1901 Census for England and Wales

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The 1901 Census was taken on the night of 31st March 1901.  The following information was requested: Name of street, place, road, etc.; House number or name; Number of rooms occupied if less than 5; Name of each person that had spent the night in that household; Relationship to head of household; marital status; age; sex; Profession or occupation; Where born: place and county; Whether blind, deaf, dumb or lunatic.

Under Occupations Ag Lab is an Agricultural Labourer.

This is only an index, if you would like further details, please email me.

County Place Forename Surname Age Occupation Place of Birth
HRT Monken Hadley A (female) Foskett 18 Dom Servant London
NTH Stanwick Abna Foscutt 60 Shoemaker Ringstead
KEN NORTH PRESTON, KEN Ada Foskutt 32 Cir Assistant Easton , Mdx
MDX Kensington Ada Foskett 23 Housemaid Hanwell, Mdx
MDX Islington Ada Foskett 22 Islington
KEN DEPTFORD Ada Foskett 19 General Servant Battersea
MDX St Marylebone Ada Foskett 12 Mile End
YKS Bramley, Yks Ada Foskett 6 Pudsey, TKS
NBL Newcastle Ada Elizabeth Foskett 19 Factory work…scalor Newcastle
BKM Ashley Green Ada M Foskett 12 Ashley Green
BKM Drayton Beauchamp Ada M Foskett 11 Drayton Beauchamp
MDX Finchley Ada M Foskett 11 Finchley
SSX HOVE Ada S Foskett 34 Penge, SRY
SRY BERMONDSEY Adelaide B Foskett 26 Dressmaker Bermondsey
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Adolphus Foskett 6 Hanley
GLS Hempsted, GLS Agnes Foskett 35 School Mistress Bedford
MDX ST GEORGE THE MARTYR Agnes Foskett 11 Southwark
GLS Hempsted, GLS Agnes A Foskett 65 Living on own means (deaf) Olney, BKM
WOR Yardley, WOR Agnes J Foskett 18 Birmingham, WAR
NTH Rushden Agnes O Foskett 5 Rushden
SRY CAMBERWELL Agnes Sarah Foskett 49 Kensington
NTH Walgrave Agness Foskett 34 Ringstead
MDX Hackney Agness Foskett 5 Stoke Newington
BKM Wendover Albert Foskett 56 General Labourer Tring, HRT
BDF Bedford St Peter Albert Foskett 39 Booksellers Manager Olney, BKM
HRT GREAT GADDESDEN Albert Foskett 37 Bricklayer Berkhampstead
ESX East Ham Albert Foskett 24 Labourer at ?? Hendon, MDX
CAM CAMBRIDGE Albert Foskett 22 College Servant Cambridge
BKM GRANDBOROUGH Albert Foskett 16 Great Horwood
MDX SHOREDITCH Albert Foskett 16 Carter Bethnal Green
SRY CAMBERWELL Albert Foskett 14 - NK
MDX BETHNAL GREEN Albert Foskett 13 Whitechapel
HRT Hemel Hempstead Albert Foskit 12 House Boy Piccotts End
YKS Sculcoats Albert Foskett 12 Hull
WAR Aston, WRK Albert Foskett 8 Birmingham
MDX Hackney Albert Foskett 5 Bethnal Green
WAR Aston, WRK Albert E Foskett 36 Woodworking Machinist Birmingham
DBY Derby, DBY Albert E Foskett 22 Engine Draughtsman Long Eaton, DBY
ESX West Ham Albert E Foskett 2 Plaistow, ESX
MDX Westminster - St James Albert E Forsgate 1 Westminster
ESX West Ham Albert J Foskett 18 Stone Grinder West Ham
SRY CLAPHAM Albert S Foskett 8 Clapham
LEI Theddingworth Albert Thomas Foskett 19 Groom Theddingworth
HRT BUSHEY Alberta Foskett 34 Bushey Heath
HRT BUSHEY Alberta Foskett 34 Bushey Heath
MDX Edmonton Alec Foskett 15 Cork Slaker? London
SRY PENGE, SRY Alec P B Foskett 2 Penge, SRY
MDX SHOREDITCH Alexander Foskett 45 Painter + Decorator Bethnal Green
MDX Hackney Alexander Foskett 35 Bricklayer’s Labourer Bethnal Green
MDX SHOREDITCH Alexander Foskett 15 Printers Machine Boy Homerton
MDX Hackney Alexander Foskett 8 Bethnal Green
ESX West Ham Alexander C Foskett 23 Hosekeeper Groom West Ham Plaistow
HUN St Neots Alfred Forscutt 62 Bootmaker and retailer Bedford, BDF
BKM GRANDBOROUGH Alfred Foskett 53 Gen Labourer Grandborough
HRT Hertford Alfred Foskett 53 Retired Builder HRT, Tonwell
WAL Langefelach?, Swansea Alfred Foskett 40 Steel Worker London, Mdx
SRY WANDSWORTH Alfred Foskett 34 Carpenter Hammersmith
MDX Westminster - St James Alfred Forsgate 32 Post Office Employee Westminster
MDX HAMMERSMITH Alfred Foskett 30 Restaurant Porter London City
BDF Odell Alfred Foskett 25 Leatherdresser Odell
MDX Hackney Alfred Foskitts 23 Cabinet Maker Bethnal Green
NTH Wellingborough Alfred Forscutt 15 He… Builder Wellingborough
MDX Finchley Alfred Foskett 12 East Finchley
WAR Warwick St Mary Alfred Foskett 12 Warwick
MDX SHOREDITCH Alfred Foskett 10 Shoreditch
SRY WANDSWORTH Alfred Foskett 2 Fulham
NTH Wellingborough Alfred Forscutt 1 Northampton
NTH Wellingborough Alfred A Foskett 12 Wellingborough
MDX Edmonton Alfred C Foskett 11 Hackney
SRY PENGE, SRY Alfred E Foskett 31 Bookbinder Beckenham, Kent
NTH Irthingborough Alfred G Foskett 5 Odell, BDF
LON BATTERSEA Alfred John Foskett 2 Battersea
MDX Finchley Alfred T Foskett 38 Carman Labourer East Finchley
ESX East Ham Alice Foskett 47 Havant, HAM
MDX BETHNAL GREEN Alice Foskett 38 Trimming Maker Fancy Bethnal Green
MDX St Georges Hanover Square Alice Foskett 34 Cook Harlow, ESX
MDX Hendon Alice Foskett 30 Boxmoor, HRT
LON? St DIONYS Alice Fosgate 29 Manageress Ipswich, SFK
MDX Willesden Alice Foskett 21 General Domestic Bushey, MDX
BDF Clapham Alice Foskett 18 Dressmaker Clapham, BDF
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Alice Foskett 8 Shelton, STF
SRY CAMBERWELL Alice Foskett 7 Camberwell
ESX East Ham Alice Foskett 7 School Bethnal Green
MDX Finchley Alice Foskett 7 Finchley
MDX Finchley Alice C Foskett 31 Laundress Finchley
KEN CHARLTON Alice E L Foskett 4 Charlton, KEN
BDF Chalgrave Alice F Foskett 20 Infant School Mistress Long Eaton, NTT
KEN CHARLTON Alice J Foskett 40 Charlton, KEN
MDX HAMPSTEAD Alice M Foskett 20 Dressmaker Hampstead
ESX East Ham Alice M Foskett 19 Ireland
ESX East Ham Alice M Foskett 19 General Servant Ireland
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Alice M Foskett 18 Potters Ghost? Sorter Hanley
ESX West Ham Alice M Foskett 10 West Ham Plaistow
MDX Hendon Alice M Foskett 6 St Pancras
KEN DEPTFORD Alice M Foskett 5 Deptford
LON BATTERSEA Alice M Forscutt 3 Chelsea
CHS Congleton Alice M H Foskett 15 Congleton, CHS
SSX HOVE Alice M L Foskett 32 St Pancras, LDN
ESX East Ham Alice S Foskett 35 Godalming, SRY
BDF Odell Allan Foskett 12 Odell
MDX Finchley Almena Foskett 13 Finchley
MDX Hayes Amelia Foskett 66 Cookham, BRK
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Amelia Foskett 47 Berkhamstead
MDX FULHAM Amelia Forscutt Fulham
HRT BUSHEY Amelia M Foskett 21 Charwoman Bushey
MDX Harrow Amy Foskett 35 School Mistress (Head) Harrow Weald
YKS Sculcoats Amy Foskett 10 Hull
MDX HAMPSTEAD Amy L Foskett 32 Hampstead
MDX Hornsey Amy M Foskett 5 Hornsey
MDX Enfield Amy? Foskett 32 Peckham
MDX St Marylebone Andrew Foskett 5m
MDX Islington Ann Foskett 67 Charwoman St James, LDN
SRY Lambeth Ann Foskett 65 Ironer Lambeth
MDX St Pancras Ann Foskett 62 Nil City
BKM Wendover Ann Foskett 58 Wendover
NTH Wellingborough Ann Foskett 49 Harold, BDF
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Ann Foskett 32 Hanley
HRT Wilstone Ann Foskett 26 Wichendon
HRT BUSHEY Ann B Foskett 39 Dressmaker (own a/c) Bushey Heath
HRT Tring Ann E Foskett 42 Kingsland, MDX
WAR Erdington, WRK Ann M Foscott 44 Birmingham
HRT BOVINGTON Anne Foskett 59 Wiggenton
HRT BOVINGTON Anne Foskett 59 Wiggenton
NBL Byker Anne Foskitt 4 Newcastle on Tyne
KEN LEWISHAM Anne M Foskett 40 Camberwell
MDX Harrow Annie Foskett 7m Wealdstone
OXF Oxford, St Peter in the East Annie Foskett 61 Piddington, OXF
LAN Lower Booths, LAN Annie Forskett 46 Retired Charwoman Ringstead, NTH
MDX Edmonton Annie Foskett 45 St Lukes
MDX Tottenham Annie Faskett 45 Domestic Cook Islington
BKM Winslow Annie Foskett 40 Winslow
SRY LIMPSFIELD, SRY Annie Foskett 37 Cook Kimbolton, HUN
OXF Sibford Gower, OXF Annie Foskett 36 Pub Housekeeper Swanbourne, BKM
MDX St Marylebone Annie Foskett 35 Holborn
NBL Byker Annie Foskitt 32 Newcastle on Tyne
SSX HASTINGS Annie Foskett 31 Hastings, SSX
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Annie Foskett 29 Hanley
GLS Tewkesbury Annie Foskett 27 Parlourmaid Hoggeston, BKM
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Annie Foskett 26 Berkhamsted
MDX Harrow Annie Foskett 26 Housemaid Domestic Hemel Hemstead
MDX St Pancras Annie Foskett 25 Nurse Domestic Wilstone, HRT
MDX Islington Annie Foskett 22 Cook Domestic Gainsborough(sic), BKM
MDX Islington Annie Fosket 20 Tie Maker Islington
SRY SOUTHWARK Annie Foskett 19 Southwark
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Annie Foskett 18 Potters Linegrapher Hanley
BKM Winslow Annie Foskett 14 Gen Serv (Dom) Winslow
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Annie Foskett 13 Berkhamstead
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Annie Foskett 13 Berkhamstead
NTH Northampton Annie Foskitt 12 Northampton
NTH Wellingborough Annie Forscutt 11 Wellingborough
BDF Odell Annie Foskett 9 Odell
HRT Wilstone Annie Foskett 8 Scholar Wilstone
WAL Langefelach?, Swansea Annie Foskett 6 Landore, Glam
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Annie Foskett 3 Shelton, STF
MDX Tottenham Annie Foskett 2 Pinner
WOR Yardley, WOR Annie C A Foskett 42 Colgrave, NTT
WAR Leamington Priors, WRK Annie E Foskett 44 Nurse Domestic London, MDX
BKM Winslow Annie Elizabeth Foskett 23 Ferndown, Dorset
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Annie J Foskett 12 Hanley
SSX HASTINGS Annie M Foskett 5 Hastings, SSX
ESX Colchester Annie U? Forsgate 19 Westminster
MDX Finchley Annie V Foskett 16 General Domestic East Finchley
MDX Edmonton Annie W Foskett 6 Clapton
SRY CAMBERWELL Annie W K Foskett 22 Dressmaker Peckham
BDF Bedford St Peter Arthur Foskett 51 Groom Olney, BKM
SRY PENGE, SRY Arthur Foskett 33 Printers Machine Minder Beckenham, KEN
LEI Leicester St Mary Arthur Foskett 32 Shoe Clicker Sharnbrook, BDF
MDX Streatham Arthur Foskett 28 Sop Asst. ??? Mercht Berkhampstead
