Death Duties 1796-1903

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Death Duties were payable on estates over a certain value and the Death Duty Registers contain details of estates investigated; not necessarily all actually paid duty.

Unfortunately these records are extremely difficult to interpret and use. I have looked at them but ran out of time before I could obtain anything useful.

Where there was no abode stated I have included the address given for the executor/administrator.

Year Surname Forename Abode Executor Court Reference
1812 Forsgate William Southminster, ESX Eliz. Banks PC 2/305
1814 Foscutt Sarah Ellington, HUN Wm Ladds? PC 4/631
1815 Foskett Jane ?ix Cross Street, London Peter Earnshaw CC 2/214
1818 Foskett Mary Aston Clinton Jane Foskett Bucks Jan-13
1818 Foskett William 13 Wellington Sq, Grays Inn Lane Jane Uffell CC Jan-68
1820 Foskett James Three Kings Court, Minories James Foskett CC 2/349
1824 Foskett Julian Leigh, KEN John Payne PC 2/222
1824 Foskett Michael Leigh, KEN John Payne PC 2/247
1827 Foskett Julian Deptford Charity Theobold PC Jan-53
1828 Foskett Thomas M Ashley House, Tiverton, Devon Hy Foskett PC 3/641
1835 Foskett Benjamin Mill Hill, Hendon W. Foskett PC 2/344
1840 Foskett Joseph Cockshutt Hill, Reigate Henry Foskett PC 3/560
1842 Foskett Richard Turnhill, Bengeo, HRT Martha Foskett Hunt 2/358
1842 Foskett Stephen Hoddesdon, HRT Sarah Foskett CC 2/373
1843 Foskett Ann Hogston,BKM John Foskett Bucks Jan-50
1843 Foskett Thomas Cople, BDF Maria Foskett BED Jan-78
1843 Foskett William Bath Charlotte Foskett PC 2/294
1844 Foskett John Wells Pl, Camberwell Ann Foskett PC 4/580
1844 Foskett Samuel Rushden, NTH Mary Ann Foskett Peter 1/189
1847 Foskett William 4 ?? Place, Whitechapel William Foskett PC 2/331
1849 Foskett George 4 York Rd, Lambeth Henry Foskett PC 2/283
1852 Foskett William Harrow Weald Samuel Foskett PC 1/356
1854 Foskett Henry Alpha Rd, Regents Park Maria M G Foskett PC 01-Aug
1855 Foskett Charlotte Bath Charlotte M Foskett PC 1/120
1858 Foscutt John Thomas Humberstone M Foskett LEICS 1/268
1861 Foskett Sarah Port Vale, Bengeo,HRT George Little PR Jan-50
1861 Foskett Sarah Hampstead James Foskett PR 3/680
1863 Foskett George Harrow Weald William Foskett PR 3/906
1863 Foskett William Harrow Weald Anna M Foskett PR 4/1289
1864 Foskett Martha Turnhill, Bengeo, HRT Henry Foskett PR 2/845
1866 Foskett Elizabeth C Lee, Kent Joseph Foskett PR 1/728
1867 Foskett Paul Brighton Henry Foster PR ?/443
1867 Foskett Philip Finchley John Freeman PR ?/4
1870 Foskett Mary Abbots Langley Joseph Foskett PR 3/764
1872 Foskett Thomas M Horsham Joseph Foskett PR 1/170
1873 Foskett George Stanmore William T Butterfield PR 3/692
1873 Foskett Maria Martin Gowan Bickley, Kemt John Gordon PR 4/1127
1875 Foskett James Bishopgate, London Susan Foskett PR 5/1108
1875 Foskett Joseph Abbots Langley Rev Wayne PR ?/672
1878 Foskett William Holloway M Foskett PR 206
1881 Foskett Charlotte Milford Bath John Gordon, South Kensington PR 32
1881 Foskett Sophia Anne Folkestone Rev William Weayne, Brozeley? PR 1278
1883 Foskett George Finchley Chas Foskett PR 7742
1883 Foskett Margaret Islington Richd Pickett PR 4531
1883 Foskett Mary Ann Rushton Wm Radburne Peterbro 3832
1884 Foskett Ann Maria Harrow Weald Harriet Wicks PR 7569
1884 Foskett William Finchley John Foskett PR 6959
1886 Foskett Eliza Ellen Clerkenwell Samuel Robart PR 7056
1886 Foskett Henry Clerkenwell E E Foskett PR 448
1886 Foskett Thos Benjamin Harrow Weald Ann Rumsay PR 12039
1887 Foskett William Hemel Hempsted Mary Ann Foskett PR 10217
1888 Foskett Caroline Rhyl Wm Mannix? St Asaph 2118
1889 Foskett William Rushden William Henry Wilkins Peterbro 5134
1891 Foskett Maria Brighton M Wood PR 3141
1891 Foskett William Benjamin Camberwell H Foskett PR 3412
1893 Foskett Anne Kennington J Foskett PR 2303
1894 Foskett Charles Woolwich C Foskett PR 8274
1894 Foskett Frederick East Dulwich NA? Foskett PR 3824
1894 Foskett Louis Robert Tring M A Foskett PR 14636
1895 Foskett Henry Holloway M Foskett PR 2609
1898 Foskett Charles William Chelsea L H Foskett PR 3379
1898 Foskett Eleanor Hemel Hempsted J Fysh? PR 3516
1899 Foskett Catherine Ann Highgate Rd S Foskett PR 1180
1899 Foskett George Harrow Weald S Foskett PR 3998
1899 Foskett Maria Northchurch G Foskett PR 2184
1900 Foskett Annie Kennington J Foskett PR 2303
1900 Foskett Emma Berkhampsted J W Foskett PR 380
1900 Foskett James Upper Clapton J W Pritchard PR 1588
1900 Foskett Sarah Ann Catford J Foskett PR 4188
1901 Foskett Edward Peckham A S Foskett PR 3895
1901 Foskett George Plaistow M A Foskett PR 5189
1901 Foskett Mary Ann Harrow Weald W Taylor PR 1893
1902 Foskett Louisa Hertford H Foskett PR 606
1903 Foskett Robert Leytonstone M A Foskett PR 2850
1903 Foscutt Sarah Elizabeth Kilsby H E F Comyn PR 18576

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