Wills 1393-1857

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Until 1858 probate (the proving of wills) was carried out by the church authorities in numerous courts across England and Wales.   There were hundreds of different courts where a will could be proven but the general rules were as follows:

In 1858 the process was nationalised and all wills after that date were proved in the Family and Probate Division of the High Court.

I have copies of the vast majority of the wills listed here and many have been fully transcribed. Please email me if you would like details.

Agnes Foskett 1627 Great Horwood ArchBucks
Alice FOSCATT 1598 Charlton ConsSarum
Alice Foskett 1637 Milbourne Wilts
Andrew Foskett 1679 Melbourne ArchCamb
Andrew Foskett 1732 Melbourne ArchCamb
Ann Foskett 1614 Malmesbury Wilts
Ann Fascutt 1852 Northampton Nhants
Ann Foskett 1682 Melbourne ArchCamb
Anne Foskett 1660 Grendon Underwood ArchBucks
Anthony Fossett 1760 Stoney Stratford ArchBucks
Benjamin FOSKETT 1835 Hendon PCC
Bernard FOSKETT 1758 Bristol PCC
Caleb FOSKETT 1742 Westminster PCC
Charlotte FOSKETT 1855 Bath PCC
Chrystian FOSCOTE 1545 Finedon Nhants
Dorothy Foskett 1627 Middle Claydon ArchBucks
Ebeneezer FOSKETT 1743 Tempsford PCC
Ebeneezer Foskett 1773 Whitechapel PCC
Edward Foskett 1679 Sawtry Moynes ArchHunts
Elizabeth FOSCOT 1584 Brinkworth Wilts
Elizabeth Foskett 1615 Brinkworth Wilts
Elizabeth Foscott 1669 Woodford Nhants
Elizabeth Foscutt 1672 Charlton Wilts
Elizabeth Foskett 1732 Great Horwood ArchBucks
Elizabeth FOSKETT 1753 Hitchin PCC
Elizabeth Foskett 1755 Lavendon ArchBucks
Elizabeth FOSKETT 1764 Potton ArchBeds
Elizabeth Foscutt 1765 Boughton Nhants
Elizabeth Fascutt 1821 Lt Billing Nhants
Elnor Foscutt 1679 Aldwinkle Nhants
Everard Foskett 1735 Eaton ArchBucks
Francis FOSKETT 1657 Leighton Buzzard PCC
Francis FOSKETT 1758 Potton ArchBeds
Francis FOSKETT 1762 Potton ArchBeds
Francisca FOSCET 1664 CommLond
Gabriel Foskett 1779 Wroxten Oxon
George FOSCOTT 1589 Singleborough ArchBucks
George Faskett 1636 Great Horwood ArchBucks
George Foskett 1680 Water Eaton ArchBucks
George Foskett 1701 Southwark PCC
George Foskett 1749 Loughton ArchBucks
George Forskett 1763 HMS Cygnet PCC
George Foskett 1789 Rockford ArchEssex
George FOSKETT 1849 Lambeth PCC
George Foskett 1757 Ivinghoe ArchBucks
George Foskett 1796 Swanboune ArchBucks
Hannah FOSKETT 1746 North Crawley PCC
Henry Foskett 1673 Singleborough ArchBucks
Henry FOSKETT 1675 Great Horwood ArchBucks
Henry Foscott 1690 Stanwick Nhants
Henry Foskett 1716 Singleborough ArchBucks
Henry Foscutt 1770 Stanwick Nhants
Henry FOSKETT 1854 Weston Super Mare PCC
Henry Foscutt 1794 Ringstead Nhants
Jane FOSKETT 1804 Moor Place PCC
Jane FOSKETT 1815 Croydon PCC
Joane FOSCETT 1620 Bedford ArchBeds
Joane Foskett 1679 Sawtry Moynes ArchHunts
Johannis FOSKETT 1688 CommLond
Johannis FOSICK 1695 CommLond
John FOSCOT 1544 Lillingston Lovell ArchOxon
John FOSCUTT 1545 Great Horwood ArchBucks
John FOSCUE 1552 Christchurch CommLond
John FOSKEWE 1588 CommLond
John FOSKATT 1598 Great Horwood ArchBucks
John FOSKETTE 1602 Great Horwood ArchBucks
John Foscoate 1602 Twywell ArchNhants
John Foscott 1620 Irthlingborough Nhants
John Foskett 1637 Milbourne Wilts
John Foskett 1640 Grendon Underwood ArchBucks
