Marriage Certificates 1837 - 2004

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Listed below is a list of Marriage Certificates I have either purchasedor have been donated by others. T Email me if you would like full details.

The parish register entry is the original certificate, those sent to the Superintendent Registrar and eventually the General Registrar are copies and therefore could possibly contain transcription errors.

You will appreciate that with several thousand entries in the GRO registers, it is well beyond my means to purchase copy certificates for each one. Can you help? Have you a certificate, the details of which you are willing to share? If so, please email me.

I have used the Chapman Codes for County names in the list.

Year Forename Surname Father Forename Father Surname Mother Forename Mother Maiden Name Place County
1901 Albert Ernest Foskett Charles Foskett Louisa Cox Higham Ferrers NTH
1861 Alfred Foskett - - Mary Foskett Ware HRT
1871 Alfred Foskett George Foskett Christianna Cave Christchurch LDN
1902 Alfred Charles Foskett Arthur Ernest Foskett Mary Jane Wilson Watford HRT
1891 Arthur George Foskett Frederick Foskett Martha Shaw Haggerston LDN
1892 Arthur William Foskett Harry Foskett Minnie Halsey Aylesbury BKM
1994 Cara-Rose Victoria Foskett - - - - Neath WAL
1860 Charles Foskett Philip Foskett Harriet Ruffell Finchley MDX
1867 Charles Foskett Charles Foskett Elizabeth Long St George Camberwell SRY
1883 Charles Henry Foskett William Foskett Elizabeth Rance Berkhampsted HRT
1893 Constance Mildred Foskett William Joseph Foskett Amelia Emily Browning Stoke Newington LDN
1902 Dorothy Alexandra Foskett William Daniel Foskett Amelia Emily Brown Stoke Newington LDN
1896 Edgar Foskett Herbert Foskett Mary Jane Milton Leicester LEI
1882 Edward John Foskett Eli Foskett Sarah Warr Winslow BKM
1857 Elizabeth Foskett William Foskett Elizabeth Skevington Olney BKM
1858 Elizabeth Foskett Henry Foskett Eliza Kempster Tring HRT
1908 Eustace Victor Foskett Pickett - - Violet Daisy Pickett Millbrook HAM
1877 Francis Arthur Foskett Robert Joseph Foskett Emily Annie Harley Harrold BDF
1884 Frank Evelyn Foskett John Foskett Charlotte Louisa Chapman Finchley MDX
1840 Frederick Foskett Samuel Gilbert Foskett Harriett Jane Ray Westminster MDX
1877 Frederick Foskett Thomas Foskett Sarah Hodder Mile End Old Town MDX
1915 Frederick Arthur James Foskett - - - - Hackney MDX
1845 George Foskett Aaron Foskett Hannah Knight Harrow MDX
1853 George Foskett Simonds Foskett Martha Howe Harrold BDF
1898 Harold Foskett Arthur Henry Foskett Sarah Jane Dytum Winslow BDF
1885 Harry Foskett William Foskett Annie Warner Winslow BKM
1900 Henry Charles Foskett James Benjamin Foskett Matilda Weston Shoreditch LDN
1842 Jabez Foskett Charles Foskett Zilpha Hollis Winslow BKM
1989 Jag Elliott Foskett - - - - Swansea WAL
1861 James George Foskett Samuel Foskett Mary Ann Britt Finchley MDX
1894 James Henry Foskett James Foskett Louisa Jane Taylor St Olave Southwark LDN
1920 John Foskett Heny Foskett Mary Ann Balls Byker NBL
1899 John Archibald Theodore Foskett Walter Foskett Mary Ann Brecker Winslow BKM
1901 Joshua Graham Foskett Charles Foskett Annie Nealings Byker NBL
1838 Martha Fosket Charles Fosket Tilpha (sic) Hollis Winslow BKM
1887 Percy Foskett David Foskett Sarah Walker Winslow BKM
1841 Philip Foskett Henry Foskett Mary Donovan St James Clerkenwell MDX
1838 Rhodia Foskett William Foskett Elizabeth Coker Winslow BKM
1842 Richard Foskett Richard Foskett Elizabeth Porter Whitechapel MDX
1840 Robert Foskett John Foskett Mary Ann Sampson Poplar MDX
1854 Robert Joseph Foskett James Foskett Margaret Blackie St Georges, Southwark SRY
1905 Stuart Messetter Foskett Edward Crawley Foskett Mary Messetter Hastings SSX
1902 Sydney Foskett Alfred (crossed out) Smith (crossed out) Emma Foskett Northampton NTH
1847 Thomas Edward Foskett William Foskett Harriet Harper Camberwell MDX
1901 Thomas Richard Foskett Percy James Foskett Millicent Anita Young Wimbledon SRY
1902 Thomas William Foskett Thomas William Foskett Emily Dowding Hackney LDN
1960 Toni Foskett Raymond George Foskett Julia Brenda Lovett Hemel Hempstead HRT
1852 Walter Foskett Charles William Foskett Sarah Ann Notman St James Bermondsey SRY
1838 William Foskett Henry Charles Foskett Sarah Fountain Aston Clinton BKM
1839 William Foskett George Foskett Elizabeth Claydon Winslow BKM
1845 William Foskett William Foskett Ann Kingston St Saviours SRY
1849 William Foskett Henry Foskett Mary Bedford Peckham SRY
1854 William Foskett Henry Foskett Mary Donovan St George Camberwell SRY
1861 William Foskett William Foskett Mary Westley Winslow BKM
1861 William Foskett Charles Foskett Emily Tarsey Berkhamstead HRT
1861 William Joseph Foskett William Foskett Elizabeth Van Kensington MDX
1869 William Joseph Foskett Richard Foskett Julia Harriett Lucas Whitechapel MDX

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