Soldiers who died in the Great War 1914-1919

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This index comes from the records of Soldiers who died in the Great War. Further information about individuals may be obtained from the Commonwealth War Graves Index

Surname Forenames Place of Birth Residence
Foskett Albert Edward Halesowen, Worcester -
Foskett Alfred Edward Wandsworth Southwark
Foskett Alfred John Battersea, Surrey -
Foskett Arthur Ernest Rothwell, Northants Leeds
Foskett Arthur Fred Theddingworth Theddingworth, Leicester
Foskett Charles Stanwick, Northants Stanwick
Foskett Charles Albert Newbury, Berks Winton, Hants
Foskett Christopher Richard Oliver Theddingworth, Leics Theddingworth, Leics
Foskett Edward Peckham, S.e. -
Foskett Edward George Hastings Balham
Foskett Frederick Islington, Middlesex Finchley, Middlesex
Foskett Frederick Joseph Ashleigh Green, Bucks -
Foskett Harold Frederick Holloway, Middlesex Holloway
Foskett Harry Hackney Harlesden
Foskett Herbert Grandborough Winslow
Foskett Herbert Edward - -
Foskett James Sharnbrook, Beds Brigg, Lincs
Foskett James Samuel Bedford -
Foskett John Bethnal Green, London -
Foskett Joseph George Turvey, Beds -
Foskett Reginald Bramley, Yorks Pudsey, Yorks
Foskett Walter James Reeve Tring, Herts -
Foskett William Samuel - Kennington
Forskitt Ernest Charles Northampton -
Forscutt Howard Charles Zaccheus Wellingborough Add -
Forscutt Joseph St. Luke's, Wellingborough -
Forscutt Sidney Charles Wellingborough, Northants -

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