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The sources for these apprenticeship records are various, but mainly from the Apprentices Index kept by the Society of Genealogists in London. These latter records are predominantly London apprentices where a stamp duty had to be paid on indentures during the period 1710-1784. However, other apprenticeship records survive in numerous other sources, mainly due to the activities of the overseers of the Poor, who would apprentice out youngsters rather than have them living off the poor rate. The significant recent increase in the number of records is due to the inclusion of apprenticeships from the Freedom of the City of London records - one of the routes to gaining Freedom of the City was to have served a full apprenticeship in the city. Apprentices were normally about 14 years of age at the start of their indenture and the period of indenture was 7 years. However, an apprentice could be as old as 21 at the start, but they still had to serve a period of 7 years. An apprentice normally lived in the shop or household of his master and was not able to marry until he was free. Except for those apprenticed out under the various poor regulations, a fee was payable to the master for the training and the indenture contained details of any other costs and/or allowances. It is worth noting that in London, in order to practice one's trade one had to be a member of a Livery Company (or Guild)but from the mid 17th century you did not necessarily have to follow the trade of that Livery Company. So, for example, rather confusingly, one might be a member of the Apothocary's Company, but be a weaver by trade.

Year Apprentice Abode, Parentage County Master Company
1559 Andrew Foskett LDN Stationers Company
1636 John Foscett son of Thomas of Milbourne, yeoman WIL John Moncke Tallow Chandlers Company
1644 John Foskett son of John Foskett, yeoman of Grendon Underwood LDN Anthony Lewing Grocers Company
1654 Richard Fascott son of Richard Fascott, Greenwich, Kent, Esq LDN Thomas Barnebowe, esq Vintners Company
1658 William FFOSCOT son of Christopher Ffoscot of Great Horwood BKM Ralph Stables London Cordwainers Company
1667 Francis Foskett son of John Foskett, weaver of Stewkeley BKM` John Beard, butcher London Clothworkers Company
1674 John Foskett son of Henry Foskett, late of Great Horwood BKM William Foskett London Cordwainers Company
1694 Thomas Foscott son of John Foscott of Rothwell, dec NTH Samuel Thompson London Carmens Company
1705 Caleb Foskett son of William, North Crawley, gentleman BKM Daniel Jenkins London Curriers Company
1714 Tho Brittain son of Thomas of Cosgrove Cosgrove, Northampton Hen Foskett Cordwainer
1719 Wm Truelove Cosgrove, Northampton Hen Foskett Cordwainer
1720 Robt Previll son of Robert, Joyner St Giles In The Fields Philip Foskett Joyner
1720 Jarvis William son of William William of Hertford HRT Caleb Foskett London Curriers Company
1730 Joseph Nicholls son of Roger, husbandman London Caleb Foskett Citizen & Currier
1730 Thos Foskett son of John of Clapton, Somerset Bristol Will Hargest Barber Surgeon
1730 Joseph Nicholls son of Roger Nicholls of Northaw HRT Caleb Foskett London Curriers Company
1733 Henry Foskett son of Joseph of Liberty Tower London John Pinchin Citizen & Dyer
1733 Henry Foskett son of Joseph Foskett of Liberty of the Tower, weaver, deceased MDX James Pinchen London Dyers Company
1735 Joseph Foskett son of Joseph of Shacklewell? London John Pearce Citizan & Apothecary
1736 Will Foskett son of Joseph of Spittlefields London James Gallopine Citizen & Cooper
1744 John Fosgate Westleton, Suffolk Robert Penny Cordwainer
1751 Robert Forsket son of Margaret, St Katherine Coleman, wid LDN James Tomlinson London Spectaclemakers Company
1752 Joseph Foskett Brampton Edwd Bishop Taylor
1753 William Fosket Musley William Parret Taylor
1753 William Foskett BKM William Parrett Tailor, of Mursley, BKM
1757 Thomas Foskett son of William Foskett of Islington MDX Thomas House London Pattenmakers Company
1758 Ebenezer Foskett son of Henry Foskett,Spitalfields, dyer, deceased MDX Robert Harwood London Glass-sellers Company
1758 George Forskett son of Robert, Crutched Friars, shoemaker, deceased LDN Robert Forskett London Spectaclemakers Company
1758 James Field LDN Samuel Foskett Leather Seller
1759 Benjamin Read London Samuel Fosket Citizen and Leatherseller
1759 Saml Foskett London John Perry Citizen & Goldsmith
1760 James Field London Saml Fosket Citizen and Leatherseller
1762 Will Butcher Hogston, Buckinghamshire Geo Foskett Cordwainer
1764 Geo Cope London Sam Fosket Citizen and Leatherseller
1765 Nathaniel Stewart London Joseph Foskett Citizen & Weaver
1772 Mary Burridge Ickwell, Bedford Mary Fosket Mantuamaker
1774 Benj Foskett Cambridge, Cambridge Stephen Foskett Baker
1774 Benjamin Foskett Cambridge CAM -
1774 - - Cambridge CAM Stephen Foskett
1780 Samuel Foskett St Pancras, Middlesex James Praed Attorney
1780 Amos Adams son of Thomas Adams, stationer LDN Robert Forskett London Spectaclemakers Company
1786 Jno Forskett Cranfield, Bedford Edwd Odell Butcher
1788 John Gutteridge London Robert Forskett Citizen & Spectacle maker
1788 John Gutteridge son of John Gutteridge, gent, deceased MDX Robert Forskett London Spectaclemakers Company
1789 Wm Foskett Allhallows Courth Gracechurch St Isaac Fawcett Attorney
1790 Wm Eade Chiswell St, Middlesex Wm Foskett Carpet maker
1790 John Robertshaw son of Thomas Robertshaw of St Sepulchre LDN Robert Forskett London Spectaclemakers Company
1792 Joseph Merchant son of John Merchant of Hoxton, milkman MDX Robert Forskett London Spectaclemakers Company
1792 Benjamin Waddington son of William Waddington, Shoreditch MDX Robert Forskett London Spectaclemakers Company
1792 William Forskett son of Robert Forskett, apprenticed to his father MDX Robert Forskett London Spectaclemakers Company
1793 Samuel Forscutt Kimbolton HUN Thomas Haddon Staymaking
1804 Samuel Foskett son of James Foskett, St George, Southwark SRY James Heather Callenderer
1817 Bernard Foskett North Crawley BKM George Austin baker
1818 William Foskett LDN Stationers Company
1826 John Foskett son of Samuel Foskett of Iver, Bucks BKM Thomas Hudson Shipwrights Company
1846 James Foskett 4 Friars St, Blackfriars LDN (Trading Dates) Leather Dresser/Currier
1847 James Foskett son of Samuel Foskett, 12 New St, Bath St, City Rd, St Lukes LDN John Thomas Faulder Clothworker
1867 Edward Foskett 23 The Drapery, Northampton NTH Horatio Warren tea dealer and provision merchant
1724 Joseph Falscutt Spaldwick HUN Joseph Palmer Cordwainer

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