Royal Air Force 1918

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In 1917, the Royal Air Force was formed from the Royal Flying Corps. This 1918 list represents those Foskett men who were in the RFC and transferred to the Royal Air Force. It includes their rank in both services and their weekly pay. All those listed had signed up for the duration of the war.

AF No Surname Inits RFC Trade RAF Trade RFC Rank RAF Rank Join Date
225775 Foskett A Driver Driver (P) A Mech 2 A Mech 3 01/01/1918
6239 Foskett A Fitter (General) Fitter (General) Flight Serg Ch Mech 09/06/1915
212484 Foskett CW Engineer Fitter (AE) Leading Mech Cpl Mech 30/04/1917
19712 Foskett E Rigger Rigger(AE) A Mech 1 A Mech 1 26/01/1916
38468 Foskett F A Sailmaker Fab Worker A Mech 2 Private 1 21/07/1916
8196 Foskett HW Misc(Discip) Disciplinarian Ac Sgt(pd) Sergeant 02/09/1915
130565 Foskett HW Clerk(Tal.Cd) Clerk(Stores) A Mech 3 Clerk 3 22/03/1917
115009 Foskett W Carpenter Carpenter A Mech 2 A Mech 3 24/06/1916
145484 Foskett WG Batman Batman A mEch3 Private 2 12/01/1918

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