GRO Births 1837-2006

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The records below are taken from the index of births of the Registrar General of England and Wales. They have been listed in surname alphabetical order
A mother's maiden name is included in the index from 1911, so listed here are all the children registered with the mother's maiden name given as Foskett or one of the variants. I have not included in this index those children with the surname Foskett and mother's maiden name as Foskett - they are in the main GRO Births index. Births had to be registered within 6 weeks, so it is possible that the registration took place in the quarter following the actual birth.

I have further details of parentage for many of the entries collected from various sources. Please email me if you would like the details.

Forename(s) Surname Mother's Maiden Name Month/Quarter Year Registration District
Yvonne L Abbott Foskett Apr-Jun 1942 Romford
Phoebe Angelika Aburn Foskett Jan 2003 Barnet
Patricia K Adams Foskett Jan - Mar 1937 Islington
Maureen E Adams Foskett Apr-Jun 1939 Kensington
Marc Daniel Adams Foskett Jul 1991 Greenwich
Sam George Adams Foskett Sep 2001 Greenwich
Paul Adcock Foskett Jul - Aug 1980 Leicester C
Saram Adcock Foskett Jul - Aug 1980 Leicester C
Rose Marie Adcock Foskett Jul 1984 Leicestershire Central
Elizabeth Ann Adcock Foskett Apr 1996 Leicester
Stuart James Adie Foskett Oct - Dec 1978 Chatham
Gemma Louise Adie Foskett Jan 1984 Chatham
Cheryl K Adrian Foskett Apr-Jun 1961 Hampstead
Trevor J Adrian Foskett Apr-Jun 1963 Hampstead
Ian Maston Adrian Foskett Jan - Mar 1966 Hampstead
Lisa Joanne Adrian Foskett Jan - Mar 1969 Barnet
Jeremy A D Agnew Foskett Oct - Dec 1943 Knaresbro'
Jake Ryan G Alexander Foskett Aug 1995 Bexley
Robert J Allen Foskett Oct - Dec 1950 Luton
Rita V Allen Foskett Apr-Jun 1952 Luton
Jo-Anne Allen Forskitt Jan - Mar 1972 Northampton
Emma Jane Allen Forskitt Apr - Jun 1975 Northampton
Sharon Lesley C Allsopp Foskett Jan - Mar 1967 Worthing
Keith Bayne Allsopp Foskett Apr-Jun 1970 Worthing
Sally Anne Allsopp Foskett Apr-Jun 1973 Chichester
Sarah Katie Allsopp Foskett Oct - Dec 1974 Chichester
Margaret J Allton Fosgate Jul - Sep 1934 Romford
Jennifer Louisa Amato Foskett Mar 1984 Maidstone
Abigail Laura Amato Foskett Jul 1987 Maidstone
Daphne G Amoss Foskett Jan - Mar 1923 Barnet
George H C Amoss Foskett Apr-Jun 1927 Barnett
Richard Stephen Anderson Forskitt Aug 1987 Northampton
Emma Ann Anderson Forskitt Nov 1989 Northampton
Dawn J Andrew Forskitt Jul - Sep 1949 Northampton
Delia A Andrew Forskitt Oct - Dec 1950 Market Harborough
Desnee H Andrew Forskitt Jul - Sep 1951 Market Harborough
Carol Andrew Forskitt Jul - Sep 1952 Northampton
Paul Andrew Forskitt Jul - Sep 1957 Northampton
Stanley Andrews Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1913 Bromley
Kathleen G Andrews Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1915 Bromley
Charles W Andrews Foskett Oct - Dec 1916 Barnet
Phyllis M Andrews Foskett Jul - Aug 1924 Barnet
Angeliki Eleanor C Angelidis Foskett Jun 1997 Eastbourne
Ronald J T Angell Forscutt Oct - Dec 1946 Camberwell
Robert J Angell Forscutt Oct - Dec 1948 Southwark
Martin C Angell Forscutt Jul - Sep 1954 Thurrock
Kerry J V Angell Forscutt Jan - Mar 1956 Thurrock
Russell D Angell Forscutt Jul - Sep 1961 Eton
Ella Louise Ansell Foskett Nov 2004 Hitchin and Stevenage
Hilda M Arnold Foskett Jul - Aug 1923 Swansea
Florence M E Arnold Foskett Jan - Mar 1926 Swansea
Josephine R Arnold Foskett Oct - Dec 1930 Swansea
Holly Elizabeth Ashbey Foskett Dec 2001 Dacorum
Ben Christopher Ashbey Foskett Dec 2002 Dacorum
Alice E Ashton Foskett Jul - Aug 1917 West Ham
George A Ashton Foskett Apr-Jun 1920 West Ham
Carole A Aslett Foskett Jul - Aug 1962 Surrey NE
Michael J J Aslett Foskett Apr-Jun 1964 Surrey SE
Carig Philip Atkins Foskett Oct - Dec 1980 Wycombe
Scott Patrick Atkins Foskett Oct 1991 Wycombe
Mathew Atkinson Foskett Apr 1988 Penrith
Sebastian William E August Foskett May 1999 Carmarthen
Patricia Bagel Foskett Apr-Jun 1943 Hampstead
Jacqueline A Bailey Foskett Jan - Mar 1945 Market Harborough
Anne H Baird Foskett Oct - Dec 1934 West Ham
Lesley P Baker Foskett Jan - Mar 1953 Birmingham
Neil J Baker Foskett Jan - Mar 1955 Birmingham
Clive Frederick Baker Foskett Oct - Dec 1966 Harrow
Wendy Eleanor Baker Foskett Oct - Dec 1969 Harrow
Laura Jane Baldwin Foskett Apr-Jun 1980 Barnet
Lucy Anne Baldwin Foskett Apr-Jun 1980 Barnet
Nicholas James Ball Foskett Apr-Jun 1978 Bexley
Natasha Kate Ball Foskett Jul - Aug 1979 Bexley
Jonathan Oliver Ball Foskett Jul - Aug 1983 Bexley
Maurice Balmforth Forskett Jul - Sep 1915 Burnley
Sophie Gwen Banning Foskett Jan 2004 Carmarthen
Sophie Gwen Banning Foskett Jan 2004 Carmarthen
Thomas Charles Barber Foskett Nov 1991 Chelmsford
Nona F Barker Forscutt Jul - Sep 1913 Solihull
Edward R Barker Forscutt Oct - Dec 1914 Solihull
Nora M Barker Forscutt Oct - Dec 1915 Solihull
Bernard G Barker Forscutt Apr - Jun 1920 Wellingborough
Barbara M Barker Forscutt Jan - Mar 1923 Wellingborough
Jean E Barker Forscutt Jan - Mar 1925 Wellingborough
Geoffrey W Barker Foskett Apr-Jun 1946 Islington
Shirley A Barker Foskett Oct - Dec 1947 Paddington
Jean Barker Foskett Apr-Jun 1949 Hampstead
Raymond W Barker Foskett Oct - Dec 1949 Paddington
Jacqueline Barker Foskett Apr-Jun 1955 Paddington
Tina Barker Foskett Apr-Jun 1955 Paddington
Kelly Marie Barlow Foskett Oct 1984 London City
Michael Robert Barlow Foskett Apr 1987 Bexley
Eric A Barnes Foskett Jul - Aug 1923 Christchurch
Edwin F Barnes Foskett Jan - Mar 1929 Hackney
Joyce W Barnes Foskett Jan - Mar 1933 Romford
Victor D Barnes Foskett Jan - Mar 1935 Romford
Jacqueline M Barnes Fosgate Oct - Dec 1951 Romford
Sarah J Barnes Foskett Jul - Aug 1954 Ealing
Ella Florence F Barnes Foskett Jun 1988 Hammersmith
Holly Rosetta F Barnes Foskett Nov 1990 Hammersmith
Thomas Oskar Barnes Foskett Aug 1993 Wallingford
Samual Brian S Barnes Foskett Jun 1999 Lambeth
Lana Sarah A Barnes Foskett May 2002 Southwark
Linda I Barnett Foskett Oct - Dec 1956 Hackney
Trevor T Barnett Foskett Apr-Jun 1963 Hackney
John E Barns Foskett Jan - Mar 1935 Watford
David A Barns Foskett Jan - Mar 1937 Watford
Sheila M Barns Foskett Jul - Aug 1938 Watford
Gladys A Barns Foskett Apr-Jun 1941 Watford
Ronald Barns Foskett Jan - Mar 1943 Watford
Julia M Barns Foskett Oct - Dec 1947 Watford
Joan E Barns Foskett Jan - Mar 1950 Watford
Phyllis M Barns Foskett Jan - Mar 1953 Watford
David J Barratt Foskett Oct - Dec 1948 Aylesbury
Leona Jane Barrett Foskett Apr 1993 Truro
Travis Philip G Barrett Foskett Feb 1997 Truro
Leona Jane Barrett Foskett Feb 2005 Truro
Travis Philip G Barrett Foskett Feb 2005 Truro
Phyllis M Barron Fosket Jan - Mar 1920 Edmonton
Doris Ml Barron Foskett Jul - Aug 1922 Edmonton
Paul R Barron Foskett Oct - Dec 1953 Aylesbury
Georgina L Barron Foskett Apr-Jun 1961 Amersham
Stuart R Barron Foskett Apr-Jun 1962 Amersham
Sandra Y Bartholomew Fosket Apr - Jun 1944 Camberwell
Ann B Bartholomew Foskett Apr-Jun 1947 Camberwell
Christopher W Bartlett Foskett Apr-Jun 1949 West Ham
Charlie Jamie Bassett Foskett Dec 1989 Hackney
Samuel Jack Bassett Foskett May 1991 Milton Keynes
Kathleen M F Bate Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1912 Runcorn
Arthur W G Batten Foskett Jan - Mar 1931 Willesden
Ronald W Batty Foskett Jan - Mar 1920 Barnet
Eileen D Batty Foskett Oct - Dec 1922 Barnet
Lee Baxter Forskitt Jan - Mar 1976 Northampton
Toni Baxter Foskett Dec 1995 Great Yarmouth
Arran Baxter Foskett Sep 1996 Nuneaton and Bedworth
Jake Baxter Foskett Dec 2000 Nuneaton and Bedworth
Anthony Charles Bayes Forscutt Jan - Mar 1971 Northampton
Michael Arthur Bayes Forscutt Oct - Dec 1972 Wellingborough
Lysia Jane Bayley Foskett Nov 2003 Wolverhampton
Arthur E Beach Foskett Jul - Aug 1924 Hackney
Vera L Beach Foskett Apr-Jun 1928 Hackney
Frederick D Beach Foskett Jan - Mar 1931 Hackney
Joyce D Beach Foskett Apr-Jun 1934 Hackney
Iris E Beach Foskett Apr-Jun 1936 Hackney
Albert W Beach Foskett Jan - Mar 1939 Hackney
Sylvia M Beach Foskett Jan - Mar 1941 E Ham
Betty A Beach Foskett Jul - Aug 1942 E Ham
Paula Louise Beadle Fosket Jan 1988 Greenwich
Jodie Leigh Beadle Foskett Jun 1992 Greenwich
Billie-Jo Beadle Foskett Oct 1998 Greenwich
Paul Vincent J Beadle Foskett Oct 2005 Greenwich
Susan E Bean Foskett Apr-Jun 1950 Leicester
Gillian A Bean Foskett Apr-Jun 1955 Leicester
Peter Charles Beaumont Foskett Aug 1991 Harlow
David Michael Beaumont Foskett Jan 1994 Harlow
Neeave Roseline Beazer Foskett Jan 2000 Leicester
Neeave Roseline Beazer Foskett Jan 2000 Leicester
Neeave Roseline Beazer-Foskett Foskett Jan 2000 Leicester
Neeave Roseline Beazer-Foskett Foskett Jan 2000 Leicester
Herbert C Beckley Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1912 Edmonton
Charles G Beckley Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1914 Edmonton
Peggy M Beckley Foskett Apr-Jun 1926 Edmonton
Walter Beckley Foskett Apr-Jun 1926 Edmonton
Peter Beckley Foskett Oct - Dec 1927 Edmonton
Sarah Michelle Beeby Forscutt Jan 1985 Kettering
Victoria Amanda Beeby Forscutt Aug 1987 Kettering
Oenone M Bell Foskett Apr-Jun 1947 Surrey NE
Lorelie D Bell Foskett Jul - Aug 1955 Middlesex S
Ashley James J Bell Foskett Dec 1997 Carlisle
Karyn Janette Bellinger Foskett Oct - Dec 1971 Hillingdon
Ian Graham Bellinger Foskett Oct - Dec 1974 Hillingdon
Leslie F Benest Foskett Oct - Dec 1927 Willesden
Jean B Benge Foskett Apr-Jun 1930 Fulham
George S L Benn Foskett Oct - Dec 1939 Brentford
Margaret J Bennett Foskett Oct - Dec 1941 West Ham
Gwynneth C Bennett Foskett Apr-Jun 1944 Lewes
Carole A Berkel Foskett Jul - Aug 1948 Bedford
Linda Berkel Foskett Apr-Jun 1954 Leeds
Peter F Berry Foskett Oct - Dec 1950 Wellingborough
Christopher Berry Foskett Jul - Aug 1952 Wellingborough
Martin R Berry Foskett Jul - Aug 1954 Wellingborough
Philip A Berry Foskett Jul - Aug 1957 Wellingborough
David J Berry Foskett Oct - Dec 1964 Wellingborough
Paul Merwood Best Foskett Mar 1991 Nuneaton and Bedworth
Mark Treloar Best Foskett Dec 1994 Nuneaton and Bedworth
Irene M Bevins Foskett Apr-Jun 1945 Trowbridge
Michael J Bevins Foskett Jul - Aug 1948 Meriden
Irene M Bevins Foskett Jul - Aug 1963 Trowbridge
Oliver Charles Bignall Foskett Jul - Aug 1970 Teesside N
Frances Annabel Bignall Foskett Jul - Aug 1973 Nottingham
Samantha J Binder Foskett Apr-Jun 1965 Wellingborough
Elsie Louise Bingham Foskett Mar 2004 Lincolnshire
George Walford Bingham Foskett Sep 2005 Lincolnshire
Thomas James Birch Foskett Dec 1996 Waltham Forest
Daniel George Birch Foskett Feb 2001 Bexley
Robert A Birtchnell Foskett Jul - Aug 1943 Berkhamsted
Estelle Lois Bissett Foskett Mar 1998 Southend on Sea
Angela Jane Blackmore Foskett Jan - Mar 1977 Stafford
Terrence J Blackwell Forscutt Apr - Jun 1947 Brixworth
Joan V Blake Foskett Oct - Dec 1920 Barnet
Brenda M Blake Foskett Apr-Jun 1928 Barnet
Nathan Chandler Blench Foskett Feb 2000 Slough
Wendy Blinco Foskett Apr-Jun 1967 Luton
Marjorie A Bliss Foskett Jul - Aug 1931 Marylebone
Geoffrey R Blizzard Foskett Oct - Dec 1945 Coventry
John F Blizzard Foskett Oct - Dec 1945 Coventry
Jo-Anwe Kerris Boland Foskett Jan - Mar 1982 Peterborough
Paul Ashley Boland Foskett Feb 1991 Bedford
David V Bond Foskett Jul - Aug 1945 Burton
David Reginald Bond Foskett Oct - Dec 1967 Thanet
Keith Boniface Foskett Jul - Aug 1953 Hemel Hempstead
Martin Boniface Foskett Oct - Dec 1957 Berkhamsted
Anne V Boorer Foskett Jan - Mar 1940 Watford
Greg Alexander Borthwick Foskett Apr-Jun 1975 Nuneaton
James Richard Borthwick Foskett Oct - Dec 1979 Coventry
Guy Boswell Forskitt Jan - Mar 1965 Northampton
Adam Boswell Forskitt Apr - Jun 1969 Brentwood
Judy Boswell Forskitt Oct - Dec 1970 Brentwood
Iris C Bourn Foskett Jul - Aug 1933 Guildford
Emma Samantha Bowen Foskett Jul - Aug 1982 Croydon
Katie Elizabeth Bowen Foskett Jan 1986 Croydon
Leigh Gary O R Bowen Foskett Aug 1988 Croydon
Edna I Bowin Foskett Jul - Aug 1930 Edmonton
Phillip James J D Bowker Foskett Sep 1997 Blackburn
Saffronne Carolyn J N Bowker Foskett Apr 2000 Blackburn with Darwen
Zantia Saffirra I A Bowker Foskett Aug 2002 Blackpool
Bertram J Bowler Foskett Apr-Jun 1925 Stoke T
Betty M Bowler Foskett Apr-Jun 1927 Stoke T
Peter H Boyce Foskett Apr-Jun 1946 Wandsworth
Marilyn C Boyce Foskett Jan - Mar 1951 Camberwell
Martyn T Bradley Foskett Jul - Aug 1965 Watford
Claire Bradley Foskett Oct - Dec 1967 Watford
Julie Anne Braithwaite Foskett Oct - Dec 1971 Barrow/F
Cathryn Elizabeth Braithwaite Foskett Jan - Mar 1975 Barrow/F
Emma Jane S Braithwaite Foskett Jan - Mar 1977 Barrow/F
George Breeds Foskett Oct - Dec 1918 Dartford
Nathan Chandler Breen Foskett Feb 2000 Slough
Kelis Louise Brennan Foskett Mar 2005 Denbighshire
Richard Ian Breslin Foskett Jul - Aug 1969 Chelmsford
Emily A Brewer Foskett Apr-Jun 1917 Bethnal G
Ivy L Brewer Foskett Oct - Dec 1919 Bethnal G
Margaret E Brewer Foskett Apr-Jun 1922 Bethnal G
Julie A Bright Foskett Jul - Aug 1960 Brentwood
Simon Bright Foskett Jan - Mar 1963 Brentwood
Pansy E R Bristow Forsgate Jul -Sep 1914 Brentford
Roy K Bristow Foskett Jul - Aug 1955 Fulham
Gary S Bristow Foskett Apr-Jun 1957 Fulham
James Charles Brocks Foskett Jul - Aug 1972 Epping
Annabel Brocks Foskett Jan - Mar 1975 Epping
Angela Brodie Foskett Jul - Aug 1964 Newcastle L
Andrew John Brodie Foskett Jul - Aug 1967 Leek
Scott Brodie Foskett Oct - Dec 1969 Stoke T
Janice Ellen Brodie Foskett Oct - Dec 1972 Stoke T
Katharine Sarah Broers Foskett Jul 1985 Bromley
David Michael Broers Foskett Aug 1987 Bromley
Imogen Ruth Broers Foskett Jun 1992 Surrey Mid-Eastern
John J Broomhall Foskett Apr-Jun 1918 Newcastle T
Joyce Broomhall Foskett Jan - Mar 1926 Newcastle T
Frederick A Brown Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1913 Bedford
Eric G Brown Foskett Jul - Aug 1921 Bedford
Stanley Brown Forskitt Oct - Dec 1946 Northampton
Jean Brown Forskitt Jan - Mar 1951 Brixworth
Peter Brown Forskitt Oct - Dec 1952 Brixworth
Adam Christopher Brown Foskett Jan - Mar 1971 Lincoln
Helen Elizabeth Brown Foskett Jul - Aug 1973 Nthmblnd C
Angus Robert Brown Foskett Apr-Jun 1973 Lincoln
Joanne Marie Brown Foskett Apr-Jun 1976 Nthmblnd C
Katie Louise Brown Foskett Jan - Mar 1982 Durham Nor
Laura Rosemary Brown Foskett Jun 1984 Chelmsford
Phillip Thomas Brown Foskett Mar 1992 Worthing
Emma Louise Brown Foskett Sep 1993 Worthing
Oliver James Brown Forskitt Apr 1996 Northampton
Anya Mae Brown Forskitt Jun 1997 Northampton
Jasmine Billie Brown Foskett Nov 1997 Portsmouth
Mollie Paige Brown Foskett Jun 2000 Portsmouth
Winifred F Bruce Foskett Apr-Jun 1921 West Ham
Ann E Brunsden Foskett Oct - Dec 1936 Watford
Peter J Brunsden Foskett Jan - Mar 1943 Watford
Lily Dawn Bryant Foskett Sep 2003 Bristol
Bran Bucca Foskett Jul - Aug 1982 Carmarthen
Elysia Buckley Foskett Jun 2005 Oldham
Henry R W Bull Foskett Jan - Mar 1925 Hackney
Jacqueline Y Bumstead Foskett Jan - Mar 1946 Lambeth
Lesley A Bumstead Foskett Jan - Mar 1956 Camberwell
Debra H Bunce Foskett Jan - Mar 1962 Croydon
Graham Clive Bunce Foskett Jan - Mar 1966 Croydon
Beatrice L Bunker Foskett Oct - Dec 1919 Berkhampstead
Raymond L Bunker Foskett Oct - Dec 1921 Berkhampstead
Edward C Bunker Foskett Apr-Jun 1925 Berkhampstead
Chloe Victoria Bunn Foskett Feb 1985 Colchester
Hannah Louisa Bunn Foskett Jun 1990 Colchester
Colin A Burcher Forscutt Jan - Mar 1942 Southend
Joshua Ryann Burden Foskett Oct 2005 Hatfield
Margaret R Burgess Foskett Oct - Dec 1936 Croydon
Mary J Burgis Foskett Jan - Mar 1941 Newton A