SRY CAMBERWELL Arthur Foskett 22 Pawnbroker’s Asst Ashford, KEN
DBY Ilkeston, DBY Arthur Foskett 18 Railway Telegraphist Lydswell Cresbrooke
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Arthur Foskett 14 Office Boy Port Hanley
MDX CLERKENWELL St LUKES Arthur Foskett 12 Bethnal Green
KEN DARTFORD Arthur Foskett 8 Dartford, Kent
NTH Kingsthorpe, NTH Arthur Forskitt 8 Northampton
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Arthur Foskett 7 Hanley
LEI Leicester St Mary Arthur Foskett 2 Leicester
SRY BERMONDSEY Arthur B Foskett 28 Locomotive Fitter Newington
MDX Willesden Arthur E Foskett 31 General Labourer St John’s Wood
YKS Bramley, Yks Arthur Ernest Foskett 10 Rathwell, YKS
LEI Theddingworth Arthur Frederick Foskett 5 Theddingworth
BKM Winslow Arthur H Foskett 27 Staionary Eng Driv Grandborough
HRT Watford Arthur J Foskett 1 Watford
MDX HAMPSTEAD Arthur R Foskett 17 Clerk Commercial Hampstead
KEN LEWISHAM Arthur S Foskett 12 Schoolboy Lewisham
LON BATTERSEA Arthur Wm Foskett 8 Battersea
BKM GRANDBOROUGH Ashley F Foskett 12 Great Horwood
YKS Brighouse, YKS Bartholomew Foskett 16 Solicitors Clerk Newcastle, NBL
MDX Finchley Beatrice Foskett 3m Finchley
YKS Bramley, Yks Beatrice Foskett 30 Boot Upper Closer Finedon, NTH
YKS Elland, YKS Beatrice Foskett 27 Woolen Feeder Grandborough, BKM
KEN LEE, Lewisham Beatrice Foskett 19 Domestic Cook Byfield, NTH
BKM Winslow Beatrice Foskett 13 Winslow
BDF Odell Beatrice Foskett 7 Odell
ESX Leyton Beatrice M Foskett 5 Bethnal Green
MDX FULHAM Ben Foskett 40 Labourer (General) Work Harrow
MDX HAMPSTEAD Benjamin Foskett 54 Florist/Greengrocer Aston Clinton. BKM
BDF Bedford St Paul Bernard Foskett 51 Gardener not domestic Olney, BKM
SRY CAMBERWELL Bernard Foskett 22 Foreign Merchnts Clerk Camberwell
NTH Little Addington Bernard Forscutt 13 Farmers Son Ringstead
ESX Leyton Bernard Foskett 6 Bethnal Green
SRY CLAPHAM Bernard C Foskett 4 Clapham
NTH Stanwick Bertha Foscutt 31 Ringstead
MDX St Pancras Bertie Foskett 19 Cart Porter Berkhampstead
ESX Vessels, ESX Bertie Foskett 15 Training Naval Men Hackney, LDN
KEN HERNE BAY Bertie E Foskett 4 Herne Bay
YKS Bramley, Yks Bertram Foskett 16 App Boot Clicker Wellingbro, NTH
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Bessie Foskett 7 Berkhamstead
DBY Swadlincote Betey Foskett 12 Hanley
ESX West Ham Betsy Foskett 28 Barking, ESX
NTH Wellingborough Blanche Forscutt 30 Northampton
SSX HOVE Blanche M Foskett 23 Penge, SRY
MDX St Marylebone Carl Foskett 6
MDX Hornsey Carolina J Foskett 36 Bexley, KEN
SRY Lambeth Caroline Fosgate 39 New Cross
HRT GREAT GADDESDEN Caroline Foskett 36 Laundress Hemel Hempstead
MDX Hackney Caroline Foskett 36 Mile End
MDX Hackney Caroline Foskett 9 Bethnal Green
MDX Hackney Caroline Foskett 1 Hackney
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Catherine Foskett 57 Laundress Potton End
NTH Little Addington Catherine Forscutt 42 Ringstead
YKS Brighouse, YKS Catherine Foskett 23 Newcastle, NBL
HUN St Neots Cecil Forsccutt 19 Carpenter's Appr St Neots
BKM Winslow Cecil Foskett 11 Winslow
MDX Islington Cecilia Foskett 31 Living on own means BKM
SRY BERMONDSEY Charles Foskett 4m Bermondsey
KEN Milton, Kent Charles Foskett 66 Barman Finchley
KEN FARNBOROUGH Charles Forsgate 65 General Labourer Walton, SFK
YKS Brighouse, YKS Charles Foskett 61 Wire Drawer Clerkenwell, MDX
SRY WOKING Charles Foskett 58 Grocer Shopkeeper Aston Clinton, BKM
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Charles Foskett 57 General Labourer Berkhamstead
ESX Little Oakley Charles Fosgate 56 Quay Labourer Little Oakley
HUN St Neots Charles Forscutt 49 Boot + Shoe Maker St Neots
BKM Ashley Green Charles Foskett 46 Yardman + Thatcher on Farm Ashley Green
MDX Finchley Charles Foskett 40 Printers Joiner in Wood Finchley
MDX St Marylebone Charles Foskett 40 Electrical Wireman Kimbolton, HUN
MDX Enfield Charles Foskett 38 Night Watchman Deptford
NBL Byker Charles Foskitt 36 Lab in Electric Light Co Camberwell, London
SRY SURBITON Charles Foskett 35 Grocers Manager Kennington
NTH Wellingborough Charles Forscutt 35 Boot Manufacturer Wellingborough
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Charles Foskett 31 Coal mine shaft repairer Hanley
STF Kings Bromley, STF Charles Foskett 31 Dairy Manager Berkhamstead, HRT
NTH Rushden Charles Foskett 31 Shoe Worker Radwell, BDF
HRT Watford Charles Fosket 23 Railway Labourer Harrow Weald
HRT Watford Charles Fosket 23 Railway Labourer Harrow Weald
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Charles Foskett 22 Cooper Boxmoor
NTH Northampton Charles Foskitt 22 Fish Shop Assistant Northampton
MDX Paddington Charles Fosgate 22 Dock Clerk London, MDX
MDX Islington Charles Foskett 18 Drapery Asst New Cross, London
NTH Wellingborough Charles Forscutt 18 Shoe Clicker Wellingborough
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Charles Foskett 17 Bricklayer’s labourer Berkhamstead
MDX Finchley Charles Foskett 16 Builders Clerk? Finchley
NTH Stanwick Charles Foskett 15 Carpenter Stanwick
BKM Winslow Charles Foskett 15 Gen Lab Grandborough
MDX Enfield Charles Foskett 14 Peckham
MDX Harrow Charles Foskett 10 Harrow
NBL Byker Charles Foskitt 8 Scotland
KEN Greenwich Charles Foskett 8 Greenwich
NTH Kingsthorpe, NTH Charles Forskitt 2 Northampton
SRY SURBITON Charles A Foskett 5 Newbury, BRK
MDX CLERKENWELL ST PETERS Charles Alfred Foskett 14 Errand Boy Clerkenwell
NTH Rushden Charles C Foskett 3 Rushden
LEI Theddingworth Charles Edgar Foskett 7 Theddingworth
HUN Kimbolton Charles F Foskett 18 Gardener Kimbolton
CHS Monks Copenhall, CHS Charles H Foskett 21 Engine Painter Woodside, Alveston, Nthlnd
MDX Harrow Charles J Foskett 51 General Labourer Harrow Weald
SRY CAMBERWELL Charles J Foskett 1 Peckham
KEN DEPTFORD Charles K Foskett 8 Deptford
SRY CAMBERWELL Charles L Foskett 5 Camberwell
LON CITY – St SEPULCHRE Charles Richard Foskett 36 Traveller Cycle Goods London City
MDX Stoke Newington Charlie Foskett 5 Stoke Newington
MDX SHOREDITCH Charlotte Foskett 54 Hackney Rd
MDX CHELSEA Charlotte Foskett 31 Cook Housekeeper Tonwell, HRT
MDX Harrow Charlotte Foskett 6 Harrow
MDX Finchley Charlotte C Foskett 20 Music Teacher Finchley
MDX Finchley Charlotte L Foskett 58 High Seas
BKM EAST CLAYDON Charlotte Mary Foskett 7 Botolph Claydon
SRY CAMBERWELL Chas Foskett 61 Timber Porter Aston Clinton, BKM
MDX Tottenham Christiana Faskett 71 Living on own means Tottenham, Mdx
MDX Harrow Christiana Foskett 42 Foulden, NFK
MDX Tottenham Christiana Faskett 5 Tottenham
LEI Theddingworth Christopher Foskett 2 Theddingworth
HRT Tring Cicely M Foskett 14 SOM
MDX Islington Clara Foskett 49 Clerkenwell
BKM Chesham Clara Foskett 44 Chesham
MDX Mile End Clara Foskett 35 Shirt and…… Bow, LDN
MDX St Marylebone Clara Foskett 31 Tailoress (W at home) Marylebone
MDX Islington Clara Foskett 27 Waitress – Dining Rooms Lambeth
YKS Harrogate, YKS Clara Foskett 26 Cook Marylebone
MDX FULHAM Clara Foskett 9 Hammersmith
MDX St Pancras Clara E Foskett 26 Magyers Jentein, Transvaal
SRY PENGE, SRY Clara E? B Foskett 23 Beckenham. Kent
SRY CLAPHAM Clara T Foskett 33 Kensington, LDN
HRT Hemel Hempstead Cleopatra E Foskett 51 Newchurch, IOW
KEN WOOLWICH Clifford E R Foskett 34 Accountant Charlton, KEN
MDX Stoke Newington Constance Foskett 7 Stoke Newington
BKM Winslow Constance Foskett 6 Winslow
MDX FULHAM Constance Foskett 4 Fulham
NTH Walgrave Cornelius R Forscutt 56 Stockman Ringstead
SRY CLAPHAM Cyril D Foskett 6 Clapham
NTH Wellingborough Daisy Foskett 20 Housemaid Stanwick
HRT Watford Daisy Foskett 9 Abbotts Langley
HRT Watford Daisy Foskett 9 Abbotts Langley
MDX Stoke Newington Daisy Foskett 7 Stoke Newington
HRT Wilstone Dan Foskett 34 Ordinary Darm Labourer Wilstone
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch David Foskett 63 Carpenter (w) Potton End
BKM Winslow David Foskett 35 Gen Lab Grandborough
SRY CAMBERWELL David Foskett 22 Genl Labourer Camberwell
MDX Finchley Donald F Foskett 3 Finchley
NTH Wellingborough Doris Forscutt 3m Wellingborough
BKM Wycombe Doris Foskett 11m Canterbury, KEN
MDX Finchley Dorothy Foskett 9 Finchley
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Dorothy Foskett 1 Berkhamsted
KEN DEPTFORD Dorothy E Foskett 13 Deptford
SRY SURBITON Dorothy M Foskett 1 Slough, BKM
ESX East Ham Earnest F Foskett 10 Leyton, ESX
LON CITY – St SEPULCHRE Edgar Richard Foskett 14 Office Boy London City
MDX Paddington Edgar W Foscutt 22 Cook Harrow, MDX
MDX Chiswick Edith Foskett 26 Ickleton, CAM
GLS Alveston, GLS Edith Foskett 22 Governess Westerleigh, GLS
SRY CAMBERWELL Edith Foskett 21 Laundress Newcastle on Tyne
MDX Paddington Edith Foskett 12 Marylebone
BKM Winslow Edith Foskett 7 Bletchley
MDX Finchley Edith Foskett 2 Finchley
NTH Rushden Edith E Foskett 9 Rushden
GLS Bristol Edith F Foskett 30 Kentish Town, LDN
MDX Stratford BOW Edith F Foskett 12 School Bow
NTH Stanwick Edith F Foskett 9 Stanwick
KEN DEPTFORD Edith G Foskett 43 Blackfriars
MDX Westminster - St James Edith L Forsgate 25 Wandsworth
KEN HERNE BAY Edith L Foskett 2 Herne Bay
SRY GODSTONE Edith May Forsgate 7 Balham
YKS Hull, YKS Edith R Foskett 19 Drapers Clerk Hull, YKS
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Edmund Foskett 50 Carpenter (W) Northchurch
MDX ST GEORGE THE MARTYR Edward Foskett 58 Shop General Dealer Finchley
SRY CAMBERWELL Edward Foskett 52 Chief Librarian Bermondsey
NTH Wellingborough Edward Forscutt 30 Shoe Finisher Northampton
KEN Greenwich Edward Foskett 26 Butchers Asst (Shopman) Finchley, MDX
BKM GRANDBOROUGH Edward Foskett 19 Goods Porter Grandborough
SRY CAMBERWELL Edward Foskett 9 Camberwell
BDF Odell Edward Foskett 2 Odell
HRT BUSHEY Edward (sic) J Foskett 50 General Labourer Harrow Weald
