UK Marriages 1538 onwards

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This list of Marriages is taken from a number of sources including original Parish Registers and the IGI. The list is by no means complete. Prior to 1754 when pre-printed registers were introduced it was unusual for any detail other than names to be recorded. Thereafter, until 1837, the status of the parties, their occupations and parish and names of witnesses were included. After 1837, ages and father's names were recorded.

Although Parish Registers began in 1538, many early registers have been lost due to past lack of care, wars, flood and fire.

County names have been abbreviated using the Chapman County Codes. For the full date and any additional information available from the entry, please email me.

Year Forename Surname Spouse Forename Spouse Surname Place County
1824 Aaron FOSKETT Mary WELFORD Marsh Gibbon BKM
1824 Aaron FOSKETT Mary WELFORD Grendon Underwood BKM
1836 Aaron FOSKETT Hannah KNIGHT Grendon Underwood BKM
1611 Agnes FOSCOTT Nicholas WOOD Malmesbury WIL
1674 Agnes FOSKAT Nicholas SWETNAM Finmere OXF
1898 Agnes Ann FORSCUTT John Thomas FOSKETT Ringstead, NTH
1866 Albert FOSKETT Ann AYERS Wendover, BKM
1884 Albert FOSKETT Caroline TURNER Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1914 Albert FOSKETT Margaret Ann THORNE Grandborough, BKM
1873 Alfred FOSKETT Catherine ALLEN Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1875 Alfred FORSCUTT Annie MAJOR Ringstead, NTH
1539 Alice FOSCOT Richard CHAPMAN Finedon NTH
1615 Alice FOSKETT Edmund COCKS Sandy, BDF
1633 Alice FOSCOOTE Michael SHEEPIE Mancetter, WAR
1640 Alice FOSKETT Edmund PURSELL Great Horwood BKM
1678 Alice FOSKETT Thomas DAGLER St Katherine by the Tower MDX
1683 Alice FOSCOTT James WATSON Mancetter, WAR
1693 Alice FOSCUE Nathaniel Chittamore Hitchin, HRT
1778 Alice Foskett William Wright Cople BDF
1853 Alice FOSKETT Robert KNIGHT St Pancras Old Church MDX
1891 Alice Sophia Mawby Foskett James Clarke Ardsley by Barnsley YKS
1869 Allen FOSKETT Eliza PETTET Odell, BDF
1604 Alyce FOSKETT Thomas EVANS Malmesbury WIL
1623 Amy Foskett William Pursill Bletchley, BKM
1657 Andrew FOSKETT Ann PITTY Melbourne, CAM
1713 Andrew FOSKETT Frances DENHAM Melbourne, CAM
1596 Ann FOSKETT Abraham Dogget Bedford St Mary BDF
1603 Ann FOSKETT Christopher BRICKHILL Great Horwood BKM
1640 Ann FOSKETT Ralph DOGGAT Stewkeley, BKM
1640 Ann FOSKETT John HOWEL Stratton St Margaret WIL
1651 Ann FOSKETT Jeremiah STEYNES/STAINES Southwark St Olaves SRY
1656 Ann FOCKIT William BLEAN Stanwick, NTH
1658 Ann FOSCUT Joell BROWNE Aldwinkle St Peter NTH
1662 Ann Fosket Samuel Allen ML-Episcopal Visitation BKM
1667 Ann Fosket Thomas Hill Husbourne Crawley BDF
1686 Ann FOSKETT John HEDGES St Katherine by the Tower MDX
1688 Ann Foskett Thomas Durrant Bletchley, BKM
1691 Ann Foscott Alexander Robinson Stagsden, BDF
1691 Ann Foskett Alexander Robinson Stevington, BDF
1708 Ann FOSKETT Joseph FIELD Letchworth, HRT
1713 Ann FOSCOTT William PRIDMORE Rothwell, NTH
1716 Ann FOSCOTT Thomas SAUNDERS Rothwell, NTH
1719 Ann FOSKETT Joseph TAYLOR Bletchley, BKM
1730 Ann FOSGUT Benjamin Shepherd Godmanchester HUN
1748 Ann FOSCOT Joshua LENTON Glatton, HUN
1754 Ann FOSKETT James PAGE Potton, BDF
1754 Ann Foskett James Page Dunton BDF
1762 Ann Foskett John Eaton Toddington, BDF
1762 Ann FOSKETT Richard LEWIS Bristol GLS
1766 Ann FOSCOTT John BATES Raunds, NTH
1767 Ann FOSKETT Joseph DANIELS Bletchley, BKM
1768 Ann Foskett John Jackson Shoreditch St Leonards MDX
1769 Ann FASCUTT James GREEN Boughton, NTH
1772 Ann FORSKETT Edward LORD Husbourne Crawley BDF
1774 Ann Fosgate John Howsden Bolnhurst BDF
1777 Ann FORSKETT John ROUGHTON Ringstead, NTH
1779 Ann Foskew David Riseley Woburn, BDF
1783 Ann Fosgate James Scarborough Colmworth, BDF
1787 Ann FORSCATT Thomas BULLEN Twywell, NTH
1793 Ann FOSCO Charles Morrallar Bristol GLS
1807 Ann FOSKETT John HAYCOCK Stoke Goldington BKM
1809 Ann FOSKETT William HOW Hemel Hempstead HRT
1811 Ann FOSKETT Frederick WHITMAN St Giles Cripplegate MDX
1822 Ann FORSCUTT John TITMAN Ringstead, NTH
1838 Ann FASCUTT Joseph HURLEY Northampton St Sepulchre NTH
1840 Ann Foskett Nathan Longland Bedford St Mary BDF
1840 Ann Foskett Nathan Longland ML BDF
1841 Ann FOSKETT John KINGSTON Westminster St Martins in the Fields MDX
1844 Ann Foskett Thomas Jarvis Roxton, BDF
1851 Ann FOSKETT Samuel BARLEY Odell-Banns BDF
1851 Ann FOSKETT Henry ROLFE Aston Clinton BKM
1852 Ann FOSKETT George COOPER Bethnal Green St Matthews MDX
1857 Ann FOSKETT Frederick GUTTERIDGE St Dunstan in the East MDX
1857 Ann FOSKETT Joseph SLADE Aston Clinton BKM
1865 Ann FOSKETT Thomas MUNDAY Cranfield, BDF
1898 Ann FOSKETT William KING Bushey, HRT
1871 Ann Eliza Foskett Samuel Charles PEGG Chelsea St Luke MDX
1826 Ann Rachel FOSKETT William GRANGE Walworth St Peter SRY
1822 Ann Rebecca FOSKETT John HENLEY/HANLEY Aston Clinton BKM
1640 Anna FOSKET William Ackington Great Ayton YKS
1875 Anna FOSKETT Jesse OLIVER Walton on Thams SRY
1641 Annah Foscott Francis Sly Barnwell St Andrew NTH
1704 Anne FORSKE Thomas SCRIVENER Hitchin, HRT
1737 Anne FOSCUT John JENKINSON Cosgrove, NTH
1810 Anne FOSKETT William Garner Hemel Hempstead HRT
1847 Anne FOSKETT Thomas KIPPING Tring, HRT
1880 Annie FORSCUTT Joseph ABBOTT Ringstead, NTH
1884 Annie Elizabeth FOSKETT Thomas KNIGHT Odell, BDF
1884 Annie Elizabeth Foskett Thomas Knight Odell-Banns BDF
1885 Annie Elizabeth Foskett Alfred Clarke Souldrop, BDF
1604 Annis FOSCATT John Webbe Little Horwood BKM
1899 Arthur Ernest FOSKETT Mary Jane WILSON Oxhey, HRT
1897 Arthur Henry FOSKETT Sarah Ann DYTUM Grandborough, BKM
1909 Ashley Fred FOSKETT Mary Lizzie BRADBURY Grandborough, BKM
1876 Avis Sarah Ellen FOSKETT William George Holliday Hoxton St John MDX
1856 Barnard FOSKETT Sarah Ann COLES Cranfield, BDF
1706 Benjamin FOSKETT Sarah GROOME Harrow on the Hill MDX
1784 Benjamin FOSKETT Ann HARRISON Westminster St Anne MDX
1826 Benjamin FOSKETT Lydia STOCKLEY Harrow on the Hill MDX
1831 Benjamin FOSKETT Hannah ANDREWS Hemel Hempstead HRT
1871 Benjamin FOSKETT Elizabeth Richardson Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1821 Bernard FOSKETT Sarah ROBERTS Ridgemont, BDF
