Winslow Harriett Foskett 46 Laundress Weedon
Hampstead Harriett Foskett 23 Teacher in Elem School Hampstead, Mdx
Wellingbro, NTH Harry Forscutt 9m Wellingbro, NTH
Camberwell Harry Foskett 49 Labourer General Aston Clinton
TRING Harry Foskett 32 Shoemaker Tring, HRT
Clerkenwell Harry Fosket 30 Hay Salesman Clerkenwell
Winslow Harry Foskett 26 Ag Lab Winslow
Wellingbro, NTH Harry Forscutt 23 Clicker Wellingbro, NTH
Cublington Harry Foskett 23 General Lab Aston Clinton, Bkm
Clerkenwell Harry Foskett 21 Railway Porter Wendover, BKM
Drayton Beauchamp Harry Foskett 15 Ag Lab Drayton B, BKM
Northampton Harry Forskitt 10 Northampton
Bethnal Green Harry Foskett 8 Bethnal Green, LDN
Ringstead Harry Forscutt 7 Scholar Ringstead, NTH
Stoke on Trent Harry Foskett 6 Scholar Hanley
Camberwell Harry Foskett 5 Scholar Camberwell, LDN
Kimbolton, Hunts Harry Foskett 5 Scholar Kimbolton
Winslow Harry Foskett 5 Winslow
Brampton, Hunts Helen Forscutt 8 Mother’s help Brampton, HUN
Leyton Helena B Foskett 13 Scholar Buckhurst Hill, ESX
Camberwell Henery Fosket 27 Genl Labourer Bermondsey, SRY
Coppenhall Monks, CHS Henry Foskett 83 Hogston, Bkm
Chesham Henry Foskett 72 Farm Lab Northchurch, HRT
Leighton Buzzard Henry Foskett 67 Coachman Dom Olney, Bucks
Little Addington Henry Forscutt 64 Farmer Woodford, NTH
Hertford St John Henry Faskett 60 Carpenter + Joiner Sacomb, HRT
Camberwell Henry Foskett 59 General Labourer Aston Clinton, BKM
WILSTONE Henry Fosket 55 Ag Lab Drayton Beauchamp, BKM
Islington Henry Foskett 55 Artist Berks
Bermondsey Henry Froskett 55 Wire Weaver LDN, MDX
Hendon Henry Foskett 47 Farm Labourer Berkhampstead
Bovingdon Henry Foskett 45 Ag Lab Bovingdon, HRT
Bethnal Green Henry Foskett 40 Porter Whitechapel, LDN
Bow Henry Foskett 40 Saw Sharper Shoreditch
Lewisham Henry Foskett 40 Solicitor Southwark, SRY
Tottenham Henry Foskett 37 ???? City of London
Aston Clinton Henry Foskett 30 Gen Lab Swanbourne, Bkm
Camberwell Henry Foskett 29 Butcher Peckham, LDN
Paddington Henry Foskett 26 Builder Paddington, LDN
Finchley Henry Foskett 24 Cabdriver Finchley, MDX
Chesham Henry Foskett 22 Brushmaker Berkhamsted, HRT
Berkhampstead, Herts Henry Foskett 16 Carpenter Berkhampstead
Stratford Henry Foskett 16 Cpmmercial Clerk CC Whitechapel, LDN
Bethnal Green Henry Foskett 13 Grocer’s Asst St Lukes, LDN
Camberwell Henry Foskett 7 Scholar Peckham, LDN
Camberwell Henry Foskett 7 Old Kent Rd
Hipperholme, Yorks Henry Foskett 4 Scholar Newcastle on Tyne
Shoreditch Henry Foskett 1 Bethnal Green, LDN
Hemel Hempstead Henry A Foskett 36 Living on own means Tring, HRT
Hackney Henry C Foskett 36 Fancy Cabinet Maker Finsbury, LDN
Hackney Henry C Foskett 12 (Deaf for 3 years) Dalston, LDN
Wellingbro, NTH Henry E Forscutt 10 Scholar Wellingbro, NTH
Bethnal Green Henry H Foskett 5 Bethnal Green, LDN
Islington Henry Jas Foskett 16 Gold Gilders Appr Islington, LDN
Hampstead Henry P Foskett 15 Scholar Hampstead, Mdx
Bermondsey Henry R Froskett 30 Railway Porter LDN, MDX
Streatham Henry S Forsgate 23 Stationers Clerk London, Mdx
Bethnal Green Henry W Foskett 28 Philosophical Inst Maker Bethnal Green, LDN
Pancras Henry W E Foskett 15 Appr Upholsterer St Pancras
Poplar Hepzibah Fosgate 52 Ipswich, SFK
TRING Herbert Foskett 30 Bootmaker Tring, HRT
Rothwell Herbert Foskett 23 Clicker shoe Sharnbrook, BDF
Stoke on Trent Herbert Foskett 12 Stable Lad Hanley
Wendover Herbert Foskett 10 Scholar Wendover, BKM
Kimbolton, Hunts Herbert Foskett 6 Scholar Kimbolton
Odell, Beds Herbert Foskett 6 Scholar Odell
Berkhampstead, Herts Herbert Foskett 5 Scholar Berkhampstead
St Neots Herbert A Forscutt 10 Scholar St Neots
Finchley Herbert C Foskett 16 Ironmongers Asst Finchley, Mdx
Hove Herbert H Foskett 26 SRY
Lewisham Herbert J Foskett 4 Lewisham, KEN
Abbotts Langley Hilda Foskett 4 Abbotts Langley
St Neots Hilda M Forscutt 5m3 St Neots
Leyton Honor Foskett 56 Hornsey, MDX
Lambeth Hugh Foskett 6 Scholar Bovingdon, HRT
Kensington Hy? Isaac Fosgate 25 Electrician Poplar, LDN
Poplar Isaac Fosgate 54 Shipwright Harwich, ESX
Nayland, SFK Isaac Foskett 5 Scholar Ipswich, SFK
Stanwick, Nhants Isabel Foskett 3 Stanwick, NTH
Odell, Beds Jabez Foskett 22 Labourer Farm Odell, Beds
Northampton James Foskett 66 Fellmonger Odell, BDF
Abbotts Langley James Foskett 64 Genl Labourer Rickmansworth. HRT