John E Burgis Foskett Oct - Dec 1944 Newton A
Toni S Burley Foskett Apr-Jun 1947 Surrey NW
Martin J Burley Foskett Jan - Mar 1950 Greenwich
Kirsty Louise Burns Foskett Jan 1996 Stoke T
Kirsty Louise Burns Foskett Jan 1996 Stoke T
Chelsea Yvonne Burns Foskett Aug 2001 Stoke T
Alan S Burrells Foskett Apr-Jun 1961 London C
Lorraine Dawn Burrells Foskett Jan - Mar 1967 London City
Lewis George Burrows Foskett Mar 2001 Stockport
Madeline Alice Burrows Foskett Apr 2004 Stockport
Hilda A A Burrus Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1914 West Ham
Joseph F Burrus Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1915 West Ham
Britney Martine I L Burt Foskett Jun 2000 Hounslow
Sandra Louise Bush Foskett Jan - Mar 1967 Lambeth
Pauline Butcher Foskett Oct - Dec 1940 Southampton
Trevor A Butcher Foskett Apr-Jun 1946 Southampton
Mark A Butterick Foskett Oct - Dec 1962 Hackney
Wendy J Butterick Foskett Jan - Mar 1965 Hackney
John T Cadwallender Foskett Jul - Aug 1936 Newcastle T
Allwyn M Cadwallender Foskett Oct - Dec 1938 S Shields
Glynis E Cadwallender Foskett Oct - Dec 1945 Newcastle T
Alison Cain Foskett Apr-Jun 1968 Luton
Sharon Cain Foskett Jan - Mar 1973 Luton
Louise Cain Foskett Oct - Dec 1978 Luton
Natalie Louise Calder Foskett Jun 1988 Northumberland Central
Nathan Tyrone Campbell Foskett Jun 1991 Greenwich
Wendy Louise Carling Foskett Apr 1984 Watford
David Carlton Foskett Jul - Aug 1962 Romford
Kevin R Carlton Foskett Oct - Dec 1964 Epping
Paula Vivienne Carlton Foskett Jan - Mar 1967 Lichfield
Dannielle Hannah Carr Foskett Jul 1991 St Albans
Thomas William Carr Foskett Sep 1993 Dacorum
Keiron Michael R Carradus Foskett Apr-Jun 1968 Westmorld S
Vikki Joanne Carradus Foskett Apr-Jun 1970 Westmorld S
Rebecca Carrasco Foskett Oct - Dec 1966 Nottingham
Lucas Carrasco Fosket Apr - Jun 1970 Grimsby
Thomas Andrew Carson Foskett Dec 2003 Colchester
William Liell Carter Foskett Aug 1984 Harlow
Morgan Isobel Carter Foskett May 1999 Bangor
Jacob Alexander Carter Foskett Feb 2002 Shrewsbury
Harry James Carter Foskett Nov 2003 Leicester
Oliver James Carter Foskett May 2003 Shrewsbury
Lloyd Spencer Cartwright Foskett Apr-Jun 1972 Reading
Kelly Simone Cartwright Foskett Oct - Dec 1978 Chiltern/B
Gary Casali Foskett Jul - Aug 1959 Islington
Dean A Casali Foskett Oct - Dec 1963 Islington
Thomas W Case Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1913 Fulham
Robert E Case Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1915 Fulham
Sidney J Case Foskett Oct - Dec 1919 Hammermsith
Winifred L Case Foskett Oct - Dec 1921 Hammersmith
Arthur F Case Foskett Jul - Aug 1929 Hammersmith
Paul D Casserley Foskett Oct - Dec 1958 Aylesbury
Joanna M Casserley Foskett Apr-Jun 1960 Berkhamsted
Philip N Casserley Foskett Jan - Mar 1965 Berkhamsted
Richard H Castle Foskett Jul - Aug 1929 Holborn
Joan M Castle Foskett Oct - Dec 1930 Hackney
Edward H Castle Foskett Jul - Aug 1932 Hackney
Frank E Castle Foskett Jan - Mar 1939 Bethnal G
Alfred S Chamberlain Foskett Jul - Aug 1917 Camberwell
Florence M Chamberlain Foskett Jul - Aug 1918 Camberwell
Frederick J Chamberlain Foskett Apr-Jun 1920 Camberwell
Emily J Chamberlain Foskett Jan - Mar 1923 Rochford
Rose E Chamberlain Foskett Jan - Mar 1927 Camberwell
Minnie A Chamberlain Foskett Jul - Aug 1932 Billericay
Ronald G Chamberlain Foskett Jul - Aug 1935 Billericay
Lucy Ruth Chambers Foskett Feb 1995 Surrey NW
Eleanor Catherine Chambers Foskett Nov 1996 West Surrey
John C Chapman Foskett Jul - Aug 1917 Lewisham
Brandon A G Chapman Foskett Oct - Dec 1950 Bishops Stortford
Pauline R H Chapman Foskett Oct - Dec 1954 Wallingford
Jemma Louise Chapman Fosgate May 1984 Surrey NW
Sophie Elizabeth Chapman Fosgate Jul 1988 Surrey NW
Ian Paul Chappell Foskett Apr-Jun 1969 Brent
Mark John Chappell Foskett Jul - Aug 1970 Brent
James J Chappin Foskett Jan - Mar 1921 Berkhampstead
Donald L Chappin Foskett Jul - Aug 1924 Hitchin
Peter R Chappin Foskett Apr-Jun 1928 Hemel Hempstead
Daphne J Chappin Foskett Jan - Mar 1932 Luton
Norman Chappin Foskett Jul - Aug 1934 Luton
Sharon J Charlton Foskett Oct - Dec 1958 Durham W
Garry M Chater Forskitt Apr - Jun 1961 Northampton
Louise Eve Cheshire Foskett May 1986 Camberwell
Daniel James Cheshire Foskett Apr 1989 Lewisham
Rachel Amy Cheshire Foskett Jul 1991 Lewisham
Daniel Gordon J Chester Foskett May 2002 Lincoln
Anthony Chipps Foskett Jul - Aug 1944 Islington
Luke John Chopping Foskett Jul 2004 Enfield
Cyrus H Chothia Foskett Jan - Mar 1942 Windsor
Gabriel M Chothia Foskett Jan - Mar 1944 Lambeth
Frederick L Chowen Foskett Apr-Jun 1917 Lambeth
Janet M Christian Foskett Oct - Dec 1959 Thanet
Alison P Christian Foskett Jul - Aug 1961 Thanet
Stella A Christian Foskett Oct - Dec 1963 Thanet
Nicholas John Clamp Foskett Jan - Mar 1970 Hackney
Nina Clamp Foskett Apr-Jun 1972 Redbridge
Adam James Clamp Foskett Apr-Jun 1973 Redbridge
Emma Louise Clamp Foskett Jan - Mar 1978 Redbridge
Pamela L Clarence Forscutt Apr - Jun 1914 St Giles
Eileen M Clark Foskett Jan - Mar 1925 Camberwell
Pamela J Clark Foskett Jan - Mar 1928 Camberwell
Christopher Ross Clark Foskett Mar 1992 Bath
Philip Harry Clark Foskett May 1994 Bath
Edna M Clarke Foscutt Jul - Sep 1911 Bury
Jasmine Louise Clarke Forskitt Oct 1992 Northampton
Elliot Richard Clarke Forskitt Sep 1994 Northampton
Bethany Anne Clarke Foskett May 1996 Winchester
Emily Jade Clarke Foskett Aug 1998 Norwich
Stephanie Jane I Clayton Foskett Mar 1989 Harlow
Victoria Clayton Foskett Jan 1993 Barking and Dagenham
Kenneth W Clem Foskett Jul - Aug 1939 Paddington
Jennifer Irene Clements Foskett Jan - Mar 1975 Cambridge
Daniel Robert J Clements Foskett Oct - Dec 1976 Cambridge
Doreen M Clifton Foskett Jan - Mar 1930 Lambeth
Alan A Clifton Foskett Jul - Aug 1931 Lambeth
Gareth Morgan Clusker Foskett Nov 1984 Rugby
Sally A Clutton Foskett Jan - Mar 1941 Louth
Robert Cockerill Foskett Oct - Dec 1939 Rugby
Jill Cockerill Foskett Oct - Dec 1944 Rugby
Dawn Sara Cockett Foskett Jan - Mar 1973 Merton
Hayley Jane Cockett Foskett Apr-Jun 1974 Merton
Eric W Coe Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1911 Bromley
Mary V Coker Foskett Oct - Dec 1922 Wycombe
Ivy E Coker Foskett Apr-Jun 1924 Poplar
Joyce F Coker Foskett Jan - Mar 1929 Poplar
June E Coker Foskett Oct - Dec 1930 Wycombe
Sheila K Coker Foskett Jul - Aug 1938 Wycombe
Doris E Coker Foskett Jul - Aug 1940 Epping
Richard F G Coker Foskett Jul - Aug 1943 Wycombe
Rachel Colclough Foskett Oct - Dec 1972 Stoke T
Paul Colclough Foskett Jan - Mar 1974 Stoke T
Barnard J Coleman Foskett Jul - Aug 1934 Bedford
Rosemarym Coleman Foskett Oct - Dec 1942 North Bucks
Ann Colyer Foskett Apr-Jun 1938 Lambeth
David J Cooke Foskett Apr-Jun 1942 Hendon
Geoffrey S Cooke Foskett Jan - Mar 1945 Hendon
Steven Michael Cook-Martin Foskett Apr-Jun 1969 Stoke T
Louise Amanda Cook-Martin Foskett Jul - Aug 1970 Stafford
Nicola Claire Cook-Martin Foskett Jan - Mar 1973 Bury
Silliam Thomas Cook-Martin Foskett Jan - Mar 1982 Hyndgurn/R
Christopher John Cook-Martin Foskett Dec 1984 Burnley and Pendle
Neil A Cooley Foskett Jul - Aug 1961 Hemel Hempstead
Julian Cooley Foskett Apr-Jun 1965 Berkhamsted
Stuart Cooley Foskett Jan - Mar 1975 Dacorum
David R Coombes Foskett Apr-Jun 1942 Hendon
Victor G Coombes Foskett Jan - Mar 1945 Hendon
David Anthony Coomes Foskett Jan - Mar 1968 Yeovil
Matthew Alan Coomes Foskett Apr-Jun 1972 Norton
Christopher Charles Coones Foskett Jul - Aug 1966 Yeovil
Maisie L S Cooper Foskett Apr-Jun 1927 Barnet
Roy F P Cooper Foskett Jul - Aug 1930 Barnet
David J E Cooper Foskett Jul - Aug 1938 Leicester
Dennis H Cooper Foskett Jul - Aug 1940 Hendon
Sarah F Cooper Foskett Jul - Aug 1945 Stepney
Jacqueline I Cooper Foskett Jan - Mar 1952 Edmonton
Garry G Cooper Foskett Oct - Dec 1959 Edmonton
Bethan Marie Cooper Foskett Oct 1996 Wycombe
Lewis George Cooper Foskett May 2000 Chiltern
Harold C Copping Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1913 Barnet
Harry W G Copps Foskett Apr-Jun 1920 Barnet
Doris A M Copps Foskett Jul - Aug 1921 Barnet
Rosina P M Copps Foskett Apr-Jun 1925 Barnet
James C F Copps Foskett Jul - Aug 1930 Barnet
Alan P Cornford Foskett Jan - Mar 1952 Loughboro'
Ian William Costello Foskett Oct - Dec 1983 Luton
Jade Elizabeth Costello Foskett Nov 1984 Luton
Gladys M Cotton Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1911 Warwick
Geoffrey J Covington Foskett Oct - Dec 1956 Hampstead
Garry A Covington Foskett Oct - Dec 1959 Hampstead
Joan E Cox Foskett Jul - Aug 1925 Paddington
William R Cox Foskett Jan - Mar 1927 Paddington
Ronald A Cox Foskett Apr-Jun 1929 Kensington
Trevor J Cox Foskett Jan - Mar 1934 Paddington
June M Coyler Foskett Jul - Aug 1942 Surrey NW
Linda F Crackell Foskett Jul - Aug 1946 Colchester
Greta Crafer Foskett Jan - Mar 1946 Shoreditch
Howard F Crafer Foskett Jul - Aug 1947 Shoreditch
Michael T Crafer Foskett Oct - Dec 1951 Epping
Leslie C Crafer Foskett Oct - Dec 1952 Epping
Patrick J Crafer Foskett Apr-Jun 1956 Epping
David Crafer Foskett Apr-Jun 1957 Epping
Susan J Crafer Foskett Apr-Jun 1958 Epping
Carol A Crafter Foskett Jan - Mar 1944 Shoreditch
Simon James Craig Foskett Feb 1990 Newcastle T
Scott Andrew Craig Foskett Jun 1994 Newcastle T
Jacques V F Crick Foskett Jan - Mar 1922 Kingston
Jacqueline M Crick Foskett Apr-Jun 1923 Kingston
Kenneth J Crick Foskett Jan - Mar 1932 Barnet
Alan F Crick Foskett Jan - Mar 1936 Edmonton
Lawrence W Crick Foskett Jan - Mar 1944 Gipping
Ethel P I Cripps Forsgate Apr - Jun 1915 Wandsworth
Doreen A Cross Foskett Jul - Aug 1925 Wandsworth
Joan S Cross Foskett Jan - Mar 1932 Croydon
Sophie Jennifer Crow Foskett May 1992 Leeds
Nicola Crowe Foskett Jan 1987 Ipswich
Antony Crowie Foskett Jan - Mar 1980 Leicester C
Brian J Cruse Foskett Jan - Mar 1950 Lambeth
Kenneth H Cruse Foskett Jan - Mar 1953 Lambeth
Christine S Cruse Foskett Apr-Jun 1954 Lambeth
Steven J Cruse Foskett Oct - Dec 1955 Lambeth
William Endeavour Culverwell Foskett Aug 2003 Poole
Rebecca Somerset Culverwell Foskett Aug 2005 Bournemouth
Ronald J Curley Foskett Jan - Mar 1951 Lambeth
Rita I Curley Foskett Oct - Dec 1954 Lambeth
Simon Hallam J Curry Foskett Jan - Mar 1973 Durham W
Jennifer Louise Curtis Foskett Jan - Mar 1979 Reading/Wok
Katherine Denise Curtis Foskett Mar 1984 Reading and Wokingham
Amy Dack Foskett Nov 1987 Newcastle T
Charlotte Dack Foskett May 1993 Newcastle T
Anne P Dagg Foskett Apr-Jun 1939 Newcastle T
Maureen A Dagg Foskett Jul - Aug 1941 Newcastle T
Antony L Daley Forscutt Oct - Dec 1960 Hackney
Peter A Daley Forscutt Oct - Dec 1962 Hackney
Martin J Daley Forscutt Oct - Dec 1963 Hackney
Clifford M Daley Forscutt Jul - Sep 1965 Stepney
Steven Colin Darch Foskett Jan - Mar 1969 Croydon
Sharon Louise Darch Foskett Jan - Mar 1970 Croydon
Rachel Lucy Dark Foskett Nov 2002 Cambridge
Jonathan Matthew Dark Foskett Aug 2005 Cambridge
Keith J Darnell Foskett Jul - Aug 1930 Battersea
Beryl J Darnell Foskett Apr-Jun 1933 Brentford
Pamela R Darnell Foskett Apr-Jun 1936 Brentford
Daphne M Darnell Foskett Jan - Mar 1938 Brentford
James R Dart Foskett Jan - Mar 1928 Edmonton
Joan C Dart Foskett Apr-Jun 1929 Edmonton
George F Dart Foskett Apr-Jun 1935 Edmonton
Paul J Davies Foskett Apr-Jun 1957 Hatfield
Mark C Davies Foskett Jan - Mar 1960 Hatfield
David A Davies Foskett Jan - Mar 1961 Meriden
Laura J Davies Foskett Oct - Dec 1963 Coventry
Valerie J Davis Foskett Jul - Aug 1932 Hendon
Patricia A Davis Foskett Oct - Dec 1935 Hendon
Gillian Davis Foskett Jul - Aug 1943 Willesden
Kerry Ann Davis Foskett May 1988 Newmarket
Tracey Louise Dawe Foskett Apr-Jun 1968 Bedford
Ivy F Dawkes Forscutt Apr - Jun 1914 Hackney
Kay M Dawson Foskett Apr-Jun 1947 Islington
Jill S Dawson Foskett Apr-Jun 1951 Barnet
Jack Royce C Dawson Foskett Aug 1996 Milton Keynes
Francesca De Franco Foskett Jan - Mar 1979 Lambeth
Adam De Franco Foskett Apr-Jun 1983 Lambeth
Jemma Marie De Vivo Foskett Jun 1990 Bexley
Stephanie Rose De Vivo Foskett Jul 1993 Bexley
Michael Salvatore De Vivo Foskett Dec 1994 Bexley
Josephine W F Deakin Foskett Oct - Dec 1927 Cannock
Antony C A Dean Foskett Oct - Dec 1965 Portsmouth
Nicolas Dean Foskett Oct - Dec 1969 Portsmouth
Loizos Demetriou Foskett Dec 1986 Camden
Stephanie Anastasia Demetriou Foskett Feb 1995 Camden
Rosemary Patricia Denney Foskett Jul - Aug 1967 Thanet
Helen Dorothy Denney Foskett Jul - Aug 1969 Thanet
Nigel Allen D Denney Foskett Oct - Dec 1973 Canterbury
Alison Denny Foskett Jul - Aug 1965 Bristol
Jason Joseph Deville Foskett Jul - Aug 1971 Hillingdon
Austin Kelly Deville Foskett Jul - Aug 1973 Hillingdon
Terina Joanna Deville Foskett Jul - Aug 1980 Hillingdon
Amy Jane Ditheridge Foskett Oct 1985 Bury St Edmunds
Cecil R Dixon Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1911 Wilton
John P Dixon Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1913 Wilton
Richard H Dixon Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1914 Wilton
Harry Arron Dodds Foskett Jul 2001 Bexley
Katie Rebecca Dolan Foskett Oct - Dec 1983 Greenwich
Jack Oliver J Dolan Foskett Sep 1989 Greenwich
Raymond G Dommett Foskett Jul - Aug 1933 Westhampnett
Brian Dommett Foskett Oct - Dec 1937 Chichester
Roselyn Dommett Foskett Oct - Dec 1937 Chichester
Emma Louise Donald Foskett Dec 1992 Kings Lynn
James David Donald Foskett Dec 1992 Kings Lynn
John F Doubleday Foskett Jul - Aug 1930 Buckingham
Carol P Dove Foskett Apr-Jun 1946 Hackney
Terence R Dove Foskett Jul - Aug 1948 Hackney
Brenda C Dove Foskett Apr-Jun 1950 Hackney
Michael J Dove Foskett Apr-Jun 1952 Hackney
Valerie A Dove Foskett Jul - Aug 1954 Hackney
Violet C Dover Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1913 Brentford
Norman D Dover Foskett Jul - Aug 1919 Brentford
Joanne Mary Doyle Foskett Jul 1985 Southampton
Louise Emma Doyle Foskett Nov 1986 Southampton
Matthew Christopher Doyle Foskett Sep 1992 Southampton
Luke Leslie Draddy Foskett Jan - Mar 1978 Lambeth
Carol A Draper Foskett Oct - Dec 1947 Basford
Richard C Draper Foskett Apr-Jun 1952 Mansfield
Jane L Draper Foskett Jul - Aug 1960 Basford
Ashley Leslie Draper Foskett Aug 1993 Luton
Ashley Leslie Draper Foskett Aug 1996 Luton
Ashley Leslie Draper Foskett Aug 1996 Luton
Cameron Abigail R Dubuisson Foskett Jan 1999 Brent
Derek H J Dudley Foskett Jan - Mar 1931 Coventry
Amanda Caroline Dunkerley Foskett Apr-Jun 1977 Newcastle/T
Alexander Edward P Dunleavey Foskett Jul 1997 Aylesbury Vale
Paul John Durling Foskett Jul - Aug 1967 Chatham
Evita Clare Durling Foskett Jan - Mar 1979 Chatham
Graham Durrant Foskett Oct - Dec 1968 Hemel Hempstead
Leigh Durrant Foskett Jul - Aug 1971 Hemel Hempstead
Edward Dyer Foskett Apr-Jun 1924 Hampstead
Darren Eric Dyer Foskett Apr-Jun 1974 Hertford/W
Sarah Louise Dyer Foskett Jul - Aug 1981 Hitchin
Elizabeth A Eames Foskett Oct - Dec 1957 Rowley R
Catherine M Eames Fosket Apr - Jun 1960 Rowley R
Clarice Earl Forscutt Jul - Sep 1925 Thrapston
Kerry Leonie Eastwood Foskett Jul - Aug 1981 Southwark
Mark Michael Eastwood Foskett Jun 1984 Southwark
Karen Elaine D Eaton Foskett Jan - Mar 1968 Coventry
Joshua Thomas Ebrey Foskett Sep 2002 Cambridge
Annette M Edinburgh Foskett Apr-Jun 1954 Hackney
Brian R Edinburgh Foskett Jul - Aug 1955 Hackney
Kenneth G Edmonds Foskett Jan - Mar 1952 Watford
Joy C Edmonds Foskett Oct - Dec 1955 Hertford
Ralph F Edwards Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1912 Stoke T
Frank Edwards Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1914 Stoke T
Colin G Edwards Foskett Jan - Mar 1918 Stoke T
Rose A Edwards Foskett Oct - Dec 1919 Newcastle T