SSX HASTINGS Edward C Foskett 27 Postman Hastings, SSX
KEN Greenwich Edward G Foskett 32 Skilled Lab+++ Gas Co Greenwich
SSX HASTINGS Edward G Foskett 4 Hastings, SSX
MDX Islington Edward G Foskett 2 St Pancras
NTH St GILES, Northampton Edward R Foskett 14 Assistant Bookbinder Harrold, BDF
LON BATTERSEA Edward V Forscutt 2 Battersea
NTH Northampton Edwin Foskitt 63 Shoe laster Odell, BDF
MDX HAMMERSMITH Edwin Foskett 62 Bootmaker West End, BKM
MDX Willesden Edwin Foskett 48 Accountant Bushey, HRT
MDX FULHAM Edwin Foskett 41 Bootmaker Fulham
KEN DEPTFORD Edwin Foskett 36 Foreman House Painter Bermondsey
ESX West Ham Edwin Foskett 20 General Labourer West Ham Plaistow
MDX FULHAM Edwin Foskett 12 Hammersmith
KEN DEPTFORD Edwin Foskett 10 Bermondsey
NTH Kingsthorpe, NTH Edwin Forskitt 6 Northampton
WAR Erdington, WRK Edwin E Foscott 34 Estate Agents Mang Clerk Birmingham
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Eleanor Foskett 55 Hemel Hemstead
MDX Hackney Eleanor Foskett 7 Dalston
BDF Clapham Eli Foskett 66 Gardener (Nursery) Odell, BDF
BKM GRANDBOROUGH Eli Foskett 49 General Labourer Grandborough
KEN BECKENHAM Eli Foskett 17 Tailor’s appr. Farnborough, Hants
MDX Islington Elinor Eliza Foskett 1? Barnsbury, LDN
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Elise Foskett 11 Berkhamsted
SRY CAMBERWELL Eliza Foskett 20? Ironer (Laundry) Peckham
HRT Wilstone Eliza Foskett 63 Farm Lab’s widow Wilstone
SRY BERMONDSEY Eliza Foskett 60 Lambeth
HUN St Neots Eliza Forscutt 57 Camden Town, LDN
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Eliza Foskett 56 Hanley
SRY CAMBERWELL Eliza Foskett 54 Camberwell
BDF Sharnbrook Eliza Foskett 52 Odell, BDF
WAR Warwick St Mary Eliza Foskett 48 Firewood Cutter Winslow, BKM
KEN LEWISHAM Eliza Foskett 45 Whitechapel, Mdx
DBY Stretton, DBY Eliza Foskett 44 Cook Domestic Cranfield BDF
SRY CAMBERWELL Eliza Foskett 38 Newington, LDN
MDX Hornsey Eliza Forscutt 36 Ringstead
BKM Drayton Beauchamp Eliza Foskett 35 Drayton Beauchamp
MDX Tottenham Eliza Faskett 34 Machinist collar sewing City
MDX St Marylebone Eliza Foskett 30 Bentley, HAM
NTH Wellingborough Eliza Forscutt 22 Shoe Shiner Wellingborough
ESX West Ham Eliza Foskett 20 Tie Maker West Ham
BDF Sharnbrook Eliza Foskett 17 General Servant Sharnbrook, BDF
BDF Odell Eliza Foskett 9 Odell
SRY CAMBERWELL Eliza Foskett 7 Peckham
MDX Hackney Eliza Foskett 1 Bethnal Green
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Eliza A Foskett 30 Shopkeeper sundries Hanley
MDX St Georges Hanover Square Eliza A Foskett 22 Housemaid Ringstead, NTH
MDX St Marylebone Eliza F Foskett 9 Devizes, WIL
MDX Finchley Eliza M Fosket 45 Living on own means Camden Town
BDF Bedford St Peter Elizabeth Foskett 81 Turvey, BDF
MDX St Marylebone Elizabeth Foskett 72 Charwoman St Pancras
MDX Old Brentford Elizabeth Foskett 69 Olney, BKM
MDX St Pancras Elizabeth Foskett 67 Debden, ESX
NTH Ringstead Elizabeth Foskett 66 Ringstead
MDX Tottenham Elizabeth Foskett 66 City of London
BKM Drayton Beauchamp Elizabeth Foskett 56 Drayton Beauchamp
MDX Islington Elizabeth Foskett 56 Dalwood, Devon
MDX HAMPSTEAD Elizabeth Foskett 53 Gt Berkhampstead
MDX CLERKENWELL ST PETERS Elizabeth Foskett 52 Charwoman Blackfriars, LDN
YKS Brighouse, YKS Elizabeth Foskett 50 Newcastle, NBL
MDX Willesden Elizabeth Foskett 50 Marylebone
BKM Ashley Green Elizabeth Foskett 45 Ashley Green
WAL Langefelach?, Swansea Elizabeth Foskett 42 Landore, Glam
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Elizabeth Foskett 37 Berkhamstead
NTH Stanwick Elizabeth Foskett 37 Pinchbeck, LIN
SRY CLAPHAM Elizabeth Foskett 34 Clapham
STF Kings Bromley, STF Elizabeth Foskett 32 Charlton, SHR
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Elizabeth Foskett 30 Berkhamsted
MDX Hackney Elizabeth Foskett 30 Hackney
SRY Newington Elizabeth Foskett 30 Domestic Servant Southwark
NTH Irthingborough Elizabeth Foskett 29 Aldershot, Ham
MDX HAMPSTEAD Elizabeth Foskett 24 Dressmaker Oxford
MDX Islington Elizabeth Foskett 24 Waitress – Dining Rooms Lambeth
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Elizabeth Foskett 22 Berkhampstead
BDF Bedford St Paul Elizabeth Foskett 21 General Servant Harrold, BDF
MDX FULHAM Elizabeth Foskett 14 Hammersmith
MDX Harrow Elizabeth Foskett 14 Harrow
MDX Islington Elizabeth Foskett 11 Kensington
MDX St Georges Hanover Square Elizabeth Foskett 11 Scholar St Martins in the flds
MDX Edmonton Elizabeth Foskett 7 London
MDX Hackney Elizabeth Foskett 6 Bethnal Green
NTH Rothersthorpe Elizabeth A Foskett 40 Walgrave, NTH
NTH Wellingborough Elizabeth A Forscutt 33 Wellingborough
MDX Kensington Elizabeth C Foskett 45 Music Teacher Islington
BKM Chesham Elizabeth E Foskett 6 Chesham
MDX Hendon Elizabeth J Foskett 54 Camden Town
BKM HOGGESTON Elizabeth M Foskett 52 Cook (Dom) Hoggeston
HRT BUSHEY Elizabeth M Foskett 43 Bushey Heath
MDX Westminster - St James Elizabeth S Forscutt 36 Landport, Portsmth
WAR Aston, WRK Elizabeth S? Foskett 35 Birmingham
SRY CAMBERWELL Ella Haydee Foskett 23 Camberwell
DBY Swadlincote Ellen Foskett 45 Tunstall, STF
MDX SHOREDITCH Ellen Foskett 40 Bethnal Green
MDX St Georges Hanover Square Ellen Foskett 40 Dressmaker (own a/c) Kensington
YKS Bramley, Yks Ellen Foskett 38 Kettering, NTH
BDF Odell Ellen Foskett 33 Bedford
SRY CAMBERWELL Ellen Foskett 30 Laundress Lewisham, KEN
BKM Chesham Ellen Foskett 30 Brush Dresser Chesham
HRT Hemel Hempstead Ellen Foskett 29 Wing
KEN TUNBRIDGE Ellen Foscutt 28 Cook domestic Brampton. HUN
GLS Bristol Ellen Foskett 27 Cardiff, Wales
KEN DEPTFORD Ellen Foskett 26 Camberwell
BKM Aylesbury Ellen Foskett 25 Cook Hillindon, NFK
NTH Wellingborough Ellen Foskett 22 hardboard? Bootmaker Wellingborough
SRY CAMBERWELL Ellen Foskett 19 Laundress Newcastle on Tyne
MDX Willesden Ellen Foskett 18 General Servant Bushey, HRT
SRY CAMBERWELL Ellen Foskett 10 Lewisham, Ken
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Ellen Foskett 5 Hanley
ESX West Ham Ellen E Foskett 14 West Ham Plaistow
SRY SURBITON Ellen M Foskett 32 Beckenham, KEN
MDX Acton, Mdx Ellen M Foskett 28 Brockley Hill, Mdx
MDX HAMPSTEAD Ellen N Foskett 5 Hampstead
LEI Leicester St Mary Elsie Foskett 10m Leicester
YKS Hosforth, YKS Elsie Foskett 16 Bedford, BDF
MDX Finchley Elsie Foskett 11 Finchley
WAR Aston, WRK Elsie Foskett 10 Birmingham
MDX Finchley Elsie D S Foskett 1 Finchley
MDX Westminster - St James Elsie M Forscutt 7 St James, West
KEN DEPTFORD Elsie M Foskett 5 Deptford
MDX Hendon Elsie W? Foskett 7 St Pancras
ESX East Ham Emaline C Foskett 16 Ireland
MDX Stoke Newington Emelia Foskett 29 Islington
YKS Leeds Emilie Foskett 31 Hospital Nurse London, MDX
HUN St Neots Emily Forscutt 45 Warwick, WRK
MDX St Georges Hanover Square Emily Forskett 36 Housemaid St Neots, HUN
MDX Westminster - St James Emily Forsgate 35 Housekeeper to Brothers Westminster
SRY EGHAM, SRY Emily Foskett 32 Ivinghoe, BKM
MDX Kensington Emily Foskett 30 NK, Berks
MDX Willesden Emily Foskett 30 Brentford
MDX Hackney Emily Foskett 28 Dalston
HRT BUSHEY Emily Foskett 26 Cook domestic Gt Berkhampstead
NBL Jesmond Emily Foskitt 25 Newcastle on Tyne
HRT Aldenham Emily Foskett 23 Cook Domestic Gt Berkhamstead
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Emily Foskett 19 Mistress at School Berkhamstead
HRT GREAT GADDESDEN Emily Foskett 10 Scholar Berkhampstead
NTH Wellingborough Emily Forscutt 10 Wellingborough
MDX Hackney Emily Foskett 3 Bethnal Green
NTH St GILES, Northampton Emily A Foskett 43 Turvey, BDF
SRY EGHAM, SRY Emily F Foskett 1 Egham, SRY
NTH Stanwick Emily J Foskett 11 School Stanwick
MDX St Pancras Emily L Foskett 1m St Pancras
BKM Wendover Emily M Foskett 34 Tring, HRT
MDX Islington Emily S Foskett 39 Deptford
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Emma Foskett 9m Hanley
HRT Hertford Emma Foskett 77 Living on own means Sacombe, HRT
SRY DITTON, SRY Emma Faskell 65 Cook Domestic Clerkenwell, LDN
LON BATTERSEA Emma Forsgate 60 Gt Oakley, ESX
NBL Newcastle Emma Foskett 60 Camberwell
MDX Enfield Emma Foskett 52 Dressmaker Limehouse
SRY CAMBERWELL Emma Foskett 51 Unk, KEN
BDF Odell Emma Foskett 46 Odell
OXF Grimsbury, OXF Emma Foskett 45 Housekeeper Cranfield, BDF
MDX Harrow Emma Foskett 39 Hammersmith
MDX Finchley Emma Foskett 36 Finchley
YKS Hunslet, YKS Emma Foskett 34 Studham?, HRT
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Emma Foskett 21 Hanley
SRY CAMBERWELL Emma Foskett 16 Peckham
BDF Stevington Emma Foskett 11 Attending School Stevington, BDF
SRY CAMBERWELL Emma A Foskett 30 Bermondsey
BKM Buckland Emma K Foskett 3 Drayton Beauchamp
SRY CAMBERWELL Emma M Foskett 3 Camberwell
KEN WOOLWICH Emmeline Foskett 35 Lowestoft, SFK
MDX FULHAM Emmeline L Fosket 27 Ironer MDX Kensington
SRY CAMBERWELL Enid Doris Foskett 8 Camberwell
YKS Bramley, Yks Ernest Foskett 8m Finedon, NTH
MDX FULHAM Ernest Foskett 2m Fulham
NTH Little Addington Ernest Forscutt 1m Lt Addington
HRT Tring Ernest Foskett 31 Shoemaker (W) Tring
YKS Bramley, Yks Ernest Foskett 30 Boot Finisher Wellingbro, NTH
MDX Hornsey Ernest Foskett 30 Plumber Potters Bar
SRY CAMBERWELL Ernest Foskett 27 Auxilliary Postman Hertsford, HRT
BKM GRANDBOROUGH Ernest Foskett 20 Cattleman on farm Grandborough
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Ernest Foskett 10 Berkhamstead
MDX BETHNAL GREEN Ernest Foskett 6 Bethnal Green
HRT Wilstone Ernest Foskett 6 Scholar Wilstone
SRY EGHAM, SRY Ernest F Foskett 10 Abbots Langley, HRT
HRT BUSHEY Ernest J Foskett 3 Bushey Heath
SRY PENGE, SRY Ernest R? Foskett 4 Penge, SRY
SRY CLAPHAM Esau Foskett 70 Bootmaker Grendon Underwood, BKM
SRY CLAPHAM Esau W Foskett 41 Schoolmaster Pimlico, MDX
MDX BETHNAL GREEN Esther Foskett 54 Charwoman Spitalfields.