1861 Betsy FOSCUTT Charles CLARKE Yardley Hastings NTH
1697 Bridget Forscue Richard Barret NTH
1855 Caroline FOSKETT Edward GRACE Hemel Hempstead HRT
1855 Caroline FOSKETT Thomas RADWELL Grandborough, BKM
1897 Caroline Lily FOSKETT Arthur Frank CASTLE Winslow, BKM
1757 Catherine Forskit Ulysses Watts Pertonhall, BDF
1771 Catherine FOSKETT Nathaniel SMITH St Botolph Bishopgate MDX
1790 Catherine FASCUTT Samuel TARRANT Moulton, NTH
1877 Catherine FOSKETT Matthew BIRD Southwark St Paul SRY
1834 Charles FOSKETT Zilpha HOLLIS Ridgemont, BDF
1847 Charles Forscutt Elizabeth Sexon Bedford St Paul BDF
1857 Charles FOSKETT Emily TARSEY Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1860 Charles FOSKETT Harriet FORDHAM Westminster St Martins in the Fields MDX
1865 Charles FOSKETT Julia Ann WILLOUGHBY St Dunstan in the East MDX
1868 Charles FOSKETT Amelia ALLEN Clapham BDF
1884 Charles FORSCUTT Selina PLOWMAN Wellingborough, NTH
1886 Charles FOSKATT Ann NEALINGS Newcastle St Nicholasd NBL
1890 Charles FOSKETT Louisa COX Felmersham BDF
1900 Charles James FOSKETT Gertrude Caroline ABBOTT Watford, HRT
1841 Charles William Foskett Jane Curtis Shoreditch St Leonards MDX
1843 Charles William Foskett Sarah Ann Notman Shoreditch St Leonards MDX
1866 Charles William FOSKETT Emma MUNT St Albans HRT
1839 Charlotte FOSKETT James STEVENS Tring, HRT
1849 Charlotte FOSKETT David DUBREY Aston Clinton BKM
1711 Christopher Foskett Hannah Garnett Bedford St John BDF
1711 Christopher Faskett Hannah Garrett Elstow, BDF
1769 Clark Fosgate Ann Jackson Bolnhurst BDF
1809 Dan Foskett Sarah Smith Arlesley, BDF
1887 Dan FOSKETT Annie SPICER Tring, HRT
1750 David FOSKETT Elizabeth BARR Thorney, CAM
1831 David FOSKETT Rebecca RANDALL Tring, HRT
1868 David FOSKETT Elizabeth Mary HOWSE Hoggeston Banns BKM
1884 David FOSKETT Sarah WALKER Grandborough, BKM
1645 Dennise FOSKETT John NASH Tingewick, BKM
1860 Edmund George FORSCUTT Lydia WITTRING St Pancras Old Church MDX
1627 Edward FOSCOTT Marie BRIDGEWATER Thorpe Achurch NTH
1658 Edward FOSKETT Ann WRIGHT Rothersthorpe, NTH
1697 Edward FOSCOUGH Mary COTES Langton by Wragby LIN
1718 Edward FOXCOT Frances FORD Mere WIL
1731 Edward FOSSELL Elizabeth JONES Oxfors St Peter OXF
1770 Edward FOSKETT Judith JEEVES Bengeo, HRT
1826 Edward FOSKETT Sarah LAWRENCE Thundridge, HRT
1653 Eleanor FOSKETT Michael FOOKS Hanslope, BKM
1923 Eleanor FOSKETT William FOSKETT Drayton Beauchamp BKM
1873 Eli FOSKETT Miriam PARVER Pavenham, BDF
1873 Eli Foskett Miriam Parver Odell-Banns BDF
1874 Eli FOSKETT Sarah WARR Winslow, BKM
1716 Elinor FOSKU Thomas DENHAM St Marylebone St Mary MDX
1846 Eliza FOSKETT Thomas BATES Aston Clinton BKM
1879 Eliza FOSKETT Thomas ALLEN Sharnbrook, BDF
1879 Eliza FOSKETT Thomas Allen Sharnbrook, BDF
1861 Eliza Ann FOSKETT George BATCHELOR Berkhampstead St Mary HRT
1611 Elizabeth FOSKETT Samuel HARDING Tingewick, BKM
1618 Elizabeth FOSCOOTE William GREENEWAY Mancetter, WAR
1625 Elizabeth FOSKETT Ralph NIGHT North Crawley BKM
1628 Elizabeth Foskett Thomas Lorde Bedford St Peter BDF
1629 Elizabeth FOSCOTT John FRY Malmesbury WIL
1630 Elizabeth FOSKETT William ILLING Thornborough, BKM
1666 Elizabeth Foscut Edward Bradford Clifton Reynes BKM
1667 Elizabeth FOSKETT Richard Sclater Westminster St Clement Danes MDX
1674 Elizabeth FOSCOTT John CASTLEDYNE Stanwick, NTH
1677 Elizabeth FOSKETT Lawnclot GREY St Marylebone St Mary MDX
1687 Elizabeth FOSCOTT Thomas PEARCE Aylesbury, BKM
1692 Elizabeth Foscue Thomas ? Barnwell St Andrew NTH
1693 Elizabeth FOSCUE Thomas RECHFORD Potton, BDF
1693 Elizabeth Fosku Thomas Rechford Turvey, BDF
1694 Elizabeth FOSKETT Thomas GRIGGS Olney, BKM
1696 Elizabeth FOSQUE Daniel MUN Sandridge, HRT
1705 Elizabeth FOSCOTT John Marchant Stanwick, NTH
1708 Elizabeth FOSKETT William OSBURN North Marston BKM
1712 Elizabeth FOSKETT Thomas MILLER Potton, BDF
1713 Elizabeth FOSCOTT Joseph BUTTOLOUR Stanwick, NTH
1719 Elizabeth FOSKETT Samuel HOLDEN Great Horwood BKM
1719 Elizabeth FOSKETT Thomas MOORE St Mary Magdalene, Old Fish St MDX
1723 Elizabeth FOSCOTT James HOLMAN Rothwell, NTH
1726 Elizabeth FOSKETT John TALE Studham, BDF
1729 Elizabeth FOSQUE William HURST Hitchin, HRT
1730 Elizabeth FOSCOTT Thomas HEATON Rothwell, NTH
1735 Elizabeth FOSCOTT John BORE Thorpe Achurch NTH
1739 Elizabeth FOSKETT Hugh SMITH Newport Pagnall BKM
1742 Elizabeth Fauskett Charles Marks Drayton Parslow BKM
1744 Elizabeth FOSCOTT William WOOTTON Little Brickhill BKM
1747 Elizabeth FOSGATE Jonathan REDGRIFF Colchester St Leonards ESX
1748 Elizabeth FOSKETT Peter SALISBURY Shenley, BKM
1757 Elizabeth FOSCUTT Thomas PETTIT Wellingborough, NTH
1758 Elizabeth FOSCUTT Richard JOHNSON Raunds, NTH
1759 Elizabeth FORCOTT Thomas SMITH Cosgrove, NTH
1768 Elizabeth FASCUTT Richard LABRUN Boughton, NTH
1768 Elizabeth FOSCUT Samuel FREEMAN Ringstead, NTH
1775 Elizabeth FOSCUTT James Mackaness Spaldwick, HUN
1779 Elizabeth FASCUT William SMITH Hannington, NTH
1779 Elizabeth FOSKETT James NUCATOR Northill, BDF
1790 Elizabeth FOSKETT Peter THOMASON Cople BDF
1801 Elizabeth FORSKETT William BEEBY Great Addington NTH
1806 Elizabeth FOSCUTT John Nichols Raunds, NTH
1807 Elizabeth FOSKETT Richard HARREY Hackney St John MDX
1814 Elizabeth Foskett Robert Roe ML BDF
1814 Elizabeth Foskett Richard ROWE Cranfield, BDF
1820 Elizabeth FOSKETT William Wise Chipping Barnet HRT
1831 Elizabeth FOSKETT James MINCHIN Newington St Mary SRY
1833 Elizabeth FOSKETT James WATSON St Faith under St Pauls MDX
1834 Elizabeth Foskett Benjamin Degrott Shoreditch St Leonards MDX
1835 Elizabeth FOSCALL William STRINGER Ashley STF
1839 Elizabeth FOSKETT Elisha BAY Stoke Goldington BKM
1852 Elizabeth FOSKETT James HALSEY Great Stanmore MDX
1855 Elizabeth FORSCUTT John FORSKETE Ringstead, NTH
1855 Elizabeth FOSKETT William WICKS St Pancras Old Church MDX
1856 Elizabeth FOSKETT Daniel DUBREY Aston Clinton BKM
1861 Elizabeth Foskett Jonathan Reeves Flitton with Silsoe BDF
1871 Elizabeth FOSKETT Joseph BALDWIN Aston Clinton BKM
1876 Elizabeth FOSKETT Benjamin BROWNING St Mary Aldermanbury MDX
1882 Elizabeth FOSKETT Frederick Charles ALLEN Aston Clinton BKM
1884 Elizabeth Foskett Alfred Circuit? Odell-Banns BDF