Gwendoline J Edwards Foskett Jul - Aug 1919 Stoke T
Dorothy Edwards Foskett Jul - Aug 1921 Newcastle T
Mary Edwards Foskett Apr-Jun 1923 Newcastle T
John Edwards Foskett Jan - Mar 1925 Newcastle T
John Edwards Foskett Jul - Aug 1926 Edmonton
Cyril Edwards Foskett Jul - Aug 1926 Newcastle T
Jean Edwards Foskett Apr-Jun 1928 Newcastle T
Irene Edwards Foskett Jul - Aug 1929 Newcastle T
Barry T Edwards Foskett Jul - Aug 1948 Greenwich
Raymond K Edwards Foskett Oct - Dec 1949 Greenwich
Gavin James D Edwards Forskitt Oct 1988 Northampton
Scott Daniel Edwards Foskett Dec 1993 South
Frederick C Egginton Forscutt Jan - Mar 1913 Portsmouth
Joanne Eldridge Foskett Oct - Dec 1969 Hillingdon
Harry Ellis Foskett Oct - Dec 1924 Stoke T
Frederick Ellis Foskett Jan - Mar 1928 Stoke T
Clifford Ellis Foskett Apr-Jun 1930 Stoke T
Anthony G Ellis Foskett Jul - Aug 1938 Stoke T
Ivan T Ellis Foskett Oct - Dec 1941 Stoke T
Philip Ellis Foskett Oct - Dec 1945 Stoke T
Finley Joel Ellis Foskett Jan 2004 Cambridge
Zymon David C R Elsom Foskett Jan 2002 Hounslow
Clare Louise Eltham Foskett Jul - Aug 1979 Chester/E P
Steven Michael Eltham Foskett Jun 1990 Chester and Ellesmere Port
Florence M Emmins Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1912 West Ham
Zoe Jacqueline Endacott Foskett Oct - Dec 1967 Southampton
Elaine Enticknap Foskett Apr-Jun 1940 Aldershot
Georgina Enticknap Foskett Jul - Aug 1944 Aldershot
John Enticknap Foskett Oct - Dec 1945 Aldershot
Janice Enticknap Foskett Jul - Aug 1947 Aldershot
Ronden Etheridge Foskett Jan - Mar 1978 Shrewsbury
Leslie A Evans Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1913 West Ham
Albert A Evans Foskett Jul - Aug 1916 West Ham
Alice B Evans Foskett Apr-Jun 1920 West Ham
Gladys I Evans Foskett Jul - Aug 1921 Hendon
Vera J Evans Foskett Jan - Mar 1923 Uxbridge
Joan R Evans Foskett Jan - Mar 1930 Hendon
Sydney F Evans Foskett Apr-Jun 1931 Hendon
Sylvia A Evans Foskett Apr-Jun 1936 Edmonton
Sheila Evans Foskett Jul - Aug 1936 Hendon
Ronald A Evans Foskett Apr-Jun 1940 Hendon
John R Evans Foskett Jan - Mar 1942 Witney
Ian John Evans Foskett Jan - Mar 1983 Surrey SW
Katie Louise Evans Foskett Jan 1986 Surrey NW
Doris W Eve Foskett Jan - Mar 1922 West Ham
Vera A Eve Foskett Jul - Aug 1923 West Ham
Joyce D Eve Foskett Apr-Jun 1925 West Ham
Iris M Eve Foskett Oct - Dec 1927 West Ham
James Jeremy Everard Fosgate Oct - Dec 1983 Surrey S E
Katherine Mary Everard Fosgate Aug 1985 Surrey S E
Sarah Rosemary Everard Fosgate Jul 1987 Surrey S E
Debbie Rose Falder Foskett Jun 1984 Carlisle
Kevin Alan Falder Foskett Feb 1987 Carlisle
Ronald G Farman Foskett Jan - Mar 1917 Hendon
David M Farman Foskett Jul - Aug 1942 Birmingham
Christopher P Farman Foskett Jan - Mar 1946 Birmingham
Richard A Farman Foskett Jan - Mar 1948 Birmingham
Patricia L Farrow Foskett Jul - Aug 1925 Aylesbury
Jean Fathers Forskitt Oct - Dec 1946 Wellingborough
Marc Aaron Faux Foskett Jul - Aug 1974 Hillingdon
Lee Adam Faux Foskett Jan - Mar 1978 Hillingdon
John K Fear Foskett Jul - Aug 1928 Hendon
Diane M Fear Foskett Jan - Mar 1935 Hendon
Victor M Featherstone Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1915 Greenwich
Ada V Featherstone Foskett Apr-Jun 1917 Greenwich
Douglas C Featherstone Foskett Jul - Aug 1919 Greenwich
Hilda L Featherstone Foskett Jul - Aug 1921 Greenwich
Stuart Clark Ferguson Foskett Oct - Dec 1982 Southwark
Herbert S Field Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1912 St Olave Bermondsey
Jane E Field Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1914 Southwark
Royston R Field Foskett Jul - Aug 1937 Coventry
Ian D Field Foskett Oct - Dec 1941 Shipston
Gordon Field Foskett Jul - Aug 1944 Meriden
Ronald Field Foskett Jul - Aug 1944 Meriden
Michael A Field Fosgate Jan - Mar 1961 Luton
Anne Elizabeth Field Fosgate Jul - Sep 1964 Luton
Louise Alison Findlay Forscutt May 1985 Kettering
Luke Jonathan Findlay Forscutt Jun 1988 Kettering
Leanne Findlay Forscutt Jul 1989 Kettering
Declan Findlay Forscutt Mar 1994 Kettering
Kay Melanie Fisher Foskett Jul - Aug 1970 Worthing
Jai Callum Fivey Foskett Mar 1992 Solihull
Bethany Lou Fivey Foskett Jul 1993 Coventry
Tasmin Ria Fivey Foskett Feb 1998 Coventry
Izabella Mia Fivey Foskett Oct 1999 Coventry
Freddie Niall Fivey Foskett May 2005 Coventry
David Flatt Foskett Jan - Mar 1933 Hertford
Janet E Flemons Foskett Apr-Jun 1950 Bedford
Leslie J Flemons Foskett Apr-Jun 1951 Bedford
Alan R Flemons Foskett Oct - Dec 1952 Bedford
Mark Flemons Foskett Jul - Aug 1958 Bedford
Michelle Flemons Foskett Jul - Aug 1958 Bedford
Julei A Flemons Foskett Apr-Jun 1961 Bedford
Tracey J Flemons Foskett Apr-Jun 1963 Bedford
Barbara A Flitton Foskett Jul - Aug 1937 Willesden
Frederic G Floyd Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1915 Bedford
Kelly Flynn Foskett Oct - Dec 1979 Peterborough
Jake Michael Foley Foskett Apr 1995 Brighton
Frederick G Ford Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1912 Bradfield
Adam Carl A Forde Foskett Mar 1994 Kettering
MacHaela Amy C Forde Foskett Oct 1995 Kettering
Abbie Leigh Foreman Foskett Mar 1998 Crawley
Eric R Forscutt Forscutt Jan - Mar 1918 Kettering
Donna Ruth Forscutt Forscutt Jul - Sep 1968 Haringey
Jasmine Louise Forskitt Forskitt Oct 1992 Northampton
Oliver James Forskitt Forskitt Apr 1996 Northampton
Anya Mae Forskitt Forskitt Jun 1997 Northampton
Faith Danielle Forskitt Forskitt May 2002 Leicester
Oliver James Forskitt-Brown Forskitt Apr 1996 Northampton
Anya Mae Forskitt-Brown Forskitt Jun 1997 Northampton
David James Forsyth Foskett Oct - Dec 1980 Harlow
Thomas William Foskett-Rooney Foskett Sep 1994 Surrey NW
Wilfred Timothy Foskett-Whittaker Foskett Feb 1990 Wycombe
Paul Henry Fossett Foskett Jul - Aug 1967 Hackney
Audrey Foster Foskett Apr-Jun 1932 S.Shields
Janet M Foster Forskitt Oct - Dec 1936 Northampton
Michael J Foster Forskitt Apr - Jun 1938 Northampton
John W Foster Foskett Jul - Aug 1938 S Shields
Sydney Fox Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1912 Stoke T
Percy Fox Foskett Apr-Jun 1921 Stoke T
Elizabeth Louise Fox Foskett Apr-Jun 1973 Doncaster
Angela Colette Fox Foskett Jul - Aug 1976 Worthing
Peter Neil Fox Foskett Jul - Aug 1979 Worthing
Ronald G Franklin Foskett Jan - Mar 1928 Hackney
Karen Freakley Foskett Jan - Mar 1958 Stoke T
John H Freame Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1913 Bedford
Elizabeth V Freame Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1915 Bedford
Hilda Freame Foskett Jul - Aug 1919 Bedford
Carol A Freeman Foskett Jul - Aug 1961 Hitchin
Elliot Anthony Freeman Foskett Jan 1997 West Surrey
Constance Ruth Freeman Foskett Feb 2000 West Surrey
Tim Anthony Freestone Forskitt Jul - Sep 1967 Northampton
Scott Francis Freestone Forskitt Jan - Mar 1969 Northampton
Yvette Jane Freestone Forskitt Oct - Dec 1972 Northampton
David M French Fosket Jul - Sep 1946 Luton
Marilyn R Friday Foskett Apr-Jun 1940 Aylesbury
David T Friday Foskett Jul - Aug 1944 Aylesbury
Susan L Friday Foskett Jul - Aug 1947 Berkhamsted
John Friend Foskett Oct - Dec 1941 Hendon
Dennis R Frost Foskett Apr-Jun 1923 Southwark
Muriel E Frost Foskett Apr-Jun 1925 Wellingborough
Irene Frost Foskett Apr-Jun 1927 Wellingborough
Ronald H Frost Foskett Oct - Dec 1929 Wellingborough
Iris M Frost Foskett Jan - Mar 1931 Wellingborough
Jean Frost Foskett Jul - Aug 1932 Wellingborough
James D Frost Foskett Apr-Jun 1935 Wellingborough
Christopher Frost Foskett Oct - Dec 1940 Wellingborough
Leonard P Frost Foskett Jul - Aug 1945 Wellingborough
Christina Frost Foskett Oct - Dec 1948 Wellingborough
Gillian M A Frost Foskett Jul - Aug 1953 Ilford
Brian E C Frost Foskett Apr-Jun 1956 Ilford
Jonathan Wendel A Frost Foskett Jan - Mar 1973 Camberwell
Benjamin James Frost Foskett Apr-Jun 1974 Camberwell
Joanna Elizabeth Frost Foskett Jan - Mar 1976 Camberwell
Stephen Michael Frost Foskett Jul 1997 Bexley
James Karl Frost Foskett May 2000 Dacorum
Emilia Jane Frost Foskett Mar 2003 Watford
Peter J Fry Foskett Oct - Dec 1940 Brentford
Arthur E Fry Foskett Jan - Mar 1947 Brentford
Ella Mae Fullarton Foskett Aug 2003 East Surrey
Kathleen A Fullilove Foskett Oct - Dec 1951 Dartford
Deborah J Furness Foskett Apr-Jun 1957 Uxbridge
Graham R Furse Foskett Oct - Dec 1952 Harrow
Gareth Fysh Foskett May 1985 Portsmouth
Adam Fysh-Foskett Foskett Apr-Jun 1981 Portsmouth
Gareth Fysh-Foskett Foskett May 1985 Portsmouth
Sylvia Gadd Foskett Apr-Jun 1930 Greenwich
Albert T Gadd Foskett Apr-Jun 1933 Greenwich
Bryan Gadd Foskett Oct - Dec 1937 Greenwich
Adam Gadd Foskett Feb 1985 Tower Hamlets
Maureen E Gadsby Foskett Oct - Dec 1937 Hendon
Heather D Gadsby Foskett Jan - Mar 1947 Peterbro'
Katie Ruth Gain Foskett Feb 1990 Winchester
Samuel Andrew Gain Foskett Nov 1992 Winchester
Donald W Gale Foskett Oct - Dec 1931 Hampstead
Lynn Gallagher Foskett Jan - Mar 1964 Southwark
Bridget M Galvin Foskett Jul - Aug 1961 Wincanton
Paul V Galvin Foskett Jan - Mar 1963 Barton
Karen M Galvin Foskett Oct - Dec 1964 Barton
Peter Kevin Galvin Foskett Jul - Aug 1969 Barton
Andrew James Galvin Foskett Jan - Mar 1971 Barton
Peter J Gardiner Foskett Jan - Mar 1920 Hendon
Constance M Gardner Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1915 Northampton
Patricia A Gardner Foskett Jul - Aug 1939 Hertford
Andrew M Gardner Foskett Apr-Jun 1947 Ware
Jordan Lee Garner Foskett Jun 1993 Southampton
Lewis Mark Garner Foskett Aug 1994 Leicester
Neeave Roseline Garner Foskett Jan 2000 Leicester
Neeave Roseline Garner Foskett Jan 2000 Leicester
Beth Marie Garrett Foskett Sep 1995 Southampton
Liam Christopher Garrett Foskett Feb 1998 Southampton
Leanne Claire Gates Foskett Jul 1985 New Forest
Martyn Leslie Gates Foskett Oct 1987 New Forest
Stephen Andrew Gates Foskett Jul 1990 Southampton
Nicholas John Gatland Foskett Oct - Dec 1971 Reading
Benjamin James Gatland Foskett Jul - Aug 1974 Reading/Wok
Doris E M George Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1914 Wellingborough
Stanley C F George Foskett Oct - Dec 1920 Wellingborough
Jessie George Foskett Apr-Jun 1923 Wellingborough
Clifford B George Fosgate Jul - Sep 1945 Loughborough
Kirsty May George Foskett Jun 1991 Greenwich
Chloe Jacqueline George Foskett Sep 1994 Bexley
Maria Helen Georka Foskett Apr-Jun 1976 Barnet
Katrina Louise Georka Foskett Apr-Jun 1980 Barnet
Kerry Anne Gibb Foskett Jan - Mar 1970 Brentwood
David Andrew Gibb Foskett Jan - Mar 1973 Thurrock
Janice B Gibbons Foskett Jul - Aug 1956 Edmonton
Antony W Gibbons Foskett Jan - Mar 1960 Wood
Sheila A Gibbs Foskett Jul - Aug 1943 Edmonton
Christine D Gibbs Foskett Jul - Aug 1955 Edmonton
Ricky Mark Gibbs Foskett Jul 1991 Brighton
Robert J Gibson Forskitt Apr - Jun 1944 Wellingborough
Coralie Ann Gibson Foskett Apr-Jun 1977 Croydon
Stella Gidley Foskett Jan - Mar 1945 Shipston
Patricia A Gilford Foskett Jul - Aug 1953 Stoke T
Colin R Gill Forskett Jul - Sep 1934 Nuneaton
Cecilia M Gill Foskett Oct - Dec 1938 W Glamorgan
Gerald D Gill Foskett Jul - Aug 1945 Swansea
Anthony Gill Foskett Jan - Mar 1949 W Glamorgan
Lili Alice C Gillan Foskett Nov 1996 Kensington and Chelsea
Brian T Gillett Foskett Apr-Jun 1943 Watford
John C Gillett Foskett Apr-Jun 1949 Watford
Michael A Ginn Foskett Apr-Jun 1945 Bedford
Ian D Ginn Foskett Apr-Jun 1947 Bedford
Charles N Girling Foskett Jan - Mar 1924 Lambeth
Joyce A Girling Foskett Apr-Jun 1925 Camberwell
Olive B Girling Foskett Oct - Dec 1926 Camberwell
Anthony J Girling Foskett Apr-Jun 1934 Camberwell
William R Girling Foskett Apr-Jun 1934 Camberwell
Royie Aaron F Gispan Foskett Jun 1993 Hendon
Roland Glass Foskett Jul - Aug 1936 Bedford
Roland Glass Foskett Oct - Dec 1941 Bedford
Malcolm A Glass Foskett Jul - Aug 1943 Berkhamsted
Veronica J Glass Foskett Jul - Aug 1946 Berkhamsted
Raymond J Glass Foskett Jul - Aug 1947 Berkhamsted
Colin J Glass Foskett Oct - Dec 1949 Berkhamsted
Margaret E Glass Foskett Jan - Mar 1951 Berkhamsted
Wendy E Glass Foskett Oct - Dec 1953 Berkhamsted
Robert W Glass Foskett Apr-Jun 1955 Berkhamsted
Sally A Glass Foskett Oct - Dec 1956 Berkhamsted
Simon C Glass Foskett Jan - Mar 1960 Berkhamsted
Karen J Glass Foskett Apr-Jun 1962 Berkhamsted
Christopher Daniel Glasson Foskett Dec 1985 Truro
Katie Samantha Glasson Foskett Feb 1988 Truro
Ian James Glasspool Foskett Apr-Jun 1969 Chelmsford
Holly Jane Glasspool Foskett Jan - Mar 1971 Chelmsford
Chloe Anne Gliddon Foskett Mar 1998 St Germans
Pamela M Glindon Foskett Apr-Jun 1932 Lambeth
Frederick W F Glover Foscutt Jul - Sep 1914 Leicester
William W H Glover Foscutt Jul - Sep 1919 Leicester
Olive L Glover Foscutt Jul - Sep 1920 Leicester
Kelly Ann Glozier Foskett Sep 1988 Thurrock
Daniel Dale Glozier Foskett Aug 1991 Thurrock
Peter A Gluth Foskett Apr-Jun 1948 Birmingham
Eric H Gluth Foskett Apr-Jun 1950 Lichfield
Rosemarie M Gluth Foskett Jan - Mar 1952 Lichfield
Richard G Gluth Foskett Jul - Aug 1959 Lichfield
Pearl E Goldsmith Fosket Jul - Sep 1916 Tendring
Christine M Gomm Foskett Jul - Aug 1946 Amersham
Judith A Gomm Foskett Jan - Mar 1951 Amersham
Patricia D F Gooding Foskett Jan - Mar 1935 St Thomas
Joseph Frederick Goodlad Foskett Sep 1996 Basingstoke
Imogen Georgina Goodlad Foskett Jan 1999 Reading
Leslie C Goodman Foskett Oct - Dec 1931 Bedford
Maurice W Goodman Foskett Oct - Dec 1936 Bedford
Doreen H Goodman Foskett Apr-Jun 1940 Bedford
Alison Emmela Gotheridge Foskett Jan - Mar 1967 Lichfield
Julie Agnes Gotheridge Foskett Jan - Mar 1969 Lichfield
Neil Frederick Gotheridge Foskett Oct - Dec 1971 Sutton Coldfield
Stanley C Gould Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1911 Solihull
John H Gould Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1914 Aston
Henry G Gould Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1915 Camberwell
John Gould Foskett Jul - Aug 1916 St Olave Bermondsey
Alice M Gould Foskett Jan - Mar 1918 Camberwell
Emily E Gould Foskett Jul - Aug 1919 Camberwell
John T Gould Foskett Apr-Jun 1921 Camberwell
William A Gould Foskett Apr-Jun 1924 Camberwell
Leeanne Louise Grace Foskett Jan - Mar 1980 Harlow
Carolins J Graham Foskett Jul - Aug 1920 Hackney
Bertie G Graham Foskett Oct - Dec 1923 Hackney
Colin L Graham Foskett Jan - Mar 1937 Hackney
Ashleigh-Jo Elizabeth Grant Foskett May 1997 Devizes
Isabelle Caitlin Grant Foskett Apr 2002 Dev and Marl
Scott James Grassby Foskett Oct 2004 Milton Keynes
Violet M Green Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1913 Barnet
Isabel L Green Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1915 Barnet
Herbert W Green Foskett Jul - Aug 1916 Barnet
Kenneth A Green Foskett Jan - Mar 1918 Barnet
William L Green Foskett Oct - Dec 1919 Barnet
Douglas E Green Foskett Apr-Jun 1932 Barnet
Michael B Green Foskett Jan - Mar 1941 Watford
Michele A Green Foskett Oct - Dec 1955 Kingswood
Mark R Green Foskett Apr-Jun 1957 Southampton
Neil R Green Foskett Jan - Mar 1959 Southampton
Henry John R Green Foskett Jun 1991 Scarborough
Adam Green Foskett Mar 1993 Northumberland Central
Charlotte Elizabeth Green Foskett Jul 1993 Scarborough
Chante Lareisha Green Foskett Jul 1997 Hammersmith
Izack Jacob Green Foskett Nov 2004 Leicester
Taylor Jordan Green Foskett Jan 2005 Nuneaton and Bedworth
Taylor Jordan Green Foskett Jan 2005 Nuneaton and Bedworth
Wesley Robert Gregor Foskett Feb 2005 Truro
Michael Greig Foskett Apr-Jun 1979 Camden
Steven Greig Foskett Jul - Aug 1983 Camden
Eileen S Griffin Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1912 St Marylebone
Michael A Griffin Foskett Jan - Mar 1920 Camberwell
Mary N Griffin Foskett Jul - Aug 1923 St.Geo.H.Sq.
