Abney Park Cemetery

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Abney Park is a historic C18th century parkland located in the Hackney area of East London and preserved in memory of Dr Isaac Watts and Lady Mary Abney. These are the grounds where Isaac Watts wrote a number of his hymns and verses; the site of a novel Quaker girl's school where the first school bus in the world was introduced, and an early Methodist training college. In 1840 most of the historic park was set aside as the first wholly non-denominational garden cemetery in Europe; a largely Congregationalist enterprise. It became a celebrated example of a Victorian 'rural cemetery' modelled on Mount Auburn in America. At this time it also contained a free public arboretum of immense proportions.

Today Abney Park is a local nature reserve and centre for arts and stone masonry training. It also offers a school classroom and associated out-doors activities. Some parts of Abney Park are still, ocassionally, buried in as a courtesy to people who once held family plots from the private cemetery company before it closed in 1978; this is discretionary and requires the permission of Hackney Council.

Name Surname Date Age Burial Section Index
Foskett (Henry?) 01Apr1884 -- 74894 J09 3S03
Foskett Alice 06-Mar-00 43y 101100 H03 4S11
Foskett Annie 18-Nov-33 79y 157044 B04 7S18
Foskett Eliza Ellen 07Jun1886 73y 78650 --- 3S06
Foskett George 11Feb1862 16m 28591 E08 1S11
Foskett Henry 10Dec1885 73y 77701 I08 3S06
Foskett Henry Charles 31-Jul-41 87y 167480 M05 8S04
Foskett Henry George 13-Apr-54 73y 181039 K07 8S11
Foskett Jane 06Feb1862 04y 28567 E08 1S11
Foskett Julia Harriet 30-Dec-16 74y 127359 I07 6S09
Foskett Richard 11-Feb-13 69y 121045 I07 6S03

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