1892 Elizabeth FOSKETT Arthur PINKETT Wellington, St Luke STF
1889 Elizabeth Jane FOSKETT Isaac GOULD Wellington, St Luke STF
1840 Elizabeth Maria FOSCUTT Thomas Burrell WEST Westminster St Martins in the Fields MDX
1869 Ellen FOSKETT William BUSHBY Sharnbrook, BDF
1887 Ellen FOSKETT Frederick BRACKLEY Aston Clinton BKM
1889 Ellen FOSKETT Charles AUSTIN Studham, BDF
1893 Ellen Wiles FOSKETT William TUNN Newport Pagnall BKM
1674 Ellenor Forskew James Hurst Campton + Shefford BDF
1607 Emma Fosscot William ? Barnwell St Andrew NTH
1826 Emma FOSKETT Thomas William DORNFORD Greenwich, KEN
1868 Emma FORSCUTT William HEAD Deptford St Paul KEN
1869 Emma FOSKETT Caleb DENTON Odell, BDF
1900 Ernest James FOSKETT Eva Lizzie SEATON Grandborough, BKM
1830 Esau FOSKETT Hannah RHODES Grendon Underwood BKM
1793 Esther FUSQUE Thomas Walsh Hertford St Peters HRT
1727 Everett FOSKET Elizabeth CHEVERY Bletchley, BKM
1790 Fanny FORSKETT William AXBEE Husbourne Crawley BDF
1790 Fanny Foskett Wm Axby Houghton Conquest BDF
1605 Frances FOSCOTT Thomas COWPER Mancetter, WAR
1755 Frances FOSKETT Thomas BETTS Potton, BDF
1767 Frances FOSKET Richard Johnston Southwark St John SRY
1773 Frances FOSKETT Samuel ROBERTSON Hoggeston, BKM
1807 Frances FORSKETT James GIDE Wimbledon SRY
1809 Frances FOSKETT William TURNER Wing, BKM
1754-1757 Frances Foskett Thomas Betts Blunham with Mogerhanger BDF
1646 Francis FOSKETT Mary WHEELER Radcliffe, BKM
1728 Francis FORTESCUE Sage PLAVIN Potton, BDF
1641 Frauncis FOSSCUT John Lawrence Lavendon, BKM
1891 Frederick FOSKETT Sarah Ann RIVETT Watford, HRT
1902 Frederick Charles FOSKETT Mary Ellen ALLEN Sharnbrook, BDF
1895 Frederick John FOSKETT Lucy Ann ROLFE Aston Clinton BKM
1720 Gabriel FOSKETT Mary KNIGHT Tingewick, BKM
1742 Gabriel FOSKETT Sarah SAUL Bloxham OXF
1873 Gaius FOSKETT Ann THOMPSON Westminster St Martins in the Fields MDX
1547 George FOXCOTE Joan SIDE ML MDX
1601 George FOSKETT Ann FLAXNEY Oxford St Michael OXF
1657 George FOSKETT Alice GIBBS Mixbury, OXF
1657 George FOSKETT Mary MILENER Bletchley, BKM
1698 George FOSKETT Catherine HAWS ML MDX
1706 George FOSKETT Elizabeth EDWARDS St Marylebone St Mary MDX
1707 George FOSKET Elizabeth Edwards ML MDX
1716 George FOSKETT Elizabeth RAND Mursley, BKM
1725 George FOSKETT Mary HAIDON Ivinghoe, BKM
1738 George FOSKETT Judith THONGOR Wolverton, BKM
1740 George FASCUTT Elizabeth PALMER Pitsford, NTH
1746 George FASCUTT Mary ELLIOT Boughton, NTH
1752 George FOSKETT Frances COLES Swanbourne, BKM
1752 George FAUSCOTE Ann FLETCHER St Georges Mayfair MDX
1755 George FOSKETT Mary BLACKNELL Ivinghoe, BKM
1763 George FOSKETT Mary BUTCHER Hoggeston, BKM
1763 George FORSKET Rebecca CHALK Blackmore, ESX
1779 George FOSKETT Elizabeth HEDGES Harrow on the Hill MDX
1784 George FOSKETT Sarah CLARKE Swanbourne, BKM
1784 George FOSKETT Elizabeth HAYCOCK Stoke Goldington BKM
1791 George FOSKETT Susannah DOGGETT Berkhampstead St Mary HRT
1802 George FOSKETT Mary SMITH Swanbourne, BKM
1804 George FOSKETT Avis LOVELL Aston Clinton BKM
1805 George FOSKETT Mary BROWN Hemel Hempstead HRT
1807 George FOSKETT Mary MATTHEWS Swanbourne, BKM
1817 George FOSKETT Hannah ALLEN Berkhampstead St Mary HRT
1827 George FOSKETT Judith SMITH Winslow, BKM
1830 George FORSTGATE Ann RUMSEY Hertford St Peters HRT
1831 George FOSKETT Elizabeth CLAYDON Hoggeston, BKM
1842 George FOSKETT Emma VIGIS St Marylebone All Souls MDX
1843 George FOSKETT Elizabeth KEEN Aston Clinton BKM
1850 George FOSKETT Elizabeth RICHARDSON Odell, BDF
1854 George FOSKETT Martha CLARK Grandborough, BKM
1858 George FOSKETT Elizabeth HOLLINGSWORTH St Pancras Old Church MDX
1864 George FOSKETT Fanny REDDING Berkhampstead St Mary HRT
1866 George FOSKETT Margaret POCOCK Berkhampstead St Mary HRT
1866 George FOSKETT Mary RICHARDSON Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1875 George FOSKETT Emma ASKEW Odell, BDF
1877 George FOSKETT Amelia PRESTON Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1877 George FOSKETT Sarah Helena RIGBY Bushey, HRT
1883 George FOSKETT Emily Sarah ADAMS Deptford All Saints KEN
1858 George Newman Foskett Ann Woods Bedford St Peter BDF
1692 Grace Foscot Geoffrey Whitehead Goldington, BDF
1796 Grace Foskett Daniel Langstone Buckland, BKM
1813 Grace Woolston FASCUTT William DUNKLEY Ecton NTH
1630 Hammell FOSKOT Agnes WELDON Wadenhoe, NTH
1722 Hannah FORSKET Thomas FORDS Brinkworth WIL
1742 Hannah FOSCUTT John ROBINSON Stanwick, NTH
1817 Hannah FOSKETT Robert MARSDEN Edensor DBY
1829 Hannah FOSKETT William DANIELS Great Gaddesden HRT
1833 Hannah FOSKETT Hugh WILLIAT Great Horwood BKM
1840 Hannah Foskett Chris Hybid/Higby Leighton Buzzard BDF
1869 Hannah FOSKETT Peter VICKERSTAFF Wellington, St Luke STF
1879 Hannah Maria FOSKETT William Owen FLINT Bushey, HRT
1848 Harriet FOSKETT Charles Frederick BUTLER Finsbury St Pauls Bunhill Row MDX
1851 Harriet FOSKETT Thomas WELLBELOVED St Marylebone All Souls MDX
1853 Harriet FOSKETT Thomas GREEN Woburn, BDF
1860 Harriet FOSKETT Charles WICKS St Marylebone St Andrew MDX
1872 Harriet FOSKETT David FAULKNER St Neots HUN
1887 Harry FOSKETT Mary BROWNING Winslow, BKM
1915 Harry Arthur FORSCUTT Frances May BLUNT Wilby NTH
1600 Henry FOSKETT Alice TRING Great Horwood BKM
1620 Henry FOSKETT Ann JAMES Adstock, BKM
1634 Henry FOSKETT Maria WARD Great Horwood BKM
1638 Henry FOSCOTT Joane ROGERS Stanwick, NTH
1653 Henry FOSKETT Sarah KEMP Great Horwood BKM
1655 Henry FOSKETT Margaret HUTCHINSON Southwark Christchurch SRY
1689 Henry FOSKETT Mary TOMKINS Bletchley, BKM
1709 Henry Foskett Sarah Rock Olney, BKM
1718 Henry FOSCUT Mary MARTIN Raunds, NTH
1739 Henry FOSKETT Rachel PHILIPS All Hallows London Wall MDX
1746 Henry Foskett Sarah Tailor Woburn, BDF
1752 Henry FOSCOTT Ann CLAPAM Rushden NTH
1761 Henry FOSCOTT Sarah ROOKSBY Ringstead, NTH
1765 Henry Foskett Mary Moore Stepney St Mary Whitechapel MDX
1798 Henry FOSKETT Jane RICE Holborn St Andrew MDX
1804 Henry FOSKETT Susannah RANDALL Aston Clinton BKM
1812 Henry FOSQUET Mary GARRETT Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1825 Henry FOSKETT Maria Martin Gowan YOUNG Exeter St Sidwell DEV
1826 Henry FOSKETT Anne WHITE Hoggeston, BKM
1830 Henry Foskett Mary Horne Stepney St Dunstan MDX