Sian Marie Griffith Foskett Dec 1999 Denbighshire
Lee Griffiths Foskett Sep 1986 Dudley
Laura Griffiths Foskett Dec 1988 Wrexham
Awen Griffiths Foskett Jul 1991 Blackburn
Joseph Griffiths Foskett Aug 2000 Shrewsbury
Jill Grimbleby Foskett Oct - Dec 1961 Hull
Robert Grimbleby Foskett Oct - Dec 1966 N Kesteven
Maureen Grover Foskett Oct - Dec 1935 E Ham
Margaret A Grover Foskett Apr-Jun 1946 Romford
Samuel Arthur J Gullick Foskett Nov 1994 Surrey NW
Amelia Jane Gullick Foskett Nov 1995 Surrey NW
Michelle Suzanne Gunner Foskett Apr-Jun 1978 Bromley
Daniel James Gunner Foskett Jan - Mar 1980 Bromley
Scott Daniel Guy Foskett Dec 1993 South
Pamela M Hackshaw Foskett Jul - Aug 1937 Wandsworth
Maurice V Hackshaw Foskett Jul - Aug 1943 Wandsworth
Rowena E M Haines Foskett Oct - Dec 1955 North Bucks
Deborah A Haines Foskett Oct - Dec 1957 North Bucks
Andrew J Haines Foskett Oct - Dec 1963 Wantage
Marianne Haines Foskett Apr-Jun 1972 Oxford
Alan Hall Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1911 Newcastle T
Susan A Hall Foskett Apr-Jun 1961 Romford
John A Hall Foskett Apr-Jun 1962 Romford
Sandra J Hall Foskett Apr-Jun 1964 Hackney
Sharon Marie Hall Foskett Jan - Mar 1966 Hackney
Sallyanne Hall Foskett Jul - Aug 1970 Hackney
Brandon Lee W Hall Foskett Oct - Dec 1974 Newcastle/T
Beryl M L Hallett Foskett Oct - Dec 1920 Wellingborough
Wayne Paul Hamlett Foskett Oct 1986 Watford
Samantha Elizabeth Hammond Foskett Apr-Jun 1975 Northampton
Samantha Elizabeth Hammond Foskett Apr-Jun 1975 Northampton
Samantha Elizabeth Hammond Foskett Apr-Jun 1975 Northampton
Maurice Reginald Hammond Foskett Jul - Aug 1977 Northampton
Haurice Reginald Hammond Foskett Jul - Aug 1979 Northampton
Samantha Elizabeth Hammond Foskett Jul - Aug 1979 Northampton
Matthew Kyle Hansom Foskett Apr 1985 Newcastle T
Derek J Harding Foskett Jan - Mar 1942 Islington
Gillian I Harding Foskett Jul - Aug 1953 Islington
Ethel A Hardingham Foskett Jan - Mar 1918 Medway
Ronald W Hardingham Foskett Jan - Mar 1920 Berkhampstead
Keith Hardy Foskett Apr-Jun 1941 Market Harborough
Philip Anthony Harling Foskett Jul - Aug 1972 Kingston/Ths
Kim Ann Harling Foskett Jan - Mar 1976 Horsham
Clare Elizabeth Harman Foskett Apr-Jun 1972 Lambeth
Simon Alexander C Harman Foskett Apr-Jun 1974 Lambeth
Timothy Paul O Harman Foskett Oct - Dec 1979 Lambeth
Lisa Karen Harrald Forskitt Jan - Mar 1972 Northampton
Russell Mark Harrald Forskitt Jan - Mar 1974 Northampton
April Louise Harrington Foskett Nov 1989 Surrey NW
April Louise Harrington Foskett Nov 1989 Surrey NW
April Louise Harrington Foskett Nov 1989 Surrey NW
April Louise Harrington Foskett Apr 1991 Surrey NW
Adam George Harrington Foskett Jun 1992 Surrey NW
Kieran Clive Harrington Foskett Aug 1996 Surrey NW
Phillippa L Harris Foskett Jul - Aug 1916 Wycombe
George H Harris Foskett Apr-Jun 1923 Shoreditch
John R Harris Foskett Jan - Mar 1935 Paddington
John L Harris Forskett Jul - Sep 1945 Meriden
Joshuah James Harris Foskett Feb 1991 Chelmsford
Oliver Charles Harris Foskett Apr 1993 Chelmsford
Doris E Harrison Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1912 Northampton
Charles S Harrison Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1914 Northampton
Sidney Harrison Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1915 Northampton
Leonard A Harrison Foskett Jan - Mar 1920 Northampton
Frank Harrison Foskett Jan - Mar 1921 Northampton
Vera Harrison Foskett Jul - Aug 1923 Northampton
Kenneth C Harvey Foskett Oct - Dec 1943 Trowbridge
Maureen E Harvey Foskett Jul - Aug 1947 Wandsworth
Gemma Louise Hastings Foskett Jan 1985 Carlisle
Simon Peter Hastings Foskett Jul 1986 Carlisle
Edward H Hawes Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1913 Edmonton
Beryl J Hawes Foskett Oct - Dec 1921 Berkhampstead
Winifred M Hawker Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1915 Berkhampstead
Kenneth J Hawker Foskett Oct - Dec 1922 Lymington
Christopher L Haycraft Foskett Jul - Aug 1946 Barnstaple
Michael L Haycraft Foskett Jul - Aug 1946 Barnstaple
Julian Haycraft Foskett Jan - Mar 1952 Bingham
Stuart Hayes Foskett Jan 1984 North Bucks
Rebecca Hayes Foskett Apr 1986 Milton Keynes
Greg Hayes Foskett Mar 1988 Milton Keynes
Kathleen L Hayward Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1912 Edmonton
Trevor F Hazell Foskett Oct - Dec 1941 Hendon
Jane D Hazell Foskett Apr-Jun 1947 Edmonton
Robin Andrew Hearn Foskett Oct - Dec 1968 Amersham
Peter Alexander Hearn Foskett Jul - Aug 1970 Amersham
Elizabeth Jane Hearn Foskett Jul - Aug 1972 Amersham
Sarah Marie Hearn Foskett Jul - Aug 1976 Chiltern/B
Hazel K Heath Foskett Oct - Dec 1928 Barnet
Eric R Heath Foskett Oct - Dec 1930 Barnet
Mavis I Heath Foskett Jul - Aug 1934 Barnet
Faith E Heath Foskett Oct - Dec 1940 Surrey SE
Nicola Hedley Foskett Apr-Jun 1973 Watford
Sarah Hedley Foskett Jan - Mar 1975 Watford
Louise Anne Hegarty Foskett Jun 1990 Chatham
Conna Emily F Hegarty Foskett Sep 1995 Chatham
Lewis Alan Hegarty Foskett Sep 1995 Chatham
Louise Anne Hegarty Foskett Sep 1995 Chatham
Casey Elizabeth Hegarty Foskett Jan 1999 Medway
Casey Elizabeth Hegarty Foskett Jan 1999 Medway
Lilian E Hemmington Foskett Jul - Aug 1920 Camberwell
Elsie M Hemmington Foskett Apr-Jun 1922 Camberwell
John T Hemmington Foskett Apr-Jun 1924 Camberwell
Ronald F Hemmington Foskett Oct - Dec 1927 Camberwell
Ronald Henley Forskitt Oct - Dec 1916 Northampton
Cyril Henley Forskitt Oct - Dec 1918 Northampton
Jessica Sadan Henniker-Major Foskett Oct - Dec 1977 Kensington
Harriet Laura Henniker-Major Foskett Jul - Aug 1981 Ipswich
Frederick John C Henniker-Major Foskett Apr-Jun 1983 Ipswich
Edward George M Henniker-Major Foskett Jun 1985 Norwich
Josephine Helen Henniker-Marjor Foskett Apr-Jun 1979 Westminster
Paul T Hercus Foskett Jan - Mar 1943 Barnet
Joseph Anthony Hickey Foskett Aug 2003 Southampton
John E Hickford Foskett Apr-Jun 1917 Edmonton
Eileen G Hickford Foskett Jul - Aug 1919 Edmonton
Victor G Hickford Foskett Jan - Mar 1921 Newport F
Ronald N Hickford Foskett Apr-Jun 1922 Edmonton
Arthur Hickford Foskett Oct - Dec 1924 Edmonton
Nellie D Hickford Foskett Oct - Dec 1926 Edmonton
Royston Hickford Foskett Oct - Dec 1929 Edmonton
Doris E Hickford Foskett Apr-Jun 1932 Edmonton
George Hickford Foskett Oct - Dec 1933 Edmonton
Michael David Higgins Foskett Sep 1990 Chatham
Leeanne Emily Higgins Foskett Jun 1992 Chatham
John Patrick Higgins Foskett Feb 1993 Merthyr Tydfil
John Patrick Higgins Foskett Mar 1997 Merthyr Tydfil
John Patrick Higgins Foskett Mar 1997 Merthyr Tydfil
Elizabeth H Highfield Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1912 Hackney
Minnie M Highfield Foskett Jan - Mar 1919 Hackney
William A Highfield Foskett Apr-Jun 1925 Hackney
David P Hilburn Foskett Oct - Dec 1956 Barnet
Raymond J Hilburn Foskett Apr-Jun 1960 Hatfield
Jennifer Patricia Hilditch Foskett Oct - Dec 1978 London City
Hazel J Hill Foskett Apr-Jun 1929 Foleshill
Charles B Hill Foskett Jul - Aug 1938 Coventry
Mark Anthony Hilton Foskett Jan - Mar 1976 Wolverhmptn
Carl James Hilton Foskett Oct - Dec 1978 Wolverhmpton
David John Hilton Foskett May 1984 Wolverhampton
Mary E Hirst Foskett Apr-Jun 1939 Surrey SW
Colin Stuart Hiscock Foskett Jan - Mar 1975 Chichester
Nicola Louise Hiscock Foskett Oct - Dec 1977 Chichester
Kenneth E Hodges Foskett Jan - Mar 1949 Reading
Brian P Hodges Foskett Jan - Mar 1955 Reading
Alyson Louise Hodgkins Foskett Jan - Mar 1967 Brentwood
Sheila W Hollick Foskett Oct - Dec 1936 Market Harborough
Jack Henry Hollington Foskett Feb 1995 Westminster
Oscar Charles Hollington Foskett Jul 1998 Redbridge
Louie Dean Hollington Foskett Jul 2003 Redbridge
Russell James Homen Foskett Jul - Aug 1966 Northampton
Rosalind J Homer Foskett Oct - Dec 1961 Ealing
Walter G Hooper Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1911 St Pancras
Francis P Hooper Foskett Jan - Mar 1918 Pancras
Michael John Hopkins Fosgate Mar 1988 Kings Lynn
Simon Edward Hopkins Fosgate Oct 1989 Kings Lynn
William Thomas Hopkins Fosgate Oct 1989 Kings Lynn
Hannah Rebecca Horn Foskett Aug 1993 Southend on Sea
Simon Pb Horne Foskett Apr-Jun 1963 Romford
Migel T J Horne Foskett Apr-Jun 1965 Thurrock
Mark A Horrocks Foskett Apr-Jun 1965 Cardiff
Cathryn Houghton Foskett Jul - Aug 1962 Wellingborough
Rachael Hougton Foskett Oct - Dec 1964 Wellingborough
Russell Hoult Foskett Oct - Dec 1972 Coalville
Neil Hoult Foskett Oct - Dec 1976 Coalville
Peter D How Foskett Jan - Mar 1927 Hemel Hempstead
Tony How Foskett Jul - Aug 1933 Hemel Hempstead
Joan M Howard Foskett Apr-Jun 1921 Hendon
Karl Antony Howard Foskett Oct 1986 Cambridge
Luke Edward J Howard Foskett May 1989 Cambridge
Arthur Howes Foskett Jul - Aug 1916 Barrow S
Ethel G Hudson Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1912 West Ham
Queenie M Hudson Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1915 Romford
Arthur J Hudson Foskett Jul - Aug 1919 Romford
Julie Hughes Foskett Oct - Dec 1959 Bedford
Paul Hughes Foskett Oct - Dec 1961 St Neots
John-Paul Hughes Foskett Jan - Mar 1968 Bournemouth
Edward Michael H Hughes Foskett Oct - Dec 1971 Poole
Lucie Claire Hughes Foskett Jul - Aug 1972 Sutton Coldfield
Hayley Susan Hughes Foskett Apr-Jun 1975 Birmingham
Cynthia J Hulatt Foskett Apr-Jun 1927 Bedford
Prederick J Hulatt Foskett Apr-Jun 1928 Bedford
Donald L Hulatt Foskett Jan - Mar 1930 Bedford
Roy Hulatt Foskett Jan - Mar 1948 Bedford
Dorthy P Hummerstone Foskett Jan - Mar 1920 Royston
Thomas J Hummerstone Foskett Jul - Aug 1923 Royston
Mary R Hummerstone Foskett Jul - Aug 1924 Royston
Janet P Hummerstone Foskett Apr-Jun 1934 Hertford
Luke Alexander Humphrys Foskett Oct 1994 Bromley
Wesley Robert Humphrys Foskett Feb 2005 Truro
Joanne M Hunt Foskett Oct - Dec 1964 Chatham
Darren Edward Hunt Foskett Jan - Mar 1967 Chatham
Daniel John Hunt Foskett Jul - Aug 1983 Chatham
Joshua James Hurrell Foskett Sep 2000 Torbay
Kerrie Anne Hurwood Foskett Oct - Dec 1981 Watford
Tony Roy Hurwood Foskett May 1986 Watford
Kaylie Marie Hurwood Foskett Oct 1996 Watford
Shane Anthony R Hurwood Foskett Jan 1999 Watford
Roy Wayne S Hurwood Foskett Mar 2003 Watford
Paul Anthony Hutchinson Foskett Apr-Jun 1967 Durham C
Claire Sara Hutchinson Foskett Jul - Aug 1969 Durham C
Nicholas John Hutchinson Foskett Oct - Dec 1972 Durham C
Lesley M H Huxley Fascutt Jan - Mar 1922 Kensington
Brian Ireland Forscutt Jul - Sep 1922 West Ham
Janet M Ireland Foskett Jul - Aug 1944 Nuneaton
Richard M Ireland Foskett Jul - Aug 1948 Nuneaton
Peter Gary K Irving Foskett Jul 1995 Redbridge
Donna M Ivemey Foskett Jan - Mar 1964 West Ham
Louise Ivemey Foskett Apr-Jun 1970 Maldon
Dean Iveney Foskett Oct - Dec 1965 West Ham
Rosemary Jackson Forscutt Oct - Dec 1958 Hendon
Robert Alfred P Jackson Foskett Jun 1988 Enfield
Craig Martin Jackson Foskett Feb 1991 Enfield
Kelly Marie Jackson Foskett Dec 1994 Enfield
Sophie Elise Jackson Foskett Apr 1998 Stafford
Connor Rhys Jackson Foskett Jan 2000 Stafford
Connor Rhys Jackson Foskett Jan 2000 Stafford
Thomas Daniel Jackson Foskett Oct 2001 Stafford
Alieu Hassan Jallow Foskett Sep 2001 Hitchin and Stevenage
Amadou Hussain Jallow Foskett Sep 2001 Hitchin and Stevenage
Ella Louise Jallow Foskett Nov 2004 Hitchin and Stevenage
Hilary M James Foskett Jan - Mar 1939 Essex SW
John C James Foskett Apr-Jun 1949 Hatfield
Bayleigh Elizabeth James Foskett Nov 1997 Coventry
Ella-Mae James Foskett Jun 2003 Coventry
Albert A F Jeanes Foskett Oct - Dec 1929 West Ham
Ronald V Jeanes Foskett Jul - Aug 1932 West Ham
Clare Jelley Foskett Jul 1986 Worthing
Lee Adam Jelley Foskett Jun 1988 Doncaster
Maureen V Jenkin Foskett Jan - Mar 1941 Woolwich
Raymond W Jenkins Foskett Jul - Aug 1916 Bridgend
Ronald R Jenkins Foskett Jul - Aug 1918 Bridgend
Arthur Jenkins Foskett Jul - Aug 1928 Bridgend
Glynn Jenkins Foskett Oct - Dec 1936 Eastry
Alexander Jennings Foskett Jun 1993 Luton
Michael Jennings Foskett Jul 2000 Luton
Katherine Jennings-Margrave Foskett Sep 1998 Luton
Michael Jennings-Margrave Foskett Jul 2000 Luton
Allan Jessop Foskett Apr-Jun 1938 Leeds
Barbara Jessop Foskett Apr-Jun 1944 Tadcaster
Doris M Johnson Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1912 Warwick
Sidney F Johnson Forscutt Jul - Sep 1919 Wellingborough
Walter W Johnson Foskett Jul - Aug 1919 Camberwell
John A Johnson Foskett Oct - Dec 1921 Camberwell
Charles Johnson Foskett Oct - Dec 1923 Camberwell
Herbert H Johnson Foskett Apr-Jun 1928 Camberwell
Ronald G Johnson Foskett Oct - Dec 1934 Camberwell
Violet R Johnson Foskett Jan - Mar 1938 Camberwell
Shelley Johnson Forskitt Jan - Mar 1958 Wellingborough
Rex Johnson Forskitt Jul - Sep 1960 Northampton
Danny Raymond Johnson Foskett Oct - Dec 1983 Dacorum
Kayley Jayne Johnson Foskett Feb 1990 Watford
Charlie Steven Johnson Foskett Jul 1992 Watford
Lewis Ainsley Johnson Foskett Jun 1997 Trowbridge
Chelsie Fern Johnson Foskett Jun 1999 Trowbridge
Blake Harvey Johnson Foskett Oct 2002 Trowbridge
Joanna Margaret Johnston Foskett Apr 1991 Carlisle
Jodie Lee Johnston Foskett Apr 1991 Carlisle
Demi Andrea Johnston Foskett Mar 1994 Carlisle
Deanne May Johnston Foskett Aug 1995 Carlisle
Andrew Ronald J Johnston Foskett Oct 1996 Carlisle
Ryan Johnston Foskett Oct 1998 Middlesbrough
Aaron Johnston Foskett Oct 2000 Middlesbrough
Riley Neil Johnston Foskett Jun 2004 Middlesbrough
Sophie Rebecca Johnstone Foskett Aug 2005 Carlisle
Andrew Mark D Jolly Foskett Aug 1990 Barking and Dagenham
Suzanne Nicola Jolly Foskett Apr 1993 Barking and Dagenham
Rhoda K Jones Foskett Jan - Mar 1918 Barnet
James W Jones Foskett Apr-Jun 1922 Marylebone
Peter C Jones Foskett Apr-Jun 1924 Kensington
Leslie Jones Foskett Jul - Aug 1925 Kensington
Michael J Jones Foskett Apr-Jun 1932 Romford
Anne E Jones Foskett Jan - Mar 1935 Romford
Glyn Jones Foskett Oct - Dec 1945 Meridan
Barbara V Jones Foskett Apr-Jun 1949 Surrey NE
Joyce C Jones Foskett Jul - Aug 1951 Hackney
Marion S Jones Foskett Apr-Jun 1952 Surrey NE
Alfred W Jones Foskett Jul - Aug 1954 Shoreditch
Peter T Jones Foskett Jul - Aug 1956 Edmonton
Simon C Jones Foskett Jul - Aug 1958 Bilston
Robert W Jones Foskett Apr-Jun 1962 Edmonton
David M Jones Foskett Jul - Aug 1965 Amersham
Nicholas Vincent Jones Foskett Jan - Mar 1969 Wolverhampton
Anthony Mark Jones Forskett Jul - Sep 1972 Amersham
Kerry Jones Foskett Oct - Dec 1973 Merthyr Tydfil
Karen Jones Foskett Jan - Mar 1976 Merthyr Tydfil
Kelley Margaret Jones Foskett Apr-Jun 1977 Thurrock
Klare Jones Foskett Apr-Jun 1977 Merthyr Tydfil
Vicky Tina Jones Foskett Oct - Dec 1980 Brentwood
John Patrick Jones Foskett Feb 1993 Merthyr Tydfil
James Patrick Jones Foskett May 1994 Bexley
Nanette Jordan Foskett Oct - Dec 1936 Gravesend
Lydia G D Jordan Foskett Oct - Dec 1937 Gravesend
Peter R Jordan Foskett Apr-Jun 1941 Chatham
Thomas Edward L Jorden Foskett Nov 2004 Lincolnshire
Diana E Jordon Foskett Jul - Aug 1932 Dartford
William G Julian Foskett Jan - Mar 1950 Hackney
Roy F Julian Foskett Apr-Jun 1962 Hackney
Rosemary Kain Foskett Apr-Jun 1935 Edmonton
Gareth James Kelly Foskett Sep 1985 Havering
Benjamin William J Kelly Foskett Dec 1989 Watford
Jonathan Louis Kelly Foskett Jun 1990 Camden
April Joan Kelly Foskett Jul 1991 Watford
Thomas Charles J Kelly Foskett Jul 1992 Worthing
Benjamin James E Kelly Foskett Jan 1995 Worthing
Grace Mary-Ann Kelly Foskett Dec 1997 Worthing
Florence I Kemp Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1914 Camberwell
Leslie J H Kennedy Foskett Jan - Mar 1924 Bedford
Christine Paula Kerr Foskett Jan - Mar 1968 Ipswich
Daniel Aubrey Kerr Foskett Jul - Aug 1970 Ipswich
Marjorie V H Killick Foskett Oct - Dec 1918 Godstone
Arthur R Kimpton Foskett Oct - Dec 1920 Barnet
Frederick J King Foskett Jul - Aug 1916 Woolwich
Elsie E M King Foskett Jul - Aug 1916 West Ham
Graham D King Foskett Jan - Mar 1958 Edmonton
David J King Foskett Jan - Mar 1960 Wandsworth
Ian E King Foskett Jul - Aug 1962 Edmonton
Bryan E King Foskett Apr-Jun 1963 Wandsworth
Anthony P King Foskett Apr-Jun 1965 Wandsworth
Carol Ann King Foskett Oct - Dec 1967 Wandsworth
Staven Lee King Foskett Jul - Aug 1971 Lambeth
Michelle Anne King Foskett Feb 1985 Kettering
Amy Victoria King Foskett Aug 1986 Kettering
James Daniel King Foskett Jul 1988 Kettering
Charles Alexander King Foskett May 1993 Kettering
Paul Martin Kingshott Foskett Apr-Jun 1975 Aylesbury
Sarah Louise Kingshott Foskett Oct - Dec 1978 North Bucks
Isabel Emma Kingston Foskett Jan 2004 Hampshire North
Isabel Emma Kingston Foskett Jan 2004 Hampshire North
Elisabeth A Kinnaman Foskett Jul - Aug 1958 Henley