KEN DEPTFORD Ethel Foskett 32 Bermondsey
MDX Stratford BOW Ethel Foskett 17 School Whitechapel
MDX Chiswick Ethel Foskett 15 Dressmaker’s Asst Chiswick
HRT Wilstone Ethel Foskett 13 Wilstone
YKS Brighouse, YKS Ethel Foskett 11 Newcastle, NBL
YKS Bramley, Yks Ethel Foskett 8 Wellingbro, NTH
KEN DARTFORD Ethel Foskett 5 Dartford, Kent
NBL Byker Ethel Foskitt 4 Yorkshire
MDX Mile End Ethel Foskett 3 Bow, LDN
GLS Hempsted, GLS Ethel A Foskett 19 Pupil Teacher Westerleigh, GLS
HRT ICKLEFORD Ethel Daisy Foskett 10 At School Watford
ESX East Ham Ethel F Foskett 17 Ireland
NTH Wellingborough Ethel M Forscutt 12 Wellingborough
WOR Yardley, WOR Ethel M Foskett 11 Birmingham, WAR
KEN LEWISHAM Ethel M Foskett 4 Lewisham
BKM GRANDBOROUGH Eva Foskett 20 Grandborough
NTH Wellingborough Eva Foskett 17 General servant dom Stanwick, NTH
NTH Irthingborough Eva G Foskett 2 Odell, BDF
BDF Bletsoe Ezra Foskett 58 Ag Lab Odell, BDF
MDX St Pancras F A C Foskett 22 Upholsterer St Pancras
HRT Hemel Hempstead Fanny Foskit 59 Water End, Lt Houghton
SSX HOVE Fanny Foskett 48 Islington, LDN
LON CITY – St SEPULCHRE Fanny Foskett 36 Caretaker London City
SRY Newington Fanny Foskett 34 Kensington
SRY WANDSWORTH Fanny Foskett 34 Bognor, SSX
MDX Islington Fanny Foskett 31 Leynton?, LIN
MDX Enfield Fanny Foskett 12 Peckham
SRY WANDSWORTH Fanny Foskett 6 Fulham
SRY CLAPHAM Fanny I Foskett 32 Hoath, KEN
LON BATTERSEA Flo Ann Foskett 5 Battersea
MDX Hornsey Florence Foskett 1m Hornsey
BKM Winslow Florence Foskett 34 Burley, Hants
MDX HAMPSTEAD Florence Foskett 26 Greengrocer’s Asst Oxford
SRY BERMONDSEY Florence Foskett 25 Bermondsey
HRT BUSHEY Florence Foskett 24 Cook Domestic (W) Hemel Hemstead
KEN HERNE BAY Florence Foskett 24 General Nurse Bovingdon, HRT
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Florence Foskett 22 Potters Ghost? Warehouse Hanley
MDX HAMPSTEAD Florence Foskett 21 Housemaid Rickmansworth
MDX Finchley Florence Foskett 11 Finchley
SRY Newington Florence Foskett 11 Camberwell
MDX Willesden Florence Foskett 11 Brentford
SRY CAMBERWELL Florence Foskett 10 Camberwell
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Florence Foskett 10 Hanley
KEN BRENCHLEY, KEN Florence Foskett 7 Nurse child Not Known
SRY WOKING Florence A Foskett 29 Penge, SRY
MDX Kensington Florence A Foskett 20 Notting Hill
MDX Kensington Florence A Foskett 19 Cook Enfield, Mdx
SRY CAMBERWELL Florence Agnes Foskett 30 Board School Teacher Camberwell
MDX St Marylebone Florence C Foskett 24 Marylebone
HRT BUSHEY Florence E Foskett 9 Bushey Heath
BDF Luton Florence E Foskett 7 Luton, BDF
MDX Edmonton Florence J Foskett 18 Mantle Machinist Hoxton
MDX Hendon Florence L Foskett 3m Hendon
SRY CLAPHAM Florence M Foskett 31 Kensin gton, LDN
BDF Bedford St Cuthbert Florence M Foskett 26 Nurse domestic Hertford, HRT
NTH Wellingborough Florence M Foskett 8 Wellingborough
SRY CAMBERWELL Florence M Foskett 2 Peckham
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Florence Sarah Foskett 20 Gen Servant Northchurch
MDX Kensington Francis Foskett 17 Housemaid/Domestic LDN
NTH St GILES, Northampton Francis A Foskett 24 Florist, Fruiterer Manager Harrold, BDF
MDX Harrow Francis E Foskett 22 Dress maker Harrow Weald
HRT ICKLEFORD Francis W Foskett 2 Hitchin, HRT
NTH Stanwick Frank Foskett 38 Carpenter Stanwick
MDX HAMPSTEAD Frank Foskett 27 Greengrocer’s Asst Hampstead
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Frank Foskett 24 Carpenter Northchurch
BDF Clapham Frank Foskett 24 Carpenter + Joiner Clapham, BDF
MDX CLERKENWELL ST PETERS Frank Foskett 18 Electer Typer Islington
BDF Podington Frank Foskett 17 Shoemaker Odell, BDF
MDX Hornsey Frank Foskett 12 Clerkenwell
MDX SHOREDITCH Frank Foskett 8 Homerton
KEN Bromley, Kent Frank Foskett 2 Bromley
MDX Finchley Frank E Foskett 16 Borough Council Clerk Finchley
HUN Kimbolton Frank E Foskett 12 Kimbolton
SRY GODSTONE Frank Godfrey Forsgate 9 Balham
NTH Stanwick Frank Wm Foskett 8 Stanwick
MDX Islington Fred Foskett 30 Pork Butcher Saleman Wilstone, Tring, HRT
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Fred Foskett 26 Bench Sawyer in Foreign Timb Berkhamstead
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Fred Foskett 5 Swadlincote, STF
MDX FULHAM Fred G Foskett 58 Boot Repairer (own a/c) BKM
HRT Hemel Hempstead Frederic Foskit 17 Paper Mill Hand Piccotts End
MDX TOOTING GRAVENY Frederick Foskett 71 Coachman Odell, Beds
MDX St Pancras Frederick Foskett 60 Packer Fact R Westminster
MDX Greenford Frederick Foskett 47 Bricklayer Not Known
KEN Bromley, Kent Frederick Foskett 40 Bank Cashier Bermondsey
MDX Edmonton Frederick Foskett 40 General Labourer London
MDX Hornsey Frederick Foskett 37 Cashier Paddington
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Frederick Foskett 36 Potters Turner Hanley
MDX Westminster - St James Frederick Forsgate 29 Post Office Telegraphist Westminster
BKM Winslow Frederick Foskett 29 Platelayer on Railway Winslow
BDF Odell Frederick Foskett 23 Leatherdresser Odell
WAR Warwick Prison Frederick Foskett 22 General Labourer Aylesbury, BKM
NTH Northampton Frederick Foskitt 17 Shoe Clicker Northampton
MDX Finchley Frederick Foskett 13 Finchley
MDX Edmonton Frederick Foskett 11 London
BKM Winslow Frederick Foskett 9 Winslow
NTH Wellingborough Frederick Forscutt 6 Wellingborough
NTH Wellingborough Frederick Forscutt 4 Northampton
NTH Kingsthorpe, NTH Frederick Forskitt 1 Northampton
KEN DEPTFORD Frederick A H Foskett 15 Deptford
WOR Yardley, WOR Frederick C Foskett 3 Yardley. WOR
MDX St Pancras Frederick E Foskett 4 St Pancras
HRT ICKLEFORD Frederick G Foskett 6 Watford
SRY Lambeth Frederick J Foskett 29 Parish Dustman Aston Clinton, BKM
BKM Ashley Green Frederick J Foskett 6 Ashley Green
SRY Lambeth Frederick J Foskett 1 Lambeth
BKM Winslow Frederick Levi Foskett 5m Willesden, Lon
MDX Finchley Frederick W Foskett 38 General Labourer Hulme, Lancaster
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Fredk Wm Foskett 20 Shop worker Potton End
SRY CLAPHAM Gaius Foskett 67 Retired Builder Grendon Underwood, BKM
DBY Swadlincote Geo Foskett 48 Potters Manager Hogston, BKM
NTH Stanwick Geo E Foskett 13 Farmers Boy Stanwick
MDX St Georges Hanover Square George Foskett 8m St Georges Han Sq
YKS Bramley, Yks George Foskett 6m Bramley, YKS
NTH Wellingborough George Foskett 72 Market Gardener Odell, BDF
ESX Black Notley, ESX George Foskett 67 Living on own means Middlesex
MDX St Pancras George Foskett 65 Railway Porter Tring
ESX West Ham George Foskett 64 Retired Dealer in Casks Whitechapel, LDN
NTH Ringstead George Forscutt 63 Employer Farm Ringstead, NTH
HRT Hemel Hempstead George Foskit 60 Greengrocer Sandham, BDF
MDX St Marylebone George Foskett 60 Greengrocers Carman Finchley, MDX
HRT BOVINGTON George Foskett 58 Ordinary Ag Lab Chesham
HRT BOVINGTON George Foskett 58 Ordinary Ag Lab Chesham
MDX Chiswick George Foskett 58 Gardener Berkhampstead
MDX HAMPSTEAD George Foskett 57 Builder Aston Clinton, BKM
MDX Paddington George Foskett 56 Bricklayer Aston Clinton
MDX Stoke Newington George Foskett 52 Bricklayers Labourer Rickmansworth
MDX FULHAM George Forscutt 48 Labourer (General) Work Holborn
MDX Islington George Foskett 46 Pawnbroker Bayswater
BDF Odell George Foskett 45 Farm Labourer Odell
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch George Foskett 44 General Labourer Berkhamstead
HRT BUSHEY George Foskett 42 Bricklayer Bushey Heath
BKM Wendover George Foskett 38 Boot + Shoemaker Tring, HRT
MDX St Marylebone George Foskett 37 Butcher Holborn
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent George Foskett 35 Sanitaryware Potters Hanley
BDF Studham George Foskett 35 Gen Farm Lab Studham, BDF
MDX Islington George Foskett 29 General Labourer E Finchley
KEN VESSEL “British Lion”, moored Sheerness George Foskett 29 Mate Rochester, Kent
MDX Hackney George Fosket 28 Bricklayer’s Labourer Hackney
MDX Harrow George Foskett 28 General Labourer Wendover
MDX HAMMERSMITH George Foskett 27 Commercial Clerk Hammersmith
STF Tunstall George Foskett 27 Picture Framer Hanley
MDX Paddington George Foskett 23 Carman Dustman Tring
SRY CAMBERWELL George Foskett 18 Genl Labourer Camberwell
WAL Langefelach?, Swansea George Foskett 16 General Labourer Landore, Glam
SRY CAMBERWELL George Foskett 15 Gas Stove Cleaner Peckham
KEN DARTFORD George Foskett 11 Dartford, Kent
SRY CAMBERWELL George Foskett 8 Peckham
YKS Sculcoats George Foskett 8 Hull
HRT GREAT GADDESDEN George Foskett 7 Scholar Berkhampstead
MDX Tottenham George Faskett 5 Tottenham
NTH Kettering George Forscutt 2 Kettering, NTH
MDX St Marylebone George Foskett 2 Marylebone
SRY GODSTONE George Albert Forsgate 12 Balham
MDX HAMPSTEAD George C Foskett 30 Joiner Carpenter Hampstead
ESX West Ham George E Foskett 3 Plaistow, ESX
NTH Rothersthorpe George Ed Foskett 36 Farmer Ringstead
MDX HAMPSTEAD George F C Foskett 4 Hampstead
ESX West Ham George H Foskett 28 Gas Stoker St Georges in East, LDN
BKM Ashley Green George H Foskett 22 Carter on Farm Ashley Green
MDX St Pancras George H A Foskett 28 Solicitors Clerk St Pancras
MDX St Marylebone George H C Foskett 26 Organ Builder + Tuner Paddington
MDX FULHAM George J Foskett 10 Fulham
NTH Kettering George W Forscutt 26 Railway Engine Fireman Brampton, Hun
HRT BUSHEY George W Foskett 24 General Labourer Harrow Weald
SRY GODSTONE George William Forsgate 39 Brewery Manager Westminster
ESX Wivenhoe Georgia Forsgate 40 Wivenhoe
LEI Theddingworth Georgina Frances Foskett 11 Theddingworth
SRY CAMBERWELL Gertrude Foskett 25 Clerk C.C. Bermondsey
HRT Watford Gertrude Fosket 23 Watford
HRT Watford Gertrude Fosket 23 Watford
KEN WOOLWICH Gertrude A Foskett 11 Woolwich, KEN
MDX Willesden Gertrude M Foskett 18 Laundry Assistant Paddington
BDF Odell Gerty Foskett 17 Farm Labourer Odell
LAN Bury, LAN Gladys Foskett 7m Bury, LAN
SRY CLAPHAM Gladys M Foskett 8 Clapham
HRT Tring Gottlieb L Foskett 6 Tring
HRT Hemel Hempstead Grace Foskett 14 Dressmaker’s Apprent Blackwell
KEN DEPTFORD Grace Foskett 12 Bermondsey
BKM Winslow Grace Foskett 10 Grandborough
