Arrivals at Castle Garden 1830-1892

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From 1855 to 1890, the Castle was America's first official immigration center, a pioneering collaboration of New York State and New York City. It predates the more famous Ellis Island which started in 1890.

First name Last name Occupation Age Sex Arrived Origin Ship
ELLEN FOSKETT Child, Youngster 11 F 1882-09-04 England Alaska
JOHN FOSKETT Child, Youngster 8 M 1882-09-04 England Alaska
ELIZA FOSKETT Child, Youngster 10 F 1882-09-04 England Alaska
ELIZABETH FOSKETT Wife 40 F 1882-09-04 England Alaska
JAMES FOSKETT Miner 35 M 1882-09-04 England Alaska
ANN FOSKETT Child, Youngster 14 F 1882-09-04 England Alaska
WILLIAM J. FOSKETT Merchant 44 M 1876-09-27 England Algeria
HENRY FOSKETT Laborer 25 M 1883-06-14 England Waesland
AMELIA FOSKETT Goldbeater 20 F 1846-07-10 Great Britain Westminster
JOHN FOSKETT Goldbeater 22 M 1846-07-10 Great Britain Westminster
THOMAS FOSKET Laborer 23 M 1848-08-24 Great Britain Delta
WILLIAM FOSKITT Grocer 18 M 1862-07-05 England Universe

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