USA Draft Registrations - World War II - 1942

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The draft registrations are useful for finding accurate dates and places of birth. I have images of all the following if you require any further information.

Forenames Surname Date of Birth Place of Birth Residence
Charles A Foskett Sr. 5 Feb 1897 New York, New York Whitestone, New York
Charles Howard Foskett 22 Dec 1879 Orange, Massachusetts Franklin, Massachusetts
Clifford George Foskett 20 Apr 1882 Winchendon, Massachusetts Norfolk, Massachusetts
Clifford John Foskett 28 Sep 1886 Concord, California Contra Costa, California
Clinton Issac Foskett 20 Apr 1882 Winchendon, Massachusetts Middlesex, Massachusetts
Davis Burnett Foskit 31 Oct 1893 Randolph, New York Elk, Pennsylvania
Donald Cameron Fosgate 20 Jan 1889 Findlay, Ohio Cuyahoga, Ohio
Edward Eugene Foskett 18 May 1885 Kings, New York Queens, New York
Erwin Otis Fosgate 5 Sep 1896 Lucas, Ohio Lucas, Ohio
Fred Houghton Fosgate 20 Feb 1890 Hudson, Massachusetts Middlesex, Massachusetts
George F Fosket 13 May 1889 New York City Rica, New York
Harold Eugene Foskett 20 Jan 1891 Worcester, Massachusetts Worcester, Massachusetts
Harold Arden Fosgate 27 Dec 1891 Paso Robles, California Tehama, California
Harry W Foskett 10 Apr 1885 Medina CO Medina, Ohio
Herbert Wallace Foskett 8 Jul 1894 Lancaster, Massachusetts Worc, Massachusetts
Herold Bidwell Foskett 27 Jan 1892 Fitchburg, Massachusetts Alameda, California
Hobart Howard Foskett 25 Feb 1895 Jamaica, Vermont Windham, Vermont
Jacob Platte Foskett 12 Apr 1882 Wellington, Ohio Medina, Ohio
Jason Thomas Foskett 9 Feb 1885 Warren, Massachusetts Worcester, Massachusetts
John Joseph Fosket 5 Mar 1895 Bronx, New York New York, New York
John Peter Foskett 6 Mar 1880 Pettsburgh, Pennsylvania Toledo, Ohio
Kenneth Howard Foskett 27 Apr 1895 Orange, Massachusetts Manchester, New Hampshire
Leon Elido/Elihu Foskett 16 May 1878 Athol, Massachusetts Revere, Massachusetts
Lewis Merriam Foskett 24 May 1877 Westminister, Massachusetts Ware, Massachusetts
Lindsey Foskett 11 Feb 1886 Charlton, Massachusetts Worcester, Massachusetts
Marc Chester Fosgate 2 Oct 1887 Paso Robles, California San Joaquin, California
Merwin Bleakslwee Foskett 6 Jun 1893 Medina County, Ohio Ashland, Ohio
Ralph Davis Foskett 22 Mar 1888 Charlton, Massachusetts Worcester, Massachusetts
Ralph Earle Foskett 10 Dec 1895 Worcester, Massachusetts New Haven, Connecticut
Ralph Ames Foskit 22 Nov 1880 Warren, Massachusetts Springfield, Massachusetts
Raymond A Foskett 7 Nov 1893 Concord, California C C, California
Raymond Symmes Fosgate 22 Oct 1881 Shrewsbury, Massachusetts Middlesex, Massachusetts
Robert Foskett 22 Sep 1878 Charlton, Massachusetts Washington, Rhode Island
Roy Clifton Foskett 3 Apr 1890 Fitchburg, Massachusetts Worcester, Massachusetts
Walter Daniel Foskett 12 Oct 1879 Westminster, Massachusetts Middlesex, Massachusetts
Walter W Foskett 23 Jun 1892 Concord, California Contra Costa, California

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