John Lee Kirk Foskett Jul - Aug 1974 Scunthorpe
David James Kirk Foskett Oct - Dec 1977 Scunthorpe
Annie E E Knight Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1912 Bedford
Peter Knight Foskett Oct - Dec 1951 Dartford
Judith Knight Foskett Oct - Dec 1954 Dartford
Lilian Knighting Foskett Apr-Jun 1940 Newcastle T
Elsie M Knighting Foskett Jan - Mar 1943 Newcastle T
Doreen Knighting Foskett Jul - Aug 1946 Newcastle T
Lionel Knighting Foskett Jul - Aug 1951 Newcastle T
Daphne F Labram Foskett Apr-Jun 1933 Bedofrd
Pearl Labram Foskett Apr-Jun 1935 Bedford
Joy S Labram Foskett Oct - Dec 1937 Bedford
William B Labram Foskett Jan - Mar 1939 Bedford
Prunella R Labram Foskett Jul - Aug 1940 Bedford
David W Labram Foskett Oct - Dec 1942 Bedford
McLvyn L Labram Foskett Oct - Dec 1944 Bedford
Richard J Labram Foskett Oct - Dec 1948 Bedford
David E Lait Foskett Jan - Mar 1953 Birmingham
Pamela J Lait Foskett Apr-Jun 1958 Birmingham
Marc James Lambourne Foskett Jun 1988 Chatham
Daniel Carl H Lambourne Foskett Jun 1991 Chatham
Jack Oliver J Lamer Foskett Sep 1989 Greenwich
Vera M Laming Foskett Jul - Aug 1928 Islington
Joanne Lancaster Foskett Dec 1984 Harlow
Dean Landale Foskett Jul - Aug 1962 Bedford
Faith June M Langhorn Foskett Dec 1995 Southend on Sea
Stephen P Larn Forscutt Jul - Sep 1957 Leicester
Debra J Larn Forscutt Oct - Dec 1958 Leicester
Amanda J Larn Forscutt Jul - Sep 1962 Leicester
Helen A Larter Foskett Apr-Jun 1943 Stoke T
Terence R Larter Foskett Jan - Mar 1945 Stoke T
Louise Marie Last Foskett Oct - Dec 1974 Great Yarmouth
Joanne Last Foskett Jul - Aug 1976 Waveney
Richard James Last Foskett Oct - Dec 1982 Great Yarmouth
Patrick Thomas Lawler Foskett Sep 1992 Bexley
Rachael Hannah Lawler Foskett Nov 1993 Bexley
Alan J Laxton Foskett Jul - Aug 1933 Barnet
Brian Laxton Foskett Apr-Jun 1935 Barnet
Michael Le May Foskett Jan - Mar 1970 Bromley
Paul Le May Foskett Apr-Jun 1971 Bromley
Jacqueline D Lea Foskett Jan - Mar 1943 Bromley
Jane S Leadbeatter Foskett Jul - Aug 1960 Hendon
Richard D Leadbeatter Foskett Oct - Dec 1961 Hendon
Mark Kevin Leadbetter Foskett Nov 1987 Waltham Forest
Mark Kevin Leadbetter Foskett Nov 1987 Waltham Forest
Mark Kevin Leadbetter Foskett Nov 1987 Waltham Forest
Matthew David Leadbetter Foskett Oct 1989 Waltham Forest
Matthew David Leadbetter Foskett Oct 1989 Waltham Forest
Mark Kevin Leadbetter Foskett Apr 1990 Waltham Forest
Matthew David Leadbetter Foskett Apr 1990 Waltham Forest
Samantha Mary Leadbetter Foskett Mar 1991 Waltham Forest
Colin J Leaworthy Foskett Jul - Aug 1939 Portsmouth
June D Leaworthy Foskett Jul - Aug 1945 Portsmouth
Marie L Lee Foskett Jan - Mar 1918 Kingston
Violet M Lee Foskett Jan - Mar 1919 Kingston
Doris E Lee Foskett Jan - Mar 1921 Kingston
Betty I Lee Foskett Jul - Aug 1927 Kingston
Alfred H Lee Foskett Apr-Jun 1931 Kingston
Ena N Lee Foskett Oct - Dec 1933 Kingston
John H Leech Foskett Jan - Mar 1926 Newcastle T
Robert M Leech Foskett Apr-Jun 1929 Newcastle T
Elizabeth Leech Foskett Apr-Jun 1931 Newcastle T
Ernest Leech Foskett Jan - Mar 1933 Newcastle T
Anne Leech Foskett Jul - Aug 1937 Newcastle T
Christine M Lemon Foskett Apr-Jun 1953 Yarmouth
Jackalyn D Lemon Foskett Apr-Jun 1956 Yarmouth
Doris J Letton Foskett Oct - Dec 1922 Islington
Frederick C Letton Foskett Jan - Mar 1928 Holborn
Venie L Letton Foskett Jan - Mar 1928 Holborn
Mervyn Aj Lewis Foskett Oct - Dec 1947 W Glamorgan
Wendy Janet Lewis Foskett Oct - Dec 1970 Surrey SE
Amanda Irene L Lewis Foskett Jan 1988 Waltham Forest
Louie Richard A Lewis Foskett Feb 1989 Harlow
George Gary P Lewis Foskett Jun 1994 Chelmsford
Frederick Liens Foskett Jul - Aug 1930 Lincoln
Ronald Liens Foskett Apr-Jun 1932 Lincoln
Barbara Liens Foskett Oct - Dec 1935 Lincoln
David Liens Foskett Apr-Jun 1938 Lincoln
Bernard W Liens Foskett Jan - Mar 1941 Newcastle T
Ivy Liens Foskett Jan - Mar 1941 Newcastle T
Elaine J Lindfield Foskett Jul - Aug 1953 Islington
Denice V Lindfield Foskett Oct - Dec 1954 Southwark
William A Lindfield Foskett Oct - Dec 1956 Finsbury
Gillian M Littley Foskett Jan - Mar 1951 Surrey NE
Dorothy J Lloyd Foskett Jan - Mar 1936 Lambeth
Donald F Lloyd Foskett Apr-Jun 1939 Lambeth
Alan J Lloyd Foskett Jul - Aug 1942 Lambeth
Patricia A Lloyd Foskett Jul - Aug 1944 Lambeth
Brian J Lloyd Foskett Apr-Jun 1947 Lambeth
Valerie A Lloyd Foskett Jan - Mar 1951 Lambeth
Trevor D Lloyd Foskett Apr-Jun 1957 Luton
Judith A Lloyd Foskett Oct - Dec 1961 Luton
Natalie Elizabeth Lloyd Foskett Dec 1992 Stevenage
Nicola Jayne Longhmore Foskett Jan - Mar 1970 Stoke T
Denis Longland Foskett Apr-Jun 1924 Leicester
Aimee Marie Lousteau Foskett Dec 1998 Poole
Katie Anna Lousteau Foskett Jun 2004 Poole
Arthur E Loveland Foskett Jan - Mar 1938 Lewisham
Brian S Loveland Foskett Jan - Mar 1939 Lewisham
Beryl Loveland Foskett Jan - Mar 1944 Surrey NW
Amanda Jayne Loveridge Foskett Jul - Aug 1979 Bedford
Brenda Mp Low Foskett Apr-Jun 1933 Islington
Barbara Ludwing Foskett Apr-Jun 1947 Stoke T
Mark J Lynch Foskett Jul - Aug 1951 Ealing
Lesley C Lynch Foskett Oct - Dec 1952 Ealing
Dana J Lynch Foskett Oct - Dec 1954 Middlesex S
Tonia M Lynch Foskett Jul - Aug 1958 Middlesex S
Sara Rose Lynch Foskett Jan - Mar 1970 Hounslow
Steven Lee Lyons Foskett Jul - Aug 1971 Lambeth
Rachel Helena Lyons Foskett Jul - Aug 1983 Chelmsford
Vivlen J MacDonald Foskett Jul - Aug 1948 Hampstead
Carolyn J MacDonald Foskett Jul - Aug 1949 Hampstead
John F Machin Foskett Apr-Jun 1940 Edmonton
Peter John Machin Foskett Jan - Mar 1971 Stoke T
Richard James Machin Foskett Apr-Jun 1974 Stoke T
Jessica Sarah H Major Foskett Oct - Dec 1977 Kensington
Josephine Helen Major Foskett Apr-Jun 1979 Westminster
Harriet Laura H Major Foskett Jul - Aug 1981 Ipswich
Frederick John C H Major Foskett Apr-Jun 1983 Ipswich
Edward George M H Major Foskett Jun 1985 Norwich
Tijan Omar Manneh Foskett Nov 2003 Poole
William A Manning Foskett Apr-Jun 1921 Westhampnett
Lilian M Manning Foskett Jul - Aug 1922 Westhampnett
Louise Samantha Manning Foskett Jun 1987 Barnet
Doris A Manno Foskett Oct - Dec 1919 Holborn
Sarah J Manno Foskett Jul - Aug 1924 Romford
Mary Manno Foskett Jan - Mar 1928 Holborn
Angela J Mansfield Foskett Apr-Jun 1963 Stoke T
Paula Mary Mansfield Foskett Oct - Dec 1966 Stoke T
Lorraine Frances Manston Foskett Apr-Jun 1979 Southwark
Danielle Louise Manston Foskett Jul - Aug 1983 Southwark
Hazel R Manton Foskett Jan - Mar 1934 Rugby
Colin B Manton Foskett Jan - Mar 1937 Rugby
Katherine Margrave Foskett Sep 1998 Luton
Katherine Margrave Foskett Aug 2000 Luton
Michael Margrave Foskett Jul 2000 Luton
Christine A Markham Foskett Jul - Aug 1933 Luton
David Markham Foskett Apr-Jun 1944 North Bucks
Anna Markham Foskett Apr-Jun 1953 Luton
Stanley R Marshall Foskett Jul - Aug 1918 Stoke T
Robert B Marshall Foskett Jan - Mar 1924 Stoke T
Tanya A Marshall Foskett Jul - Aug 1963 Bromley
Natalie Alison Marshall Foskett Apr-Jun 1966 Bromley
Candace Amanda Marshall Foskett Jan - Mar 1968 Bromley
Bradley Gareth Marston Foskett Dec 1996 Wolverhampton
Florence M Martin Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1914 Bedford
Dorothy M Martin Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1915 Bedford
Harry L Martin Foskett Jan - Mar 1918 Bedford
Albert E Martin Foskett Oct - Dec 1918 Bedford
Jessie Martin Foskett Oct - Dec 1919 Bedford
Olive Martin Foskett Jan - Mar 1921 Bedford
Peter J Martin Foskett Apr-Jun 1923 Bedford
Helen B Martin Foskett Oct - Dec 1926 Bedford
Frederick N Martin Foskett Jan - Mar 1931 Camberwell
Terence P Martin Foskett Jan - Mar 1934 Camberwell
Alan J Martin Foskett Jul - Aug 1950 Hampstead
Pauline S Martin Foskett Jul - Aug 1952 Middlesex S
Janet M Martin Foskett Oct - Dec 1955 Middlesex S
Steven Michael C Martin Foskett Apr-Jun 1969 Stoke T
Louise Amanda C Martin Foskett Jul - Aug 1970 Stafford
Nicola Claire C Martin Foskett Jan - Mar 1973 Bury
Willaim Thomas C Martin Foskett Jan - Mar 1982 Hyncburn/R
Christopher John C H Martin Foskett Dec 1984 Burnley and Pendle
Steve T Martindale Forscutt Jan - Mar 1956 Stoke Newington
Denise P Martindale Forscutt Apr - Jun 1957 Hackney
Antony L Martindale Forscutt Oct - Dec 1960 Hackney
Peter A Martindale Forscutt Oct - Dec 1962 Hackney
Martin J Martindale Forscutt Oct - Dec 1963 Hackney
Cliford N Martindale Forscutt Jul - Sep 1965 Stepney
Michelle Anne Maslin Foskett Jul - Aug 1968 Sutton
Paula Margaret Maslin Foskett Oct - Dec 1969 Merton
Joyce L Mason Foskett Apr-Jun 1917 Watford
Harriet May Massey Foskett Jun 1992 North Tyneside
Katie Rose Massey Foskett Sep 1994 North Tyneside
Philip M F B Mathesda Forskut Jul - Sep 1915 Hendon
Linda S Mathison Forskett Apr - Jun 1947 Liverpool N
Gladys E Matthews Foskett Apr-Jun 1916 Edmonton
Anthony J Matthews Foskett Jul - Aug 1939 Westminster
Keith F Matthews Foskett Jul - Aug 1946 Camberwell
Katherine V Matthews Foskett Jan - Mar 1946 Brentford
Clive N Matthews Foskett Jan - Mar 1948 Ealing
Annie L May Foskett Apr-Jun 1914 Leeds
Elise M May Foskett Jul - Aug 1929 Hackney
Michael R May Foskett Oct - Dec 1943 Lewisham
Maureen A May Foskett Oct - Dec 1953 Colchester
Ellie Louise Mayell Foskett Jul 2001 East Surrey
Jack Lewis Mayell Foskett Aug 2003 East Surrey
Gillian A Mayes Forscutt Jul - Sep 1960 Wellingborough
Kevin A Mayes Forscutt Apr - Jun 1962 Wellingborough
Kenneth J Maynard Foskett Jul - Aug 1945 Lewes
Jenny Ann Mayo Foskett Jul - Aug 1968 Lambeth
Jason William E Mayo Foskett Jul - Aug 1969 Lambeth
Eileen J McAndrew Forscutt Jan - Mar 1928 Portsmouth
Connor Stephen McBride Foskett Sep 1994 Dacorum
Christy Lauren McBride Foskett Oct 1996 Dacorum
Marguerite W McCarthy Foskett Jan - Mar 1923 West Ham
Marie G McCarthy Foskett Jul - Aug 1924 West Ham
Marureen D J McCarthy Foskett Jul - Aug 1951 Luton
Michael G J McCarthy Foskett Jan - Mar 1953 Luton
Patricia A M McCarthy Foskett Jan - Mar 1958 Luton
Eileen McClintock Foskett Jan - Mar 1962 Christchurch
Thomas C McClintock Foskett Oct - Dec 1963 Salisbury
Oliver John McCready Foskett Apr 1994 Redbridge
Edward Paul McCready Foskett Jul 1996 Redbridge
Henry Thomas McCready Foskett Sep 1997 Redbridge
Joseph Peter McCready Foskett Sep 1997 Redbridge
Tobias Arthur A McCready Foskett Jul 2003 Redbridge
Joseph J McCrossen Foskett Apr-Jun 1918 Southwark
Daiey L McCrossen Foskett Jan - Mar 1921 Southwark
Alfie George McGibbon Foskett Dec 2003 Oxfordshire
Robert Philip H McHale Foskett May 1990 Shrewsbury
Alice Georgina C McHale Foskett Aug 1991 Shrewsbury
Emily Louise R McHale Foskett Aug 1996 Wrekin
Michael George W McHale Foskett Sep 1997 Wrekin
Che Dean McKenna Foskett Apr-Jun 1981 London City
Michelle Ruth McNamara Foskett Apr-Jun 1975 London City
Danielle Claire McNamara Foskett Apr-Jun 1978 Barking
Alexander D McNaught Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1912 Edmonton
Margaret M McNaught Foskett Apr-Jun 1916 Edmonton
Eveline M McNaught Foskett Apr-Jun 1919 Edmonton
Simon Mead Foskett Jul - Aug 1972 Chelmsford
Nathan Roger Mead Foskett Apr-Jun 1974 Hitchin
Harry Robert Mears Foskett Feb 1998 Chelmsford
Harry Robert Mears Foskett Nov 1998 Chelmsford
Joe Lewis Mears Foskett May 2001 Chelmsford
Jack Elliot Mears Foskett Feb 2004 Chelmsford
Geoffrey E Medhurst Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1912 Lewisham
Maud M Meggs Foskett Apr-Jun 1917 Poplar
Annie E Meggs Foskett Apr-Jun 1923 Poplar
Colin C Messenger Foskett Jan - Mar 1935 Hemel Hempstead
David W S Middleton Foskett Oct - Dec 1961 Oxford
Isabel Nicole C Middleton Foskett Aug 2002 Chichester
Isabel Nicole C Middleton Foskett Jun 2002 Chichester
Michael J Midgen Foskett Jul - Aug 1957 Hendon
Kenneth P Midgen Foskett Jan - Mar 1965 Edmonton
Frank Miller Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1915 Glandford Brigg
Betty Miller Foskett Jul - Aug 1922 Glanford B
Ian J Miller Foskett Jan - Mar 1958 Plymouth
Nicholas Gareth Miller Forskitt Jul - Sep 1968 Northampton
Anthony Eric Miller Foskett Jul - Aug 1969 Bexley
Matthew Simon Miller Forskitt Jul - Sep 1970 Northampton
Karen Elizabeth Miller Foskett Jan - Mar 1971 Bexley
Victoria Louise Miller Forskitt Jul - Sep 1974 Northampton
Betty T Millest Foskett Apr-Jun 1927 Watford
Georgina E Millest Foskett Oct - Dec 1928 Watford
Annette Millington Foskett Apr-Jun 1959 Belper
Peter Millington Foskett Jan - Mar 1962 Romford
Joanne Millington Foskett Apr-Jun 1963 Rochford
David Millington Foskett Apr-Jun 1964 Rochford
Jack Mills Foskett Apr-Jun 1922 Kingston
Irene Mills Foskett Jul - Aug 1923 Kingston
Edith Mills Foskett Oct - Dec 1924 Kingston
Colin J Mills Foskett Jan - Mar 1930 Kingston
Brian Mills Foskett Jul - Aug 1935 Surrey NE
Alan A H Milson Foskett Jan - Mar 1949 Watford
Coralie Ann Mintrim Foskett Apr-Jun 1977 Croydon
Beverley Ann Mitchell Foskett Oct - Dec 1977 Surrey NW
Michael A Mockford Foskett Jul - Aug 1947 Camberwell
Patrick I Mockford Foskett Jan - Mar 1949 Uxbridge
Pauline Moneypenny Foskett Jan - Mar 1959 Paddington
Roy W Moneypenny Foskett Apr-Jun 1960 Paddington
Paula J Moneypenny Fosket Jan - Mar 1965 Poplar
Wayne Christopher Moneypenny Foskett Jul - Aug 1967 Watford
Paul D Monk Foskett Apr-Jun 1949 Luton
Nicholas J Monk Foskett Jul - Aug 1951 Aylesbury
Jane M Monk Foskett Jan - Mar 1954 Bournemouth
Brian C Moody Fosgate Jan - Mar 1935 Southampton
Rita M Moody Fosgate Oct - Dec 1937 Southampton
Michael J Moore Foskett Jan - Mar 1947 Hammersmith
Susan J Moore Foskett Jul - Aug 1954 Hammersmith
Matthew J Moore Fosgate Oct - Dec 1955 Hendon
Jane Moore Fosgate Apr - Jun 1957 Hendon
Stephen W Moore Fosgate Apr - Jun 1957 Hendon
Albert E E Morgan Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1911 Banbury
Susan E S Morgan Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1914 Banbury
Monica A Morgan Foskett Jul - Aug 1937 Swansea
Frances E Morgan Foskett Apr-Jun 1946 Swansea
Robert Morley Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1914 Brentford
Stanley F Morris Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1913 Hackney
Peter Morris Foskett Jul - Aug 1957 Watford
Peter David Morris Foskett Jan - Mar 1967 Waltham Forest
Bryan Paul Morris Foskett Apr-Jun 1972 Waltham Forest
Anthony J P Moyle Foskett Jan - Mar 1929 Brentford
Patricia M Moyle Foskett Jan - Mar 1934 Brentford
James Alexander Mulcahy Foskett Aug 1987 Watford
Samantha Jane Mulcahy Foskett Nov 1988 Watford
Paula Joanne Mulcahy Foskett Jan 1990 Watford
Jake Daniel Mulcahy Foskett Sep 1992 Watford
Michael Andrew D Mulcahy Foskett Jun 2000 Watford
Jayne Sarah Mulcahy Foskett Oct 2002 Watford
Michael S Murphy Foskett Jan - Mar 1938 Southwark
James W Murphy Foskett Oct - Dec 1946 Southwark
Lorraine Patricia Murphy Foskett Jan - Mar 1966 Hendon
Paul Leslie Murphy Foskett Jan - Mar 1967 Hendon
Margaret M Murray Foskett Oct - Dec 1938 Swansea
James Lawrence Muscroft Foskett Nov 1990 Peterborough
Daniel Louis Muscroft Foskett Feb 1992 Blackpool and Fylde
Natasha Zoe H Muscroft Foskett Aug 1993 Blackpool and Fylde
Violet Nash Foskett Jul - Aug 1919 Wycombe
James W Nash Foskett Jul - Aug 1922 Wycombe
Sheila M Nash Foskett Oct - Dec 1924 Wycombe
Julie Nash Foskett Jan - Mar 1965 Stoke T
Jacqueline Nash Foskett Oct - Dec 1968 Stoke T
Minnis M Nayler Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1912 Camberwell
Thomas G Nayler Foskett Jan - Mar 1922 Camberwell
Jake David Naylor Foskett Jan 2004 Leeds
Jake David Naylor Foskett Jan 2004 Leeds
Joseph Charles Naylor Foskett Dec 2005 Leeds
Ronald W Neale Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1915 Leighton Buzzard
Philip G Neale Foskett Apr-Jun 1917 Leighton Buzzard
Dorothy Neale Foskett Jul - Aug 1918 Leighton Buzzard
Aubrey E Neale Foskett Jan - Mar 1921 Leighton Buzzard
Mabel E Neale Foskett Apr-Jun 1927 Leighton Buzzard
Olive M Neale Foskett Apr-Jun 1927 Leighton Buzzard
Jamie Albin Nebihi Foskett Mar 2002 Luton
Laura Rose Nebihi Foskett Dec 2003 Luton
Derek Needham Foskett Jul - Aug 1937 Luton
Phillip Needham Foskett Apr-Jun 1940 Luton
Edward W Neighbour Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1913 Paddington
Edith W Neighbour Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1915 Paddington
Ruth M Neighbour Foskett Apr-Jun 1918 Devonport
Albert J Newberry Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1913 Hackney
Kenneth F Newman Foskett Jan - Mar 1919 Oxford
Graham H Newman Foskett Oct - Dec 1946 Watford
Vanessa D Newman Foskett Jan - Mar 1948 Hendon
Desmond R Newman Foskett Jul - Aug 1951 Hendon
Philp B Newman Foskett Jul - Aug 1951 Hendon
Brian F Newrick Foskett Oct - Dec 1946 Eton
