1890 Veterans Schedule USA

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1890 Veterans Schedule

The 1890 veterans schedules provided spaces for the following information: names of surviving soldiers, sailors, and marines, and widows; rank; name of regiment or vessel; date of enlistment; date of discharge, length of service; post office address; disability incurred; and remarks. Although all of this information is available on the census schedules themselves, information listed in this index includes the veteran's name or widow's name, rank, year of enlistment, and year of discharge. Veterans schedules are often used as a partial substitute for the 1890 federal census, which was destroyed by fire. While fragments of the 1890 census may exist in state and local repositories, they are often difficult to track down and are incomplete. Although they do not list everyone who was included in the 1890 census, the veterans schedules are a partial head of household list for those who were old enough to have served in the Union military during the Civil War.

This is only an index. I have copies of all the original pages and if you would like further details, please email me.

Forename Surname Widow Place Rank Service
Abijah Foskett Natick, Middlesex, Massachusetts Private 1864-1864
Ai D Foskett Orange, Franklin, Massachusetts Las 1863-1865
Alberts Foskett Orange, Franklin, Massachusetts Private 1862-1865
Alexander Foskett Brooklyn, Kings, New York Private
Augustus A Foskett Medina, Medina, Ohio Private 1861-1864
Clark W Fosgate Sarah E Fosgate Lake Benton, Lincoln, Minnesota Private
Dan Foskett Charlton, Worcester, Massachusetts Private 1862-1863
George H Fosket Monson, Hampden, Massachusetts Captain 1862-1863
George W Foskett Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts Private 1861-1864
Hezekiah Fosket Randolph, Cattaraugus, New York Private 1861-1864
Hosea P Foskett Medina, Medina, Ohio Captain 1861-1864
James H Foskett Orange, Franklin, Massachusetts Private
Lafayette Fosgate Greenville, Montcalm, Michigan Private
Liberty W Foskett Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire Lieutenant 1862-1865
Louis Foskett Ward 2, Palquemines, Louisiana Private
Lyman W Foskett Rulo, Richardson, Nebraska
Mark H Forscutt St Joseph, Buchanan, Missouri Private 1863-1866
Millingtan Foskett Winchendon, Worcester, Massachusetts Sergeant 1862-1865
Milton C Foskett Perry, Wyoming, New York Private 1862-1865
Oliver Fosgate Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts Private 1864-1865
Uriah B Fosgate Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire Corporal 1862-1864
Weslew Foskett Perry, Wyoming, New York Private 1863-1865
William Fosket Ogden, Weber, Utah
William Fosket Ogden, Weber, Utah Private 1865-1865
William Foskett Deerfield, Lapeer, Michigan Sergeant 1862-1865
William J Foskett Brooklyn, Kings, New York Private 1861-1864
Winslow D Foskett Perry, Wyoming, New York Corporal 1861-1865

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