1834 Henry FOSKETT Mary Donovan St Giles Cripplegate MDX
1837 Henry FOSKETT Mary BEDFORD Tring, HRT
1843 Henry FOSKETT Ann HILL Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1852 Henry FOSKETT Hannah HOLT Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1852 Henry FOSKETT Emma HOWES Hoggeston Banns BKM
1853 Henry FOSKETT Irene WESTLEY Odell-Banns BDF
1854 Henry FORSCUTT Rebecca WATTS Ringstead, NTH
1857 Henry FOSKETT Eliza KEMPSTER Tring, HRT
1864 Henry Foskett Louisa Dazely Shoreditch St John MDX
1865 Henry FOSKETT Sarah DELL Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1874 Henry Foskett Louisa Stratford Aston Clinton BKM
1835 Henry Charles FOSKETT Sarah FOUNTAIN Aston Clinton BKM
1869 Henry Edward FORSCUTT Lucy Rebecca HOPKINS Westminster St James MDX
1816 Hepzibah FORSCUTT Simon ABBOTT Wellingborough, NTH
1900 Herbert FOSKETT Emma HOLLINS Wellington, St Luke STF
1926 Herbert Charles FORSCUTT Grace Audrey CHAPMAN Ringstead, NTH
1611 Hester FOSKETT Thomas WRIGHT Sandy, BDF
1815 Hester FOSKETT Thomas TUFFNAL Wing, BKM
1828 Isabella Foscut Stephen Kempster Weston Turville BKM
1880 Isabella Emma FOSKETT Hugh YOUNG St Brides Fleet St MDX
1865 Jabez FOSKETT Ann JOHNSON Wellington, St Luke STF
1890 Jabez FOSKETT Ellen NUTTER Odell-Banns BDF
1788 James FOSGATE Judith GRAVATT Leyton, ESX
1797 James Foskett Elizabeth Barnes Bedford St Paul BDF
1798 James Foscutt Sarah Dunton Cople-Banns BDF
1798 James FOSKETT Sarah DUNTON Cople BDF
1798 James Foskett Sarah Dunton Willington, BDF
1802 James FOSKETT Margaret GREY St Faith under St Pauls MDX
1823 James FOSKETT Susan RUMLEY St Luke, Old St, Finsbury MDX
1826 James FASKETT Mary FROST Cranfield, BDF
1829 James FOSKETT Jane HEDGES Berkhampstead St Mary HRT
1830 James FOSKETT Ann Pye St Neots HUN
1830 James FOSKETT Sarah SHAW St Faith under St Pauls MDX
1834 James FOSKETT Sophia HOWARD Aldbury, HRT
1841 James FOSKETT Margaret BLACKEE Bermondsey, St James SRY
1844 James FOSKETT Mary Ann DARLOW Odell-Banns BDF
1846 James FOSKETT Maria COLLIER Bushey, HRT
1856 James FOSKETT Emma KING Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1859 James FOSKETT Maria BRADSHAW Odell, BDF
1861 James FOSKETT Mary Ann WHITHALL Westminster St Martins in the Fields MDX
1865 James FOSKETT Emily Ann HALL Greenwich, KEN
1872 James FOSKETT Ellen HOWARD Grandborough, BKM
1875 James Foskett Mary Ann Chambelin Shoreditch St Leonards MDX
1879 James FOSKETT Susan TIMMS Grandborough, BKM
1655 Jane Foskett Thomas Field Woburn, BDF
1655 Jane FOSKETT Anthony Ovens Brinkworth WIL
1699 Jane FORSKET Leonard SPRATT Brinkworth WIL
1715 Jane FAUSCUT Thomas PIGGOT Spaldwick, HUN
1718 Jane FOSCOT John QUINCY Thurning HUN
1725 Jane FOSCUE Richard LACK Wooburn, BKM
1730 Jane FOSKETT Nathaniel BYDE Westminster St Georges Mayfair MDX
1787 Jane FOSKETT John BOWLES Littlehampton St Mary SRY
1816 Jane FOSKETT Robert BYNER Southwark Christchurch SRY
1825 Jane FOSKETT William BUCHANAN Greenwich, KEN
1832 Jane Fauscote William Oakley Aylesbury, BKM
1833 Jeremiah FOSKETT Betty BATES Cheddington BKM
1723 Jerman FOSKETT Elizabeth WILTSHIRE Potton, BDF
1603 Jhone FUSCOTTE Thomas AYER Barley, HRT
1585 Joan Foskett Henry Munnes Sutton, BDF
1596 Joan Foskett Isaac Johnson Bedford St Mary BDF
1627 Joan FOSKETT John TURCHINS Tingewick, BKM
1668 Joan Foskett Robert Munns Bedford St Paul BDF
1828 Joanna FOSKETT William SIRED Paddington St James MDX
1826 Job FOSKETT Elizabeth Ludgate Aston Clinton BKM
1853 Job FOSKETT Sarah KEEN Aston Clinton BKM
1857 Job FOSKETT Sarah AXTELL Aston Clinton BKM
1545 John FOSCOTTE Christian GARRATT Finedon NTH
1598 John FAWSCOT Mary TEITON Twywell, NTH
1609 John FOSKETT Lucy WALKER Great Horwood BKM
1613 John FOSKETT Elizabeth STOKES Tingewick, BKM
1617 John Fasket Jane Brinklow Great Brickhill BKM
1619 John FOSKETT Elizabeth BOWERS Water Stratford BKM
1621 John FOSKETT Ann SMITH Little Horwood BKM
1629 John FOSKETT Dorothy HULAT Olney, BKM
1632 John FOSKETT ? ? Stewkeley, BKM
1632 John FOSKETT Ann MASON Twyford, BKM
1638 John FOSKETT Ann LEA Adstock, BKM
1647 John FOSCOOTE Margaret PHINNEYS Mancetter, WAR
1651 John FOSKEW Mary SCRUBY Bishops Stortford HRT
1665 John Fosket Rachel Chapperlin Christian Malford WIL
1669 John FOSCOTT Mary SUMMER St Pancras Old Church MDX
1674 John FOSKEW Mary HOBBS Lilley, HRT
1674 John FOSCOUGH Anne RIGBY Langton by Wragby LIN
1676 John FOSKETT Mary TOMKINS St Marylebone St Mary MDX
1680 John FOSCOTT Mary STURLEY Mancetter, WAR
1686 John FOSKETT Elizabeth ROBSON Bletchley, BKM
1690 John FOSCOTT Ellen PATRICK Tutbury STF
1700 John Foskett Isabella Mallard Stepney St Dunstan MDX
1700 John FOSCOTT Susan MUNN Rothwell, NTH
1704 John Foskett Mary Copperwheat Wootton by Bedford BDF
1705 John FOSKETT Martha CLARKE Buckingham BKM
1707 John FOSKETT Susan DAY Bristol GLS
1719 John FOSKETT Rebecca WILLIS Hoggeston, BKM
1721 John FOSCUTT Mary WEED Stanwick, NTH
1724 John Fosott Mary Kitchen Stepney St Dunstan MDX
1729 John Foskett Elizabeth Christian Stepney St Dunstan MDX
1729 John FOSKETT Mary PEARSON Cople BDF
1730 John FOSKETT Elizabeth SPENCER Deddington, OXF
1734 John FOSKETT Elizabeth PAIN Grendon Underwood BKM
1735 John FOSKETT Mary WEBB Houghton Conquest BDF
1736 John FOSKETT Ann GILES Thornbury, GLS
1737 John FOSKETT Ann GASCOYNE Little Horwood BKM
1741 John FAUSCUT Sarah HOOTON Moulton, NTH
1743 John FOSKETT Joyce HERBERT Bierton, BKM
1747 John FOSKETT Mary PEARCE Houghton Conquest BDF
1750 John FOSCOTT Sarah CORY Stanwick, NTH
1752 John FOSKETT Mary BADRICK Chesham, BKM
1758 John FOSKETT Elizabeth BULL Middleton Cheney NTH
1759 John FORKIITT Ann SMITH Elstow, BDF
1765 John FOSKETT Elizabeth COLEY Edmonton MDX
1771 John FASCUTT Elizabeth BURCHER Moulton, NTH
1779 John FOSKETT Grace GOODMAN Buckland, BKM
1780 John FOSCUT Mary SMITH Ringstead, NTH
1782 John FOSKETT Joannah CARTWRIGHT St Botolph w/o Aldergate MDX
1782 John FOSKETT Mary FIELDS Wing, BKM
1783 John FOSKETT Elizabeth FRANKLYN Aston Clinton BKM
1787 John FOSKETT Elizabeth OSBORN Cranfield, BDF
1787 John Foskett Elizabeth Osborn Cranfield ML BDF
1789 John FOSKETT Ann PAIN Cople BDF
1791 John FOSKETT Mary HIGGS St Bartholomew the Great MDX