John Foscott 1671 Gt Addington Nhants
John Foskett 1678 Northampton Nhants
John Foskett 1680 Great Horwood ArchBucks
John Foskett 1684 Stewkeley ArchBucks
John Foscott 1699 Stanwick Nhants
John FOSKETT 1702 Hitchin PCC
John Foscoate 1704 Stanion Nhants
John Foskett 1714 Great Horwood ArchBucks
John FOSKETT 1714 Hitchin PCC
John Foskett 1729 Adderbury Oxon
John Faskett 1731 Rothwell Nhants
John Foskett 1736 North Crawley PCC
John FOSKETT 1742 Norwich PCC
John FAUSKITT 1743 Whitechapel CommLond
John Foskett 1747 Norwich PCC
John Fauscott 1763 Stanwick Nhants
John Foskett 1771 Grendon Underwood ArchBucks
John Fascutt 1803 Boughton Nhants
John FOSKETT 1820 London PCC
John FOSKETT 1844 Camberwell PCC
John Foscotte 1548 Cirencester ?
John FOSSCOT 1558 Buckingham Oxon
Joseph FOSSET 1711 Pertonhall ArchBeds
Joseph FOSCUTT 1723 Lavendon ArchBucks
Joseph FOSKETT 1730 Hackney PCC
Joseph Foskett 1789 St Lukes PCC
Joseph FOSKETT 1840 Reigate PCC
Kezia Travail formerly Foskett 1810 PCC
Margaret FOSCUE 1617 Sandy ArchBeds
Margaret FOSCOTT 1630 Bedford ArchBeds
Mary Foskett 1610 Gt Addington Peterborough
Mary Foskett 1747 Hitchen Herts
Mary Foskett 1804 St Pancras PCC
Mary FOSKETT 1815 St Pancras PCC
Matthew FOSCOT 1624 Charlton PCC
Michael FOSKETT 1824 Leigh PCC
Nicholas FOSKETT 1792 Whitechapel PCC
Rachel FOSKETT 1768 Clifton PCC
Rebecca Foskett 1797 Prittlewell ArchEssex
Richard FOSKETT 1553 Biddenham ArchBeds
Richard Foscot 1607 Aldwinkle Nhants
Richard Foscoate 1634 Waddenhoe Nhants
Richard Foscott 1667 Woodford Nhants
Richard Foskett 1842 Bengeo Herts
Robert FOSKETT 1614 Bedford ArchBeds
Robert Foscott 1669 Heyford Warren Oxon
Robert FOSKETT 1708 Potton ArchBeds
Robert Fascutt 1744 Boughton Nhants
Robert FOSCUTT als FORTESQUE 1745 CommLond
Robert Foscutt 1806 Ringstead Nhants
Robert Fascutt 1821 Boughton Nhants
Robert Fascutt 1834 Northampton Nhants
Samuel Foskett 1844 Rushden Nhants
Sarah Foscutt 1814 Ringstead Nhants
Sarah Fascutt 1847 Northampton Nhants
Sophia Foskett LLOYD 1855 Clifton PCC
Stephen Foskett 1842 Broxbourne, Hrt ArchEssex
Susanna Foskett 1747 Clifton Bristol
Thomas FOXCOTE 1393 London ArchLond
Thomas FOSKETT 1558 Eckton Nhants
Thomas Foskett 1607 Great Horwood ArchBucks
Thomas Foskett 1609 Gt Addington Peterborough
Thomas FOSKETT 1633 Olney PCC
Thomas FOSCOTT 1654 Walsoken PCC
Thomas FOSKETT 1655 Malmesbury PCC
Thomas Foskett 1658 Aldwnkle Nhants
Thomas Foscutt 1676 Collingtree Nhants
Thomas Foscott 1685 Paulerspury Nhants
Thomas FOSKETT 1759 Potton ArchBeds
Thomas FOSKETT 1767 Clifton PCC
Thomas FOSCUE 1780 Eaton Bray ArchBeds
Thomas Fascutt 1791 Boughton Nhants
Thomas FOSKETT 1843 Cople ArchBeds
Thomas Moore FOSKETT 1828 PCC
Walter Foskett 1719 Brinkworth Wilts
William Foscot 1538 Great Billing ArchNhants
William Foskett 1595 North Crawley ArchBucks
William FOSCOTT 1598 Woodford Nhants
William FOSCOTT 1602 Malmesvury PCC
William FOSKETT 1658 North Crawley PCC
William Foskett 1716 Middlesex PCC
William Foskett 1731 North Crawley ArchBucks
William Foscutt 1803 Raunds Nhants
William Foskett 1814 Grendon Underwood ArchBucks
William FOSKETT 1843 Bath PCC
William Foskett 1709 North Crawley ArchBucks
William Henry Foskett 1818 Ampthill PCC

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