BKM Wycombe Grace Foskett 4 Lucknow, India
MDX Finchley Grace E Foskett 5 New Southgate
HUN St Neots Grace Eleanor Forscutt 24 Asst in Boot Shop St Neots
YKS Sculcoats H F Foskett 17 Clark CC Hull
MDX SHOREDITCH Hannah Foskett 49 Blackheath, STF
MDX Finchley Hannah Foskett 39 Gt Bentley, ESX
KEN Greenwich Hannah Foskett 30 Greenwich
KEN Greenwich Hannah Foskett 26 Greenwich
MDX Enfield Hannah Foskett 1 Ponders End, Mdx
SRY CAMBERWELL Harmer Foskett 18 Cigar Maker Apprent Peckham
NTH Little Addington Harold Forscutt 5 Scholar Lt Addington
MDX St Marylebone Harold Foskett 4 Marylebone
BKM Winslow Harold Foskett 2 Winslow
KEN WOOLWICH Harold C Foskett 10 Woolwich, KEN
MDX Islington Harold F Foskett 2 Islington
ESX Wivenhoe Harold W Forsgate 7 Wivenhoe
SRY CLAPHAM Harriet Foskett 69 Cocking, SSX
SRY RICHMOND Harriet Foskett 69 Bexley, Kent
MDX Islington Harriet Foskett 58 Label Cutter London
BKM Winslow Harriet Foskett 56 Laundress Weadon
ESX West Ham Harriet Foskett 48 Housekeeper Shenley, Nhants
MDX Westminster - St James Harriet Foskett 42 Gravesend
SRY WANDSWORTH Harriet Foskett 38 Cook Domestic Soho
MDX HAMPSTEAD Harriet E Foskett 33 School Teacher Hampstead
HUN Kimbolton Harriett Foskett 50 Kimbolton
MDX FULHAM Harriett Foskett 28 Stone
MDX Finchley Harriett Foskett 7 Finchley
MDX Islington Harriett E Foskett 26 Kentish Town
BKM Buckland Harry Foskett 5m Drayton Beauchamp
HRT Tring Harry Foskett 42 Shoemaker Tring
MDX Hornsey Harry Foskett 40 Hay Merchant St Lukes, LDN
BKM Winslow Harry Foskett 37 Gen Lab Winslow
LON BATTERSEA Harry Foskett 36 Builders Lab Aston Clinton, BKM
NTH Wellingborough Harry Forscutt 33 Boot Manufacturer Wellingborough
KEN Greenwich Harry Foskett 32 Engine Driver R/Way Stepney
BKM Chesham Harry Foskett 30 Brush Fibre Dresser Gt Berkhampstead
GLS Mangotsfield, GLS Harry Foskett 29 Butcher/Slaughterman Westerleigh, GLS
- HMS Renown Harry Foskett 26 Domestic 1st Class Gt. Berkhampstead
BKM Buckland Harry Foskett 25 Ordinary Ag Lab Drayton Beauchamp
NTH Northampton Harry Foskitt 19 House Painter Northampton
MDX BETHNAL GREEN Harry Foskett 18 Drapers Porter Shorditch
NTH Little Addington Harry Forscutt 17 Farmers Son Ringstead
SRY CAMBERWELL Harry Foskett 16 Genl Labourer Camberwell
DBY Swadlincote Harry Foskett 16 Pattern maker Iron Foundry Hanley
HUN Kimbolton Harry Foskett 15 Telegraph Messenger Kimbolton
NBL Byker Harry Foskitt 6 Yorkshire
MDX FULHAM Harry Forscutt 6 Fulham
KEN DARTFORD Harry Foskett 3 Dartford, Kent
BKM Winslow Harry Foskett 2 Winslow
NTH Wellingborough Harry A Forscutt 10 Wellingborough
NTH Wellingborough Harry E? Forscutt 20 Shoe Rivetter Wellingborough
MDX Finchley Harry J Foskett 1 North Finchley
MDX St Marylebone Harry W Foskett? 31 Carman Wendover, BKM
MDX Edmonton Helen Foskett 2 London
ESX Leyton Helena B Foskett 23 Buckhurst Hill, ESX
KEN Greenwich Hellen Foskett 4 Greenwich
MDX SHOREDITCH Henry Foskett 8m Shoreditch
HRT Hertford Henry Foskett 71 Carpenter Sacombe, HRT
SRY CAMBERWELL Henry Foskett 59 General Labourer Aston Clinton
HRT BOVINGTON Henry Foskett 57 Horseman on farm Bovington
HRT BOVINGTON Henry Foskett 57 Horseman on farm Bovington
MDX Hendon Henry Foskett 57 Hay Dealer Berkhampstead
MDX CLERKENWELL Henry Forscutt 53 Wire Drawer Clerkenwell
KEN LEWISHAM Henry Foskett 50 Solicitor Southwark
MDX Paddington Henry Foskett 48 Architect + Surveyor (E) Paddington
HRT Hemel Hempstead Henry Foskett 46 Own Means Tring
MDX Paddington Henry Foskett 40 Carman Dustman Tring
SRY CAMBERWELL Henry Foskett 39 Foreman Butcher Peckham
SRY Lambeth Henry Fosgate 36 Electrical Engineer Poplar
MDX FULHAM Henry Foskett 35 Bakers Asst Fulham
MDX Finchley Henry Foskett 33 Cab Driver North Finchley
MDX Tottenham Henry Foskett 32 Watchman (restaurant) London
MDX Islington Henry Foskett 26 Thimble Maker Islington
MDX Stratford BOW Henry Foskett 26 Commercial Clerk Whitechapel
SRY EAST GRINSTEAD Henry Foskett 25 Upholsterer London
SRY CAMBERWELL Henry Foskett 17 Grocers Assistant Peckham
MDX Islington Henry Foskett 17 Pawnbroker’s Asst Camberwell
MDX BETHNAL GREEN Henry Foskett 15 Cabinet Maker Mile End, LDN
YKS Brighouse, YKS Henry Foskett 14 Architects Office Newcastle, NBL
CHS Poulton cum Seacombe, CHS Henry Foskett 14 Hawker, greengrocers rep Winslow, BKM
MDX CLERKENWELL St LUKES Henry Foskett 10 Bethnal Green
MDX Islington Henry Foskett 5 Islin gton
MDX FULHAM Henry Foskett 2 Fulham
MDX Tottenham Henry Foskett 1 Tottenham
MDX Edmonton Henry C Foskett 46 Fancy Cabinet Maker Shoreditch
BDF Luton Henry C Foskett 5 Luton, BDF
SRY CAMBERWELL Henry E Foskett 11m Camberwell
MDX Edmonton Henry G Foskett 22 Fancy Cabinet Maker Dalston
KEN LEWISHAM Henry H Foskett 9 Schoolboy Lewisham
MDX HAMPSTEAD Henry P Foskett 25 Plumber Hampstead
BKM Wycombe Henry R Foskett 41 Manager Mineral Water Factory Stepney, Ldn
SRY Newington Henry Richard Foskett 40 Railway Clerk Southwark
ESX Colchester Henry S Forsgate 32 Cycle Agent Westminster
MDX BETHNAL GREEN Henry W Foskett 38 Scientific Inst Maker Bethnal Green
WAR Coventry, WRK Henry William Foskett 23 Packer St Lukes, LDN
MDX Paddington Hepzibah Fosgate 61 Ipswich, SFK
HRT Tring Herbert Foskett 40 Bootmaker (E) Tring
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Herbert Foskett 22 Coal Hewer Hanley
BKM Wendover Herbert Foskett 20 Carter on Farm Wendover
NTH Peterborough Herbert Foskett 17 Tailor’s apprentice Kimbolton, HUN
BDF Odell Herbert Foskett 15 Farm Labourer Odell
MDX St Marylebone Herbert Fosketh 15 Drapers Asst Berkhampstead, HRT
KEN DEPTFORD Herbert Foskett 9 Bermondsey
NTH Little Addington Herbert Forscutt 7 Scholar Ringstead
BKM GRANDBOROUGH Herbert Foskett 6 Grandborough
MDX Hornsey Herbert C Foskett 27 Paper Salesman Finchley
HRT Tring Herbert E Foskett 8 Tring
KEN LEWISHAM Herbert T Foskett 14 Schoolboy Lewisham
SSX HOVE Herbert W Foskett 36 Penge, SRY
MDX FULHAM Hester Forscutt 46 Twyford, GLS
HRT Watford Hilda Foskett 14 Servant (Domestic) Abbotts Langley
HRT Watford Hilda Foskett 14 Servant (Domestic) Abbotts Langley
HUN St Neots Hilda Forscutt 10 School Girl St Neots
KEN DEPTFORD Hilda Foskett 6 Bermondsey
NTH Rushden Hilda Foskett 1 Rushden
MDX Westminster - St James Hilda B Forscutt 9 St James, West
KEN WOOLWICH Hilda L Foskett 6 Charlton, KEN
NTH Wellingborough Hilda M Forscutt 6 Wellingborough
SRY CLAPHAM Hilda W Foskett 2 Clapham
ESX Black Notley, ESX Honor A Foskett 66 Middlesex
SRY Newington Horace Foskett 7 Newington
SRY CAMBERWELL Horace Foskett 5 Peckham
LEI Leicester St Mary Horace Foskett 5 Leicester
BKM EAST CLAYDON Horace Gerald Foskett 4m Botolph Claydon
MDX Finchley Horace W Foskett 5 Finchley
NTH Wellingborough Howard Forscutt 3 Wellingborough
HRT BOVINGTON Hubert H Foskett 16 Groom Domestic Bovingdon
HRT BOVINGTON Hubert H Foskett 16 Groom Domestic Bovingdon
YKS Sculcoats I V Foskett 6 Hull
MDX Paddington Isaac Fosgate 62 Shopkeeper Little Oakley, ESX
MDX Islington Isabel Alice Foskett 29 Hythe, Kent
NBL Byker Isabella Foskitt 3 Newcastle on Tyne
MDX TOOTING GRAVENY Isabella N Foskett 7 Acton
HRT Watford Ivey Fosket 4m Watford
HRT Watford Ivey Fosket 4m Watford
SRY CLAPHAM Ivy Victoria Forsgate 5 Colchester, ESX
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Jabez Foskett 58 Colliery Banksman Hogston, BKM
BDF Odell Jabez Foskett 32 Leatherdresser Odell
WAL Llanbebly, Carnarvonshire Jabez Foskett 30 Railway Porter Frodsham, Cheshire
HUN St Neots James Foskett 44? Publican Ringstead, NTH
MDX Tottenham James Foskett 2m Tottenham
NTH Northampton James Forskitt 78 Odell, BDF
BDF Clapham James Foskett 60 Railway Platelayer Harrold, BDF
ESX West Ham James Foskett 54 Printers Machine Maker Whitechapel
BDF Bedford St Mary James Foskett 49 Grocer Olney, BKM
BKM GRANDBOROUGH James Foskett 49 Labourer Grandborough
BKM Drayton Beauchamp James Foskett 37 Cattle Man on Farm Wilstone, HRT
LAN Bury, LAN James Foskett 31 Col Segeant 5 Lan Fus Woolwich, LDN
KEN DEPTFORD James Foskett 26 Deal Porter Camberwell
ESX West Ham James Foskett 22 Printers Labourer Bethnal Green
BKM Ashley Green James Foskett 21 Bricklayer’s labourer Ashley Green
MDX Paddington James Fosgate 20 Wireworker London, MDX
MDX Stoke Newington James Foskett 19 Wash House Man Islington
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent James Foskett 18 Colliery Datler Hanley
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch James Foskett 17 General Labourer Berkhamstead
HRT Wilstone James Foskett 16 Ordinary Farm Labourer Wilstone
MDX SHOREDITCH James Foskett 14 Errand Boy Mile End
BDF Bedford St Paul James Foskett 13 Errand Boy Renold BDF
BDF Sharnbrook James Foskett 11 Sharnbrook, BDF
ESX Wivenhoe James Forsgate 11 Wivenhoe
MDX Mile End James Foskett 10 Bow, LDN
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch James Foskett 9 Berkhamsted
NTH Wellingborough James Forscutt 8 Northampton
KEN Greenwich James Foskett 6 Greenwich
MDX Hackney James Foskett 4 Clerkenwell
WOR Yardley, WOR James A Foskett 5 Birmingham, WAR
MDX SHOREDITCH James B Foskett 36 French Polisher Bethnal Green
HRT Watford James E Foskett 44 Scaffolders Labourer Rickmansworth
HRT Watford James E Foskett 44 Scaffolders Labourer Rickmansworth
MDX Finchley James G Foskett 40 General Labourer Finchley
MDX Finchley James G Foskett 6 Finchley
MDX HAMPSTEAD James H Foskett 10m Hampstead
MDX Westminster - St James James Percy Forsgate 37 Post Office Telegraphist Westminster
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch James W? Foskett 64 Carpenter Berkhamstead Common
BDF Bedford St Mary Jane Foskett 50 Farnborough, HAM
MDX ST GEORGE THE MARTYR Jane Foskett 47 Shoreditch
MDX SHOREDITCH Jane Foskett 39 Charwoman Bethnal Green
NBL Byker Jane Foskitt 34 Newcastle on Tyne
MDX Finchley Jane Foskett 30 Laundress Finchley
HRT Watford Jane Foskett 20 Watford
MDX ST GEORGE THE MARTYR Jane Foskett 17 Ptinters Ruler Southwark
HRT BUSHEY Jane Foskett 14 General Domestic Servant Bushey Heath
NBL Byker Jane Foskitt 12 Newcastle on Tyne
WAL Langefelach?, Swansea Jane Foskett 12 Landore, Glam