Hackney James Foskett 55 Living on own means Hampstead, Mdx
Berkhampstead, Herts James Foskett 54 Builder Berkhampstead, Herts
Clapham, Beds James Foskett 50 Ag Lab Harrold
Finchley James Foskett 48 Carpenter Finchley
West Ham James Foskett 44 Machine Maker Whitechapel, LDN
Whitechapel James Foskett 40 Printer Whitechapel, LDN
Grandborough James Foskett 39 Farmer’s Foreman Grandborough
Everton James Foskett 39 Grocer Master Olney, Bucks
Drayton Beauchamp James Foskett 28 Ag Lab Wilstone, HRT
Shoreditch James Foskett 26 French Polisher Bethnal Green, LDN
Newington James Foskett 25 Painter Bermondsey
Camberwell James Fosket 16 Laundryhand Peckham, SRY
Finchley James Foskett 15 Errand Boy Finchley
Bow James Foskett 11 Scholar Bromley by Bow
Chesham James Foskett 11 Scholar Chesham, Bkm
Poplar James Fosgate 10 Scholar Poplar, LDN
Islington James Fosket 9 Islington, LDN
Berkhampstead, Herts James Foskett 7 Berkhampstead, Herts
Stoke on Trent James Foskett 7 Scholar Hanley, Staffs
WILSTONE James Foskett 5 Scholar Wilstone, HRT
Shoreditch James Foskett 4 Mile End, LDN
Abbotts Langley James E Foskett 36 Bricklare/labourer Rickmansworth
Finchley James G Foskett 30 Genl Labourer Finchley, Mdx
Sharnbrook, Beds James Henry Foskett 1 Sharnbrook
Westminster James P Forsgate 27 Telegraphist Civ.Ser Westminster, LDN
West Ham James S Foskett 12 Scholar Bethnal Green, LDN
Bedford – St Paul James S Foskett 3 Renhold, Beds
Mile End Old Town James S T Foskett 26 Clothing Manufacturer Stepney
Mile End Old Town James W Foskett 11m Bow
Everton Jane Foskett 40 Farnborough, Hants
St George the Martyr Jane Foskett 38 Shoreditch, LDN
Shoreditch Jane Foskett 33 Shoreditch, LDN
Aylesbury Jane Foskett 27 Housekeeper DS Studham, Bdf
Newington Jane Foskett 23 Bermondsey
Finchley Jane Foskett 20 Laundress Finchley, MDX
St George the Martyr Jane Foskett 6 Scholar Southwark, LDN
Bushey, Herts Jane Foskett 4 Herts, Bushey
Newington Jane Foskett 4 Bermondsey
Edmonton Jane Foskett 3 Peckham, SRY
Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne Jane A Foskett 23 Manchester
Harrow Jane M Foskett 41 Grocers Shop Harrow Weald
Wellingbro, NTH Jesse Foskutt 16 Shoe Clicker Wellingbro, NTH
Camberwell Jessie Foskett 21 New Cross
Cambridge St Andrews Jessie H Foskett 10 Scholar Cambridge
Rochester Job Foskett 57 Licensed Victualler Aston, BKM
Battersea John Foskett 61? House Painter BKM
Bethnal Green John Foskett 10m Bethnal Green, LDN
Westerleigh John Foskett 66 No Occupation Olney, BKM
Aston John Foskett 65 Wood Turner Gt Berkhamsted
Burton Latimer John Foskett 65 Farmer St Neots, HUN
Holywell, Flint John Foskett 65 Farmer Hogston, BKM
Lambeth John Foskett 57 Genl Labourer BKM
Walworth John Foskett 56 Drapers Packer Tring, HRT
Bethnal Green John Foskett 54 Cabinet Maker St Lukes, LDN
West Ham John Fosket 51 Carpenter Berkhamsted, HRT
Stratford John Foskett 43 Retired Furniture Dealer NK
Finchley John Foskett 42 Assurance Agent Finchley, Mdx
Margate John Foskett 40 Wire Drawer Neat St, Camberwell
Hendon John Foskett 39 Rlway Carrier Clerk Northchurch, HRT
Whitechapel John Foskett 37 Saddler Cranfield, BDF
Westminster John Forsgate 36 Butcher Wing, BKM
Leicester John Foscutt 36 House Painter Leicester
Shoreditch John Foskett 33 Tobacconist Islington, LDN
Newington John Foskett 27 Traveller Hoxton, LDN
Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne John Foskett 24 Wire Weaver London
Lewisham John Foskett 24 Riveter to Holder (Gas) KEN
Camberwell John Fosket 12 Scholar Peckham, SRY
Camberwell John Foskett 10 Scholar Camberwell, LDN
Warwick St Mary John Foskett 10 Warwick
Hipperholme, Yorks John Foskett 8 Scholar Newcastle on Tyne
Camberwell John Foskett 4 Peckham, LDN
Shoreditch John Foskett 2 Bethnal Green, LDN
Streatham John A Forsgate 21 Cycle Machinist London, Mdx
Theddingworth John Edward Foskett 11 Theddingworth, LEI
Newington, Kingston upon Hull John F Foskett 43 Grocers Traveller C.J. Olney, BKM
Wellingbro, NTH John F Foskutt 12 Scholar Wellingbro, NTH
Kings Norton. Wor John H Foskett 35? Mill Sawyer Birmingham
Kings Norton. Wor John H Foskett 11? Scholar Birmingham
Cambridge St Andrews John H Foskett 15 Shop Boy Cambridge
Hendon John H Foskett 14 Office Boy Solicitors Hampstead, MDX
Newington John J Foskett 1 Bermondsey