1795 John FOSKETT Mary SIMONS Berkhampstead St Mary HRT
1802 John FOSKETT Mary EVANS Hoggeston, BKM
1802 John FOSKETT Ann NEWMAN Edlesborough, BKM
1802 John FOSKETT Ann NEWMAN Wing, BKM
1803 John FOSKETT Ann KELLBY St Pancras Old Church MDX
1813 John FOSKETT Elizabeth COLES Grendon Underwood BKM
1816 John FORSCUTT Mary TALBOT Ringstead, NTH
1817 John FOSKETT Sarah MALTBY Leighton Buzzard BDF
1818 John FASCUTT Sarah LOVELL Cold Ashby NTH
1819 John FOSKETT Sophia BATRICK Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1822 John FOSKETT Lydia IVET Spaldwick, HUN
1823 John FOSKETT Eliza DOWDING St Giles Cripplegate MDX
1829 John FOSKETT Lydia BAYLEY Wollaston NTH
1829 John FOSKETT Jane HIGGS Aston Clinton BKM
1829 John FOSKETT Sarah LOVE St Neots HUN
1832 John FOSKETT Mary Ann SAMPSON St Brides Fleet St MDX
1834 John FORSCUTT Mary BYARD St Pancras Old Church MDX
1835 John FOSKETT Mary LOVELL Eynesbury, HUN
1836 John FOSKETT Elizabeth TOMBS Winslow, BKM
1844 John FOSKETT Martha PAIN Hoggeston Banns BKM
1846 John Foskett Sarah Scott Stepney St Dunstan MDX
1847 John FOSKETT Eleanor HELEY Ivinghoe, BKM
1850 John FOSKETT Rebecca LEE Eaton Socon BDF
1850 John Foskett Rebecca Lee Turvey, BDF
1853 John FOSKETT Emma DUBREY Aston Clinton BKM
1855 John FOSKETT Charlotte TAYLOR Aston Clinton BKM
1858 John Foskett Mary Ann Thompson Shoreditch St Leonards MDX
1862 John FOSKETT Sarah Ann BALL. Aston Clinton BKM
1882 John Frederick FOSKETT Sarah Martha PIDD Crowle, LIN
1876 John Henry FOSKETT Annie C A CARRINGTON Aston juxta Birmingham WAR
1864 John James Foskett Mary Ann Crisp Stepney All Saints MDX
1772 John Peter Foskett Ann Dowfeat Stepney Christchurch Spitalfields MDX
1883 John Thomas Foskett Mary Ann Hayes Clapham BDF
1889 Jonah FOSKETT Elizabeth BARTRAM Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1595 Jone FOSKETT John MARSHALL North Crawley BKM
1695 Joseph Foskew Mary Barns Barnwell St Andrew NTH
1756 Joseph FORSKERT Ann HOLDEN Spaldwick-Banns HUN
1756 Joseph FORSKETT Ann HOLDING Keyston, HUN
1759 Joseph FOSKETT Jane MOORE St Luke, Old St, Finsbury MDX
1761 Joseph FORSKETT Sarah BOON Brampton, HUN
1821 Joseph FOSKETT Sarah HOAD Merton, SRY
1822 Joseph FOSKETT Mary BOSKETT St Neots HUN
1826 Joseph FOSKETT Mary FOUNTAIN Aston Clinton BKM
1835 Joseph FOSKETT Ann BARNS Odell, BDF
1842 Joseph FOSKETT Ann STANTON Cranfield, BDF
1851 Joseph Foskett Charlotte Hull Shoreditch St Leonards MDX
1856 Joseph FOSKETT Harriet ALDERMAN Aston Clinton BKM
1865 Joseph FOSKETT Martha FAULKNER Clapham Holy Trinity SRY
1867 Joseph FOSKETT Louisa MURCH St Pancras Old Church MDX
1876 Joseph FOSKETT Mary ABBOT Clapham BDF
1862 Josiah FOSKETT Hannah Maria GARNATT Willen, BKM
1862 Josiah FOSKETT Hannah Maria GARRATT Newport Pagnall BKM
1628 Julian FOSCOTT Thomas WEBB Malmesbury WIL
1853 Kate FOSKETT William GRACE Hemel Hempstead HRT
1609 Katherine FOSCETT William PANNELL Oxford St Giles OXF
1618 Katherine FOSKETT Christopher NEALE Shipton Moyne GLS
1639 Katherine FOSKETT Richard Kitchener Olney, BKM
1788 Katherine FOSKETT James HAYLES Shepreth, CAM
1809 Kezia FOSKETT James TRAVELL Hemel Hempstead HRT
1839 Kitty FOSKETT Thomas HEWLETT Berkhampstead St Mary HRT
1894 Laura Rhoda Beatrice FOSKETT Alfred NEEDHAM Walthamstow, ESX
1781 Lucy FASCUTT Samuel JONES Moulton, NTH
1816 Lucy FASCUTT George DUNKLEY Ecton NTH
1791 Luke FOSKETT Martha LACHFORD Great Gaddesden HRT
1819 Luke FORSCUTT Lucy CHAMBERS Chesterton, HUN
1822 Luke FORSCUTT Ann BREEZE Great Houghton NTH
1834 Luke FOSKETT Sarah NEWELL Berkhampstead St Mary HRT
1875 Lydia FORSCUTT Edward Victor GAVELLE Chelsea St Luke MDX
1627 Margaret FOSKETT Ralph SNOW Great Horwood BKM
1667 Margaret FASCETT/FASHETT John Rodwell Dersingham NFK
1701 Margaret FOSKUTT Richard Richsey Stratton St Margaret WIL
1839 Margaret Foskett Frederick Lawson Stepney St Dunstan MDX
1853 Margaret Foskett Jason Pritchard Westminster St Martins in the Fields MDX
1604 Margarita FOSCOTT John WESTE Twywell, NTH
1605 Margett Foscoote Cutberd Weeden Barnwell St Andrew NTH
1640 Maria Foskett Edward Swammall Great Horwood BKM
1832 Maria FOSKETT Thomas Fiddler St Faith under St Pauls MDX
1850 Maria Foskett Jonathan Miles Bedford St Peter BDF
1851 Maria Forscutt Edward Macklin Shoreditch St Leonards MDX
1854 Maria FOSKETT Arthur GUDGINS Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1868 Maria Frances FOSKETT William Edmonson KETTLE Bethnal Green St Matthews MDX
1902 Mark William FOSKETT Florence TOMPKINS Grandborough, BKM
1698 Martha FOSCOTT John PAUL Mancetter, WAR
1709 Martha Foskett Thomas Manning Aylesbury, BKM
1744 Martha FOSKETT Edmund HAWKINS Little Brickhill BKM
1781 Martha FOSKEW Laban GARRET BKM
1796 Martha FOSKETT Joseph CHESSEY Ware, HRT
1813 Martha FORSCUTT Robert MAYNARD Ringstead, NTH
1832 Martha FOSKETT William COWLEY Buckland, BKM
1860 Martha Foskett George Edwin Evans Shoreditch St John MDX
1626 Mary FOSCAT Richard HARRISON Newport Pagnall BKM
1627 Mary FOSCOTT Richard Brood Malmesbury WIL
1627 Mary FOSCUT Richard PHILIPS Salisbury WIL
1640 Mary FOSKETT Edward SWANNILL Padbury, BKM
1656 Mary Foscutt Thomas Casselldine Stanwick, NTH
1669 Mary FOSCUTE John BENNET Dorking SRY
1671 Mary FOSCOTT William PARKER Mancetter, WAR
1671 Mary Foskut Joseph Kent Clifton Reynes BKM
1679 Mary FOSKU Robert FILLPOTT St Marylebone St Mary MDX
1680 Mary FORSCATT William PRENTICE Aldwinkle St Peter NTH
1699 Mary FOSKETT Nathaniel (Nicholas?) BELLSHAM Ickleford HRT
1703 Mary FAUSUT William GILBY Spaldwick, HUN
1705 Mary FOSKETT William BIGG Olney, BKM
1711 Mary FOSKETT Edmund SHARD Willen, BKM
1714 Mary FOSKUE Robert Hoghkin Lavendon, BKM
1717 Mary FOSCOTT George JOHNSON Rothwell, NTH
1717 Mary FOSKET William Gamble Sawtry, HUN
1718 Mary FORSKETT/FOSCAT Joseph BUTLIN Guilsborough NTH
1733 Mary FOSKAT John WOODS Norwich St Martin NFK
1734 Mary FOSCOTT. John ALDRICH Toddington, BDF
1735 Mary FOSKE Thomas Tomkins Marsworth, BKM
1739 Mary FOSCOTT William WALPOOL Rothwell, NTH
1741 Mary FOSKETT William STIMPTON Newton Purcell OXF
1742 Mary FOSKETT Thomas NEGUS Husbourne Crawley BDF
1747 Mary FOSCOTT Thomas ROBINSON Stanwick, NTH
1749 Mary FOSCOTT Thomas ALDBURY Stanwick, NTH
1749 Mary FOSKETT William HOBOY Kettering NTH