MDX SHOREDITCH Jane Foskett 8 Bethnal Green
MDX Finchley Jane Foskett 3 Finchley
MDX Limehouse Jane E Fosgate 28 Durham, Sunderland
MDX HAMPSTEAD Jane E Foskett 27 Manchester
MDX Harrow Jane M Foskett 51 Grocer Shopkeeper Harrow Weald
NTH Kettering Janet Forscutt 23 Kettering, NTH
BKM Wycombe Jemimah Foskett 36 Longford, IRE
NTH Wellingborough Jesse Foskett 26 Shoe Clicker Wellingborough
ESX Wivenhoe Jessie Forsgate 32 Ipswich, SFK
SRY CAMBERWELL Jessie Foskett 31 Foster Mother to Camberwell Guardians New Cross, LON
BDF Bedford St Paul Jessie Foskett 5 Bedford
MDX CLERKENWELL ST PETERS Jessie Mabel Foskett 9 Islington
NTH Walgrave Jn? Thos Foskett 33 Farmer London
WAR Ballsall Heath, Birmingham John Foskett 64? Wood Turner Gt Berkhamstead
WAL Halkyr, Flintshire John Foskett 75 Retired Farm Lab Hogston, Bkm
NTH Walgrave John Foskett 74 Retired Farmer St Neots
SRY Lambeth John Foskett 65 Genl Labourer Aston Clinton, BKM
MDX BETHNAL GREEN John Foskett 64 Cabinet Maker Shoreditch
KEN LEWISHAM John Foskett 63 Packer (Drapers) Tring, HRT
SRY BERMONDSEY John Foskett 61 Housepainter Grindon, BKM
MDX Finchley John Foskett 58 Joiner Finchley
MDX Stratford BOW John Foskett 53 Retired Furniture Dealer St Georges, LDN
MDX Hendon John Foskett 49 Carriers Clerk Northchurch
MDX Westminster - St James John Foskett 48 Harness Maker Cranfield
MDX Westminster - St James John Forsgate 46 Butcher Wing, BKM
BDF Luton John Foskett 45 House Painter St Neots, HUN
MDX St Georges Hanover Square John Foskett 40 Portmanteau Maker Kensington
MDX SHOREDITCH John Foskett 33 Painter Gas Works Bethnal Green
KEN WOOLWICH John Foskett 30 Soldier, Corporal Tring, HRT
SRY CAMBERWELL John Foskett 22 Timber Labourer Peckham
WAR Rugby, WRK John Foskett 21 Railway Engine Driver Theddingworth, Lei
SRY CAMBERWELL John Foskett 20 Soldier Camberwell
WAR Berkswell, WRK John Foskett 19 Carter at Gasworks Warwick
WAL Langefelach?, Swansea John Foskett 17 General Labourer Landore, Glam
SRY CAMBERWELL John Foskett 14 Peckham
SRY Newington John Foskett 12 NK
MDX SHOREDITCH John Foskett 12 Bethnal Green
BKM Winslow John Foskett 9 Winslow
NBL Byker John Foskitt 7 Newcastle on Tyne
SRY CAMBERWELL John Foskett 2 Durham, Gateshead
MDX SHOREDITCH John A Foskett 43 Tobacconist + Carpenter Islington
SRY CLAPHAM John Allen Forsgate 31 Mechanic Cycle Trade LDN
BKM EAST CLAYDON John Archibald Theodore Foskett 2 Botolph Claydon
YKS Sculcoats John F Foskett 53 Commission Agent Olney, BKM
WOR Yardley, WOR John H Foskett 45 Manager Saw Mill Birmingham, WAR
MDX Hendon John H Foskett 24 Solicitors Clerk Hampstead
WOR Yardley, WOR John H Foskett 21 Mill Sawyer Birmingham, WAR
MDX Hackney John H Foskett 10 Bethnal Green
ESX East Ham John H Foskett 8 Leyton, ESX
MDX Finchley John H Foskett 1 Finchley
SRY CLAPHAM John Henry Forsgate 6 Colchester, ESX
MDX Kensington John R Foskett 29 Postman Kensington
HAM Aldershot John W Foskett 15 Boy London, MDX
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Jonah Foskett 32 JobbingCarpenter (O a/c) HRT Berkhamsted
NTH Stanwick Jos Morris Foskett 43 Carpenter Northants (Borough)
NTH Stanwick Joseph Foskett 80 Wheelwright St Neots
BKM Aston Clinton Joseph Foskett 70 Ag Lab (Hedger) Aston Clinton
BKM Winslow Joseph Foskett 59 Gen Lab Grandborough
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Joseph Foskett 54 Carpenter Hemel Hempstead
SSX HOVE Joseph Foskett 53 Incorporated Accountant Aston Clinton, BKM
BDF Clapham Joseph Foskett 45 Brickyard Labourer Clapham, BDF
KEN BECKENHAM Joseph Foskett 44 Gardener Hogston, BKM
MDX Westminster - St James Joseph Forsgate 39 Cellarman (Brewery) Westminster
WAR Warwick St Mary Joseph Foskett 22 General Labourer Winslow, BKM
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Joseph Foskett 2 Hanley
NTH St GILES, Northampton Joseph G Foskett 19 Journeyman Baker Turvey, BDF
MDX FULHAM Joseph H Foskett 5 Fulham
LAN Lower Booths, LAN Joseph William Forskett 19 General Labourer Woodford, NTH
MDX Harrow Joseph William Foskett 16 Harrow Weald
MDX ST GEORGE THE MARTYR Joshua Foskett 14 Errand Boy Southwark
NTH Wellingborough Josiah Foskett 58 General Labourer Odell, BDF
MDX Stoke Newington Julia Foskett 59 Whitechapel
LEI Leicester St Mary Julia Foskett 27 German seamer? Leicester
MDX St Marylebone Julia Foskett 2 Marylebone
SRY WOKING Julia A Foskett 54 Mitcham, SRY
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Kate Foskett 64 Ireland
BDF Bedford St Paul Kate Foskett 39 Seamstress Renold, BDF
MDX Finchley Kate Foskett 39 Hadley, HRT
MDX Harrow Kate Foskett 30 Dress maker Harrow Weald
BDF Clapham Kate Foskett 26 Cook domestic Clapham, BDF
NTH Northampton Kate Foskitt 14 Shoe Fitter Northampton
BDF Bedford St Paul Kate Foskett 1 Bedford
HUN St Neots Laura Foskett 35 Ringstead, NTH
BKM Aston Clinton Laura A Foskett 31 Red Hill, SRY
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Leonard Foskett 13 Potton End
MDX St Marylebone Leonard Foskett 10 Shepherds Bush
KEN DEPTFORD Leonard Foskett 4 Bermondsey
NTH Little Addington Leonard Forscutt 2 Lt Addington
HRT Hemel Hempstead Lether Foskett 77 Studham, BDF
BKM Winslow Levi Foskett 7 Winslow
ESX West Ham Lilian Foskett 16 West Ham
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Lilley Foskett 1 Berkhamstead
LAN Bury, LAN Lillian Foskett 32 Horsehay, SHR
MDX Islington Lillian Foskett 15 Islington
BKM Wycombe Lillian Foskett 11 Fulham, LDN
ESX Leyton Lillian Foskett 2 Bethnal Green
SRY EGHAM, SRY Lillian G Foskett 8 Watford, HRT
SSX HASTINGS Lillian M Foskett 3 Hastings, SSX
MDX Edmonton Lillian M Foskett 2 Homerton
BKM Winslow Lillie Foskett 7 Winslow
MDX Hornsey Lillie H Foskett 30 Sydenham, KEN
NTH Stanwick Lillie L Foskett 5 Stanwick
MDX Stoke Newington Lilly Foskett 10 Islington
SRY CARSHALTON, SRY Lilly S Fosket 24 Parlour maid Hemel Hemstead, HRT
HRT Watford Lily Foskett 15 Nursemaid Abbotts Langley
HRT Watford Lily Foskett 15 Nursemaid Abbotts Langley
NBL Byker Lily Foskitt 10 Newcastle on Tyne
BKM Winslow Lily Foskett 5 Winslow
SRY RICHMOND Lizzie Foskett 41 Strand, LDN
MDX SHOREDITCH Lizzie Foskett 18 Box Maker Bermondsey
LON BATTERSEA Lizzie Foskett 11 Battersea
MDX SHOREDITCH Lizzie Foskett 11 Homerton
NTH St GILES, Northampton Lizzie Foskett 8 Cranfield, BDF
HRT Hemel Hempstead Louis Foskett 13 Blackwell
SRY CAMBERWELL Louis Foskett 1 Camberwell
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Louisa Foskett 110 Berkhamstead
HRT Hertford Louisa Foskett 64 Witham, ESX
MDX Paddington Louisa Foskett 51 Holmes Green, BKM
NTH Rushden Louisa Foskett 27 Milton Ernest, BDF
NTH Wellingborough Louisa Foskett 24 Shoe machinist Wellingborough
HRT GREAT GADDESDEN Louisa Foskett 15 General Servant Berkhampstead
HRT Wilstone Louisa Foskett 1 Wilstone
HUN Kimbolton Louisa A Foskett 23 Kimbolton
SRY CLAPHAM Louisa E Foskett 41 Schoolmistress Clapham
MDX Westminster - St James Louisa M Foskett 15 Gen Servant Domstic Harrow
SRY CLAPHAM Louise Foskett 35 Kensington, LDN
SRY CLAPHAM Louise Forsgate 29 LDN
HRT Watford Louise Foskett 22 Geberal Servant (Dom) Wilstone
HRT Watford Louise Foskett 22 General Servant (Dom) Wilstone
NTH Wellingborough Louise Forscutt 5 Northampton
MDX CLERKENWELL Lucy Forscutt 50 Clerkenwell
STF Tunstall Lucy Foskett 31 Hanley
MDX HAMPSTEAD Lucy Foskett 23 Greengrocer’s Asst Charlbury, Oxford
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Lucy Foskett 4 Hanley
SRY Lambeth Lucy Ann Foskett 27 Aston Clinton, BKM
ESX Earls Colne, ESX Lucy S Foskett 22 Parlourmaid Badby, NTH
MDX Hayes Luke Foskett 83 Living on own means Weald, ESX
NTH Ringstead Lydia Forscutt 63 Ringstead, NTH
MDX Tottenham Lydia Foskett 32 Bushey
BDF Bedford St Peter Lydia Foskett 17 General Domestic Clapham, BDF
MDX Tottenham Lydia Faskett 4 Islington
MDX Tottenham Lydia Foskett 3 Kensington
MDX St Marylebone M A Foskett 55 Marylebone
CAM CAMBRIDGE Mabel Foskett 14 School Girl Cambridge
ESX Epping Mabel Foskett 14 London
MDX Edmonton Mabel Foskett 8 Hackney
BDF Odell Mabel Foskett 4 Odell
BKM EAST CLAYDON Mabel Elizabeth Foskett 9 Botolph Claydon
ESX Wivenhoe Mabel G? Forsgate 15 Wivenhoe
LAN Burnley, LAN Maggie Forskett 17 Cotton Creeler Woodford, NTH
WAL Langefelach?, Swansea Maggie Foskett 10 Landore, Glam
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Margaret Foskett 56 Potters Warehouse Burslem
MDX Chiswick Margaret Foskett 54 Northchurch
MDX FULHAM Margaret Foskett 45 Ireland
MDX SHOREDITCH Margaret Foskett 16 Book Folder Homerton
KEN Greenwich Margaret Foskett 11 Greenwich
NTH St GILES, Northampton Margaret E Foskett 11 Lt Houghton, NTH
HUN St Neots Marha Forscutt 52 Dressmaker Wisbech, Cambs
ESX Buckhurst Hill Maria Foskett 65 Independent Means Hinton, BRK
NTH Stanwick Maria Foscutt 60 Dean, BDF
NTH Wellingborough Maria Foskett 59 Wellingborough
MDX Finchley Maria L Fosket 16 Regents Park
MDX HAMPSTEAD Maria Mildred Foskett 10 Hampstead
YKS SS Ballockbuie Mark Forsgate 36 AB Harwich, Essex
SRY EGHAM, SRY Mark Foskett 33 Gardener Hemel Hempstead
BKM GRANDBOROUGH Mark Foskett 19 Labourer Great Horwood
WAL Halkyr, Flintshire Martha Foskett 88 Waddon, Bkm
BDF Odell Martha Foskett 69 Odell
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Martha Foskett 50 Berkhamstead
HRT BUSHEY Martha Foskett 49 Watford
MDX SHOREDITCH Martha Foskett 15 Boot? Table Hand Bethnal Green
MDX St Georges Hanover Square Martha Foskett 8 Scholar St Martins in the flds
ESX Leyton Martha Ann Foskett 60 Poplar, LDN
SSX HASTINGS Martha C Foskett 6 Hastings, SSX
BDF Bedford St Paul Mary Foskett 70 Living on own means Bolnhurst, BDF
WAR Ballsall Heath, Birmingham Mary Foskett 67 Bewdley, WOR
BKM Winslow Mary Foskett 65 Winslow
MDX SOHO Mary Foskett 63 Waistcoat Maker City-Cripplegate
MDX BETHNAL GREEN Mary Foskett 62 Walworth
MDX HAMPSTEAD Mary Foskett 57 Gt Berkhampstead
ESX Little Oakley Mary Fosgate 54 Little Oakley
SRY GODSTONE Mary Forsgate 46 Refreshment H’keeper Ramsay, HAM
BDF Clapham Mary Foskett 44 Lacemaker Clapham, BDF
NTH Stanwick Mary Foskett 43 Domestic Work Cantley, NFK
MDX FULHAM Mary Foskett 41 Islington
