USA New York 1855 Census

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NAME Year of Birth Relationship Township County
Wm Fosgate abt 1820 Boarder Auburn, Ward 1 Cayuga
Emma Fosgate abt 1825 Boarder Auburn, Ward 1 Cayuga
Blanchard Fosgate abt 1808 Head Auburn, Ward 2 Cayuga
Maria Fosgate abt 1810 Wife Auburn, Ward 2 Cayuga
Mary A Fosgate abt 1837 Child Auburn, Ward 2 Cayuga
Margarette Fosgate abt 1839 Child Auburn, Ward 2 Cayuga
Blanchard Fosgate abt 1840 Child Auburn, Ward 2 Cayuga
Fredrick Fosgate abt 1843 Child Auburn, Ward 2 Cayuga
Henry R Fosgate abt 1846 Child Auburn, Ward 2 Cayuga
Ann M Fosgate abt 1849 Child Auburn, Ward 2 Cayuga
William Fosgate abt 1852 Child Auburn, Ward 2 Cayuga
Allerd Fosgate abt 1854 Child Auburn, Ward 2 Cayuga
Sophia Fosgate abt 1799 Wife Canandaigua Ontario
John Fosgate abt 1801 Head Canandaigua Ontario
Mary Faskett abt 1828 Child Coldspring Cattaraugus
Depue Faskett abt 1849 Grandchild Coldspring Cattaraugus
Amanzo Faskett abt 1851 Grandchild Coldspring Cattaraugus
Grove Fosgate abt 1807 Head Columbia Herkimer
Rhoba Fosgate abt 1818 Wife Columbia Herkimer
Elizabeth Fosgate abt 1837 Daughter Columbia Herkimer
Hellen M Fosgate abt 1838 Daughter Columbia Herkimer
Orlando Fosgate abt 1844 Son Columbia Herkimer
Vedder Fosgate abt 1845 Son Columbia Herkimer
Alvin Fosgate abt 1851 Son Columbia Herkimer
Phebe Fosgate abt 1800 Head Gates Monroe
Flegs Fosgate abt 1815 Head German Chenango
Ann Fosgate abt 1816 Wife German Chenango
Louisa Fosgate abt 1836 Child German Chenango
Wm A Fosgate abt 1841 Child German Chenango
Lara Fosket abt 1783 Mother German Flatts Herkimer
Charles Fosket abt 1814 Head German Flatts Herkimer
Helen Fosket abt 1850 Child German Flatts Herkimer
Emily P Fosket abt 1852 Child German Flatts Herkimer
M Foskett abt 1788 Mother Gorham Ontario
Hezekiah Foskit abt 1771 Head Homer Cortland
Seba Foskit abt 1787 Wife Homer Cortland
Lorry Fosgett abt 1825 Servant Homer Cortland
Ann Fosgate abt 1831 Wife Ledyard Cayuga
William Fosgate abt 1833 Head Ledyard Cayuga
Elmira Fosgate abt 1855 Child Ledyard Cayuga
Winslow Fosgate abt 1837 Laborer Leicester Livingston
George Fosgate abt 1813 Head Manchester Ontario
Lucena W Fosgate abt 1820 Wife Manchester Ontario
George H Fosgate abt 1852 Son Manchester Ontario
Silas Fosgate abt 1815 Head McDonough Chenango
Elias K Fosgate abt 1819 Head McDonough Chenango
Lydia Fosgate abt 1823 Sister McDonough Chenango
Rachael M Fosgate abt 1828 Wife McDonough Chenango
Adelia Fosgate abt 1829 Sister McDonough Chenango
Simeon Fosgate abt 1837 Brother McDonough Chenango
John M Fosgate abt 1855 Child McDonough Chenango
D Foskett abt 1825 Boarder New York City, Ward 3 New York
John Foskett abt 1829 Lodger New York City, Ward 4 New York
Margret Fosgate abt 1780 Mother Pharsalia Chenango
Davis B Foskit abt 1808 Head Randolph Cattaraugus
Sally Foskit abt 1815 Wife Randolph Cattaraugus
Emely Foskit abt 1833 Daughter Randolph Cattaraugus
Amelia Foskit abt 1837 Daughter Randolph Cattaraugus
Hezekiah Foskit abt 1839 Son Randolph Cattaraugus
Ellen L Foskit abt 1846 Daughter Randolph Cattaraugus
Anette L Foskit abt 1848 Daughter Randolph Cattaraugus
Lovina Fosgate abt 1828 Wife Sterling Cayuga
John Fosgate abt 1828 Head Sterling Cayuga
John Fosgate abt 1855 Child Sterling Cayuga
Ann H Foskett abt 1804 Wife West Bloomfield Ontario
Charles Foskett abt 1805 Head West Bloomfield Ontario
Robert M Foskett abt 1846 Child West Bloomfield Ontario

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