Marylebone John L Foskett 18 Paddington, LDN
Stoke on Trent John R Foskett 9m Hanley, Staffs
Holborn John R Forscutt 38 Optical Turner, Scientific Instrument Mkr Westminster, LDN
Kensington John Robert Foskett 19 Postman London
Luton John Thomas Foskett 34 Painter St Neots, Hunts
Islip, Nhants John Thos Foskett 23 Miller Ringstead, NTH
Newington John W Foskett 5 Holloway, LDN
Berkhampstead, Herts Jonah Foskett 22 Carpenter Berkhampstead, Herts
Odell, Beds Joseph Foskett 78 Labourer(Road) Odell
Cranfield Joseph Foskett 74 Saddler + Harness Maker Cranfield
Stanwick, Nhants Joseph Foskett 69 Wheelw’t, carp + undertaker St Neots
Westminster Joseph Forsgate 60 Re…. Headman Lt Oakley, ESX
Aston Clinton Joseph Foskett 59 Carter Aston Clinton, Bkm
Shenley Church End Joseph Foskett 55 Farm Labourer Grandborough, BKM
Lewisham Joseph Foskett 54 Gardener Finchley, MDX
Berkhampstead, Herts Joseph Foskett 45 Carpenter Berkhampstead
Prittlewell, ESX Joseph Foskett 43 Incorp Accountant Aston Clinton, BKM
Clapham, Beds Joseph Foskett 35 Brickyard Labourer Clapham, Beds
Lewisham Joseph Foskett 34 Gardener Hoggeston, BKM
Westminster Joseph Forsgate 29 Cellarman Westminster, LDN
Canterbury Joseph Foskett 17 Private, East Kent Rgt Chatham, KEN
Warwick St Mary Joseph Foskett 12 Winslow, BKM
Little Houghton, NTH Joseph Foskett 8 Scholar Turvey, BDF
Stanwick, Nhants Joseph M Foskett 34 Foreman, Carp + Joiner Ringstead, NTH
Waddesdon Joseph R Foskett 35 Farm Lab Grandborough, Bkm
Harrow Joseph W Foskett 6 Harrow Weald
St George the Martyr Joshua Foskett 4 Southwark, LDN
Wellingbro, NTH Josiah Forscutt 45 Labourer Odell, BDF
Wellingbro, NTH Josiah Forscutt 9 Scholar Wellingbro, NTH
Stoke on Trent Jsiae Foskett 49 Colliary Banksman Hogston, Bucks
Hornsey Julia Foskett 49 Whitechapel, LDN
Penge Julia A Foskett 45 Mitcham, SRY
Penge Julia A Foskett 14 Beckenham, KEN
Kensington Julie Foskett 5 London
Kensington Kate Foskett 54 Ireland
Bedford – St Paul Kate Foskett 32 Renhold, Beds
Finchley Kate Foskett 29 Hastley?, HRT
Lambeth Kate Foskett 28 Domestic Marylebone
Harrow Kate Foskett 20 Dressmaker Harrow
Clapham, Beds Kate Foskett 16 Needle Worker Clapham
Northampton Kate Forskitt 5 Northampton
Marylebone Kezia Foskett 67 Blind Maker Bushey, HRT
Islington Laura R B Foskett 19 Middlesex
Pancras Lavinia M M Foskett 9 Scholar St Pancras
Isham, Nhants Leonard Foskett 9 Charlestown, YKS
Berkhampstead, Herts Leonard Foskett 3 Scholar Berkhampstead
Newington Leonard Herbert Foskett 25 Traveller Boxmoor, HRT
Hemel Hempstead Lether Foskett 68 Studham, BDF
Westminster Levi Foskett 22 Footguards Winslow, BKM
Islington Lilian M Foskett 5 Islington
West Ham Lillian D Foskett 6 Scholar West Ham, ESX
Cheshunt Lillian M Foskett 17 Shopwoman Tob Wood Green, MDX
Pancras Lillian M E Foskett 20 Milliner Dress St Pancras
Bovingdon Lillie Foskett 17 Bovingdon, HRT
Abbotts Langley Lillie Foskett 5 Abbotts Langley
Islington Lily Fosket 1w Islington, LDN
Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne Lily Foskett less 1m Newcastle on Tyne
Wellingbro, NTH Lizzie Forscutt 2m Wellingbro, NTH
Wellingbro, NTH Lizzie Forscutt 28 Shoe Fitter Wellingbro, NTH
Camberwell Lizzie Foskett 1 Camberwell, LDN
Cublington Lizzie Foskett 1 Cublington, Bkm
Camberwell Louis Foskett 18 Blacksmith Derby
TRING Louis Rt Fosket 33 Baptist Minister Chelsea, LDN
Ockebrook, DBY Louis V Foskitt 3 Bromsgrove, WOR
Marylebone Louisa Foskett 41 Wycombe Heath, BKM
Winkfield, Berks Louisa Foskett 21 Kitchen Maid Hertford, Herts
Rushden, Nth Louisa Faskett 18 Milton Ernest, BDF
Stratford Louisa Foskett 18 Whitechapel, LDN
Berkhampstead, Herts Louisa Foskett 16 Brush drawer The Waters, Herts
West Ham Louisa Foskett 14 Tie Maker Plaistow, ESX
Wellingbro, NTH Louisa Foskutt 14 Machinist Wellingbro, NTH
WILSTONE Louisa Fosket 12 Straw Plaiter Wilstone, HRT
Berkhampstead, Herts Louisa Foskett 4 Scholar Berkhampstead, Herts
Kimbolton, Hunts Louisa A Foskett 13 Scholar Kimbolton
Clapham Louisa E Foskett 31 Schoolmistress Clapham, LDN
Hertford St John Louise Faskett 53 School Mistress Witham, ESX
Stoke Poges Louise Foskett 25 Paddington, LDN
Stowe Louise Foskett 5 France
Hampstead Lucy Foskett 24 Parlour Maid (DS) Kentish Town, LDN
Hampstead Lucy Foskett 13 Scholar Charlbury, OXF