KEN DARTFORD Mary Foskett 38 Laundress Dartford, KEN
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Mary Foskett 38 Hanley
BKM Winslow Mary Foskett 38 Aldershot, Hants
MDX Hackney Mary Foskett 37 Shoreditch
HRT Tring Mary Foskett 35 Tring
KEN Bromley, Kent Mary Foskett 31 Guernsey
BKM Buckland Mary Foskett 30 Grendon Underwood
SSX HASTINGS Mary Foskett 27 Netherfield, SSX
HRT Hemel Hempstead Mary Foskit 21 Housemaid Domestic Piccotts End
NBL Byker Mary Foskitt 14 Newcastle on Tyne
MDX Edmonton Mary Foskett 9 London
HRT BUSHEY Mary A Foskett 69 Grimstone, NFK
NTH Wellingborough Mary A Foskett 68 Wellingborough
SRY CAMBERWELL Mary A Foskett 62 Bermondsey
MDX Harrow Mary A Foskett 61 Greenhill
MDX Westminster - St James Mary A Foskett 53 Housekeeper Tunwell, HRT
ESX West Ham Mary A Foskett 50 St Georges in East, LDN
HRT Tring Mary A Foskett 47 Living on own means Woolwich
NTH Wellingborough Mary A Forscutt 46 Earls Barton. NTH
SRY CAMBERWELL Mary A Foskett 42 Scotland
MDX St Georges Hanover Square Mary A Foskett 42 St Andrews. Mdx
BDF Luton Mary A Foskett 37 Straw Hat Machiner Toddington, BDF
WOR Kings Norton, WOR Mary A Foskett 34 Matron Bermondsey, LDN
SRY CAMBERWELL Mary A Foskett 32 Shirt Ironer Lambeth
ESX Leyton Mary A Foskett 31 Bethnal Green
HRT BOVINGTON Mary A Foskett 24 General Servant Domestic Whelpley Hill
HRT Hemel Hempstead Mary A Foskett 24 General Servant Domestic Whelpley Hill
MDX St Georges Hanover Square Mary A Foskett 17 Gen Servant Holborn
ESX Leyton Mary A Foskett 11 Bethnal Green
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Mary A Foskett 9 Shelton, STF
SRY CAMBERWELL Mary A H Foskett 60 Greenwich, KEN
NTH Northampton Mary Ann Forskitt 77 Odell, BDF
NTH Rushden Mary Ann Foskett 72 Living on own means Rushden
MDX BETHNAL GREEN Mary Ann Foskett 66 Dressmaker Houndsditch.LDN
BDF Luton Mary Ann Foskett 61 Dressmaker Berkhampstead, HRT
SRY BERMONDSEY Mary Ann Foskett 58 Horsley Down
MDX Mile End Mary Ann Foskett 47 Housekeeper St Bude’s?, LDN
LEI Theddingworth Mary Ann Foskett 42 Houseakeeper Slapham, NTH
BKM EAST CLAYDON Mary Ann Foskett 36 Binfield
MDX Finchley Mary Ann Foskett 36 Westminster
MDX Finchley Mary Ann Foskett 25 Finchley
MDX Mile End Mary Ann Foskett 14 Upholsterer’s Turner Bethnal Green
WAR Warwick St Mary Mary Ann Foskett 9 Warwick
BKM GRANDBOROUGH Mary E Foskett 14 Grandborough
HRT BUSHEY Mary E Foskett 11 Bushey Heath
HRT Tring Mary G Foskett 27 Tring
MDX Hornsey Mary J Forscutt 38 Ringstead
NTH Kingsthorpe, NTH Mary J Forskitt 28 Bermondsey, LDN
SRY Lambeth Mary or May Foskett 19 Typewriter Maidstone, Kent
SRY Lambeth Mary? Foskett 55 Pimlico, Ldn
NBL Byker Mathew Foskitt 10 Newcastle on Tyne
ESX West Ham Matilda Foskett 64 City Rd, LDN
MDX SHOREDITCH Matilda Foskett 36 Mile End
KEN Greenwich Matilda Foskett 35 Woolwich
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Matilda Foskett 17 Laundress Asst Potton End
MDX SHOREDITCH Matilda Foskett 5 Shoreditch
MDX Finchley Matilda Foskett 4 Finchley
MDX Stratford BOW Matilda M Foskett 55 Whitechapel
MDX Stratford BOW Matilda S? Foskett 31 Whitechapel
MDX Hendon Matthew Foskett 22 Auctioneers Clerk Hampstead
MDX St Marylebone Maud Foskett 13 St Pancras
MDX Stoke Newington Maud Foskett 4 Stoke Newington
MDX Willesden Maud Foskett 2 Harlesden
BDF Clapham Maud M Foskett 13 Pavenham, BDF
MDX Harrow Maud Violet Foskett 23 Harrow
MDX Islington Maude Foskett 35 Catnutt, SOM
KEN DEPTFORD Maude E Foskett 20 Dressmaker Old Kent Rd
SSX HOVE Maude H Foskett 25 Penge, SRY
BKM Winslow Maurice Foskett 7m Winslow
BKM Winslow May Foskett 7 Winslow
ESX East Ham May M Foskett 18 Machinist Clothier Lambeth (D+D)
MDX HAMPSTEAD May Victoria Foskett 13 NK
NTH Kingsthorpe, NTH Mercy Forskitt 4 Northampton
LON BATTERSEA Minnie Foskett 32 Aston Clinton, BKM
KEN LEWISHAM Minnie Foskett 22 Genl Serv Domestic Grandborough, BKM
HAM PORTSMOUTH Minnie Forscutt 21 Vegetable Maid London, MDX
HRT Tring Minnie Foskett 16 Dressmaker SOM
HUN St Neots Minnie Forscutt 13 St Neots
MDX Harrow Minnie Foskett 9 Harrow
SRY EGHAM, SRY Minnie Foskett 6 Watford, HRT
SRY PENGE, SRY Minnie L Foskett 30 Penge, SRY
MDX Islington Minnie L Foskett 11 Pawnbroker’s Asst Camberwell
BDF Clapham Miriam Foskett 56 Sharnbrook, BDF
BKM Winslow Montague Foskett 1 Winslow
BDF Clapham Nellie Foskett 16 Pavenham, BDF
ESX East Ham Nellie Foskett 13 Isle of Wight
HRT GREAT GADDESDEN Nellie Foskett 13 Berkhampstead
MDX Mile End Nellie Foskett 13 Bow, LDN
SRY SURBITON Nellie F E Foskett 7 Newbury, BRK
MDX St Pancras Nellie K Foskett 28 St Pancras
WAR Warwick St Mary Noah Foskett 58 General Labourer Granbury (sic), BKM
KEN LEWISHAM Noel Foskett 11 Schoolboy Lewisham
ESX Wivenhoe Noel J Forsgate 9 Wivenhoe
NBL Byker Norah Foskitt 6 Newcastle on Tyne
STF Kings Bromley, STF Norman Foskett 2 Hill Ridware, STF
BKM Wendover Olive N Foskett 10 Wendover, BKM
LON BATTERSEA Oscar Forscutt 33 House Decorator Brampton, HUN
BKM Winslow Percy Foskett 12? Gen Lab Grandborough
MDX Harrow Percy Foskett 3 Stanmore
HRT Hemel Hempstead Percy Foskett 1 Hemel Hempstead
KEN CHARLTON Percy C Foskett 41 Mechanical Engineer Chelsea
WOR Yardley, WOR Percy H Foskett 9 Birmingham, WAR
KEN CHARLTON Percy J Foskett 10 Charlton, KEN
MDX St Pancras Percy James Foskett 24 Trooper London
HRT Tring Percy N Foskett 7 Tring
MDX Finchley Philip Foskett 53 Bricklayers Labourer Finchley
MDX Finchley Philip Foskett 21 Bricklayers Labourer Finchley
NBL Byker Philip Foskitt 12 Newcastle on Tyne
NBL Byker Philip Foskitt 2 Yorkshire
MDX Finchley Phoebe Foskett 13 Finchley
BDF Stevington Priscilla Foskett 52 Lace Maker (Pillow) Stevington, BDF
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Priscilla Foskett 13 Northchurch
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Rachael Foskett 60 Hanley
MDX Westminster - St James Rachel Forsgate 46 Clerk Colnebrook, BKM
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Rachel Foskett 3 Hanley
NTH Ringstead Ralph Forscutt 36 Shoemaker + Bootmaker Ringstead, NTH
MDX Hornsey Ralph Foskett 8 Hornsey
NTH Northampton Rebecca Foskitt 63 Northampton
BDF Harrold Rebecca Fosket 54 Kiving on own means Harrold, BDF
MDX Edmonton Rebecca Foskett 4 London
HRT BOVINGTON Reginald Foskett 11 Bovington Green
HRT BOVINGTON Reginald Foskett 11 Bovington Green
YKS Bramley, Yks Reginald Foskett 1 Bramley, YKS
SSX HOVE Reginald C Foskett 33 Penge, SRY
MDX Hornsey Reginald C Foskett 1 Hornsey
MDX Finchley Rhoda E Foskett 8 Finchley
KEN LEWISHAM Richard Foskett 96 Whitechapel, Mdx
BDF Stevington Richard Foskett 60 Labourer on Farm Odell, BDF
MDX Stoke Newington Richard Fosket 57 Painter Labourer East Stepney
HRT Hemel Hempstead Richard Foskett 46 Railway Station Master Olney
MDX Westminster - St James Richard Forsgate 41 Cooper’s Labourer Westminster
MDX Finchley Richard Foskett 40 Cemetery Handy Man Highgate, Mdx
GLS Bristol Richard Foskett 31 Inn Keeper Turvey, BDF
WAR Curdworth, WRK Richard Foscott 30 Navvy on Drainage NK
HRT Hemel Hempstead Richard Foskett 29 Printers Compositor Brickendon
GLS Bristol Richard Foskett 1 Bristol, GLS
ESX Leyton Robert Foskett 61 Clerk- Local Gov Board Poplar, LDN
MDX Islington Robert Foskett 18 Cycle Engineer Islington
MDX Hackney Robert Foskett 10 Bethnal Green
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Robert Foskett 10 Hanley
BDF Bedford St Paul Robert Foskett 9 Kempston
ESX Leyton Robert B Foskett 21 Clerk -- Civil Service Buckhurst Hill, ESX
LON? St GILES Robert F J Foskett 24 Furnishing Salesman Bristol, GLS
SRY CAMBERWELL Robert H Foskett 32 Factory Labourer Camberwell
KEN DEPTFORD Robert J Foskett 47 Salesman Leather Warehouse Blackfriars
SRY CLAPHAM Robert J Foskett 26 Solicitor Paddington, LDN
MDX Westminster - St James Robert J Forsgate 16 Commercial Clerk Westminster
SRY CAMBERWELL Robert J Foskett 8 Camberwell
NTH Stanwick Robert J Foskett 6 School Stanwick
KEN DEPTFORD Robert T B Foskett 17 Clerk Leather Warehouse Deptford
LAN Garston, LAN Rosabella Fosket 22 Domestic Cook Newcastle, Northumb
MDX Harrow Rose Foskett 28 Stanmore
MDX Hendon Rose Foskett 20 General Servant Elstree
BDF Bedford St Peter Rose Foskett 15 Kitchenmaid Sharnbrook, BDF
SRY CAMBERWELL Rose Foskett 14 Pupil Boulogne, France, BR
BKM Winslow Rose Foskett 11 Winslow
MDX Finchley Rose A Foskett 26 Finchley
SRY CAMBERWELL Rose A C? Foskett 19 Dom Serv Lambeth
MDX Islington Rose A D Foskett 1 Islington
NTH Wellingborough Rose E Foskett 2 Wellingborough
MDX Edmonton Rosina Foskett 14 Clapton
MDX Islington Rothwell Foskett 16 Electricity Barnsby, LDN
MDX Paddington Russell Foskett 8 Marylebone
WAL Langefelach?, Swansea Ruth Foskett 3m Landore, Glam
HUN St Neots Ruth Forscutt 57 Dressmaker Bedford, BDF
MDX Stoke Newington Ruth Foskett 22 General Asst (shop) S. Hornsey
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Ruth Foskett 21 Holloware ???? Hanley
MDX Paddington Ruth Foskett 15 Dress Maker Marylebone
YKS Sculcoats S T Foskett 15 Clerk CC Hull
MDX St Pancras Samuel Foskett 60 Manager Aston Clinton
ESX East Ham Samuel Foskett 55 Carpenter Berkhampstead
SRY CAMBERWELL Samuel Foskett 54 Wire Weaver Camberwell
MDX Islington Samuel Foskett 53 Thimble Maker Limehouse
MDX Hackney Samuel Foskett 38 Cabinet Maker Camberwell
HRT BUSHEY Samuel Foskett 32 Gardener (dom) (w) Bushey Heath
NTH Irthingborough Samuel Foskett 29 Leather Dresser Odell, BDF
MDX Islington Samuel Foskett 28 Silver Smith Islington
MDX St Marylebone Samuel Foskett 18 Racket Maker Lawn Tennis Rickmansworth
MDX Finchley Samuel Foskett 12 Finchley
HRT BUSHEY Samuel Foskett 6 Bushey Heath
ESX East Ham Samuel B Foskett 14 Ireland
MDX St Pancras Samuel F Foskett 27 Carpenter + Joiner St Pancras
MDX St Pancras Samuel M Foskett 33 Glass Manufacturer St Pancras
KEN ROCHESTER Sarah Forskett 66 Housekeeper Aston Clinton, BKM
MDX Harrow Sarah Foskett 64 Parlour maid domestic Harrow Weald
BDF Studham Sarah Foskett 61 Markyate
MDX Hendon Sarah Foskett 55 Abbotts Langley
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Sarah Foskett 54 Berkhampstead
