Australian Newspaper Obituaries 1977-2004

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Surname Forenames Date of Death Age Type Place Newspaper
FOSKETT Albert Thomas 18-Feb-80 - Death at Royal North Shore hospital late of Forestville 19-Feb-80 SMH
FOSKETT Alexander Ernest 20-Jul-83 56 Death late of Smithfield 22-Jul-83 SMH
FOSKETT Anthony Charles 20-Feb-75 18 Death late of Pymble 22-Feb-75 SMH
FOSKETT Barbara Dorrington 13-Jul-00 - Death late of Killara 15-Jul-00 SMH
FOSKETT Bessie 11-Feb-85 - Death late of Wollongong 13-Feb-85 SMH
FOSKETT Bessie 11-Feb-85 - Death late of Wollongong 14-Feb-85 SMH
FOSKETT Bessie 11-Feb-85 - Death at Wollongong 15-Feb-85 SMH
FOSKETT Donald William 01-Dec-96 - Death late of Killara 03-Dec-96 SMH
FOSKETT Dorothy Enid 26-Jun-90 92 Death late of Denistone 30-Jun-90 SMH
FOSKETT Douglas John William 02-Aug-82 - Death late of Forestville 04-Aug-82 SMH
FOSKETT Edith 09-Jul-77 94 Death late of Gladesville 11-Jul-77 SMH
FOSKETT Edith - - see SMITH Edith 07-Jan-84 SMH
FOSKETT Elyshia Pamela 24-Aug-84 - Death - 28-Aug-84 SMH
FOSKETT Eva 03-Oct-96 - Death - 05-Oct-96 SMH
FOSKETT George Grahame 04-Dec-01 - Death late of Revesby 06-Dec-01 DT
FOSKETT Jessie 02-Nov-76 94 Death late of Alexandria 03-Nov-76 SMH
FOSKETT John 20-Jun-87 - Death late of Kirribilli 25-Jun-87 SMH
FOSKETT John Alfred 13-Aug-77 - Death late of Brighton-le-Sands 15-Aug-77 SMH
FOSKETT John Thomas 19-Nov-03 53 Funl late of Stafford 18-Nov-03 BCM
FOSKETT Joy 02-Jan-77 - Death at Port Campbell 04-Jan-77 SMH
FOSKETT Madeline Phyllis 03-Jan-90 77 Death late of Davistown 05-Jan-90 SMH
FOSKETT Marguerite May 27-Jan-94 90 Death late of Blakehurst formerly of Brighton 29-Jan-94 SMH
FOSKETT Nancy Mary 05-Nov-01 89 Death late of Waverton formerly of Roseville 07-Nov-01 SMH
FOSKETT Ronald 30-Jul-01 - Death - 01-Aug-01 SMH
FOSKETT Stanley 28-Jun-80 67 Death late of Davistown formerly of Sutherland 30-Jun-80 SMH
FOSKETT Stephen John 27-Oct-90 - Death late of Toowoon Bay formerly of Alexandria 29-Oct-90 SMH
FOSKETT Vincent 16-Mar-04 62 Death - 20-Mar-04 SMH

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