Nayland, SFK Lucy Foskett 11 Scholar Byfield, NTH
Stoke on Trent Lucy A Foskett 8 Scholar Hanley
Berkhampstead, Herts Luke Foskett 78 Rough Carpenter Berkhampstead, Hrt
Hayes Luke Foskett 73 Living on own means Weald, ESX
Ringstead Lydia Forscutt 54 Ringstead, NTH
Clapham, Beds Lydia Foskett 7 (Defective Sight) Clapham, Beds
Leicester Lydia Annie Foscutt 8 Scholar Leicester
Finchley Lydia H Foskett 14 Genl Dom Servant E Finchley, Mdx
Hackney Lydia S Forscutt 46 Laundress Brampton, HUN
Hackney Lydia S Forscutt 19 Dom Servant Clerkenwell, LDN
Westminster M D Forscutt 11 Scholar LDN, MDX
Bovingdon Mabel Foskett 10 Scholar Bovingdon, HRT
Wivenhoe Mabel Forsgate 5 Scholar Wivenhoe
Epping Mabel Foskett 4 London, MDX
Pancras Mahariah T Foskett 45 Keitbury?, Kent
Marylebone Margaret Foskett 47 Laundress St John’s Wood, LDN
Stoke on Trent Margaret Foskett 46 Burslem, Stf
Chiswick Margaret Foskett 42 Northchurch, HRT
Bow Margaret Foskett 39 St Lukes
Burton Latimer Margaret Foskett 20 Boot Closer Ringstead, NTH
Hackney Margaret Foskett 7 Hackney
Census Hammersmith Margaret Foskett Tyrone, Ireland
Llangyfelach, Swansea Margaret E Foskett 4m Landor, Swansea (E)
Little Houghton, NTH Margaret E Foskett 1 Lt Houghton, NTH
Abbotts Langley Maria Foskett 65 Rickmansworth, HRT
Islington Maria Foskett 55 Kent
Berkhampstead, Herts Maria Foskett 54 Laundress Bucks, Aston Clinton
Wellingbro, NTH Maria Forscutt 49 Wellingbro, NTH
Bethnal Green Maria Foskett 18 Hat + Cap Maker Bethnal Green, LDN
Harrow Maria Foskett 14 Harrow
Hampstead Maria M Foskett 9m Hampstead, LON
Hendon Marie L L Forskut 6 St Marylebone, LDN
WATFORD Mark Foskett 24 Gardener (DS) Hemel Hempstead, HRT
Grandborough Mark William Foskett 9 Scholar Great Horwood
Holywell, Flint Martha Foskett 78 Whaddon, BKM
Godalming, SRY Martha Foskett 65 Scripture Reader Clapham, SRY
Odell, Beds Martha Foskett 60 Odell, Beds
St Neots Martha Forscutt 42 Dressmaker Wisbech, CAM
Berkhampstead, Herts Martha Foskett 41 Berkhampstead
Bushey, Herts Martha Foskett 39 Herts, Watford
Wellingbro, NTH Martha Forscutt 30 Shoe Upper Machst Wellingbro, NTH
Shoreditch Martha Foskett 24 Whitechapel, LDN
Louth Martha Foskitt 20 Housemaid Scopwisk, LIN
Shoreditch Martha Foskett 5 Scholar Bethnal Green, LDN
Leyton Martha A Foskett 50 Poplar, LDN
Harrow Mary Foskett 67 Redbourne, HRT
Shoreditch Mary Foskett 65 (cripple) Spitalfields, LDN
Wellingbro, NTH Mary Forscutt 64 Stamford, LIN
Bedford – St Paul Mary Foskett 60 Living on own means Bolnhurst, Beds
Islington Mary Foskett 59 Ireland
Westminster Mary Foskett 55 Tailoress Cripplegate (unm)
Winslow Mary Foskett 55 Winslow
Fulham Mary Foskett 50 Ireland
Hampstead Mary Foskett 47 Berkhampstead
Lambeth Mary Foskett 47 Pimlico, LDN
Little Oakley Mary Fosgate 43 Lt Oakley, ESX
Stanwick, Nhants Mary Foskett 40 Cansby?, NFK
Leicester Mary Foscutt 36 Aylestone, Leicester
Streatham Mary Forsgate 35 Rammery?, HUN
Clapham, Beds Mary Foskett 33 Clapham, Beds
Winslow Mary Foskett 28 Aldershot, Hants
Luton Mary Foskett 27 Machinist Toddington, Beds
Stoke on Trent Mary Foskett 27 Hanley
TRING Mary Foskett 25 Tring, HRT
Olney Mary Foskett 24 Dressmaker Kimbolton, HUN
Harrow Mary Foskett 17 Kitchen Maid Harrow Weald
Stanwick, Nhants Mary Foskett 17 Genl Dom Servant Shelton, BDF
Leyton Mary Foskett 9 Curragh Camp
Northampton Mary A Foskett 65 Odell, BDF
Berkhampstead, Herts Mary A Foskett 64 Frithsden
Rushden, Nth Mary A Foskett 62 Living on own means Rushden, NTH
Finchley Mary A Foskett 61 Midwife Finchley, Mdx
Bushey, Herts Mary A Foskett 59 Norfolk, Grimstone
Wellingbro, NTH Mary A Foskett 58 Laundress Wellingbro
Bethnal Green Mary A Foskett 57 Camberwell, LDN
Clapham, Beds Mary A Foskett 53 Nurse Odell, Beds
Camberwell Mary A Foskett 52 Bermondsey
Harrow Mary A Foskett 51 Living on own means Harrow
Hemel Hempstead Mary A Foskett 51 Living on own means Gt Berkhamsted
Stanwick, NTH Mary A Forscutt 50 Dean, BDF
Battersea Mary A Foskett 48 Southwark, LDN
Finchley Mary A Foskett 46 Charwoman Little Potton, Herts
Paddington Mary A Foskett 40 Cook Dom Serv Turnhill, HRT
Bethnal Green Mary A Foskett 37 City, LDN
Wellingbro, NTH Mary A Forscutt 36 Earls Barton, NTH
Dartford Mary A Foskett 28 Dartford, KEN
Finchley Mary A Foskett 28 East Finchley
Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne Mary A Foskett 22 Genl Serv Camberwell, LDN
Finchley Mary A Foskett 15 Finchley
Bedford St Cuthbert Mary A Foskett 14 General Servant Clapham, Beds
Bethnal Green Mary A Foskett 4 Scholar Bethnal Green, LDN
Camberwell Mary A H Foskett 60 Greenwich, KEN
Clapham Mary Ann Foskett 62 Ironer Kineton, GLS
Bethnal Green Mary Ann Foskett 57 Living on own means Houndsditch, LDN
West Ham Mary Ann Foskett 43 St Georges E, LDN
Holborn Mary Ann Forscutt 36 Scotland
TRING Mary Ann Fosket 36 Woolwich, KEN
Nayland, SFK Mary Ann Foskett 34 Laundress Badby, NTH
Theddingworth Mary Ann Foskett 32 Slapton
Bethnal Green Mary Ann Foskett 20 Fancy Trimming Maker Bethnal Green, LDN
Chesham Mary Ann Foskett 14 Scholar Chesham, Bkm
Bethnal Green Mary Ann Foskett 1 Bethnal Green, LDN
Paddington Mary Anne Foskett 24 Dairymaid shopwoman Southwark, LDN
Livesey, LAN Mary E Foskitt 15 Genl Serv Woodford, NTH
Grandborough Mary E Foskett 4 Scholar Grandborough
Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne Mary E Foskett 4 Newcastle
Chediston, Suffolk Mary Elizabeth Foskett 28 Schoolmistress Turvey, BDF
Camberwell Mary H Foskett 50 Labourer General Greenwich
Little Addington Mary J Forscutt 29 Farmer’s Dau Ringstead, NTH
Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne Mary J Foskett 2 Newcastle on Tyne
Islip, Nhants Mary Jane Foskett 32 Nurse Temporarily Ringstead, NTH
Berkhampstead, Herts Mary L Foskett 3m Berkhampstead, Herts
Walthamstow Mary M Folkitt 7 (D+D) Lambeth
Aston Mary W Foskett 58 Harnley? Salop
West Ham Matilda Foskett 52 London City
Stratford Matilda Foskett 45 Whitechapel, LDN
Shoreditch Matilda Foskett 26 tobacco Moulder Mile End, LDN
Stratford Matilda Foskett 21 Whitechapel, LDN
Hendon Matthew Foskett 11 Scholar Hampstead, MDX
Marylebone Maud Foskett 3 Marylebone, LDN
Clapham, Beds Maud M Foskett 3 Pavenham, Beds
Hove Maude N Foskett 15 SRY
Nayland, SFK May Foskett 3 Nayland, SFK
EAST CLAYDON May A Foskett 26 Binfield, Bucks
Mile End Old Town Millie Foskett 3 Bow
Cublington Minnie Foskett 22 Cublington, Bkm
Stratford Minnie Foskett 14 Whitechapel, LDN
Leyton Minnie Foskett 6 Limerick
TRING Minnie E Fosket 6 Shipton Mallett, SOM
Grandborough Minnie J Foskett 11 Scholar Grandborough
Camberwell Minnie L Foskett 1 Old Kent Rd
Clapham, Beds Miriam Foskett 46 Sharnbrook, Beds
Wellingbro, NTH Miriam Foskett 18 Nurse Hemel Hempstead, HRT
Bedford – St Paul Naomi Foskett 19 General Domestic Clapham, Beds
Clapham, Beds Nellie Foskett 6 Scholar Pavenham, Beds
Leyton Nellie Foskett 3 Parkhurst, HAM
St Mary in the Castle, Hastings Nellie R? Foskett 18 Kentish Town
Berkhampstead, Herts Nelly Foskett 4 Berkhampstead, Herts
Oxford, St Peter in the East Newman Foskett 59 Baker Hoggeston, Bucks
Warwick St Mary Noah Foskett 40 General Labourer Winslow, BKM
Lewisham Noel Foskett 2 Lewisham, KEN
Stowe Octavie Foskett 29 France
Wendover Olive N Foskett 2m Wendover, BKM
Brampton, Hunts Oscar Forscutt 23 Labourer London
Newington Pauline W Foskett 3m Holloway, LDN
Fenny Stratford Percy Foskett 4 Grandborough, BKM
Charlton Percy C Foskett 31 Mechanical Engineer Chelsea, LDN
Charlton Percy J F Foskett 4m Charlton, KEN
Finchley Philip Foskett 43? Brick;ayer’s Labourer East Finchley
Finchley Philip Foskett 74 No occupation Finchley, MDX
Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne Philip Foskett 50 Wire Weaver London
Finchley Philip Foskett 11 Scholar East Finchley
Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne Philip Foskett 2 Newcastle
Camberwell Phoebe Foskett 27 Domestic Paddington, LDN
Bushey, Herts Phoebe Foskett 4 Bushey Heath
Winslow Phoebe Ellen Foskett 2 Winslow
Stevington, Beds Pricilla Foskett 42 Lacemaker Stevington, Beds
Berkhampstead, Herts Priscilla Foskett 3? Scholar Northchurch, Herts
Stoke on Trent Rachel Foskett 50 Hanley
Westminster Rachel Forsgate 36 Colnbrook, BKM
Hornsey Rachel Foskett 14 Scholar Hornsey, MDX
Ringstead Ralph Forscutt 26 Shoemaker Ringstead, NTH
Carlton, Beds Rebecca Foskett 41? Harrold, Beds
TRING Rebecca Foskett 82 Tring, HRT
Finchley Rebecca Foskett 81 Supported by children Finchley
Northampton Rebecca Forskitt 43 Northampton
Edmonton Rebecca Foskett 1 Peckham, SRY
Bovingdon Reginald Foskett 1 Bovingdon, HRT
Hove Reginald C Foskett 23 SRY