1756 Mary FOSKETT William MASON Highworth WIL
1756 Mary FOSKETT John ROBERTS Eaton Bray BDF
1756 Mary Foskett John Roberts Turvey, BDF
1757 Mary FOSCOTT John Yeoman Rothwell, NTH
1759 Mary Foskett Samuel Brown Podington, BDF
1760 Mary FASKET William JOYCE Kimbolton, HUN
1760 Mary FOSKETT John PEESNUL Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1761 Mary FOSKETT William LOCKYER St Pancras Old Church MDX
1761 Mary Foskett John Ogbourne Stepney St Mary Whitechapel MDX
1761 Mary FOSKETT William BAWDRICK Stone, BKM
1763 Mary FOSCOT John BARWICK Ringstead, NTH
1764 Mary FOSCOTT Thomas BRANSUM Raunds, NTH
1765 Mary FOSKETT William PEARLES Lidlington, BDF
1770 Mary FASCUTT John MACKOWEN Boughton, NTH
1770 Mary Foskett Thomas Hancock Oakley, BDF
1770 Mary Foskett Thomas Hancock Thurleigh, BDF
1770 Mary FOSKEW William Lovell Hackney St John MDX
1771 Mary FOSKETT Richard TOMBS Hoggeston, BKM
1777 Mary FOSKETT John NORWOOD Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1781 Mary Foskett William Allen Bletchley, BKM
1783 Mary FOSCOTT Henry COWLEY Hendon, MDX
1785 Mary FOSKETT Samuel GLOVER Westminster St Martins in the Fields MDX
1791 Mary FOSKETT William BOON St Neots HUN
1793 Mary FOSKETT John HARRISON North Crawley BKM
1795 Mary FASCOTT William Augustine WALTON Ecton NTH
1795 Mary FOSGATE John GERY/GEARY Thurleigh, BDF
1807 Mary FOSKETT William WALDUCK Wing, BKM
1808 Mary FOSCUT Edward GREEN Ringstead, NTH
1810 Mary Foskett Henry Marley Stepney St Mary Whitechapel MDX
1813 Mary Foskett Ephraim Hart Stepney St Mary Whitechapel MDX
1814 Mary FOSKETT Edward HAYCOCK Stoke Goldington BKM
1822 Mary Foskitt James Parnham Eversholt, BDF
1824 Mary FAUSCUTT Benjamin KING Ringstead, NTH
1824 Mary FOSKETT William Palmer Berkhampstead St Mary HRT
1826 Mary FOSKETT John WYATT Buckland, BKM
1828 Mary FOSKETT Joseph Judge Tring, HRT
1828 Mary FOSKETT John WATSON Great Munden HRT
1832 Mary FOSKETT Joseph BUTLER Grendon Underwood BKM
1840 Mary FORSKITT William HIRONS Northampton St Sepulchre NTH
1851 Mary Forscutt Thomas George Denyer Shoreditch St John MDX
1852 Mary Foskett Thomas Waller Leighton Buzzard BDF
1865 Mary Forscutt Charles Hoggard Marston Mortaine BDF
1867 Mary FOSKETT Thomas NEWMAN Grandborough, BKM
1869 Mary FOSCUTT Christopher CLARK Stanwick, NTH
1894 Mary FOSKETT James RANSOM Bushey, HRT
1804 Mary Ann FOSKETT Thomas WORBOYS St Faith under St Pauls MDX
1825 Mary Ann Foskett George Garnett Shoreditch St Leonards MDX
1849 Mary Ann FOSKETT Joseph COOK Grandborough, BKM
1862 Mary Ann FOSKETT Esaias (Isiah) RIDDLE Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1870 Mary Ann FOSKETT William Cornelius SLATER Bethnal Green St Matthews MDX
1872 Mary Ann FOSKETT Hugh George WHITE Cranfield, BDF
1878 Mary Ann FOSKETT George BOLTON St Neots HUN
1879 Mary Ann Caroline Foskett Harry Charles Russell Shoreditch St Leonards MDX
1891 Mary Elizabeth FOSKETT Frederick TOMKINS Grandborough, BKM
1893 Mary Elizabeth Foskett Henry Charles Leggatt Turvey, BDF
1738 Matha Fortescu William Mails Toddington, BDF
1823 Matthew FOSKETT. Rebecca HOPKINS Cheddington BKM
1610 Maurice FOSKETT Agnes HASELL Stratton St Margaret WIL
1802 Michael FOSKETT Julian MILLER St Giles Cripplegate MDX
1901 Minnie FOSKETT Ernest Robert ANDREWS Grandborough, BKM
1892 Nellie FOSKETT George BEAUMONT Oxhey, HRT
1722 Nicholas FOSKET Sibel SPICHLY Old Weston HUN
1769 Nicholas Foskett Susannah Bennet ML: MDX
1787 Nicholas FOSGATE Mary PETHER All Hallows London Wall MDX
1869 Noah FOSKETT Eliza NEWMAN Grandborough, BKM
1869 Patience FORSGATE Henry TURNER St Marylebone All Souls MDX
1844 Paul FOSKETT Maria WOOD Reigate, SRY
1946 Pauline Hope Foskett Alexander Charlton Grandborough, BKM
1701 Peter Forkett Mercy Austin Stepney St Dunstan MDX
1805 Philip FOSKETT Mary EDMONDS Maulden, BDF
1633 Phillip FOSKETT Joan POPE Salisbury WIL
1792 Priscilla FAWSCUTT John CHAPMAN Kimbolton, HUN
1672 Prudence FOSCUT John BROADLEY Aldwinkle St Peter NTH
1707 Rebecca Foskett John MILLS Hitchin, HRT
1707 Rebecca FOSKETT John Mills Hitchin, HRT
1750 Rebecca FOSKETT James BELCHIER North Marston BKM
1778 Rebecca FOSKETT John HORWOOD Aston Clinton BKM
1829 Rebecca FOSKETT Henry JENNINGS Aylesbury, BKM
1874 Rebecca FOSKETT Jabez NEWMAN Grandborough, BKM
1578 Richard FOSCATT Dorothy PORTER Barkway, HRT
1597 Richard FOSCOTE Agnes DYKES Wadenhoe, NTH
1618 Richard Foskue Mary Emery Arlesley, BDF
1636 Richard Foscoot Joan Harper Cardington BDF
1656 Richard FOSCUTT Mary CLARK Greenwich, KEN
1687 Richard FOSQUE Anne HIX Bennington, HRT
1718 Richard FOSKETT Elizabeth SMITH Highworth WIL
1781 Richard FOSKETT Elizabeth WYATT St Faith under St Pauls MDX
1811 Richard FOSKETT Martha SERRIDGE Sacombe, HRT
1822 Richard Foskett Sarah Barent ML BDF
1822 Richard FOSKETT Sarah BARENT/BAWCUT Tungrith, BDF
1836 Richard FOSKETT Elizabeth PORTER St Giles Cripplegate MDX
1862 Richard FOSKETT Catherine ASKEW Odell, BDF
1871 Richard FOSKETT Priscilla ROWNEY Stevington, BDF
1580 Robert FOSCOTT Alice POWLTNEY Mancetter, WAR
1580 Robert FOSCOT Denise ROBYNS Stowe, BKM
1607 Robert FOSCOTT Anne BAKER Stanwick, NTH
1643 Robert FOSCUE Elizabeth BASS Fen Stanton HUN
1645 Robert FOSKETT Margaret GOSEY Upper Heyford OXF
1672 Robert FOSCOTT Margaret BROUGHTON Stanwick, NTH
1685 Robert FOSCOTT Elizabeth WODSON Mancetter, WAR
1686 Robert FOSCUE Mary ROWNEY Potton, BDF
1693 Robert FOSCUE Ann SWITCH Potton, BDF
1714 Robert FOSKETT Elizabeth POLLARD Shalstone, BKM
1727 Robert FOSCOTT Thomasine SHERMAN Stanwick, NTH
1737 Robert FOSGATE Anne LACY East Walton NFK
1751 Robert FOSCOTT Elizabeth SPENCER Ringstead, NTH
1758 Robert FOSKETT Elizabeth JONES St Botolph w/o Aldergate MDX
1776 Robert FASCUTT Sarah ALLEN Boughton, NTH
1776 Robert FOSKETT Mary HOWELL St Botolph w/o Aldergate MDX
1778 Robert FOSCOTTE Elizabeth ALLEN Great Addington NTH
1794 Robert FASCUTT Mary WALTON Ecton NTH
1811 Robert Foskett Elizabeth Harrison Eaton Socon BDF
1812 Robert FORSCUTT Mary CARLY Ringstead, NTH
1817 Robert FOSKETT Sarah BILLINGTON Cranfield, BDF
1826 Robert FASCUTT Ann AGER Northampton St Sepulchre NTH
1844 Robert FOSCOTT Mary HOPKINS Flamstead, HRT
1863 Robert FOSKETT Martha Ann BROUGHTON Liverpool St Luke LAN