Emma Jayne Newson Foskett Apr 1985 Barnet
Connor Stephen Newson Foskett Sep 1994 Dacorum
Christy Lauren Newson Foskett Oct 1996 Dacorum
Elwin D Newton Foskett Apr-Jun 1920 Berkhampstead
Daniel Jon Newton Foskett Aug 1988 Kettering
Donna Marie Newton Foskett Jul 1990 Kettering
Ryan Antony Newton Foskett Jul 1996 Kettering
Katie May Nicholls Foskett Sep 1988 Worcester
Alexander Paul Nicholls Foskett Sep 1991 Worcester
Ann Nickerson Foskett Jan - Mar 1940 St Neots
Marie Nickerson Foskett Jan - Mar 1943 St Neots
Jean Nickerson Foskett Jan - Mar 1945 Bedford
Jane E Niner Foskett Oct - Dec 1919 Shoreditch
Jessie A Niner Foskett Oct - Dec 1921 Shoreditch
Gladys E Niner Foskett Jul - Aug 1923 Shoreditch
Rose L Niner Foskett Jan - Mar 1926 Shoreditch
Emily M Niner Foskett Apr-Jun 1928 Shoreditch
Thomas A W Niner Foskett Jul - Aug 1934 Shoreditch
Ann P Nooman Foskett Jul - Aug 1965 Redbridge
Paul Robert Noonan Foskett Apr-Jun 1970 Redbridge
Stacey Denise Noremac Foskett Jul 1987 Tunbridge
Deenna Alexandra Noremac Foskett Apr 1990 Tunbridge
Louis Cameron Noremac Foskett Oct 1992 Tunbridge
Timothy W Norman Foskett Apr-Jun 1956 Barnet
Pauline P Norris Foskett Jan - Mar 1950 Wellingborough
Julian K C Norris Foskett Jan - Mar 1953 Wellingborough
Jayne Frances North Foskett Jul - Aug 1966 Lambeth
Danny North Foskett Jul - Aug 1969 Lambeth
Ray Anthony North Foskett Oct - Dec 1973 Southwark
Toby James R North Forskitt Mar 1997 West Surrey
Henry Richard G North Forskitt Nov 2000 Westminster
Dakota Norton Foskett Oct 1996 Stafford
Joan M Nunn Foskett Apr-Jun 1931 Hackney
Jeanette E Nunn Foskett Jul - Aug 1934 Hackney
Joseph W Nunn Foskett Oct - Dec 1939 Hackney
Brian P Nunn Foskett Apr-Jun 1942 Northampton
Charlee John G Oakes Foskett Nov 2004 Whitehaven
Karen E Oakley Foskett Jul - Aug 1963 Wood
Maxine Grace Oakley Fosket Jan - Mar 1966 Islington
Brandon Quillan W O'Connell Foskett Nov 1997 Sutton
Arthur O'Connor Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1913 Kings Norton
Sarah Louise O'Dowd Foskett Jul - Aug 1971 Brighton
Emma Jane O'Dowd Foskett Jul - Aug 1975 Brighton
Georgina M Oke Foskett Apr-Jun 1944 Amersham
David W Oke Foskett Apr-Jun 1946 Amersham
Winifred E Oldham Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1912 Edmonton
John G Oliver Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1912 Newcastle T
Henry Oliver Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1915 Newcastle T
Cecil Oliver Foskett Oct - Dec 1916 Newcastle T
Ronald Oliver Foskett Apr-Jun 1919 Newcastle T
Margaret Oliver Foskett Jan - Mar 1927 Newcastle T
Colin Oliver Foskett Jul - Aug 1959 Hendon
Colin Oliver Foskett Jan - Mar 1961 Hendon
Rachel P Orrell Foskett Apr-Jun 1964 Bradford
Celia Joy Orrell Foskett Oct - Dec 1966 Buckrose
Elsie L C Orrick Foskett Jul - Aug 1947 Newcastle T
Valerie J Orrick Foskett Jan - Mar 1951 Newcastle T
Stephen J Orzechowski Foskett Apr-Jun 1951 Norton
Janine V Osborne Foskett Jul - Aug 1954 Hampstead
Russell J Osborne Foskett Apr-Jun 1959 Hampstead
Darren Charles Osborne Foskett Jan - Mar 1970 Barnet
Gemma June Oughton Foskett Sep 1997 Coventry
Anne C Over Foskett Oct - Dec 1953 Barnet
Terence E Over Foskett Jan - Mar 1962 Barnet
Memphis Georgie Overton Foskett Sep 2005 Hounslow
Brian J Owen Foskett Jul - Aug 1940 Stoke T
Dennis F Owen Foskett Jul - Aug 1942 Stoke T
Terence Owen Foskett Apr-Jun 1947 Stoke T
Anthony Owen Foskett Jan - Mar 1959 Newcastle L
Carol Owen Forskett Oct - Dec 1960 Newcastle L
Bethany-Lilli Owen Foskett Mar 2002 Shrewsbury
Lottie-May Owen Foskett Oct 2004 Oswestry
Ben Christopher Owens Foskett Dec 2002 Dacorum
Albert W Pace Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1914 Rochford
Harry C Pace Foskett Oct - Dec 1916 Rochford
Bernard R Pace Foskett Apr-Jun 1925 Rochford
Dorothy D Pace Foskett Jul - Aug 1927 Rochford
Leonard S Pace Foskett Oct - Dec 1932 Rochford
Jeremy William Page Foskett Jan - Mar 1973 Aylesbury
Martin James Page Foskett Jan - Mar 1975 Wycombe
Catherine A Pagett Foskett Oct - Dec 1916 Kidderminster
Sylvia M Pallett Foskett Jul - Aug 1953 Barnet
David J Pallett Foskett Apr-Jun 1957 Barnet
Jennifer A Pallett Foskett Jan - Mar 1961 Hitchin
Barbara A Pallett Foskett Jan - Mar 1965 Hitchin
Keith R Palmer Foskett Oct - Dec 1946 Lewes
Elaine Palmer Foskett Jan - Mar 1950 Lewes
Vivien A Palmer Foskett Oct - Dec 1951 Birmingham
Aaron James Pardon Foskett Mar 1991 Havering
Amy Louise Pardon Foskett Dec 1992 Havering
Craig Lewis Pardon Foskett Jan 1994 Redbridge
Craig Lewis Pardon Foskett Jan 1994 Redbridge
Andrew G Pargeter Foskett Jan - Mar 1956 Watford
Trevor I Pargeter Foskett Jan - Mar 1960 Watford
Kevin J Pargeter Foskett Apr-Jun 1962 Watford
David N Pargeter Foskett Jul - Aug 1964 Watford
Henry C Parker Foskett Jul - Aug 1922 Islington
Warwick James Parramore Foskett Apr-Jun 1979 Chiltern/B
Audrey J V Pascall Foskett Jan - Mar 1918 Islington
Eric L Pascall Foskett Oct - Dec 1927 Islington
Nicholas Thomas Passey Foskett Oct - Dec 1983 Brent
Hayley Marie Passey Foskett Jan 1986 Brent
Ryan Richard Passey Foskett Dec 1988 Brent
Victoria Michele Passey Foskett Jul 1992 Huntingdon
Lesley Pastrone Foskett Apr-Jun 1946 Uxbridge
Nellie I Patten Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1912 Lambeth
Florence J Patten Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1915 Lambeth
Spencer James Patterson Foskett Oct 2005 Leicester
Shirley M Pattison Foskett Apr-Jun 1935 Rochford
Sandra E Payne Foskett Oct - Dec 1952 Surrey SE
Glynis A Payne Foskett Apr-Jun 1953 Hitchin
Ann D Payne Foskett Jul - Aug 1954 Aylesbury
Heather C Payne Foskett Oct - Dec 1956 Hitchin
Martin W Payne Foskett Oct - Dec 1956 Hitchin
Julie H Payne Foskett Apr-Jun 1956 Surrey SE
Valerie J Payne Foskett Apr-Jun 1960 Northampton
Gillian M Payne Foskett Jan - Mar 1965 North Bucks
Daren Charles Payne Foskett Jul - Aug 1966 Hertford
Mark Julian Payne Foskett Jul - Aug 1966 Sutton
Joann Denise Payne Foskett Apr-Jun 1968 Cambridge
Lee Robert Payne Foskett Jan - Mar 1968 Northampton
Julie Marie Payne Foskett Oct - Dec 1970 Cambridge
Leslie Jack Payne Foskett Oct - Dec 1970 Northampton
Jonathan Richard Payne Foskett Jan - Mar 1970 Brighton
Genna Jayne Payne Foskett Aug 1989 Crawley
Sarah Jayne Payne Foskett Sep 1992 Crawley
Abbie Leigh Payne Foskett Mar 1998 Crawley
Rebecca Louise Peachey Foskett Apr-Jun 1971 Lewisham
Stephen Henry Peachey Foskett Jan - Mar 1973 Lewisham
Eileen Peak Foskett Jul - Aug 1928 Poplar
Henry Oliver Peake Foskett Oct - Dec 1977 Lambeth
Katherine Ann Peake Foskett Jan - Mar 1979 Lambeth
William Gordon Peake Foskett Oct - Dec 1982 Ipswich
Savannah Kimberley Pearce Foskett Jul 1997 Cheltenham
Charlotte Eve Pearce Fosgate Jul 1998 Luton
Toby Douglas Pearce Fosgate Jun 2000 Luton
Anthony A Pearson Foskett Oct - Dec 1942 Poplar
Frederick G Pearson Foskett Jul - Aug 1942 Hemel Hempstead
Roy A Pearson Foskett Jul - Aug 1945 West Ham
Brian A Pearson Foskett Apr-Jun 1950 Colchester
Albert A Peck Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1915 Poplar
Nellie E E Peck Foskett Oct - Dec 1918 Poplar
James A Peck Foskett Jul - Aug 1920 Poplar
Eileen Peck Foskett Jul - Aug 1928 Poplar
Irene M L Pegg Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1914 St Marylebone
Harold W M Pegg Foskett Oct - Dec 1920 Paddington
William F Pegg Foskett Jan - Mar 1924 Hammersmith
George R Pegg Foskett Oct - Dec 1925 Hammersmith
Frederick W Penn Foskett Jan - Mar 1922 Islington
Rosaline E Penn Foskett Jan - Mar 1929 Islington
Faye Louise Pepin Foskett Apr-Jun 1971 Kettering
Kate Emma Pepin Foskett Apr-Jun 1973 Kettering
Michael F Perkins Forscutt Jan - Mar 1927 Wellingborough
James H Perkins Forscutt Jul - Sep 1930 Wellingborough
Jessie L T Perrott Foskett Jan - Mar 1929 Poplar
David L Perrott Foskett Oct - Dec 1936 Croydon
Margaret K Peters Forscutt Oct - Dec 1938 Bedford
Pauline J Peters Forscutt Apr - Jun 1942 Bedford
Edna B Pettitt Fosket Jul - Sep 1917 Saffron W
Kenneth J Petty Foskett Oct - Dec 1936 Marylebone
Neville John Peyton Foskett Oct - Dec 1973 Watford
Stephen T Pheney Foskett Jan - Mar 1960 Islington
Shirley Pheney Foskett Jan - Mar 1961 London C
Joey T Pheney Foskett Jan - Mar 1962 London C
Michael Pheney Foskett Jan - Mar 1964 London City
Rosetta F Phipps Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1913 Romford
Elsie A N Phipps Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1915 West Ham
Stanley A Pickering Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1912 Market Harborough
Daryl James Pilgrim Foskett Nov 1989 Cambridge
Robbie Gary J Pilgrim Foskett Aug 1992 Cambridge
Ronald J Pinkney Foskett Apr-Jun 1938 Hampstead
Iris G Pinkney Foskett Jan - Mar 1941 Hendon
Carol A Pinkney Foskett Oct - Dec 1944 Islington
Angela T Pinkney Foskett Jan - Mar 1949 Islington
Mark Andrew Platon Foskett Oct - Dec 1972 Wycombe
Laura Jane Platon Foskett Jan - Mar 1975 Wycombe
Diana Mary Platon Foskett Jan - Mar 1978 Wycombe
Lilian M Pleasant Fosgate Jul - Sep 1921 Limehouse
George Pleasant Fosgate Jul - Sep 1923 Limehouse
Alice Pleasant Fosgate Jul - Sep 1926 Stepney
Walter Pleasant Fosgate Jul - Sep 1928 Stepney
Hilda P Pleasant Fosgate Jan - Mar 1931 Stepney
John S Pleasant Fosgate Jan - Mar 1934 Stepney
Beatrice M Pleasant Fosgate Jan - Mar 1936 Stepney
Joan K Pleasant Fosgate Jul - Sep 1938 Stepney
Kristy Leigh Plumb Foskett Feb 1997 Mid Warwickshire
Max Jon Plumb Foskett Nov 2002 Mid Warwickshire
Colin Alan Pocock Foskett Jul - Aug 1983 Wycombe
Ian Andrew Pocock Foskett May 1988 Wycombe
Chelsea Yvonne Poole Foskett Aug 2001 Stoke T
Giles A Pope Foskett Jul - Aug 1950 Westminster
Josephine M Powell Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1912 Warwick
John Powell Foskett Apr-Jun 1916 Sheffield
Doris A Powell Foskett Jan - Mar 1920 Brixworth
Sydney Eden Power Foskett Jan 1998 Poole
Sydney Eden Power Foskett Jan 1998 Poole
Harvey James Power Foskett Sep 2001 Poole
Adam William W O Preedy Foskett Jan - Mar 1978 Luton
Sally J Preston Foskett Oct - Dec 1965 Hampstead
Julian Spencer C Preston Foskett Jan - Mar 1972 Hampstead
Amy Claire Preston Foskett Jan - Mar 1975 Cambridge
Nancy Gail Preston Foskett Jul - Aug 1977 Dacorum
Ashleigh Dawn Preston Foskett Jan 1989 Bexley
Jeremy F Pribble Foskett Oct - Dec 1955 Ware
Jennifer Victoria Price Foskett Feb 2001 Portsmouth
Emily Charlotte Prince Foskett Apr 2000 Uckfield
Molly Bethan Prince Foskett Feb 2005 Kent
Sam Edward Prior Foskett Nov 1999 Kettering
Emily Grace Prior Foskett Nov 2005 Kettering
John A Pritchard Foskett Jan - Mar 1956 Stepney
Janet R Pritchard Foskett Oct - Dec 1958 Bethnal G
Darren Lee Procter Foskett Apr-Jun 1982 Keighley
Dale James Procter Foskett Sep 1984 Keighley
Doris N Proctor Foskett Apr-Jun 1916 Amersham
Beatrice M Proctor Foskett Jan - Mar 1923 Amersham
Minnie Proctor Foskett Jul - Aug 1924 Amersham
Reginald Cld Pugh Foskett Oct - Dec 1922 W Derby
Stanley E Pugh Foskett Jan - Mar 1929 W Derby
Iris J Puncher Foskett Apr-Jun 1930 Edmonton
Simon Philip Puxley Foskett Jan - Mar 1977 Barnet
Gillian Jane Puxley Foskett Apr-Jun 1979 Barnet
Marguerite Quatermass Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1915 Berkhampstead
Catherine H Quinn Foskett Jan - Mar 1940 Stoke T
Veronica Quinn Foskett Apr-Jun 1945 Stoke T
Kelly Jayne Quinn Foskett Oct - Dec 1979 Barnet
Connor Patrick T Quinn Foskett Aug 1996 Bexley
Ryan James Quinn Foskett Nov 1998 Bexley
Stephen Rae Foskett Jul - Aug 1977 Carlisle
Anthony Rae Foskett Apr-Jun 1980 Carlisle
Sarah Rae Foskett May 1985 Carlisle
Christopher Rae Foskett Oct 1989 Carlisle
Matthew David Raffle Foskett Jul 1995 Bexley
Samuel David Rainey Foskett Jan 1990 Barking and Dagenham
Joshua Alexander M Rainey Foskett May 1992 Barking and Dagenham
Patricia E Randall Foskett Jul - Aug 1939 Woolwich
Lawrence W Randall Foskett Jul - Aug 1942 Downham
Barry T Randall Foskett Jul - Aug 1948 Greenwich
Raymond K Randall Foskett Oct - Dec 1949 Greenwich
Christopher G W Randall Foskett Oct - Dec 1958 Coventry
Kim Randall Foskett Jan - Mar 1960 Coventry
Georgina Randall Foskett Jan - Mar 1961 Coventry
Kenneth B Randall Foskett Jul - Aug 1962 Coventry
Suzanne Randall Foskett Jul - Aug 1963 Coventry
George A Randall Foskett Jul - Aug 1965 Meriden
Sarah Linda Randall Foskett Mar 1985 Luton
Jack Michael Randall Foskett Apr 1997 Luton
William Max Ratford Foskett Jan 1989 Grantham
Justine Henrietta Rawlings Foskett Apr-Jun 1966 Tonbridge
Natasha Louise Rawlings Foskett Apr-Jun 1969 Bromley
Danielle Jade Rawlings Foskett Apr 1997 Bath and NE Somerset
Patricia J G Raynham Foskett Apr-Jun 1949 Islington
Peter I Raynham Foskett Apr-Jun 1952 Islington
Philip T Raynham Foskett Oct - Dec 1955 Islington
Paul W Raynham Foskett Oct - Dec 1958 Islington
Jean E M Reading Foskett Jan - Mar 1932 Poplar
Elsie L Redding Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1911 Berkhampstead
Joseph Redding Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1914 Berkhampstead
Nellie E Redding Foskett Jan - Mar 1916 Berkhampstead
William J M Redding Foskett Oct - Dec 1918 Berkhampstead
Nicola Ann Redfearn Foskett Apr-Jun 1973 Greenwich
Helen Louise Redfearn Foskett Jan - Mar 1976 Greenwich
Jake Gary J Redfearn Foskett Mar 1992 Southend on Sea
Carley Kim T Redfearn Foskett Jul 1995 Norwich
Gladys M Redpath Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1914 Newcastle T
Thomas Redpath Foskett Apr-Jun 1916 Newcastle T
Stacey Reilly Foskett Jan 1990 Northumberland Central
George A Reuter Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1911 Paddington
Arthur F Reuter Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1913 Paddington
Leslie T Reuter Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1915 Paddington
May B Reuter Foskett Jan - Mar 1917 Paddington
William H Reuter Foskett Apr-Jun 1918 Paddington
Arthur F Reuter Foskett Oct - Dec 1919 Paddington
Violet Reuter Foskett Jul - Aug 1921 Paddington
Eric J Reynolds Foskett Apr-Jun 1922 Woolwich
Wendy Louise Reynolds Foskett Apr 1984 Watford
Wendy Louise Reynolds Foskett Jul 1984 Watford
Wendy Louise Reynolds Foskett Jul 1984 Watford
John William J Reynolds Foskett Jul 1986 Watford
Louise Ann Reynolds Foskett Jan 2005 Sutton
Albert E Rice Foskett Jul - Aug 1941 Hackney
Sacha Michelle Rice Foskett Oct 1986 Hendon
Samuel Richard Rice Foskett Aug 1989 Hendon
Amy Elizabeth Rice Foskett Apr 1993 Hendon
Sandra E Richards Foskett Jan - Mar 1960 Watford
Mark A Richards Foskett Apr-Jun 1963 Watford
Tracey Richards Foskett Oct - Dec 1969 Epping
Kerry Richards Foskett Oct - Dec 1971 Hitchin
Simon Michael Richards Foskett Oct - Dec 1978 Greenwich
Samantha Richards Foskett Jan 1987 Coventry
Christopher Richards Foskett Oct 1988 Coventry
Briony Jean Richards Forskitt Jul 1992 Northampton
Emily Samantha Richards Foskett Feb 1994 Coventry
Racheal Sharne Richards Foskett Oct 1996 Coventry
Megan Sian Richards Forskitt Apr 1990 Worcester
Gladys A Richardson Forskitt Oct - Dec 1915 Northampton
Deborah L Richardson Foskett Jul - Aug 1947 Canterbury
David H Richardson Foskett Jul - Aug 1948 Canterbury
Trevor R Richardson Forscutt Jul - Sep 1964 Kettering
Wayne John Richardson Forskitt Jan - Mar 1968 Northampton
Tracey Jane Richardson Forskitt Jul - Sep 1969 Northampton
Jason Richardson Forskitt Jan - Mar 1971 Northampton
Karen Lucy Richardson Forskitt May 1984 Northampton
Will Richardson Foskett Oct 2004 Middlesbrough
Dora A Ricks Forskitt Jan - Mar 1914 Northampton
Thomas Paul Riley Foskett Oct - Dec 1981 Colchester
Anna Grace Riley Foskett Apr-Jun 1983 Colchester
Sophia Jade Riley Foskett Sep 1987 Colchester
Isabella Maria Riley Foskett Aug 1989 Colchester
Linda S Roach Foskett Jan - Mar 1950 Chelmsford
Sidney D Roberts Foskett Apr-Jun 1921 Wellingborough
Leslie C Roberts Foskett Oct - Dec 1922 Wellingborough
Julia E Roberts Forskitt Apr - Jun 1948 Northampton
Lisa Jane Roberts Foskett Jan - Mar 1966 Bexley
Andrew James Roberts Foskett Oct - Dec 1969 Bexley
Ella Roberts Foskett Jun 2005 Bangor
Cherise Natasha Robertson Foskett Sep 1995 Sutton
Darren Hallum J Robinson Foskett Jan - Mar 1969 Islington
Alison Isobel Robinson Foskett Jul - Aug 1972 Hitchin
Michael Philip P W Robson Foskett Feb 2000 Maidstone
Robert Christopher Rodriguez Foskett Mar 1988 Thanet
Robert Christopher Rodriguez Foskett Jun 1996 Thanet
Davina Beverley Roffey Foskett Oct - Dec 1972 Stepney
Tina M Rogers Foskett Oct - Dec 1962 Watford
Paul A Rogers Foskett Apr-Jun 1965 Watford
Julia Rogers Foskett Jul - Aug 1969 Watford
John Raymond Roland Foskett Oct - Dec 1977 Carlisle
Michael Allan Roland Foskett Jan - Mar 1979 Carlisle