Lewisham Richard Foskett 85 Living on own means Whitechapel
Stevington, Beds Richard Foskett 51 Railway Labourer Odell, Beds
Hornsey Richard Foskett 47 House Decorator Whitechapel, LDN
Ockebrook, DBY Richard Foskitt 36 Railway Station Master Olney, BKM
Westminster Richard Forsgate 31 Cor…Labourer Westminster, LDN
Finchley Richard Foskett 30 General Labourer Highgate, Mdx
Sharnbrook, Beds Richard Foskett 10 Scholar Sharnbrook
Hertford St John Richard T Faskett 20 Printers Apprentice Brickendon, HRT
Leyton Robert Foskett 51 Clerk under Local Gov Poplar, LDN
Stoke on Trent Robert Foskett 50 Coalminer Hogstone, BKM
Little Houghton, NTH Robert Foskett 42 Harness Maker Cranfield, BDF
Camberwell Robert Foskett 22 Labr ???Workd Camberwell
Bethnal Green Robert Foskett 19 Cabinet Maker Bethnal Green, LDN
Hackney Robert Forscutt 7 Scholar Stoke Newington
Leyton Robert B Foskett 11 Scholar Buckhurst Hill, ESX
St James Bristol Robert F J Foskett 14 Cabinet Maker Westerleigh, GLS
Bedford – St Paul Robert H Foskett 5m Kempston, Beds
Deptford Robert J Foskett 37 Salesman, Traveller to leather merchant Lambeth
Stoke Poges Robert J Foskett 16 Student Paddington, LDN
TRING Robert J Fosket 1 Tring, HRT
Islington Robert L A Foskett 8 Scholar Islington, LDN
Deptford Robert T B Foskett 7 Deptford
Nayland, SFK Rosabella Foskett 12? Nurse + domestic Newcastle on Tyne
Oxford, St Peter in the East Rose Foskett 22 Dressmaker Swanbourne, Bucks
Berkhampstead, Herts Rose Foskett 16 Berkhampstead, Herts
Finchley Rose Foskett 14 Finchley
Hendon Rose Foskett 9 Scholar Brockley Hill, Mdx
Sharnbrook, Beds Rose Foskett 4 Scholar Sharnbrook
Stowe Rose Foskett 4 France
Winslow Rose Foskett 1 Winslow
Grandborough Rose Hannah Foskett 70 Grandborough,
Holborn Rosey Ann Forscutt 10 Lambeth, LDN
Hampstead Rosina Foskett 18 Genl Servant Islington, LON
Hackney Rosina Foskett 4 Hackney, LDN
Streatham Rosina C Forsgate 14 London, Mdx
St Neots Ruth Forscutt 47 Dressmaker Bedford
Stoke on Trent Ruth Foskett 41 Nurse Winslow, Bkm
Camberwell Ruth Foskett 29 Laundress Camberwell, LDN
Hornsey Ruth Foskett 12 Scholar Hornsey, MDX
Stoke on Trent Ruth Foskett 11 Scholar Hanley, Staffs
Camberwell Ruth Foskett 9 Scholar Camberwell, LDN
Marylebone Ruth E Foskett 5 Marylebone, LDN
St Mary in the Castle, Hastings Samuel Foskett 49 Manager Glass Works Aston Clinton
Westminster Samuel Forsgate 48 Labourer Oakley, ESX
Leyton Samuel Foskett 47 Builder + Carpenter Berkhamsted, HRT
Camberwell Samuel Foskett 44 Wire Drawer Camberwell
Islington Samuel Foskett 43 Silver Thimble Maker Limehouse, LDN
Bethnal Green Samuel Foskett 28 Genl Cabinet Maker Camberwell, LDN
Bushey, Herts Samuel Foskett 20 Gardener Herts, Bushey Heath
Odell, Beds Samuel Foskett 20 Farm Labourer Odell
Camberwell Samuel Foskett 13 Scholar Manchester
Hipperholme, Yorks Samuel Foskett 12 Scholar Newcastle on Tyne
Marylebone Samuel Foskett 8 Scholar Rickmansworth. HRT
Pancras Samuel A F Foskett 17 Porter Shop St Pancras
Finchley Samuel J Foskett 2 Finchley, MDX
Pancras Samuel M Foskett 23? Clek CC St Pancras, LDN
Islington Samuel W Foskett 18 Silver Thimble Maker Islington, LDN
Studham, Beds Sarah Foskett 51? Straw Plaiter Herts, Markyate
Kensington Sarah Foskett ?2? Living on own means Bedford
Berkhampstead, Herts Sarah Foskett 77 Slapton, Bucks
Enfield Sarah Foskett 72 Buckleton, HRT
Westminster Sarah Foskett 72 Living on own Means Westminster, St Ann
Woolwich Sarah Foskett 61 Putney, SRY
Harrow Sarah Foskett 54 Parlourmaid Harrow Weald
Rochester Sarah Foskett 53 Aston, BKM
Wymington, Beds Sarah Foskett 50 Knotting, BDF
Paddington Sarah Foskett 50 Housekeeper High Wycombe, BKM
Berkhampstead, Herts Sarah Foskett 46 Hemel Hemstead
Hendon Sarah Foskett 44 Bedmond, HRT
Grandborough Sarah Foskett 42 Winslow
Hackney Sarah Foskett 40 Bridprot, DOR
Stone, Staffs Sarah Faskett 39 Beech, STF
Aston Clinton Sarah Foskett 37 Housekeeper Aston Clinton, Bkm
Finchley Sarah Foskett 37 Pentonville
Islington Sarah Fosket 34 SRY
Cambridge St Andrews Sarah Foskett 33 Ware, HRT
Fenny Stratford Sarah Foskett 29 Winslow, BKM
Shoreditch Sarah Foskett 25 Shoreditch, LDN
Aston Clinton Sarah Foskett 23 Housemaid London
Chiswick Sarah Foskett 23 Domestic Serv Berkhampstead, HRT
Berkhampstead, Herts Sarah Foskett 10 Berkhampstead