1833 Robert Park FOSKETT Mary HESLOP St Faith under St Pauls MDX
1732 Robt FOSCOT Anne COPE Thurning HUN
1889 Rose Elen FOSKETT George TOMLIN Tring, HRT
1869 Rosetta FOSKETT James SANDERS Odell, BDF
1619 Rychard FAWSCOT Alice WENPORA? Wadenhoe, NTH
1807 Salome Foskett John BRINKLOW Cranfield, BDF
1743 Samuel FOSKEW Mary DEACON Luton, BDF
1753 Samuel FOSKEW Sarah HUBBINS Luton, BDF
1758 Samuel FOSKETT Ann KNIGHT St Giles Cripplegate MDX
1766 Samuel Foskett Elisabeth Mitcham Stepney St Dunstan MDX
1776 Samuel Foskett Ann Paine Shoreditch St Leonards MDX
1783 Samuel FOSKETT Ann REEVE Hemel Hempstead HRT
1798 Samuel FOSKETT Susannah Hauthorn St Brides Fleet St MDX
1803 Samuel FOSKETT Jane LACEY Rickmansworth, HRT
1808 Samuel FORSCUTT Elizabeth BOLLARD Kimbolton, HUN
1816 Samuel Foskett Anna Axford Shoreditch St Leonards MDX
1827 Samuel FOSKETT Mary Ann STONEBANKS Sharnbrook, BDF
1828 Samuel Foskett Ann Collins Shoreditch St Leonards MDX
1828 Samuel FOSKETT Ann HAWKINS Paddington St James MDX
1832 Samuel FOSKETT Frances Mary HOBBS St Katherine Creechurch MDX
1835 Samuel Foskett Charlotte Hill Shoreditch St Leonards MDX
1850 Samuel FOSKETT Susan REED St Neots HUN
1854 Samuel FOSKETT Charlotte CLARK Finsbury St Pauls Bunhill Row MDX
1856 Samuel FOSKETT Mary Ann SPRIGGS Great Stanmore MDX
1836 Samuel Gilbert FOSKETT Harriet Jane RAY Westminster St Paul Covent Garden MDX
1770 Sara FOSKETT John WORKER Ridgemont, BDF
1630 Sarah FOSCOTT Clement Wilyok Malmesbury WIL
1715 Sarah FOSKETT Abraham ELY Buckingham BKM
1736 Sarah FOSKEW Francis YOUNG Luton, BDF
1740 Sarah FOSKET/FESKET Thomas BARRON Thornbury, GLS
1741 Sarah FOSCUET/Fortescue/Foskew John BOON Harlington, BDF
1742 Sarah FOSKETT George MIDDLETON Hoggeston, BKM
1746 Sarah FASCUTT John SHELTON Boughton, NTH
1751 Sarah FOSKETT John JENKINS Shenley, BKM
1755 Sarah FOSKETT ? ? Highworth WIL
1770 Sarah Foskett John Worker Turvey, BDF
1773 Sarah FORSKETT William WALTON Brampton, HUN
1783 Sarah FOSKETT Alexander BLEA Adderbury, OXF
1796 Sarah FASCOTT John ALLPORT Ecton NTH
1799 Sarah FOSKETT Thomas ASBRIDGE St Brides Fleet St MDX
1804 Sarah FOSKETT John COOK Westminster St Clement Danes MDX
1805 Sarah FOSKETT Amram SHOULER Whaddon, BKM
1815 Sarah FOSQUE William DANIELS Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1822 Sarah FOSKETT William STONE Grandborough, BKM
1823 Sarah FOSKETT Charles READ Fen Stanton HUN
1824 Sarah FOSKETT Richard COOPER Edlesborough, BKM
1830 Sarah FOSKETT Thomas JEFFS Buckland, BKM
1834 Sarah FOSKETT William WARD Hoggeston, BKM
1834 Sarah Foskett William Ward North Marston - Banns BKM
1839 Sarah FOSKETT William BUTTERFIELD Paddington St James MDX
1840 Sarah FOSKETT George POCOCK Berkhampstead St Mary HRT
1846 Sarah Foskett James Tavener Stepney St Dunstan MDX
1848 Sarah FOSKETT Charles TAYLOR Tring, HRT
1857 Sarah FOSKETT Robert KNIGHT Hoggeston, BKM
1859 Sarah FOSKETT James PRENTICE St Neots HUN
1861 Sarah FOSKETT Frederick CUTLER Studham, BDF
1871 Sarah FOSKETT George CARTER Cranfield, BDF
1872 Sarah Foskett William Rolf Aston Clinton BKM
1861 Sarah Ann FOSKETT Andrew Carwell Cook Aplsey Guise BDF
1830 Sarah Edith FOSKETT James William Vintner BULL St Giles Cripplegate MDX
1827 Sarah Percival FOSKETT Henry LANKTREE Lambeth St John SRY
1852 Selina FOSKETT s George THORN Aston Clinton BKM
1880 Selina FOSKETT Joseph COLEMAN Odell, BDF
1854 Simon Cooper FOSKETT Martha HOW Odell, BDF
1790 Sophia FOSKETT Samuel Frederick MILFORD St Luke, Old St, Finsbury MDX
1883 Sophia FOSKETT Thomas HERRIDGE West Wycombe BKM
1633 Stephen FOSKETT Sara ROBINSON Wing, BKM
1773 Stephen FOSKETT Mary THING March CAM
1807 Stephen FOSKETT Sarah SEDGEWICK Bayford, HRT
1702 Susan FOSKETT John Capon Cranfield, BDF
1810 Susan FOSKETT John DANE St Luke, Old St, Finsbury MDX
1844 Susan FOSKETT Joseph COLEMAN Bushey, HRT
1858 Susan FOSKETT (nee REED) John SHARMAN St Neots HUN
1736 Susanna FASTCUT John BOOR Gretton NTH
1807 Susanna FOSKETT Robert Lynas Southwark St Saviour SRY
1716 Susannah FOSKETT Benjamin ROSE Buckingham BKM
1748 Susannah FORTESCUE Thomas WAGSTAFF Potton, BDF
1774 Susannah FOSKETT Thomas WILCOX Thorney, HUN
1792 Susannah FASCUTT Robert BYFIELD Moulton, NTH
1818 Susannah FOSKETT Thomas HARDING Hoggeston, BKM
1832 Susannah FOSKETT Joseph CHAMBERS Odell, BDF
1856 Susannah FOSKETT David WALKER Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1616 Sybill Foscue John Barringer Stevington, BDF
1624 Thomas Foscue Mary Field Cardington BDF
1627 Thomas Foscutt Margaret Marman Stevington, BDF
1631 Thomas FOSCOTT Anne STRATTON Stanwick, NTH
1633 Thomas FOSKETT Mary COLTON St Stephen Coleman MDX
1641 Thomas Fawscott Amy Anger NTH
1670 Thomas FOSKETT Joan WEBB Stewkeley, BKM
1671 Thomas FOSKETT Elizabeth CLARKE Olney, BKM
1671 Thomas WILLIS Elizabeth DEERS Hoggeston, BKM
1674 Thomas FOSGATT Alice TOMKINS Totternhoe, BDF
1683 Thomas FOSKEW Elizabeth DAVIES All Hallows London Wall MDX
1684 Thomas Foskett Grace Christie Bedford St Paul BDF
1688 Thomas Fossett Ann Beach Luton, BDF
1705 Thomas FOSKETT Mary PAYE Totternhoe, BDF
1710 Thomas FOSCUE Elizabeth STEVENS ML MDX
1713 Thomas FOSCOTT Mary STYLES Stoke Bruerne NTH
1715 Thomas FOSCOT Margery SPENCER Ashley STF
1715 Thomas FOSKETT Margery SPENCER Lichfield STF
1717 Thomas FOSKITT Jane SKREETON Kingston upon Hull YKS
1726 Thomas FOSCOTT Susannah STANLEY Rothwell, NTH
1727 Thomas FOSKETT Martha EMMERTON Eaton Bray BDF
1727 Thomas Fosku Martha Emmerton Leighton Buzzard BDF
1729 Thomas Foscut Mary Archer Leighton Buzzard ? BDF
1729 Thomas FOSCUT Mary ARCHER Leighton Bromswold ? NTH
1729 Thomas FOSCUE Elizabeth PARKINS Sutton, BDF
1735 Thomas FOSCUT Mary ELDERSHAW Raunds, NTH
1735 Thomas FOSKET Elizabeth FROSLER Sawtry, HUN
1741 Thomas FOSKETT Elizabeth FIRMAN Ridgemont, BDF
1744 Thomas FOSKETT Ann HALL Toddington, BDF
1747 Thomas FASCUTT Mary WOOLSTON Boughton, NTH
1751 Thomas FOSKETT Mary RICHARDS Northill, BDF
1753 Thomas FORSKET Elizabeth COUSINS Spaldwick, HUN
1753 Thomas Foskett Mary Hitchcock Aston Clinton BKM
1758 Thomas FOSKETT Ann HUGHES Adderbury, OXF
1767 Thomas Foskett Mary Moore Shoreditch St Leonards MDX
1772 Thomas Fosgate Mary Pearson Westoning, BDF
1779 Thomas FOSKETT Elizabeth POULTON Little Horwood BKM
