Ireland Births, Marriages and Deaths

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The following information is taken from the Ireland Civil Registration Index 1845-1958. Most (if not all) of the 19th century entries are as a result of English Fosketts who were in Ireland for military purposes. Until 1923 the whole of Ireland came under the jurisdiction of the British Crown.

BIRTHS 1845-1958

Year Quarter Forename Surname District
1885 2 Agnes Foskett Parsonstown
1882 1 Alice Mary Foskett Naas
1884 4 Amelia Clurke Foskett Limerick
1883 2 Ethel Florence Foskett Dublin North
1921 4 Hubert Foskett Strabane
1875 - Mary Anne Foskett Parsonstown
1886 3 Samuel Benjamin Foskett Kinsale

MARRIAGES 1864-1958

Date Quart Forename Surname Place
1885 2 Agnes Foskett Parsonstown
1887 1 Henry Robert Foskett Longford
1951 3 John L Foskett Fermoy
1911 1 Nellie Foskett Dublin South
1873 - Robert Foskett Parsonstown

DEATHS 1864-1958


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