CHS Congleton Sarah Foskett 50 Beech, STF
BKM GRANDBOROUGH Sarah Foskett 50 Winslow
CAM CAMBRIDGE Sarah Foskett 48 Hertford
BKM Aston Clinton Sarah Foskett 47 Housekeeper Aston Clinton
MDX Finchley Sarah Foskett 47 London
NTH Rushden Sarah Foskett 43 Bedford, BDF
SRY Newington Sarah Foskett 42 Dublin, IRE
MDX Stoke Newington Sarah Foskett 42 Laundress Battersea
BKM Winslow Sarah Foskett 39 Winslow
MDX HAMPSTEAD Sarah Foskett 33 Hospital Nurse Brandon, LIN
MDX Edmonton Sarah Foskett 32 London
KEN HERNE BAY Sarah Foskett 32 Housekeeper Frithsden, HRT
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Sarah Foskett 31 Hanley
MDX HAMMERSMITH Sarah Foskett 27 Genrl Servant Dom Berkhampstead, HRT
LON BATTERSEA Sarah Forscutt 26 W.Bromwich
BKM Winslow Sarah Foskett 16 Gen Servant Dom Grandborough
MDX Edmonton Sarah Foskett 14 Bookbinder London
NBL Byker Sarah Foskitt 13 Newcastle on Tyne
HRT BUSHEY Sarah Foskett 12 Bushey Heath
HRT Watford Sarah A Foskett 45 Rickmansworth
HRT Watford Sarah A Foskett 45 Rickmansworth
KEN BECKENHAM Sarah Ann Foskett 56 Winslow, BKM
HRT ICKLEFORD Sarah Ann Foskett 35 Watford
MDX Finchley Sarah Ann Foskett 31 Hemmington, LEI
HRT BUSHEY Sarah E Foskett 62 Bushey
ESX Wivenhoe Sarah E Forsgate 50 Wivenhoe
BKM Winslow Sarah J Foskett 27 Grandborough
SRY CAMBERWELL Sarah Janes Foskett 22 Chippenham, WIL
HRT Tring Sarah M Foskett 5 Tring
MDX Harrow Selina Foskett 49 Bushey
NTH Wellingborough Selina Forscutt 40 Wellingborough
SRY CAMBERWELL Sidney Foskett 15 Rug? Maker Camberwell
BKM GRANDBOROUGH Sidney Foskett 8 Grandborough
SRY PENGE, SRY Sidney A Foskett 6 Penge, SRY
NTH Wellingborough Sidney C Forscutt 9 Wellingborough
KEN HERNE BAY Sidney G Foskett 2m Herne Bay
BDF Odell Simon Foskett 68 Ag Lab Carlton
SRY Lambeth Sophia Foskett 43 Southport
SSX HOVE Sophia M A Foskett 64 London
SRY CLAPHAM Stephen Foskett 37 Manager Boot Trade Pimlico, MDX
BDF Clapham Susan Foskett 58 Dressmaker Bedford, BDF
BKM GRANDBOROUGH Susan Foskett 48 Bicester, Oxon
MDX FULHAM Susan Foskett 11 Bushey
NTH Rushden Susannah E Foskett 66 Living on own means Rushden
KEN DEPTFORD Sybil G Foskett 19 Mother’s help Deptford
KEN DEPTFORD Sydney Foskett 3 Bermondsey
MDX Willesden Sydney C Foskett 23 Washhouse Clerk Hornsey
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Sydney J Foskett 25 Potters Printer Hanley
MDX Paddington Sylvia Foskett 19 Waitress Marylebone
MDX FULHAM Sylvia M Fosket 4 MDX Fulham
YKS Sculcoats T M Foskett 47 Crowle, LIN
MDX Hornsey Temperance L Foskett 15 Hornsey
MDX FULHAM Theophilus Foskett 4 Fulham
MDX Hackney Thomas Foskett 53? Baker St Neots, HUN
ESX Wivenhoe Thomas Forsgate 78 Retired Master Mariner Wivenhoe
MDX St Marylebone Thomas Foskett 74 Genl Labourer Shoreditch, LDN
ESX West Ham Thomas Foskett 74 General Labourer Ware, HRT
HRT Hemel Hempstead Thomas Foskett 66 Boot Repairer Potton End
SRY CAMBERWELL Thomas Foskett 58 Genl Labourer Camberwell
BKM Winslow Thomas Foskett 57 Ord Ag Lab Grandborough
MDX Kensington Thomas Foskett 49 Horse keeper/Groom Hereford
NTH Little Addington Thomas Forscutt 42 Farmer Ringstead
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent Thomas Foskett 33 Journeyman baker + Dealer Hanley
ESX Leyton Thomas Foskett 32 Cabinet Maker Peckham, LDN
NTH Wellingborough Thomas Foscutt 32 Ironstone Labourer Wellingborough
NBL Jesmond Thomas Foskitt 31 Clerk Estate Office Bermondsey?, LDN
MDX Hackney Thomas Foskett 30 General Labourer Hoxton
SRY CAMBERWELL Thomas Foskett 27 Genl Labourer Camberwell
MDX Paddington Thomas Fosgate 27 Boilermaker London, MDX
SRY BERMONDSEY Thomas Foskett 25 Painter + Paperhanger Bermondsey
MDX Willesden Thomas Foskett 25 Railway Engine Driver Wendover, BKM
LAN Bury, LAN Thomas Foskett 12 Newcastle, STF
KEN DARTFORD Thomas Foskett 10 Dartford, Kent
BKM GRANDBOROUGH Thomas Foskett 10 Plough Boy Grandborough
ESX Leyton Thomas Foskett 9 Bethnal Green
MDX FULHAM Thomas Foskett 7 Fulham
WAL Langefelach?, Swansea Thomas Foskett 4 Landore, Glam
ESX Wivenhoe Thomas A Forsgate 4 Wivenhoe
HRT BUSHEY Thomas B Foskett 10 Bushey Heath
NTH Walgrave Thomas R Foskett 2 Walgrave
MDX Finchley Thos H Foskett 3 North Finchley
KEN WOOLWICH Unnamed Foskett und 1m Woolwich, KEN
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Violet Foskett 17 Mantle Maker Tailor Northchurch
BKM Wycombe Violet Foskett 6 Umballah, Bengal
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Violet Foskett 4 Berkhamsted
MDX Hornsey Violet Grace J Foskett 14 General Servant Camden Town
MDX HAMPSTEAD W H Foskett 2 Hampstead
MDX St Pancras W S P Foskett 10 St Pancras
MDX Harrow Walter Foskett 46 Butler Bushey
BKM EAST CLAYDON Walter Foskett 45 Grandborough
MDX Harrow Walter Foskett 41 General Labourer Gt Berkhamstead
YKS Bramley, Yks Walter Foskett 39 Boot Upper Closer Wellingbro, NTH
HRT Chipping Barnet Walter Foskett 35 Bricklayer’s Lab Manchester, LAN
YKS Beverley Park, YKS Walter Foskett 29 Soldier London, MDX
MDX Harrow Walter Foskett 27 Railway Clerk Harrow Weald
MDX Stoke Newington Walter Foskett 25 Carmen Old Ford
BKM Chesham Walter Foskett 22 Mechanical Engineer LDN Kingsland
BDF Studham Walter Foskett 22 Hay Carter Studham, BDF
HRT Watford Walter Foskett 21 Brass Furnace Man Berkhampstead
NTH Wellingborough Walter Foskett 18 Leather Dresser Wellingborough
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch Walter Foskett 16 Carpenter Berkhampstead
SRY CAMBERWELL Walter Foskett 16 Bottle Labourer Camberwell
BDF Bedford St Mary Walter Foskett 10 Everton, BDF
YKS Brighouse, YKS Walter Foskett 10 Brighouse, YKS
HRT Wilstone Walter Foskett 4 Wilstone
MDX SHOREDITCH Walter Foskett 3 Shoreditch
SRY CAMBERWELL Walter B? Foskett 6 Camberwell
SRY Newington Walter C Foskett 35 Steam Engine Fitter Camberwell
WAR Erdington, WRK Walter E Foscott 5 Henley in Arden
NTH Stanwick Walter H Foskett 8 School Stanwick
LEI Theddingworth Walter Henry Foskett 22 Plate layer on Railway Theddingworth
ESX Leyton Walter R Foskett 24 Clerk – Civil Service Bow, LDN
KEN Greenwich Wealthy Foskett 1 Greenwich
HRT Hemel Hempstead Wilfred S Foskett 16 Clerk CC Blackwell
NTH Kettering William Forscutt 6m Kettering, NTH
MDX BETHNAL GREEN William Foskett 1.11m Bethnal Green
MDX Tottenham William Foskett 81 Living on own means Aston Clinton
NTT Nottingham, NTT William Forskett 70 Labourer Wansford, Hants
HRT Tring William Foskett 69 Living on own means Tring
SSX HASTINGS William Foskett 67 Bathchair Man Grindon Underwood
BDF Studham William Foskett 66 Road Mender Moneybury Hill, Aldbury, HRT
BKM Winslow William Foskett 64 Ord Ag Lab Grandborough
CHS Congleton William Foskett 63 Insurance Agent Hogston, BKM
MDX Kensington William Foskett 62 Painter Marylebone
BKM Drayton Beauchamp William Foskett 57 Horse Man on Farm Drayton Beauchamp
MDX Islington William Foskett 56 Leather Seller Southwark
NTH Wellingborough William Foskett 51 General Labourer Odell, BDF
MDX Enfield William Foskett 49 Floor Cloth Labr Ware, HRT
HUN Kimbolton William Foskett 48 Gas Manager St Neots. HUN
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch William Foskett 39 Bricklayer Berkhamstead
BKM Winslow William Foskett 39 Gen Lab Winslow
BKM Winslow William Foskett 38 Manager Creamery Grandborough
SSX HASTINGS William Foskett 37 Postman Ealing, MDX
HUN St Neots William Forscutt 36 China Dealer St Neots
MDX Tottenham William Foskett 36 Butcher Newgate Market, Ldn
MDX St Marylebone William Foskett 34 Printers Labourer (W) Marylebone
BKM Aston Clinton William Foskett 32 Gardeners Labourer Aston Clinton
KEN Greenwich William Foskett 32 Genl Labourer Peckham
MDX Stoke Newington William Foskett 31 Gas Fitter Whitechapel
MDX Hendon William Foskett 29 Railway Carman Hemel Shoots?
NTH Kingsthorpe, NTH William Forskitt 28 Boot + Shoe Finisher Northampton
BKM GRANDBOROUGH William Foskett 25 Railway Porter Grandborough
SRY SOUTHWARK William Foskett 25 Packing Case Maker Bermondsey
MDX FULHAM William Forscutt 23 Fishmongers Salesman W Fulham
MDX St Marylebone William Foskett 23 Drapers Porter Hayes, Mdx
HRT Berhamstead + Northchurch William Foskett 19 Carpenter Berkhampstead
DBY Swadlincote William Foskett 19 Sanitary ware Dresser Hanley
MDX Finchley William Foskett 17 Butcher Finchley
CHS Poulton cum Seacombe, CHS William Foskett 16 Flour Warehouseman Winslow, Bkm
MDX SHOREDITCH William Foskett 12 Bethnal Green
HRT Wilstone William Foskett 11 Scholar Wichendon
BKM Winslow William Foskett 11 Winslow
NTH Finedon, NTH William Foskett 10 Tottenham, Ldn
NTH Kingsthorpe, NTH William Forskitt 10 Northampton
STF Hanley, Stoke on Trent William Foskett 8 Hanley
MDX St Marylebone William Foskett 8 Marylebone
BDF Odell William Foskett 7 Odell
MDX Willesden William Foskett 4 Kilburn
BKM Buckland William Foskett 2 Drayton Beauchamp
MDX FULHAM William A Foskett 8 Fulham
MDX Westminster - St James William A Forsgate 3 Pimlico
ESX Wivenhoe William C Forsgate 10 Wivenhoe
MDX Hornsey William D Foskett 13 Hornsey
NTH Wellingborough William E? Forscutt 47 Pressman Northampton
LEI Theddingworth William Ernest Foskett 14 Ordinary Ag Lab Theddingworth
MDX HAMPSTEAD William F Foskett 29 Bricklayer Hampstead
MDX Limehouse William G Fosgate 31 Foreman Dock Lab Plaistow, ESX
MDX Hendon William G Foskett 5 St Pancras
SRY GODSTONE William Henry Forsgate 4 East Grinstead
SSX HOVE William J Foskett 65 Living on own means London
MDX Westminster - St James William J Forscutt 50 Muffin Baker, Bread Mkr St James, West.
MDX Acton, Mdx William J Foskett 29 Platelayer Brockley Hill, MDX
KEN Greenwich William J Foskett 11 Greenwich
HRT Tring William N Foskett 10 Tring
BDF Bedford St Mary William S Foskett 6 Everton
ESX Wivenhoe William T Forsgate 46 Master Mariner Wivenhoe
HUN Kimbolton William W Foskett 20 Rural Postman Kimbolton
ESX East Ham Winifred Foskett 6 Leyton, ESX
BKM Winslow Winnie Foskett 5 Winslow
SRY PENGE, SRY Winnie L Foskett 1m Penge, SRY
BKM Quainton Winnifred M Foskett 16 Domestic Servant Great Horwood
BKM Winslow Winnifred Mary Foskett 1 Winslow
NTH Wellingborough Zilpah Foscutt 31 Wellingborough

© Sandra J Smith MBE 2006