1780 Thomas FOSKILL Ann SHEMANS Husbourne Crawley BDF
1786 Thomas FOSKETT Ellen KIMBLE Hoggeston, BKM
1798 Thomas FOSKETT Ann BURNAGE Harlington, BDF
1799 Thomas FOSKETT Ann COOPER Riseley, BDF
1801 Thomas FOSKETT Elizabeth DAVIS Berkhampstead St Mary HRT
1801 Thomas FOSKETT Elizabeth MOTT Cople BDF
1803 Thomas FORSCUTT Sarah HOLLAND Wellingborough, NTH
1806 Thomas FOSKETT Jane HILLS Thundridge, HRT
1820 Thomas FOSKETT Faith HARRUP Great Horwood BKM
1825 Thomas FOSCUTT Mary OSWIN Burton Overy LEI
1827 Thomas FOSKETT Hannah THOMPSON Odell, BDF
1828 Thomas FOSKETT Elizabeth CABLE Thundridge, HRT
1828 Thomas FOSKETT Ann WALSH Chipping Barnet HRT
1831 Thomas FOSKETT Sarah TAYLOR Berkhampstead St Mary HRT
1839 Thomas FASCUTT Sarah PORTER Northampton St Sepulchre NTH
1840 Thomas FORSKUTT Sarah BEARDMORE St Marylebone All Souls MDX
1841 Thomas Foskett Maria Randall ML BDF
1847 Thomas FOSKETT Eliza WILES St Neots HUN
1856 Thomas FOSKETT Lether SHARP Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1858 Thomas Foskett Elizabeth Duffey Shoreditch St John MDX
1859 Thomas FOSKETT Mary KENNEDY Odell, BDF
1881 Thomas FORSCUTT Catherine PHILLIPS Ringstead, NTH
1834 Thomas Bradshaw FASCUTT Sophia COOMBER St Dionis Backchurch MDX
1754 Thomasina FOSCOTT Thomas MORRIS Ringstead, NTH
1832 Valentine FOSKETT Mary ASKEW Odell, BDF
1867 Valentine FOSKETT Ann Evans/Mills or Waller Monken Hadley MDX
1576 Walter FOSCOTT Alice STRINGER North Nibley GLS
1654 Walter FOSKETT Susanna CANTER Malmesbury WIL
1658 Walter FOSKETT Susannah CANTREY Wooton Bassett WIL
1890 Walter Foskett Mary Ann Brooker East Claydon Banns BKM
1596 William FOSKETT Joan WALKER North Crawley BKM
1601 William FOSKETT Alyce BROWNE Malmesbury WIL
1630 William FOSKETT Alice Gregorie Wavendon BKM
1632 William FOSCOTT Isabell ELLIS Irthlingborough, NTH
1633 William FOSKETT Katherine CHARGE Olney, BKM
1652 William FOSCOTT Anne COLES Fotheringay NTH
1653 William Foscot Anne Browning NTH
1681 William FOSKEW Elizabeth ? St Marylebone St Mary MDX
1681 William FAUSCOT Anne NICHOLLS Thorpe Achurch NTH
1685 William FOSCOATE Anne YORK Luddington NTH
1687 William Foskett Francis Boswell Olney, BKM
1691 William Foskett Mary Barnet Olney, BKM
1695 William FOSCOT Mary BARFOOT Raunds, NTH
1702 William FOUSCETT Jane GILBY Spaldwick, HUN
1702 William FOSCUT Rose Barwick Wymington, BDF
1706 William FOSCOT Mary BULL Raunds, NTH
1708 William FOSKETT Susanna DOUSET Hunsdon, HRT
1712 William Foskett Ann Allen Chicheley BKM
1712 William FOSCUT Elizabeth BARNES Raunds, NTH
1713 William FOSCOTT Ann BELCHER Rothwell, NTH
1716 William FOSCOTT Elizabeth GARDINER East Barnet HRT
1719 William FOSKETT Ann LONDON Oxford St Mary Magdalene OXF
1723 William Fortescue Elizabeth Wright NTH
1731 William FOSCOTT Grace MARLOW Rothwell, NTH
1737 William FOSCOT Elizabeth BARWICK Raunds, NTH
1743 William FOSCUTT Mary FRANCIS St Giles Cripplegate MDX
1744 William FOSKETT Grace HURST All Hallows London Wall MDX
1749 William Foskett Ann Arpin Luton, BDF
1749 William FOSCOTT Mary COLES Rothwell, NTH
1760 William FOSKETT Susannah RUST Thurleigh, BDF
1761 William FOSKETT Susannah FULLER North Crawley BKM
1764 William FOSKETT Alice PRICE Hemel Hempstead HRT
1766 William FOSKETT Susannah HINTON Hoggeston, BKM
1767 William FOSKETT Mary Rowley Folgate Holborn St Andrew MDX
1777 William FOSCUTT Lydia GREEN Ringstead, NTH
1784 William FOSKETT? Jane GILBY Thorpe Achurch NTH
1788 William FOSKETT Elizabeth CLAYDON Marriages BKM
1794 William FOSKETT Hester ACOME Waddesdon, BKM
1798 William FOSKETT Elizabeth FIELD Watford, HRT
1799 William FOSKETT Mary HAWKINS St Giles Cripplegate MDX
1799 William FOSKETT Lily HERBERT Holborn St Andrew MDX
1799 William FOSKETT Charlotte MILFORD Exeter St Sidwell DEV
1803 William FOSKETT Ann GREGORY Twyford, BKM
1807 William Fosket Hannah Chapman Ivinghoe, BKM
1807 William FOSKETT Hannah CHAPMAN Aston Clinton BKM
1810 William FOSKETT Jane COLDCLOUGH St Neots HUN
1810 William FOSKETT Hannah MIDDLETON Westminster St Martins in the Fields MDX
1815 William FOSKETT Elizabeth SMITH Finchley St Mary MDX
1816 William FORSCUTT Mary FLANDERS Ringstead, NTH
1817 William FOSKETT Silence MORE Cranfield, BDF
1821 William FOSKETT Susannah Elizabeth SUTCLIFFE St Giles Cripplegate MDX
1824 William FAUSCOTT Ann GUNN Woodford NTH
1824 William FOSKETT Ann Maria TAYLOR Bushey, HRT
1825 William FOSKETT Elizabeth COKER Hoggeston Banns BKM
1825 William Foskett Elizabeth Coker East Claydon BKM
1827 William FOSKETT Grace RISELEY Odell, BDF
1829 William FOSKETT Hannah HORN Berkhampstead St Mary HRT
1836 William FORSCUTT Eliza HUTCHKINGS Newington St Mary SRY
1837 William Forscutt Sarah Huckle Bedford St Paul BDF
1839 William FOSKETT Elizabeth CHAPMAN Quainton, BKM
1844 William FOSKETT Rose Anna DANCER Grandborough, BKM
1848 William Foskett Elizabeth Skevington ML BDF
1850 William FOSKETT Mary EDWARDS Graveley, HRT
1853 William FOSKETT Elizabeth EKINS Sharnbrook, BDF
1856 William FOSKETT Harriet GODSAVE Westminster St Martins in the Fields MDX
1856 William FOSKETT Sarah NEWMAN St Pancras Old Church MDX
1859 William FOSKETT Emma KNIGHT Clapham Holy Trinity SRY
1862 William FOSKETT Eliza SPRIGGS Bushey, HRT
1863 William FOSKETT Sarah Ann THORN Studham, BDF
1874 William FOSKETT Hester WATSON Stepney St Philip MDX
1874 William Foskett Esther Watson STEPNEY St Philip MDX
1876 William FOSKETT Harriet CLARK St Neots HUN
1882 William FOSKETT Eliza RANCE Berkhampstead St Peter HRT
1882 William FOSKETT Annie Mary WARNER Winslow, BKM
1889 William FOSKETT Emma BARRETT Grandborough, BKM
1891 William FOSKETT Jane LAMBOURNE Tring, HRT
1923 William FOSKETT Eleanor FOSKETT Drayton Beauchamp BKM
1880 William Abner FORSCUTT Mary Ann SPICER Dean BDF
1874 William Barnes FOSKETT Ann DOUGLASS Harrold, BDF
1832 William Benjamin FOSKETT Mary Ann DAVIES Newington St Mary SRY
1826 William Reynolds FOSKETT Charlotte Warren JEANNERET Greenwich, KEN
1843 William Samuel FOSKETT Elizabeth SKEVINGTON Turvey, BDF
1715 Willmore FOSCUTT Mary ROBINET Yaxley, HUN
1907 Winifred Mary Foskett Henry Douglas Newman Grandborough, BKM
1854 Zilpha FOSKETT Joseph WALLER Luton, BDF

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