Grandborough Sarah Foskett 6 Scholar Grandborough
Isham, Nhants Sarah Foskett 5 Harringworth, NTH
Shoreditch Sarah Foskett 4 Shoreditch, LDN
Bushey, Herts Sarah Foskett 3 Herts, Bushey
Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne Sarah A Foskett 12 Newcastle
Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne Sarah A Foskett 3 Newcastle on Tyne
Mile End Sarah Ann Foskett 66 Tailoress St Georges E, LDN
Lewisham Sarah Ann Foskett 46 Winslow, BKM
Abbotts Langley Sarah Ann Foskett 35 Rickmansworth
Wivenhoe Sarah E Forsgate 44 Wivenhoe
Finchley Sarah F Foskett 23 Genl Dom Serv Finchley, Mdx
Stoke on Trent Sarah Ina Foskett 14 Scholar Hanley, Staffs
Llangyfelach, Swansea Sarah J Foskett 2 Landor, Swansea (E)
Hornsey Sarah Jane Foskett 25 Genl Dom Servant Ikesdon, HRT
Leicester Sarah Jane Foscutt 10 Scholar Leicester
Newington, Kingston upon Hull Sarah M Foskett 36 Crowle, LIN
Stoke on Trent Selicia Foskett 20 Hanley, STF
Harrow Selina Foskett 39 Bushey, HRT
Wellingbro, NTH Selina Forscutt 30 Wellingbro, NTH
Stowe Selina Foskett 7 France
Isham, Nhants Selina Foskett 3 Harringworth, NTH
Odell, Beds Simon Foskett 59 Farm Labourer Carlton, Beds
Walthamstow Sophia Folkitt 47 Farnham
Marylebone Sophia Foskett 9 Scholar Marylebone, LDN
Hove Sophia M A Foskett 55 SRY
Clapham Stephen Fosket 27 Mgr Boot + Shoe Trade Pimlico, MDX
Clapham, Beds Susan Foskett 48 Bedford
Grandborough Susan Foskett 36 Bicester, Ox
Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne Susan Foskett 14 Newcastle
Rushden, Nth Susan E Foskett 59 Living on own means Rushden, NTH
Bushey, Herts Susan E Foskett 1 Bushey Heath
Census Hammersmith Sydney Foskett 13 Scholar Crouch Hill, Hornsey
Camberwell Sydney Foskett 5 Scholar Camberwell
Newington, Kingston upon Hull Sydney H Foskett 5 Hull, YKS
Stoke on Trent Sydney J Foskett 16 Potters Printer Hanley
Dartford Thomas Foskett 4m Dartford, KEN
Pancras Thomas Forskut 76 Foreman tailor Plymouth, Devon
Wivenhoe Thomas Forsgate 68 Master Mariner Wivenhoe
Marylebone Thomas Foskett 64 Genl Lab Shoreditch, LDN
West Ham Thomas Foskett 64 Genl Labourer Thunderadge, HRT
Olney Thomas Foskett 63 Gas Manager St Neots, HUN
Hemel Hempstead Thomas Foskett 57 Shoemaker Berkhamsted
Wymington, Beds Thomas Foskett 53 Farmer + Publican Odell, BDF
Winslow Thomas Foskett 47 Small Landholder Grandborough
St Sepulchre, Northampton Thomas Foskett 44 Stickman St Neots, HUN
Camberwell Thomas Foskett 43 General Labr Camberwell, LDN
Hendon Thomas Forscut 41 Law Solicitors Clerk St Geo Han Sq, Ldn
Ringstead Thomas Forscutt 32 Shoemaker Ringstead, NTH
Bethnal Green Thomas Foskett 23 Cabinet Maker Walworth, LDN
Stoke on Trent Thomas Foskett 23 Baker Hanley
Newcastle upon Tyne Thomas Foskett 21 Merchants Clerk Newcastle
Wellingbro, NTH Thomas Foskett 21 Labourer Wellingbro
Poplar Thomas Fosgate 18 Genl Labourer Poplar, LDN
Camberwell Thomas Foskett 17 Carman Camberwell, LDN
Wendover Thomas Foskett 16 Shoemakers App Wendover, BKM
Grandborough Thomas Foskett 2 Grandborough
Hackney Thomas B Foskett 42 Baker St Neots, HUN
Bushey, Herts Thomas B Foskett 1 Herts, Bushey
West Ham Thomas L Foskett 17 Genl Labourer Stratford, ESX
Hackney Thomas W Foskett 16 Barman Bethnal Green, LDN
Berkhampstead, Herts Violet Foskett 7? Scholar Northchurch, Herts
Pancras Violet G I Foskett 4 Scholar St Pancras
Westminster W J Forscutt 42 Muffin Baker LDN, MDX
Everton Walter Foskett 7m Everton, Beds
Hipperholme, Yorks Walter Foskett 10m Brighouse, Yks
Marylebone Walter Forskut 40 Tailor St Georges West, LDN
Harrow Walter Foskett 37 Dom Serv Butler Bushey, HRT
Mile End Walter Foskett 35 Boilermaker Lambeth, LDN
EAST CLAYDON Walter Foskett 34 Farm Labourer Grandborough
Harrow Walter Foskett 31 Genl Labourer Berkhampstead
Rothwell Walter Foskett 24 Upper Closer (Shoe) Wellingbro
Harrow Walter Foskett 19 Railway Clerk Harrow
Hornsey Walter Foskett 16 House Decorator Old Ford, LDN
Census Hammersmith Walter Foskett 15 Dr’htsmans App Crouch Hill, Hornsey
Mile End Walter Foskett 12 Hoxton, LDN
Studham, Beds Walter Foskett 12 Scholar Studham
Harrow Walter Foskett 11 Swaffham, NFK
Wellingbro, NTH Walter Foskutt 10 Scholar Wellingbro, NTH
Camberwell Walter Foskett 7 Scholar Camberwell
Berkhampstead, Herts Walter Foskett 5 Berkhampstead
Leyton Walter B Foskett 14 Scholar Bow, LDN