Thomas William Rooney Foskett Sep 1994 Surrey NW
Samantha Louise Rosamond Foskett Oct - Dec 1983 Chatham
Lee Michael Rosamond Foskett May 1986 Chatham
Olive M Rosenbrock Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1911 Rochford
Melissa Jane Ross Foskett Mar 1992 Basingstoke
Macy Jane Ross Foskett Jul 2003 Hampshire North
Billie-Marie Angelina Ross Foskett Jul 2005 Great Yarmouth
James Rowe Foskett Apr-Jun 1948 Newcastle T
Albert J Rowe Foskett Oct - Dec 1951 Newcastle T
Keith Rowe Foskett Apr-Jun 1953 Newcastle T
Gillian V Rowe Foskett Apr-Jun 1959 Newcastle T
Kelly Rowell Foskett Jan - Mar 1981 Oxford
Josh Rowell Foskett Mar 1985 Wrexham
Erin Rowell Foskett Oct 1986 Wrexham
Doreen P Rudder Foskett Jul - Aug 1926 Brentford
Elsie M Rudge Foskett Jul - Aug 1921 Stourbridge
Anna Marie Rule Foskett Apr-Jun 1972 Aylesbury
Anthony Keith Rule Foskett Jan - Mar 1975 Aylesbury
John A Rundle Foskett Jan - Mar 1962 Greenwich
Heather Elzine Rundle Foskett Apr-Jun 1966 Oxford
Amy E Rushant Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1915 Neath
George Rushent Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1913 Neath
Winifred M Rushent Foskett Apr-Jun 1917 Neath
Hannah Rushent Foskett Oct - Dec 1920 Neath
Harry Rushent Foskett Oct - Dec 1920 Neath
Charles Rushent Foskett Apr-Jun 1923 Neath
John Rushent Foskett Oct - Dec 1927 Neath
Daniella Julia Russo Foskett Feb 1990 Bedford
Accursio Vincenzo Russo Foskett Apr 1991 Luton
Giuseppe Adamo Russo Foskett Apr 1991 Luton
Pamela J Salmon Foskett Jan - Mar 1934 Rochford
John C Salmon Foskett Jul - Aug 1938 Rochford
Kim L Samuel Forscutt Jan - Mar 1959 Lambeth
Donna Lesley Sanders Forskitt Jan - Mar 1969 Northampton
Deborah Ann Sanders Forskitt Jan - Mar 1971 Wellingborough
Caitlin Rebecca Sankey Foskett Feb 1992 Wolverhampton
Alexander Michael Sankey Foskett Sep 1994 Wolverhampton
Patrick Daniel Sankey Foskett May 1998 Wolverhampton
Michael John Savage Foskett Dec 1992 Bristol
Edith L Savory Foskett Jul - Aug 1929 Grimsby
Sylvia J T Savory Foskett Jan - Mar 1942 Grimsby
Frank W Saxbie Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1912 Barnet
Georgina K L Saxby Forscutt Apr - Jun 1943 Surrey N E
Brian J L Saxby Forscutt Apr - Jun 1947 Surrey N E
Patricia A Say Foskett Oct - Dec 1935 Finsbury
Leon C Scrivener Foskett Oct - Dec 1927 Chelsea
Maureen I Scrivener Foskett Jul - Aug 1932 Chelsea
Charles A Searle Foskett Jul - Aug 1921 Shoreditch
Thomas Searle Foskett Jan - Mar 1924 Shoreditch
Thomas W Searle Foskett Jan - Mar 1925 Shoreditch
William H Searle Foskett Apr-Jun 1927 Shoreditch
Harold A Sears Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1911 Edmonton
John Selby Foskett Apr-Jun 1920 West Ham
Richard A Selby Foskett Jul - Aug 1922 West Ham
Ruby Selby Foskett Jan - Mar 1924 West Ham
Stephen Serbyn Forskitt Apr - Jun 1954 Northampton
Susan Serbyn Forskitt Oct - Dec 1957 Northampton
Christopher James Setterfield Foskett Jan - Mar 1976 Lincoln
Abigail Louise Setterfield Foskett Jul - Aug 1977 Lincoln
Matthew David Setterfield Foskett Apr-Jun 1979 Lincoln
Nicola J Seward Foskett Oct - Dec 1954 Chichester
Kim G Seward Foskett Jan - Mar 1957 Chichester
Deborah J Seward Foskett Apr-Jun 1958 Chichester
Janice A Seymour Foskett Jul - Aug 1953 Edmonton
Patrick L Shanahan Foskett Oct - Dec 1958 Northampton
Cindy L F Shanahan Foskett Jan - Mar 1960 Northampton
Michael Shanahan Foskett Jul - Aug 1966 Northampton
Luisa Mina S Sharbatzadeh Foskett Sep 1994 Brent
Marion N Sharp Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1913 West Ham
Lee David Sharp Foskett Dec 1988 Milton Keynes
Tammy Jean Sharp Foskett Jan 1994 Carlisle
Lesley C Sharpe Foskett Jan - Mar 1951 Uxbridge
Joshua Robert M Shaw Foskett Oct 1994 East Staffs
Bethany Marie Shaw Foskett Sep 1999 East Staffs
Nathan Joshua B Shaw Foskett Oct 2002 East Staffs
Mary L Shelton Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1912 Bedford
Rosemary A Shelton Forskett Oct - Dec 1913 Bedford
Gwendoline M Shelton Foskett Jul - Aug 1920 Bedford
Stella B Shelton Foskett Oct - Dec 1922 Bedford
William A Shepherd Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1914 Bedford
Reuben L Shepherd Foskett Apr-Jun 1916 Bedford
Violet M A Shepherd Foskett Jan - Mar 1920 Bedford
George A J Shepherd Foskett Jul - Aug 1920 Wandsworth
Betty Fd Shepherd Foskett Jul - Aug 1922 Wandsworth
Wendy A Shepherd Foskett Jan - Mar 1943 Wellingborough
Susan J Shepherd Foskett Oct - Dec 1953 Northampton
Sara A Sheppard Foskett Jan - Mar 1942 Hitchin
Margaret E Shore Foskett Jul - Aug 1921 Rugby
Patricia A Shore Foskett Oct - Dec 1922 Rugby
Theodore T Shuffill Fosket Jul - Sep 1916 Watford
Adam David Shufflebotham Foskett Oct - Dec 1976 Stoke T
Ethel Q M Simkins Foskett Apr-Jun 1924 West Ham
Elsie I Simkins Foskett Jul - Aug 1930 West Ham
Beryl J Simkins Foskett Jul - Aug 1933 Romford
Graham L T Simmons Foskett Oct - Dec 1952 Edmonton
Clive M Simmons Foskett Apr-Jun 1955 Epping
Rita R A Simpson Foskett Jan - Mar 1938 Finsbury
Ronald W Simpson Foskett Apr-Jun 1939 Finsbury
Derek Simpson Foskett Jul - Aug 1941 Brixworth
Carol A Simpson Foskett Jan - Mar 1944 Shoreditch
Greta Simpson Foskett Jan - Mar 1946 Shoreditch
Michael T Simpson Foskett Oct - Dec 1951 Epping
Ian James Simpson Foskett Oct - Dec 1970 Hampstead
Graham Michael Simpson Foskett Jan - Mar 1973 Kampstead
Geoffrey Simpson Foskett Jan - Mar 1980 Claro
Sueann Simpson Foskett Oct - Dec 1981 Claro
Patricia A Sims Foskett Oct - Dec 1949 Hitchin
Dale Sims Foskett Jul - Aug 1956 Hitchin
Reginald J Simson Foskett Jul - Aug 1953 Hitchin
Margaret E Sinclair Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1915 Camberwell
Arthur E Sinclair Foskett Oct - Dec 1916 Camberwell
May L Sinclair Foskett Apr-Jun 1918 Camberwell
Albert C Sinclair Foskett Jan - Mar 1921 Camberwell
Yasmin Hazel Sinclair Foskett Jun 1999 Bromley
Joe Elliott Skeels Foskett Jul 1987 Havering
Thomas Jordan Skeels Foskett Jan 1991 Havering
Grace E Skeggs Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1911 Brentford
Frederick K Skeggs Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1913 Brentford
Jack E Skeggs Foskett Oct - Dec 1916 Mile End
Alexandra Meridith Skelton Foskett Apr 1990 Eastbourne
Rebecca Louise Slater Foskett Jul - Aug 1978 Kingston/T
Edward Alexander H Slater Foskett Apr-Jun 1982 Wandsworth
Frances S Sloan Foskett Oct - Dec 1959 Stepney
Charles J Sloan Foskett Oct - Dec 1960 Essex SW
Nicola M Sloan Foskett Jan - Mar 1962 Epping
Geoffrey C Smale Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1912 Barnet
Olive E Smale Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1914 Barnet
Ronald A Smith Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1912 Hemel Hempstead
Clara J Smith Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1914 Camberwell
Alice A Smith Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1914 Hemel Hempstead
Elizabeth J Smith Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1915 Swansea
Jane Smith Foskett Apr-Jun 1916 Camberwell
Robert B Smith Foskett Apr-Jun 1918 Hemel Hempstead
Lilian M Smith Foskett Jul - Aug 1920 Camberwell
Henry Smith Foskett Jan - Mar 1923 Camberwell
Nellie E Smith Foskett Jan - Mar 1926 Camberwell
Jack P G Smith Foskett Jan - Mar 1926 Hemel Hempstead
Thomas A Smith Foskett Oct - Dec 1927 Camberwell
Robert Smith Forskitt Apr - Jun 1931 Wellingborough
Eileen Smith Forskitt Apr - Jun 1934 Wellingborough
Jean Smith Forskitt Oct - Dec 1936 Wellingborough
Janet Smith Forskitt Jan - Mar 1939 Wellingborough
Peter F Smith Foskett Apr-Jun 1948 Southampton
David R Smith Foskett Jan - Mar 1949 Meriden
Michael J Smith Foskett Apr-Jun 1953 Southampton
Andrew J Smith Foskett Oct - Dec 1958 Southampton
Martin Kirk Smith Foskett Apr-Jun 1970 Torbay
Rebecca Dorac E Smith Foskett Oct - Dec 1971 Amersham
Rosalind Alga L Smith Foskett Oct - Dec 1971 Amersham
Michola Karen Smith Foskett Apr-Jun 1972 Newton A
Hamman Cathrine E Smith Foskett Jan - Mar 1973 Amersham
Daniel William R Smith Foskett Oct - Dec 1974 Chiltern/B
Daniel Paul F Smith Forscutt Oct - Dec 1980 Wellingborough
Laura Elizabeth Smith Forscutt Apr - Jun 1982 Wellingborough
Paul David Smith Foskett Feb 1988 Enfield
Ryan Christopher Smith Foskett Oct 1993 Hendon
Rhys Francis Smith Foskett Sep 1994 Hendon
Henry Franklyn S Smith Foskett Feb 1996 Cambridge
Robert Aiden Smith Forscutt Aug 1997 Oundle and Thrapston
William Frederick S Smith Foskett Aug 1997 Cambridge
Sonny Joe Smith Foskett Oct 2004 Poole
Chelsea Anne Smithers Foskett Nov 1991 Barking and Dagenham
Charles W Sneath Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1912 Fulham
Dorothy M Sneath Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1913 Fulham
Lilian Sneath Foskett Jan - Mar 1917 Fulham
Barbara E Sneath Foskett Apr-Jun 1927 Market Harborough
Edward James Sobey Foskett Apr-Jun 1973 Rochford
Hayley Louise Soden Foskett Apr-Jun 1973 Poole
John C H Soper Foskett Apr-Jun 1951 Paddington
Richard A Soper Foskett Apr-Jun 1954 Paddington
Alan J Soper Foskett Oct - Dec 1955 Paddington
Gillian M Soper Foskett Oct - Dec 1957 Worthing
Rosemary Soraghan Foskett Apr-Jun 1971 Luton
Kathleen M South Foskett Jul - Aug 1951 Luton
Kenneth J South Foskett Jul - Aug 1953 Luton
Elaine J South Foskett Jan - Mar 1964 Luton
Arron Jay Speake Foskett Oct - Dec 1979 Bournemouth
Hayley Jane Speake Foskett Jan - Mar 1981 Bournemouth
Henry G Speller Foskett Jul - Aug 1928 Pancras
John Speller Foskett Oct - Dec 1935 Pancras
Joseph E Speller Foskett Jan - Mar 1937 Pancras
Mary F H Spencer Foskett Jan - Mar 1938 Isle of Wight
James Andrew Spencer Foskett Dec 2000 Bedford
James Andrew Spencer Foskett Feb 2002 Bedford
George H Spratt Foskett Jan - Mar 1926 Poplar
Alan V Spratt Foskett Jan - Mar 1937 Poplar
Eleanor M Squire Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1913 Hackney
William E Squire Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1915 Hackney
John M Squire Foskett Jan - Mar 1917 West Ham
Alan E Squire Foskett Apr-Jun 1925 West Ham
Vera D D Staines Fosket Oct - Dec 1911 Hendon
Zoe Marie Stalker Foskett Nov 1988 Colchester
Sophie Jennifer Stalker Foskett May 1992 Leeds
Karl Paul Steedman Foskett Apr 1989 Bromley
Emma Theresa Steedman Foskett Aug 1991 Bromley
Marcus Raymond Steedman Foskett Sep 1997 Bromley
Lisa Stembalski Foskett Jan - Mar 1973 Greenwich
Sarah Stembalski Foskett Oct - Dec 1975 Greenwich
Kelly Stembalski Foskett Oct - Dec 1979 Peterborough
Nathan Tyrone Stembalski Foskett Jun 1991 Greenwich
Leslie T Stephenson Forskitt Apr - Jun 1934 Northampton
Henry C Stevens Foskett Apr-Jun 1912 Middlesborough
Ronald G Stevens Foskett Jan - Mar 1923 Hitchin
Marjorie J Stevens Foskett Jul - Aug 1926 Lymington
Brian E Stevens Foskett Apr-Jun 1929 Lymington
Florence K Steward Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1913 West Ham
Norma Stoddart Foskett Jan - Mar 1944 Newcastle T
Irene C Stoddart Foskett Apr-Jun 1945 Newcastle T
Norman Stoddart Foskett Oct - Dec 1947 Newcastle T
Brenda M Stoddart Foskett Oct - Dec 1952 Newcastle T
Colin J Stoddart Foskett Jul - Aug 1955 Newcastle T
Lily A Stoddart Foskett Jul - Aug 1958 Newcastle T
Kenneth Stoddart Foskett Jul - Aug 1962 Newcastle T
Rosezillah D Stone Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1915 Bristol
Frank F Stone Foskett Jan - Mar 1917 Bristol
Freda Stone Foskett Apr-Jun 1921 Bristol
Bernard Stone Foskett Oct - Dec 1924 Bristol
Margaret Stone Foskett Jul - Aug 1936 Berkhampstead
Dorothy Stone Foskett Oct - Dec 1938 Berkhampstead
Tracey Ann Stone Foskett Apr-Jun 1966 Chatham
Paul David Stone Foskett Jul - Aug 1969 Chatham
Sarah Jayne Stone Foskett Jul - Aug 1975 Great Yarmouth
Simon James Stone Foskett Apr-Jun 1980 Great Yarmouth
Jade Marie Stone Foskett Mar 1988 Waltham Forest
Scott Daniel Stone Foskett Jan 1990 Waltham Forest
Luke Aaron Stone Foskett Jan 1992 Waltham Forest
George John Stoten Foskett Oct - Dec 1974 Barking
Kevin Scott Stoten Foskett Apr-Jun 1977 Barking
John K M Stottor Foskett Apr-Jun 1962 Eton
James C Stottor Foskett Oct - Dec 1965 Amersham
Rebecca Jayne Stottor Foskett Oct - Dec 1973 Eton
Natalie Z Street Foskett Oct - Dec 1953 Coventry
Toni S Street Foskett Jul - Aug 1955 Coventry
Josephine C Street Foskett Jan - Mar 1958 Coventry
Jane A Street Foskett Apr-Jun 1962 Coventry
Sydney Louise Stringer Foskett Nov 1995 Enfield
Kayleigh Jo Stringer Foskett Apr 1997 Enfield
Patricia A Stubbington Foskett Oct - Dec 1943 Hammersmith
Harold W W Stuckey Foskett Jan - Mar 1922 Cambridge
Dorothy H Stuckey Foskett Jul - Aug 1924 Islington
Leonard Richard Sturgess Foskett Oct - Dec 1970 Market Harborough
Rohan Jane Sturgess Foskett Jul - Aug 1973 Market Harborough
Karen Sullivan Foskett Oct - Dec 1973 Luton
Lean Sullivan Foskett Apr-Jun 1975 Trowbridge
Ian W Swaine Foskett Jan - Mar 1956 Edmonton
Janice M Swaine Foskett Oct - Dec 1957 Hackney
Andrew J Swaine Foskett Jul - Aug 1965 Hackney
Joan Sykes Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1912 Lutterworth
Vera E S Talbot Foskett Apr-Jun 1920 Portsmouth
Leslie W Talbot Foskett Jan - Mar 1922 Portsmouth
Dorothy M Talbot Foskett Jan - Mar 1924 Portsmouth
Doreen W Talbot Foskett Oct - Dec 1936 Romsey
Mary Tallett Forskitt Oct - Dec 1923 Wellingborough
Raymond Tallett Forskitt Jul - Sep 1925 Wellingborough
Francis J Talmage Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1911 Easthampstead
Constance A Talmage Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1913 Easthampstead
Claire Lucia D Tanti Foskett Aug 1985 Gravesend
Luke Richard Tanti Foskett Nov 1989 Gravesend
Marie E Tarring Foskett Jul - Aug 1924 London C
Beryl A Tarring Foskett Oct - Dec 1929 London C
William F Taylor Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1913 Stoke T
Leslie J Taylor Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1915 Stoke T
Albert W F Taylor Foskett Oct - Dec 1917 Hackney
Dorothy Taylor Foskett Jul - Aug 1917 Stoke T
Frederick R A Taylor Foskett Jul - Aug 1919 Hackney
Reginald L Taylor Foskett Jul - Aug 1920 West Ham
Emily G Taylor Foskett Jul - Aug 1921 Hackney
Frank Taylor Foskett Oct - Dec 1922 Stoke T
Harry Taylor Foskett Jul - Aug 1924 Stoke T
Arthur J Taylor Foskett Jan - Mar 1926 Hackney
Elsie A Taylor Foskett Oct - Dec 1929 Hackney
Roy Taylor Foskett Apr-Jun 1930 Stoke T
Joan E Taylor Foskett Oct - Dec 1935 Hackney
Barry Taylor Foskett Jul - Aug 1950 Essex SW
Victor Taylor Foskett Apr-Jun 1956 Essex SW
Christopher L Taylor Foskett Jul - Aug 1959 Leicester C
Louise E Taylor Foskett Jan - Mar 1962 Leicester
Christopher Brian Taylor Foskett Oct - Dec 1975 Ely
James Victor Taylor Foskett Jul - Aug 1977 Barnet
Laura Louise Taylor Foskett Jul - Aug 1978 Waltham Forest
Mark Robert Taylor Foskett Jan - Mar 1980 Waltham Forest
Sarah Ann Taylor Foskett Oct - Dec 1980 Barnet
Charlenne Marie Taylor Foskett Mar 1986 Waltham Forest
Jamie Michael Taylor Foskett Feb 1992 Dewsbury
Billy Charles Taylor Foskett Nov 1994 Southwark
Luke William Taylor Foskett Sep 1995 Leeds
Henry James Taylor Foskett Jan 1998 Bexley
Henry James Taylor Foskett Jan 1998 Bexley
Rhys Malcolm Taylor Foskett Jul 1998 Southend on Sea
Samuel Gus Taylor Foskett Apr 2000 Bexley
Brooke Lillian Taylor Foskett Sep 2001 Bexley
Ryan Lee M Taylor Foskett Apr 2001 Southend on Sea
Rhiana Mae Taylor Foskett Dec 2003 Southend on Sea
Curtis Tebbutt Forskitt Jul - Sep 1956 Gosport
Michael Arron Terry Foskett Apr-Jun 1969 Newcastle/T
Joseph Geore Terry Foskett Jul - Aug 1971 Amersham
Hazel Kathleen Terry Foskett Jan - Mar 1971 Newcastle/T
Samuel Losian Terry Foskett Apr-Jun 1974 Chiltern/S
Catherine Francesca Terry Foskett Oct - Dec 1982 Chiltern/B
Tracy Ann Thackeray Foskett Jan - Mar 1967 St Pancras
Stephanie Ann Thoma Foskett Mar 1987 Bury St Edmunds
Rose F Thomas Foskett Apr-Jun 1928 Camberwell
Brian Thomas Foskett Oct - Dec 1936 Leeds
Michael Andrew D Thomas Foskett Jun 2000 Watford
Jayne Sarah Thomas Foskett Oct 2002 Watford
John D Thompson Fosket Jan - Mar 1928 Camberwell
Henry W Thompson Foskett Oct - Dec 1928 Bethnal G
Albert J Thompson Foskett Apr-Jun 1930 Romford
Eric H Thompson Foskett Apr-Jun 1933 Lambeth
Ronald W Thompson Foskett Jan - Mar 1933 West Ham
Irene J E Thompson Foskett Oct - Dec 1937 Essex SW
Sheila D Thompson Foskett Oct - Dec 1940 Essex SW
Sylvia L Thompson Foskett Jan - Mar 1943 Essex SW
Patricia V Thompson Foskett Jan - Mar 1948 West Ham
Jillian Thompson Foskett Jan - Mar 1969 Stoke T
Sharon Thompson Foskett Jan - Mar 1971 Stoke T
John Ian Thompson Foskett Jul - Aug 1978 Darlington