Newington Walter C Foskett 25 Fitter + Iron Turner Camberwell, LDN
Theddingworth Walter Henry Foskett 9 Theddingworth, LEI
Pancras Walter S P Foskett 5m St Pancras
Ockebrook, DBY Wilfred S Foskitt 6 Scholar Bromsgrove, WOR
Greenwich William Foskett 7m Greenwich
Wivenhoe William Forsgate 6w Wivenhoe
Hastings William Foskett 35(sic) Bathchairman Grendon, BKM
Tottenham William Foskett 1m Tottenham, MDX
Brampton, Hunts William Forscutt 83 Parish Relief Ringstead, NTH
Berkhampstead, Herts William Foskett 82 Infirm Berkhampstead
Berkhampstead, Herts William Foskett 69 Gen Lab Bovingdon
Edmonton William Foskett 66 Messenger BKM
Enfield William Foskett 66 Labourer Tottenham, Mdx
Basford, NTT William Foskett 60 Gen Labourer Brompton, HRT
TRING William Foskett 59 Boot + Shoemaker Tring, HRT
Studham, Beds William Foskett 55 Ag Lab Herts, Aldbury
Winslow William Foskett 54 Ag Lab Grandborough
Stone, Staffs William Faskett 52 Farmer + Ins agent Hogston
Finchley William Foskett 49 Out of work, relief Finchley (D+D)
Drayton Beauchamp William Foskett 48 Ag Lab Drayton B, BKM
Islington William Foskett 45 Cabman (Groom) LDN
Whitechapel William Foskett 43 Printer Whitechapel, LDN
Wellingbro, NTH William Foskutt 41 Labourer Ironstone Odell, BDF
Stowe William Foskett 39 Groom Coachman DS Harrow Weald, MDX
Kimbolton, Hunts William Foskett 38 Inn? Manager Hunts, St Neots
Wivenhoe William Forsgate 36 Mariner Wivenhoe
Shoreditch William Foskett 36 Genl Labourer Bethnal Green, LDN
Enfield William Fosket 34 Floor Cloth Fact hand Ware, HRT
Berkhampstead, Herts William Foskett 29 Bricklayer Berkhampstead, Herts
Winslow William Foskett 29 Ag Lab Winslow
St Neots William Forscutt 28 Boot + Shoemaker St Neots
Winslow William Foskett 28 Manager of Creamery Grandborough
Tottenham William Foskett 26 Butchers Asst Smithfield, MDX
Marylebone William Foskett 24 Painters Labourer Marylebone, LDN
Aston Clinton William Foskett 23 Carter Aston Clinton, Bkm
Paddington William Fosgate 21 Ironmonger York, YKS
Poplar William Fosgate 21 Merchants Clerk CC Plaistow, ESX
Greenwich William Foskett 21 Genl Labourer Peckham, LDN
Hastings William Foskett 21 Aux Postman Ealing, MDX
Hornsey William Foskett 21 House Decorator Whitechapel, LDN
Stoke on Trent William Foskett 20 Potters Mouldmaker Hanley
Hendon William Foskett 19 Farm Labourer Bedmond, HRT
Northampton William Forskitt 18 Shoe finisher Northampton
Hackney William Forscutt 17 Wholesale Druggist Sydenham, KEN
Darenth William Foskett 16 (imbecile) Unknown
Grandborough William Foskett 15 Farm Labourer Grandborough
Kings Norton. Wor William Foskett 15 Errand Boy, Coal Mts Birmingham
St George the Martyr William Foskett 15 Glass Crystalizer Southwark, LDN
Camberwell William Foskett 14 Carman Camberwell, LDN
Chiswick William Foskett 14 Drapers Porter Hanwell, Mdx
Marylebone William Foskett 13 Scholar Hayes, MDX
Isham, Nhants William Foskett 11 Whittington, DBY
Islington William Fosket 10 Islington, LDN
Stoke on Trent William Foskett 9 Scholar Hanley
Berkhampstead, Herts William Foskett 8 Berkhampstead
Finchley William Foskett 7 Scolar East Finchley
Winslow William Foskett 7 Winslow
Clerkenwell William Fosket 4 Clerkenwell
Shoreditch William Foskett 2 Shoreditch, LDN
WILSTONE William Foskett 1 Lower Winchendon, BKM
Stanwick, NTH William A Forscutt 50 Shoemaker Ringstead, NTH
Islington William A Foskett 46 Leather Seller Southwark
Hampstead William F Foskett 19 Carver Hampstead, Mdx
Stratford St Mary, Sfk William Fred Foskett 19 Groom Woolich (sic)
Tottenham William G Foxgate 17 Labourer Walton on Thames, SRY
Wellingbro, NTH William H Forscutt 37 Foreman Boot Factory Northampton
Hove William J Foskett 54 - SRY
Hemel Hempstead William J Foskett 38 Living on own means Ivinghoe, BKM
Little Oakley William John Fosgate 15 Ag Lab Lt Oakley, ESX
Winslow William Levi Foskett 1 Winslow
TRING William N Foskett 7m Tring, HRT
Kimbolton, Hunts William W Foskett 10 Scholar Kimbolton
St Neots Winifred M Forscutt 3 St Neots
Grandborough Winifred Mary Foskett 4 Scholar Great Horwood
Kensington Wm Foskett 52 Painter London
Kensington Wm Foskett 30 Painter London
Wellingbro, NTH Zaccheus Forscutt 66 Shoe Manufacturer Ringstead, NTH
Wellingbro, NTH Zilpha Foskett 25 Shoeworker Wellingbro

© Sandra J Smith MBE 2007