Harry Thorley Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1912 Wolstanton
Richard Laurence Thorn Foskett Apr 1986 Bromley
Chloe Victoria Thorn Foskett Nov 1987 Bromley
Lorraine J Thornhill Foskett Jan - Mar 1956 Paddington
John Alexander C Thorp Foskett Apr-Jun 1966 Bromley
Emma Jane Thorp Foskett Apr-Jun 1973 Bromley
Brian Toby Foskett Apr-Jun 1941 Wellingborough
John G Tom?? Foskett Oct - Dec 1918 Eton
Florence E Tomes Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1913 Kingston T
Arthur W Tomes Foskett Apr-Jun 1916 Uxbridge
Nathan Justin Tomlinson Foskett Aug 1990 Hounslow
Nathan Justin Tomlinson Foskett Dec 1990 Hounslow
Conor Tomlinson Foskett Jul 1993 Surrey N
Philip M Topley Foskett Oct - Dec 1954 Manchester
Pamela M Tork Foskett Apr-Jun 1947 Wellingborough
Lesley Anne Towey Foskett Jan - Mar 1966 Reading
Kathryn Elaine Towey Foskett Jul - Aug 1968 Lincoln
Elizabeth Claire Towey Foskett Oct - Dec 1970 Crewe
Susan M Trowell Foskett Oct - Dec 1959 Oxford
Michael B Trowell Foskett Jan - Mar 1962 Oxford
Gillian M Trowell Foskett Jan - Mar 1964 Oxford
Pauline Ann Trowell Foskett Oct - Dec 1967 Oxford
Peter J Trustram Foskett Jul - Aug 1958 Watford
John Tudor Foskett Jan - Mar 1946 Hampstead
Rosanna C M Turner Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1914 Woolwich
Lillian M Turner Foskett Jan - Mar 1916 Woolwich
Gladys M Turner Foskett Oct - Dec 1917 Woolwich
Iris E Turner Foskett Oct - Dec 1917 Woolwich
Doris V Turner Foskett Jul - Aug 1919 Woolwich
Evelyn Od Turner Foskett Jul - Aug 1922 Woolwich
Winifred I Turner Foskett Apr-Jun 1926 Woolwich
Stephen Malcolm Turner Foskett Jan - Mar 1969 Hull
Hannah Mary Turvey Foskett Apr 1992 Thanet
Neil David Turvey Foskett Oct 1995 Thanet
Sidney Fb Tutty Foskett Jan - Mar 1923 Grimsby
Edith L Tutty Foskett Jul - Aug 1929 Grimsby
Louise Tweedie Foskett Apr 1984 North East Hampshire
Ryan Antony Underwood Foskett Jul 1996 Kettering
Emma Adele Unett Foskett Oct 1995 Rugby
Jack Eliott Unett Foskett Aug 1999 Nuneaton and Bedworth
Lisa Irene Unwin Foskett Jul - Aug 1970 Hull
Alison Clare Unwin Foskett Oct - Dec 1971 Luton
Stuart Andrew Unwin Foskett Jan - Mar 1975 Dunstable
Lee Clayton Unwin Foskett Jul 1987 Hendon
Winifred J Usher Forscutt Jul - Sep 1921 Bedford
Hilary C Usher Forscutt Apr - Jun 1924 St Neots
Howard J Usher Forscutt Apr - Jun 1926 St Neots
Linda Van berkel Foskett Apr-Jun 1954 Leeds
Linda Van Berkel Foskett Jan - Mar 1954 Leeds
Linda Van Berkel Foskett Apr-Jun 1959 Leeds
Andrew J Varde Foskett Jan - Mar 1965 Watford
Nicola Helen Varde Foskett Jul - Aug 1967 Watford
Gwendolyn R Ventham Foskett Apr-Jun 1922 Berkhampstead
Raymond C Viccars Foskett Apr-Jun 1930 Pancras
Margaret S Vines Foskett Jul - Aug 1951 Camberwell
Stephanie Rose Vivo Foskett Jul 1993 Bexley
Michael Salvatore Vivo Foskett Dec 1994 Bexley
Pierce Vroome Foskett Apr-Jun 1942 Lewisham
Anthony J Vroome Foskett Apr-Jun 1944 Lewisham
Mary Wahrmund Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1914 Hendon
Victoria Louise Wainwright Foskett Apr-Jun 1979 Stoke T
Marjorie E Walker Foskett Jul - Aug 1938 Wakefield
Matthew Reece Walker Foskett Jun 1999 Shrewsbury
Emily Jessica Walker Foskett Oct 2001 Shrewsbury
Leonard Ec Walklett Foskett Jan - Mar 1923 West Ham
Eric E Walklett Foskett Apr-Jun 1928 West Ham
Joyce M Walklett Foskett Apr-Jun 1928 West Ham
Doreen G Walklett Foskett Apr-Jun 1933 West Ham
Lealey M Wall Foskett Jul - Aug 1948 Peterbro'
Mark V Wall Foskett Jul - Aug 1951 Peterboro'
Kim L Wall Foskett Jul - Aug 1955 Huntingdon
Clarie E Waller Foskett Oct - Dec 1964 Barnet
Graham Charles B Waller Foskett Jan - Mar 1969 Hendon
Alfred W Wallis Foskett Jul - Aug 1937 Lambeth
Joyce M Wallis Foskett Jan - Mar 1941 Ampthill
John L Wallis Foskett Jul - Aug 1946 Lambeth
Phillip John Walsh Foskett Apr-Jun 1982 Salisbury
Keith Martin Walsh Foskett Mar 1984 Salisbury
John A Ward Foskett Jul - Aug 1934 Lambeth
Jayne Elizabeth Warne Foskett Oct - Dec 1969 Redbridge
Julie Ann Warne Foskett Jul - Aug 1973 Waltham Forest
Martyn Frederick G Warne Foskett Apr-Jun 1975 Truro
Natalie Laura Warne Foskett Oct - Dec 1983 Waltham Forest
Graham S Warren Foskett Jan - Mar 1960 Watford
Ian M Warrilow Foskett Jul - Aug 1963 Stoke T
Robert John Warrilow Foskett Jul - Aug 1967 Stoke T
Victoria Louise Warrilow Foskett Apr-Jun 1979 Stoke T
Natalie Rebecca Watkins Foskett Aug 1989 Trowbridge
Abbie Dannika Watkins Foskett Feb 1992 Bath
Bradley Matthew Watkins Foskett Aug 1993 Trowbridge
Ian S Watson Foskett Jan - Mar 1955 Wellingborough
Debra L Watson Foskett Jul - Aug 1956 Market Harborough
Gary R Watson Foskett Jul - Aug 1960 Kettering
Karen L Watson Foskett Oct - Dec 1962 Kettering
Shannon Rebecca-Louise Watson Foskett Mar 1999 Southend on Sea
Lewis Anthony Watson Foskett Dec 1999 Shrewsbury
Skyla Lorraine Watson Foskett Jul 2000 Southend on Sea
Richard E Watts Foskett Jul - Aug 1942 Surrey NW
Katy Annice Watts Forskitt May 1990 Northampton
Jake Thomas Watts Forskitt May 1992 Northampton
Anna Mary Watts Forskitt Nov 1998 Northampton
Stuart Ef Way Foskett Jul - Aug 1932 York
Terence E G Way Foskett Jul - Aug 1939 Westminster
Marjorie G Weatherby Foskett Apr-Jun 1919 Stoke T
Kathleen W Weatherby Foskett Jul - Aug 1927 Stoke T
Stanley W E Weaver Foskett Oct - Dec 1916 Greenwich
Winifred G Weaver Foskett Apr-Jun 1921 Taunton
Philip I Weaver Foskett Jan - Mar 1965 Stoke T
Melanie Weaver Foskett Jul - Aug 1966 Stoke T
David A Webb Foskett Apr-Jun 1964 Trowbridge
Sarah Jane Webb Foskett Oct - Dec 1966 Trowgridge
Steven James Webb Foskett Jul - Aug 1979 Bath
Millie Elizabeth Weeden Foskett Jan 2004 East Surrey
Millie Elizabeth Weeden Foskett Jan 2004 East Surrey
Jamie Lea Weight Foskett May 1986 Bromley
Philip Weightman Foskett Apr-Jun 1976 Wolverhmptn
Robert Weightman Foskett Apr-Jun 1976 Wolverhmptn
Sally Ann Weightman Foskett Apr-Jun 1976 Wolverhmptn
Raymond C Wells Fosgate Oct - Dec 1944 Romford
Kathryn A Wells Fosgate Oct - Dec 1950 Ilford
Richard A Wells Fosgate Jul - Sep 1957 Ilford
Polly Anne Wells Foskett Jan - Mar 1974 Watford
Kristyan Daniel Wells Foskett Jul - Aug 1975 Watford
Joseph Alan Wells Foskett May 2002 Hounslow
Sallyanne Rosemary Wesley Foskett Jul - Aug 1981 Leicester C
Stuart Robert Wesley Foskett Jan - Mar 1983 Leicester C
Amy Jane Wesley Foskett Apr 1985 Leicestershire Central
Elizabeth Ann Wesley Foskett Apr 1996 Leicester
Sebastian William E Wesley Foskett May 1999 Carmarthen
Sebastian William E Wesley-August Foskett May 1999 Carmarthen
Sidney J West Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1911 Amersham
Marjorie West Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1912 Amersham
William West Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1912 Amersham
Violet M West Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1914 Amersham
Joyce V M West Foskett Jul - Aug 1920 Berkhampstead
Joan P West Foskett Jul - Aug 1921 Kingston
Catherine J West Foskett Jan - Mar 1924 Stoke T
Gwenyth C West Foskett Apr-Jun 1925 Kingston
Irene B M West Foskett Jul - Aug 1925 Stoke T
John F West Foskett Jul - Aug 1927 Berkhampstead
Doreen J West Foskett Jul - Aug 1928 Wellingborough
Peter L West Foskett Jul - Aug 1928 Berkhampstead
Betty West Foskett Oct - Dec 1929 Kingston
Neville F West Foskett Jan - Mar 1930 Stoke T
Ernest E West Foskett Jan - Mar 1932 Wellingborough
Walter F C Westgate Foskett Jul - Aug 1924 Biggleswade
June F Westgate Foskett Apr-Jun 1928 Biggleswade
John R Wheatley Foskett Jul - Aug 1943 Edmonton
Christine J Wheatley Foskett Jan - Mar 1945 Willesden
Emily L Wheeler Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1912 Camberwell
Edward A Wheeler Foskett Oct - Dec 1919 Camberwell
Albert A Wheeler Foskett Apr-Jun 1924 Camberwell
Ronald L Wheeler Foskett Oct - Dec 1927 Camberwell
Timothy Wheeler Foskett Oct - Dec 1941 Reading
Timothy Wheeler Foskett Oct - Dec 1941 Reading
Janice M Wheeler Foskett Jul - Aug 1946 Reading
Stephanie N Wheeler Foskett Apr-Jun 1947 Amersham
Martin J Wheeler Foskett Oct - Dec 1950 Amersham
Karen L Wheeler Foskett Apr-Jun 1958 Amersham
Barbara J White Foskett Oct - Dec 1943 Surrey Mid E
Jack Andrew P White Foskett Nov 1993 Mansfield
Megan Louise White Foskett Jul 1997 Mansfield
Carol Anne Whitear Foskett Jan - Mar 1968 Barnet
Dawn Elizabeth Whitear Foskett Apr-Jun 1970 Hitchin
Robert W Whiteside Foskett Jul - Aug 1946 Fylde
Kevin J Whiteside Foskett Apr-Jun 1949 Chatham
Maureen A Whiteside Foskett Apr-Jun 1951 Ealing
Clin B Whiteside Foskett Oct - Dec 1952 Ealing
Kathleen E Whiteside Foskett Oct - Dec 1953 Middlesex S
Yvonne L Whiteside Foskett Jul - Aug 1956 Ealing
Julie A Whitington Foskett Apr-Jun 1956 Bromley
Peter J Whitington Foskett Jul - Aug 1957 Bromley
Tina J Whitington Foskett Oct - Dec 1963 Bromley
Victoria Rose Whitmore Foskett Jan - Mar 1976 Coventry
Tara Penny Whitmore Foskett Oct - Dec 1977 Coventry
Robert Charles Whitmore Foskett Oct - Dec 1980 Coventry
Samantha Louise Whitmore Foskett Jan - Mar 1982 Coventry
Wilfrid Timothy F Whittaker Foskett Feb 1990 Wycombe
Sam George Whittle Foskett Sep 2001 Greenwich
John Whybrow Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1911 Holborn
Jane F E Whybrow Foskett Apr-May-Jun 1915 Holborn
Dawn Lesley Whytock Foskett Apr-Jun 1969 Hendon
Thomas Luke Wickens Foskett Jan 1992 Lincoln
Liam James Wickens Foskett Oct 1998 Lincoln
Jean R Widdowson Foskett Apr-Jun 1939 Nottingham
Michael N Widdowson Foskett Jan - Mar 1941 Nottingham
Sandra C Widdowson Foskett Oct - Dec 1942 Nottingham
Phyllis A Wigley Foskett Oct - Dec 1929 Chesterfield
Amanda Wilcox Foskett Oct - Dec 1971 Chelmsford
Ann-Jane Wilcox Foskett Jul - Aug 1975 Chelmsford
Paul Michael Wilde Foskett Jul - Aug 1980 Cambridge
Daniel Mark Wilde Foskett Jan 1985 Cambridge
Joanne Lindsay Wildsmith Foskett Jul - Aug 1973 Bradford
Andrea Elizabeth Wildsmith Foskett Jul - Aug 1976 Wharfedale
Rebecca Jane Wilkinson Foskett Jan 1986 Bromley
Joanna Laura Wilkinson Foskett Jul 1988 Bromley
Richard Michael Wilkinson Foskett May 1991 Bromley
James J Williams Foskett Jul - Aug 1920 Greenwich
Margaret M Williams Foskett Oct - Dec 1923 Greenwich
Mark W Williams Foskett Jan - Mar 1932 Pontypridd
Rosemary Williams Foskett Oct - Dec 1933 Pontypridd
Michael J Williams Foskett Jan - Mar 1935 Willesden
Barry A Williams Foskett Jul - Aug 1936 Chichester
Edna M Williams Foskett Jan - Mar 1938 Aylesbury
Carol M Williams Foskett Apr-Jun 1952 Hitchin
David R Williams Foskett Oct - Dec 1955 Hitchin
Lesley A Williams Foskett Jul - Aug 1959 Hendon
Beverly J Williams Foskett Apr-Jun 1964 West Ham
Steven E Williams Foskett Jan - Mar 1964 Hitchin
Timothy A Williams Foskett Oct - Dec 1965 Waltham Forest
Nigel Alan Williams Foskett Jan - Mar 1968 Epping
Thomas David Williams Foskett Apr-Jun 1973 N Bucks
Sophie Williams Foskett May 1989 Gravesend
Lynette Anona Williams Foskett Oct 1990 Luton
Adele Jacqueline Williams Foskett Oct 1992 Luton
Chloe Williams Foskett Aug 1992 Gravesend
George Gary P Williams Foskett Jun 1994 Chelmsford
Jade Larelle Williams Foskett Dec 1994 Bury St Edmunds
Harry John D Williams Foskett May 2003 Bedford
Ryan James Willis Foskett Aug 1991 Stevenage
Philip H Willison Foskett Jan-Feb-Mar 1915 St Pancras
Stanley J Willison Foskett Apr-Jun 1920 Pancras
Hilary J Willmore Foskett Jan - Mar 1926 Watford
George R Willmore Foskett Oct - Dec 1932 Watford
Leslie F Wilson Foskett Jan - Mar 1917 Newcastle T
Kenneth J Wilson Foskett Apr-Jun 1920 Newcastle T
Fred Wilson Foskett Jan - Mar 1922 Newcastle T
Richard Wilson Foskett Jan - Mar 1923 Newcastle T
Doreen A Wilson Foskett Jan - Mar 1926 Tynemouth
Gordon Wilson Foskett Apr-Jun 1927 Newcastle T
Joan F Wilson Foskett Jul - Aug 1931 Tynemouth
David Graham Wilson Foskett Jan - Mar 1978 Nthmblnd C
Andrew Wilson Foskett Jan - Mar 1981 Nthmblnd C
Margaret A Winch Foskett Jan - Mar 1961 Epping
Dawn Winch Foskett Apr-Jun 1963 Epping
Tracey Winch Fosket Jul - Sep 1966 Epping
Lisa Winch Foskett Jul - Aug 1971 Epping
Sarah Amy Winch Foskett Apr 1987 Bedford
Katy Margaret Winch Fosket Feb 1989 Bedford
Benjamin Adam A Wing Foskett Mar 1984 Coventry
Bertie Winks Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1912 Sheffield
Ralph J Winter Foskett Jul - Aug 1919 West Ham
Jack L Wiseman Foskett Jul - Aug 1925 Hemel Hempstead
Raymond Wiseman Foskett Oct - Dec 1927 Hemel Hempstead
Jill R Wiseman Foskett Jan - Mar 1933 Hemel Hempstead
Neil Edward Withers Foskett Apr-Jun 1978 Chichester
Lisa Ellen Ann Withers Foskett May 1993 Chichester
Lisa Ellen Withers Foskett May 1993 Chichester
Lauren Louise Woodbridge Foskett Jul 1997 Hounslow
Jamie Peter Woodcock Foskett Sep 1990 Greenwich
Christopher Ben R Woodcock Foskett Jul 1992 Chatham
Daniel Thomas Woodcock Foskett Dec 1993 Lambeth
Joshua Robert M Woodford Foskett Oct 1994 East Staffs
Bethany Marie Woodford Foskett Sep 1999 East Staffs
Nathan Joshua B Woodford Foskett Oct 2002 East Staffs
Joshua Robert M Woodford-Shaw Foskett Oct 1994 East Staffs
Bethany Marie Woodford-Shaw Foskett Sep 1999 East Staffs
Nathan Joshua B Woodford-Shaw Foskett Oct 2002 East Staffs
Doris M Woodham Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1911 Bethnal G
John R Woodham Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1913 Bethnal G
Charles W Woods Foskett Jul - Aug 1921 Hastings
Phyllis K Woods Foskett Jan - Mar 1923 Bedford
Doris E Woods Foskett Oct - Dec 1924 Bedford
Sheila A Woods Foskett Jan - Mar 1927 Bedford
Eva Woods Foskett Oct - Dec 1930 Bedford
Linette M Woods Foskett Oct - Dec 1939 Hastings
Edward W Wootten Foskett Jul - Aug 1953 Islington
Terence R Wootten Foskett Jul - Aug 1956 Islington
Keith C Wootten Foskett Jan - Mar 1964 Islington
Barrie Dean Wootton Foskett Apr-Jun 1966 Coventry
Karen Elaine D Wootton Foskett Jan - Mar 1968 Coventry
Jason John J J Wootton Foskett Jan - Mar 1974 Coventry
Anne D Worsh Foskett Jan - Mar 1935 Surrey NE
Maxine S Worsley Foskett Jan - Mar 1957 Aylesbury
Paul M Worsley Foskett Jan - Mar 1960 Luton
Alexander J Worsp Foskett Apr-Jun 1937 Surrey NE
Edward J Worsp Foskett Jul - Aug 1939 Surrey NE
Anne D Worsp Foskett Oct - Dec 1942 Surrey NE
Celia Worsp Foskett Apr-Jun 1946 Surrey NE
Graham J Worth Foskett Jul - Aug 1946 Edmonton
Derrick E Worth Foskett Oct - Dec 1947 Hendon
Leslie Wright Foskett Oct-Nov-Dec 1915 Leicester
Margaret I Wright Foskett Jul - Aug 1917 Leicester
Hilda M Wright Foskett Oct - Dec 1919 Leicester
Eric Wright Foskett Apr-Jun 1923 Leicester
Eric A Wright Foskett Jan - Mar 1925 Hackney
Harold H Wright Foskett Apr-Jun 1937 Camberwell
Leonard A H Wright Foskett Jan - Mar 1939 Camberwell
Raymond Wright Foskett Jan - Mar 1940 Sleaford
Peter Wright Foskett Jul - Aug 1945 Bourne
Valerie Wright Foskett Apr-Jun 1949 Southwark
Keith G Wright Foskett Jan - Mar 1951 Southwark
Lesley A Wright Foskett Jul - Aug 1952 Wirral
Barbara Wright Foskett Jan - Mar 1954 Grantham
Celia Wright Foskett Jul - Aug 1955 Barnet
Colin F L Wright Foskett Apr-Jun 1957 Wirral
Christine Wright Foskett Jul - Aug 1957 Hendon
Yvonne Wright Foskett Jul - Aug 1959 Hendon
Julia Wright Foskett Jan - Mar 1962 Brighton
Natalia Wright Foskett Jul - Aug 1965 Hendon
Paul Napoleon Wright Foskett Apr-Jun 1974 Barnet
Lee Frank Wright Foskett Feb 1985 Camden
Jade Louise Wright Foskett Jan 1992 Camden
Lewis James M Wright Foskett Sep 1995 Camden
Ruth Katharine Wright Foskett Aug 1995 Aylesbury Vale
Rona Wright Foskett Mar 1999 Aylesbury Vale
Sarah J Yeoman Foskett Oct - Dec 1965 Hendon
Dawn Lesley Yeoman Foskett Apr-Jun 1969 Hendon
Bryan E P York Foskett Oct - Dec 1936 Wellingborough
Jean W York Foskett Apr-Jun 1946 Wellingborough
Pamela M York Foskett Apr-Jun 1947 Wellingborough
Josephine York Foskett Apr-Jun 1952 Wellingborough
Lesley L York Foskett Apr-Jun 1955 Wellingborough
Angela I York Foskett Jan - Mar 1959 Wellingborough
Kinda M Yorke Foskett Oct - Dec 1936 Hendon
Margaret J Yorke Foskett Jan - Mar 1941 Hendon
Susan G Yorke Foskett Oct - Dec 1949 Harrow
Mabel L Young Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1913 Hackney
Henry C Young Foskett Jul-Aug-Sep 1915 Hackney
Alfred F Young Foskett Jul - Aug 1921 Hackney
Lilian M Young Foskett Apr-Jun 1923 Hackney
Leonard C Young Foskett Jan - Mar 1926 Hackney
Christopher John Young Foskett Apr-Jun 1970 Barnet
Michael Iain Young Foskett Apr-Jun 1975 Hendon
Faith Danielle Young Forskitt May 2002 Leicester
Megan Louise Young Forskitt Sep 2004 Leicester
Victoria Mayrem E Yusuf Foskett Jul - Aug 1983 Enfield
Yasmin Irene R Yusuf Foskett Apr 1987 Chatham

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